How a video marketing agency increased its engagement by 3x with Picmaker Social Media Automation?


The client is a Switzerland-based video marketing agency that helps businesses drive website traffic through video instream ads on YouTube, Google, and Facebook. With a strong focus on leveraging the power of video advertising, they specialize in creating impactful ad campaigns that reach a wide audience across these popular digital platforms.

Through their expertise in video content and strategic placement, the client empowers businesses to maximise their online visibility and engage with their target audience effectively. Their innovative approach and commitment to delivering results make them a trusted partner for companies seeking to boost their online presence and attract more visitors to their websites

The Problem:

The video marketing agency aimed to boost its brand awareness and social media engagement but faced significant challenges.

  • Creating engaging content tailored for various social media platforms demanded substantial time and resources, hindering consistent messaging.
  • Inflexible graphics hindered seamless resizing for different platforms, impacting visual consistency and reach.
  • Manual posting processes consumed valuable time and diverted focus from strategic planning.

These obstacles collectively impeded the agency's ability to efficiently enhance brand awareness, engage its audience on social media, and stay agile in the competitive digital landscape.


We assisted the agency in assessing its content production time and evaluating its current social media presence. The following metrics were analyzed by our social experts:
  • Content Production Time
  • Content Repurposing Efforts
  • Comprehensive Social Media Audit (including Likes, Comments, Impressions, and Engagement)

Upon analyzing the aforementioned data, we identified a significant scope for enhancements in content production, repurposing, and social media engagement.

Phase 1 - Streamlining Content Production with Picmaker's Design Templates

To achieve a substantial reduction in content production time, the video marketing agency has embraced Picmaker's design templates. These templates provide a seamless, user-friendly solution for the swift creation of captivating visuals, precisely tailored for diverse social media platforms.

“Leveraging customizable features and an array of pre-designed elements, Picmaker has effectively slashed content creation time by an impressive 53%.”

This remarkable improvement has empowered the agency to redirect its focus towards strategic endeavours and staying agile within the fiercely competitive digital arena.

Phase 2: Optimizing Graphics for Diverse Social Platforms with Picmaker's Resize

By harnessing the power of Picmaker's resize feature, the video marketing agency has efficiently adapted graphics for multiple social media platforms, ensuring a consistent visual presence. This invaluable tool eliminated the need for time-consuming manual resizing, resulting in significant time savings.

“Our analysis reveals that the agency has reduced manual resizing time by an impressive 40% since implementing Picmaker's resize feature”

This newfound efficiency allowed the agency to channel more resources into strategic planning, creative content development, and responsive engagement.

Phase 3: Effortless Multiplatform Scheduling with Picmaker's Scheduler

The video marketing agency effectively addressed the time-consuming process of manual social media posting by implementing Picmaker's multiplatform scheduler. This innovative feature not only streamlined posting but also ensured the content was published at peak engagement times.

“Consequently, the agency achieved remarkable results, experiencing a 3x increase in engagement across various social media platforms.“
+30% Likes +41% Comments +221% Impressions +301% Engagement

With the scheduler's automation in place, the agency saved valuable time, allowing them to focus more on strategic planning and content development, ultimately boosting their overall online presence and engagement significantly.


  • Content production time decreased by 53%.
  • Manual resizing time saved 40%.
  • Likes increased by 30%.
  • Comments rose by 41%.
  • Impressions surged by 221%
  • Engagements skyrocketed by 301%.
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