The world-leading digital payments company cuts down more than 51% of video outsourcing costs by choosing Animaker - Here’s how!


As a global leader in digital payments, serving consumers, merchants, financial institutions, and government entities in over 200 countries and territories, our clients have a profound impact on the way people conduct transactions. Their mission is to uplift everyone, everywhere, by providing the best means of payment and payment reception.


The company faced several critical challenges that necessitated a transformation in its approach to training and communication. These challenges included:
  • Outdated Training Methods: Relying on external agencies and static PowerPoint presentations for employee training, which were becoming increasingly obsolete.
  • Global Training needs: Managing a diverse global team spread across multiple regions, including California, Colorado, Europe, and Asia, and ensuring consistent, effective training for all employees.
  • Modernization Requirements: The need to modernize content and presentation methods while transitioning training efforts in-house


To address these challenges, the company turned to Animaker, a complete video and animation solution. Discovering the challenges that the company had faced, Animaker provided them with the key solution elements that included:
  • Replacing Agencies and PPT: Animaker replaced the outdated reliance on external agencies and PowerPoint presentations, offering a cost-effective and efficient in-house solution to create customizable videos.
  • Ease of Use: Animaker's user-friendly interface made it easy for the organization's teams to create engaging content without extensive training.
  • Rich Stock Library to access visuals: Access to a vast stock library enriched their content with visuals, making the videos more engaging and informative. Animaker showed the company that customizable characters could be created and added to the video, which engages the video much better and gives the character some voices and actions.
  • Text to Speech’ feature: Animaker's AI automated text-to-speech feature improved accessibility and allowed for a more dynamic presentation of content.
  • Security Review: Animaker's commitment to security standards facilitated a smooth security review process.

Not just Animaker, but Picmaker, Vmaker, and Show were also introduced to the Global Academy for L&D, Customer Sales Training Team, Product Managers, and Instructional Designers, to enhance their capabilities in video and animation production.


The adoption of Animaker yielded impressive results for the company:
  • Streamlined Training:Animaker enabled them to bring training efforts in-house, saving time and resources while ensuring consistency and quality.
  • Efficient Communication between the Animaker team and the company: The team at Animaker proved to be responsive, proactive, and dedicated to their clients. Regular updates on new features and functionality enhanced the overall experience.

In the words of their Senior Product Manager, "The team is helpful and responds to emails quickly. They also reach out regularly to notify us of new features or functionality. I know I will get issues resolved quickly when working with the team."

Animaker's innovative solution replaced outdated practices with modern, engaging content, empowering the company to streamline its training efforts, convert simple PPTs to engaging animated videos, and gain a competitive edge in the digital payments industry.

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