How a leading healthcare company with 100K+ employees reformed its training content & boosted engagement by 5X with Animaker


The world's largest and most broadly based healthcare company has been pioneering life-changing breakthroughs for over a century. With a rich history of innovation, they continuously seek new ways to engage employees, educate customers, and adapt to evolving digital landscapes.


The company was exploring a platform that understands its content creation requirements and helps them create training videos.

The healthcare company faced several critical challenges that prompted them to seek innovative solutions. These challenges included:
  • Training and Education: The need to create animated and live communication and training videos that were engaging and effective.
  • Interactive Training Materials: Converting static PowerPoint presentations into interactive, character-led videos to enhance the learning experience.
  • Engaging Content: Aiming to produce more engaging content across various departments, including Digital Employee Communications and strategy, Employee Engagement, Medtech, Pharmaceuticals initiatives, and Project Management.
  • Instructional Videos: The requirement for instructional videos to explain new tools, software, and website usage.


The company was able to create custom animated and live communications & training videos.

The organization turned to Animaker, a leading animation and video creation platform, to address these challenges. By having weekly meetings, monthly open hours and educational sessions, and personalized customer support, Animaker helped the organization create focused content. The key aspects of the solution included:
  • Customized Video Creation: Animaker enabled the company to create custom animated and live communication videos tailored to their specific requirements.
  • Interactive Character-led Videos: The platform allowed the giant healthcare company to transform static presentations into interactive character-led videos, making training materials more engaging and effective.
  • Diverse Content Creation: Animaker's tools and templates empowered the company to produce a wide range of engaging content, meeting the demands of different departments.
  • Instructional Video Capabilities: Animaker facilitated the creation of instructional videos, simplifying the explanation of new tools, software, and website usage.

Result - Winning the Deal

By implementing Animaker, the most diversified organization achieved remarkable results:
  • Enhanced Engagement:The adoption of Animaker significantly increased employee engagement and improved the effectiveness of training and communication efforts.
  • Customization: Animaker's customization capabilities allowed the company to create content that perfectly suited their unique needs.
  • Competitive Edge: In a field where our competitors were also competing for attention, Animaker's custom video creation feature, creating animated and live communications & training videos, combined with exceptional customer service, set the company apart and convinced them that Animaker was the right choice.

In the words of a company champion, "I worked with Paul while he was a Senior Enterprise Account Executive for Animaker. He has been our go-to contact for their customers. He understands their needs, consistently educates them, and introduces new solutions on how to use Animaker as a tool to engage their employees. His personal involvement is why more the employees are using Animaker."

Animaker's flexible and comprehensive solution empowered the company to overcome its challenges, enabling them to create engaging, customized, and effective content while gaining a competitive edge in their industry.

Use Case:
Learning and Development, Training Videos
Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry