A pioneering Digital Construction Management Platform’s Path to Increased Employee Productivity and Sales through Steve.AI


The AI revolution is now and everyone is in a race to adopt it for scale, at least that's what LocusView did considering their low employee productivity and sales. In this case study, we delve into how LocusView, a leading software company with over 150 employees focused on building a digital construction management(DCM) platform harnessed Steve's AI text-to-video capability to achieve their goal while also saving a ton of cost.


LocusView faced several challenges before embracing Steve's innovative solution:
  • Content Volume: LocusView wanted to create a lot of internal training videos as text-based content like blogs did not prove to be efficient. Although they had a lot of product documentation the sales team found it difficult to share such comprehensive documentation with the customers and prospects. Converting these text-based content into engaging and bite-sized videos seemed daunting.
  • Resource Constraints: LocusView had limited resources dedicated to content creation, mainly video production. Hiring additional personnel or outsourcing video production was not feasible within their tight timeline and budgets.
  • Engagement and Reach: To effectively train internal teams and engage customers and prospects, LocusView needed a more engaging and accessible medium than traditional text-based documentation.


LocusView found a groundbreaking solution by partnering with Steve and leveraging their AI text-to-video capability:
  • text-to-video capability:Steve's cutting-edge technology seamlessly transformed LocusView's extensive text-based internal training and product documentation into video format. With Steve, they could create long-form Animation training videos and short Ads for customers and prospects.
  • Single Resource: LocusView assigned a single resource without any expertise in video creation but with good product knowledge to use the tool. The resource provided the blog content and product documentation as inputs to Steve and let the AI take care of the rest.


The results of LocusView's collaboration with Steve were impressive and exceeded their expectations:
100 4 Weeks $20,000
Training Videos & Short Ads With One Resource Savings
  • Rapid Content Creation: Within a month, LocusView successfully generated 100 high-quality training videos and short ads, a task that would have been time-consuming and resource-intensive through traditional means.
  • Improved Accessibility: The transition from text to video significantly improved content accessibility for internal teams and external stakeholders. This led to a better understanding of product features and increased engagement.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: By utilizing only one resource and Steve's innovative technology, LocusView achieved monthly cost savings of a whopping $20,000 in traditional video production methods.


LocusView's partnership with Steve and implementation of text-to-video capabilities showcased how innovative solutions can address complex content creation challenges. The ability to transform extensive training materials and product documentation into engaging video content improved internal training and enhanced customer and prospect engagement.

This case study is a testament to the power of leveraging AI technology to streamline processes, save resources, and efficiently create impactful content. As the demand for dynamic content continues to rise, companies like LocusView are leading the way in embracing innovative solutions for lasting success.

Use Case:
Internal Training Videos and Short Ads for Products
DCM (Digital Construction Mannagement) Software for Gas & Electric Utilities