Healthcare Recruitment Firm Boosts Training Efficiency by 300% with Show

Client Background:

Our client is a prominent Fortune 500 company in the healthcare recruitment industry. The organization is a leading player, connecting healthcare professionals with top-tier healthcare institutions across the globe. The company's success relies on the competence and proficiency of its workforce, making comprehensive and effective training crucial for its newly onboarded recruits.


The client faced several challenges in their training process before using Show:
  • Slow Training Delivery Rate: Traditional training methods, such as in-person workshops and printed materials, were time-consuming and not scalable. This slowed down the speed at which new recruits could be fully prepared to contribute effectively.
  • Inefficient Course Creation and Sharing: The process of creating training material and sharing it with multiple recruits and trainers was cumbersome. The lack of centralized management and collaboration tools hindered efficiency and consistency in creating training content.
  • Limited Progress Tracking: The client struggled to monitor and assess the progress of each recruit effectively. The absence of a robust tracking system made it challenging to identify areas where additional support or improvement was needed.
  • Streaming Challenges: With an increasing number of remote and distributed teams, delivering training content to various locations was becoming a challenge, mainly when dealing with high-definition video content.

Solutions with Show:

In pursuit of modern training, the client teamed up with Show, a leading tech platform specializing in advanced training solutions. Show's comprehensive toolset tackled the organization's challenges effectively.
  • Efficient Course Creation: Show's user-friendly interface and intuitive content creation tools allowed the client's training team to create engaging and interactive training courses. They could incorporate multimedia elements like videos, quizzes, and presentations to make the learning experience better.
  • Centralized Course Sharing: Show's cloud-based platform facilitated seamless course sharing across the organization. With just a few clicks, the training material could be distributed to individual recruits or entire teams, ensuring consistency in the training content.
  • Robust Progress Tracking: Show's advanced analytics and reporting enabled the client to monitor the progress of each recruit. Real-time data on completed modules, quiz scores, and overall performance provided valuable insights to trainers, enabling them to tailor support and interventions as needed.
  • HLS Streaming Services: Show's High-Definition Live Streaming (HLS) services enabled the company to deliver video-based training content to remote teams and multiple locations. This feature ensured a smooth learning experience even in low-bandwidth situations.


The implementation of Show yielded the following remarkable results in the client's training process:
  • 300% Increase in Training Delivery Rate: By leveraging Show's streamlined training platform, the client achieved a significant improvement in the training delivery rate. Recruits were onboarded faster and could contribute to the company sooner.
  • Enhanced Training Efficiency: The simplified course creation and sharing process saved time and effort for the training team. As a result, they could focus on refining the training content and delivering a more engaging learning experience.
  • Improved Training Outcomes: With Show's progress tracking and analytics, the client gained valuable insights into each recruit's learning journey. This allowed trainers to identify areas of improvement, leading to better training outcomes and more competent healthcare professionals.
  • Seamless Content Distribution: The HLS streaming services ensured that video-based training content could reach all remote teams and locations without disruptions. This eliminated barriers to learning and fostered a consistent training experience across the organization.


Show was a game-changer for our Fortune 500 client in healthcare recruitment. Their modern training solutions improved efficiency by 300%. With seamless course creation, sharing, progress tracking, and HLS streaming, Show accelerated training delivery, fueling the company's growth in a competitive market.

Use Case:
Course creation, HLS Services
Healthcare Recruitment Industry