Content Marketing and Animated videos – A winning combination

The most commonly used buzzwords among marketers are “content marketing” “inbound marketing” “online marketing” etc. The core for all these activities is content. Though we say that a customer’s attention span is diminishing, it is a fact that there is a huge audience for information which does not sound salesy. Brands had started establishing themselves […]


The Monster guide to Video Marketing success

With the evolution of web 2.0, engaging and effective content in all forms had taken the internet by storm. Businesses big and small are vying for their Customer’s attention by throwing in quality content in many forms like text, images and videos. Text and images had been thriving and the recent years has seen an […]


Hit it like Hollywood- 9 Secrets for your Explainer Video Production

A Voice of the Helpless Entrepreneur “Hi, I am Jack, a startup entrepreneur. My search on how to make a viral explainer video has turned up to be a never ending research. I can hear you people voicing out to me ‘Start the video with a problem-solving approach’. I always start like it ,build a […]


The Art Of Picking Colours for Business Presentations

Does your presentation go haywire? Or has it sunk in a hurry? Stop!!! There is something you are missing. Add the WOW!! factor … a tint of colour… And lock your Audience Attention. Colour picking isn’t rocket science!! Colours speak all languages. Colour creates changes, reveals and establishes the goal. Colours are vital components to […]


10 Simple Techniques to Do A/B Testing in Video Marketing

A/B testing had proved to be an effective tool in video marketing for many companies. For a simple reason that it allows them to test more than one video at a time and find out what strategies works best for them. To increase traffic and to reduce bounce rates, A/B testing is a must. When […]



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