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How to Prepare for a Presentation: A Guide to Present Like a Pro

Presentations are powerful tools for communication, persuasion, and knowledge sharing. 

Effective presentation skills are crucial in today’s world of business, where we are constantly required to pitch our ideas, sway stakeholders, and make a lasting impact.

Nonetheless, the process of preparing for a presentation can be overwhelming, anxiety-inducing, and leave people wondering how to prepare for a presentation without any mental breakdowns.


This often leads individuals to believe that not everyone possesses the aptitude to command the stage and engage with the audience.

Contrary to this common perception, anyone can excel at delivering a flawless presentation with a little extra effort and practice.

So if you are apprehensive about taking such presentation opportunities at work/study, or struggling to put out a great presentation in general, then you have come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of how to prepare for a presentation, equipping you with invaluable tips, techniques, and strategies to ace your very next presentation. 

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or just starting, this blog will empower you to deliver impactful presentations that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Let’s get started,

  1. Comprehending the Objectives of the Presentation
  2. Conducting Thorough Research
  3. Crafting the Structure of Presentation
  4. Acing the Opening Line 
  5. Articulating the Content Confidently
  6. Harnessing the Power of Compelling Visual Aids
  7. Mastering the Delivery of Presentation
  8. Conquering the Presentation Anxiety
  9. Forging a Profound Connection
  10. Handling Questions and Feedback 

1. Comprehending the Objectives of the Presentation

Whenever you are starting to prepare for a presentation, it is of utmost importance to initially grasp the objectives. 

Through your presentation, do you seek to convey information, persuade, entertain, or inspire? 


Recognizing the objective of the presentation will serve as a guiding compass throughout the process of generating the content, enabling you to arrange your presentation in a manner that deeply connects with your audience.

By comprehending the purpose of your presentation, you will be able to craft a compelling message that aligns with your desired outcome. 

If your goal is to inform, you can focus on providing valuable knowledge and insights.

If your goal is to persuade, you can employ rhetorical strategies and persuasive techniques to sway your listeners. 

If your goal is to entertain, you can incorporate engaging anecdotes or captivating visuals. 

Lastly, if inspiration is your objective, you can share personal stories or powerful examples that ignite motivation and aspiration.

Ultimately, understanding the purpose of your presentation empowers you to create a meaningful and impactful experience for your audience.

2. Conducting Thorough Research 

It goes without saying that conducting thorough research is essential to create a perfect presentation.



To ensure the utmost success of your presentation, it is imperative to engage in comprehensive research, guaranteeing that your content remains current, pertinent, and supported by reputable sources.

Most importantly, thorough research allows you to showcase a profound understanding of the subject matter, enabling you to articulate your points with clarity and authority. 

You can refer to academic journals, industry reports, and digital reservoirs to amass invaluable insights that help build your presentation’s overall credibility.

Also, make sure to critically analyze the information you gather – assessing the reliability, accuracy, and relevance to your objectives. 

Without proper information or genuine facts, you can never create an impact through your presentation.

To avoid this, you can consult multiple sources and consider different viewpoints. Doing so demonstrates intellectual rigor and showcases a strong understanding of the topic.

Hence, it is essential that you incorporate meticulously researched and relevant information in your presentation to elevate the credibility and offer thought leadership on the topic you are presenting.

3. Crafting the Structure of Presentation

Once you have identified your topic and objective and gathered all relevant information for your presentation, the next step is to craft a well-organized structure.

A well-structured presentation serves as the backbone for a genuinely special delivery. 


For example, you can use the classic presentation framework of the Introduction – Body – Conclusion structure.

The aim is to establish a coherent flow that enables your audience to follow and grasp the essence of your key points effortlessly.

Consider the introduction as your gateway to capturing the attention and curiosity of your audience.

A strong introduction establishes a solid foundation upon which you can build the rest of your presentation.

You can use an intriguing anecdote, a thought-provoking question, or a captivating statistic that immediately grabs their interest in the introduction.

The body of your presentation forms the core where you present your main ideas and supporting evidence. 

Organize your critical points in a logical sequence, ensuring a smooth transition between each idea. This could involve presenting them in chronological order, by importance, or by contrasting perspectives. 

Lastly, the conclusion should be a powerful summary that reinforces your main message and leaves a lasting impact. 

You can recap the key takeaways, emphasize their significance, and provide a call to action or a thought-provoking closing statement that resonates with your audience.

Overall, a well-crafted structure paves the way for a memorable and impactful presentation.

4. Acing the Opening Line

Talking about starting your presentation, it is imperative that you ace the opening line of your presentation.

A strong opening line serves as the significant hook to captivate your audience’s attention and set the tone for the entire experience. 

You can begin by understanding the essence of your message and the desired impact you wish to create. 

Then tailor your opening line to align seamlessly with your objective, whether it be to inspire, inform, persuade, or entertain. 

By establishing a clear intention, you can construct a compelling opening that hooks your audience from the very first word.

For instance, you can engage their emotions by posing a thought-provoking question that challenges conventional thinking or by sharing relatable anecdotes that may resonate on the topic.


Take plenty of time to carefully craft your opening line with precision and artistry, leaving your audience eager enough to sit through the rest of the presentation.

You can watch Ted talks, famous speeches, or product launch presentations to understand how successful people go about their presentations.

Thus, by mastering the art of the opening line, you can easily set the stage for a memorable presentation that will resonate long after its conclusion.

5. Articulating the Content Confidently

Once you have fixed the final presentation structure and perfected the right opening line, it’s time to work on your delivery for the rest of your presentation.

How confidently you can articulate your content speaks volumes. 


No matter how good your background research is, if you fail to articulate well, then it all goes down the drain.

When seeking to captivate your audience, content reigns supreme to date. 

So leverage the power of storytelling by incorporating impactful opening statements, anecdotes, statistics, and relatable examples to weave together a mesmerizing presentation.

Present information in bite-sized portions, making it more accessible and easily understandable for your audience. 

The combination of engaging content and well-articulated delivery is the key to holding your audience’s attention throughout your presentation. 

So you should understand the content first and muster all the courage and confidence to present without stammering or pausing. 

6. Harnessing the Power of Compelling Visual Aids

No one wants to sit through a presentation filled only with chunks of text. This would bore away the audience to sleep. 

To avoid this and make any presentation captivating, you can use visual aids.



Visual aids serve as a powerful tool to enhance comprehension, engagement, and retention.

You can opt for slide templates, font styles, and colors that harmoniously align with the essence of your message and your brand’s identity. 

You can use concise bullet points and exercise caution to avoid cluttering your slides with excessive textual content. 

Try out compelling images, impactful graphs, and concise diagrams to elucidate complex concepts and amplify the impact of your ideas.

However, bear in mind that your visual aids ought to seamlessly complement your spoken words rather than overshadow them.

Strive for a balanced and harmonious visual composition, ensuring that your visuals are aesthetically pleasing and align with your presentation’s overall tone and theme. 

By skillfully integrating appropriate and captivating visuals, you elevate your presentation’s visual appeal while focusing on delivering a compelling and persuasive message.

7. Mastering the Delivery of Presentation

The adage “practice makes perfect” holds true when it comes to delivering a flawless presentation. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced presenter, you can still engage in multiple rehearsals to acquaint yourself with the content, timing, and delivery. 

Most of the beginners struggle to deliver an impactful presentation. However, you can save yourself from suffering with a little extra effort in preparation. 

Consider recording your practice sessions to meticulously evaluate your body language, voice modulation, and overall presence. 

Additionally, invite trusted colleagues or friends to evaluate your delivery and following their valuable feedback to refine your presentation and address any areas requiring improvement.

Through rehearsals, you can enhance your confidence and ensure a seamless delivery throughout on the day of the presentation. 

You need not memorize every point on the slide, it’s just that you capture the essence and articulate them effectively to the audience. 

By repeatedly going through your material, you cultivate a deep familiarity with the content, enabling you to navigate through it effortlessly. 

This familiarity facilitates a natural flow, instilling confidence and allowing you to engage with your audience more effectively.



Through dedicated practice and rehearsal, you refine your delivery, build confidence, and elevate the effectiveness of your presentation. 

Even if the first few presentations don’t go well as planned, do not worry. You can still perfect the next through enough rehearsals. 

With diligent preparation and constructive feedback, you can effectively transform your presentation into a seamless, captivating, and memorable experience for your audience.

8. Conquering the Presentation Anxiety

Even the most seasoned presenters may encounter bouts of nervousness when the day comes. 


Conquering the presentation anxiety is paramount, no matter how strong the slide decks are packed.

To tackle and overcome the anxiety issues during your presentation, you can 

  • Begin by incorporating deep breathing exercises into your pre-presentation routine. 
  • Combine this habit with positive visualization, where you vividly imagine yourself delivering a flawless presentation with confidence and poise.
  • Boost a confident mindset with your expertise on the topic of presentation.
  • Provide intrinsic value to your audience through all the information you have gathered.

Most importantly, Affirmations play a crucial role in shaping your mindset. 

Repeat positive, empowering statements to yourself, such as “I am well-prepared,” “I am a knowledgeable expert,” or “I am capable of delivering an engaging presentation.” 

These affirmations bolster your self-belief and instill a sense of readiness and assurance.

Eventually, you will recognize that the surge of energy accompanying anxiety can be channeled into enthusiasm and passion, enhancing your delivery and connecting with your audience on a deeper level. 

Thus with thorough preparation and a confident mindset, you can transform nerves into a powerful driving force that elevates your delivery and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

9. Forging a Profound Connection

For a triumphant presentation, establishing a profound connection with your audience is paramount.

You can foster interaction by incorporating elements that invite participation from the audience, such as thought-provoking questions, engaging polls, or brief activities. 


It’s essential that you maintain unwavering eye contact, have great, open body language, and address individuals by name (if applicable) to engender a sense of engagement.

This makes your audience feel genuinely cherished and included in the experience.

Wherever applicable, you can simply encourage active participation by inviting your audience to share their thoughts, opinions, or personal experiences.

You can also pose intriguing questions that stimulate critical thinking or elicit insightful responses from your audience. 

And the best one is to utilize polls or surveys to gauge their perspectives and involve them in the presentation process. 

So keep all of this in mind, and while preparing, make sure you prepare a list of questions to be asked, check if there’s any scope to conduct polls/quizes, be prepared to share relevant personal anecdotes. 

By incorporating all the above at the right time, you create a dynamic atmosphere that encourages dialogue and collaboration.

All these simple acts foster a sense of trust and establish a genuine connection that transcends the physical space and makes your presentation wholesome.

10. Handling Questions and Feedback

When you arrive at the conclusion of your presentation, there will be a question and answer session in general.

Just like how you would want to question the audience, they would want to question you too!


How you prepare and handle your audience at the end seals the deal and makes it a wholesome presentation.

Excellence in addressing questions and feedback is a hallmark of a polished presenter. 

One smart move is to anticipate the parts of your presentation that will spark questions/clarifications.

Then accordingly, you can prepare yourself with pertinent information and supporting evidence to ensure a comprehensive and confident response.

Even if you don’t possess an immediate answer, have a parking lot for those questions. Then, demonstrate your commitment to providing a thorough response by the end of your session. 

This displays your dedication to delivering accurate and well-informed answers while respecting the time and participation of your audience.

Therefore, by anticipating inquiries, providing thorough responses, and embracing feedback, you establish yourself as a credible and adaptable presenter.



We believe by now, you have understood the art of preparing for a presentation. 

To summarize, you can deliver presentations that leave a lasting impact by understanding your presentation’s purpose, crafting compelling content, utilizing effective visuals, and engaging your audience. 

Embrace the journey of continuous improvement, and soon you will find yourself thriving as a confident and influential presenter.

Also, now that you have learned how to prepare for a presentation, here are some useful topics for you to slay your presentation every single time – 

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So, go forth, seize the stage, and let your presentations shine!

How to End a Presentation? [Top 8 Strategies with Examples]

How you end a presentation is just as crucial as its opening. It can make or break the impression that you leave on your audience.

A strong conclusion can reinforce your key message and ensure that your audience remembers it even after the presentation is over.

A well-concluded presentation can leave your audience impressed, energized, and motivated to take action.

So now, are you wondering what’s the best way to conclude your presentation? Don’t worry! You have come to the right place!

To help you make a powerful ending to your presentation, we have compiled a list of 8 different strategies in this blog post.

Each of these strategies is designed to help you create a memorable and impactful conclusion to your presentation.

By choosing the most appropriate one for your presentation, you can ensure that your audience remembers your key message and feels motivated to take action.

Let’s jump right in,

1. Emphasize the core message
2. Mirror your opening statement
3. Pose an open-ended question
4. End with a Call to action
5. Thank the audience
6. End with a powerful quote
7. Acknowledge your contributors
8. Ask for feedback

1. Emphasize the core message:

One of the most important aspects of any presentation is ensuring your audience understands your core message.

Reiterating your main points and summarizing your message at the end of your presentation can reinforce this and leave a lasting impression.

It helps to ensure that your audience understands the purpose of your presentation and has a clear takeaway from the information you have provided.


In this video, the speaker restates her topic to conclude her speech firmly and gives a pause, resulting in tremendous applause from the audience.

Similarly, by restating your core message, you can also create a sense of cohesion and give your presentation a firm closure.

This can be particularly important if you want to motivate your audience to take action or influence their behavior in some way.

However, it’s important not to repeat EVERYTHING you have said. Instead, focus on the most crucial elements and highlight them in a concise and clear manner.

2. Mirror your opening statement:

A great way to end your presentation is by mirroring your opening statement in your conclusion.

Highlighting your presentation’s key message at the end and emphasizing the central idea you aimed to communicate will help your audience to retain it in their memory.


During the conclusion of the presentation, the speaker effectively utilized the technique of mirroring the opening example she had presented – ordering a pizza on the phone by herself.

The speaker demonstrated the remarkable transformation she had undergone in terms of personal growth and confidence, which strongly reinforced her message to the audience.

By mirroring her opening example, she created a sense of familiarity and connection with her audience while simultaneously driving home the key message of her presentation.

This technique allowed the audience to understand better and relate to the speaker’s personal journey and the message she was conveying.

Similarly, you can also use this strategy to conclude your presentation. This can be particularly effective if you are trying to reinforce a specific theme or idea throughout your presentation.

3. Pose an open-ended question:

One of the best ways to conclude your presentation is to elicit a response from your audience using an open-ended question that can effectively engage them and make your presentation more memorable.

Look at how the speaker concludes her speech with an open-ended question in this video.

In a way, she helps the audience to think more deeply about the topic and gauge their level of understanding.

Similarly, you can also raise open-ended questions to help your audience look from a different perspective and encourage them to investigate more thoroughly on the information presented.

Most importantly, ensuring that your question is relevant to your presentation and doesn’t detract from your overall message is essential when eliciting a response.

So make sure that you kindle your audiences’ thoughts and ideas with the open-ended question at the end. This helps create a good long-lasting impression of your presentation.

4. End with a Call to action:

One of the best ways to end your presentation is by concluding with a call to action slide.

Incorporating a call to action into your presentation can be a powerful way to encourage your audience to take the next step.

Whether it’s signing up for a program, making a purchase, or supporting a cause, a clear call to action is essential to achieving your desired outcome.

In this video, the speaker ends his presentation by including a call to action for his audience, asking them to check out the video on his channel. This nudges the audience to continue watching the videos, and that’s a win for the presenter.

Similarly, according to your type of presentation, you can include a relevant call to action.

For example, this might involve providing specific instructions or offering an incentive for taking action, such as a discount or free trial.

It’s essential that you understand their pain points and make your call to action compelling. Ensure that your core message and the needs of your audience are aligned so that they are motivated enough to act.

5. Thank the audience:

At the end of your presentation, it’s essential to recognize that your audience has taken time out of their busy schedules to attend and listen to your message.

Thanking your audience for their time and attention can create a positive impression and make them feel appreciated.

It’s essential to make your gratitude genuine and sincere rather than a superficial gesture. For example, consider expressing your gratitude with a personal anecdote or acknowledging specific individuals in the audience.

Take a look at this video, you can conclude your speech with a heartfelt thanks, which can help to build goodwill and rapport with the audience.

This simple act of gratitude can also create a sense of personal connection and signal to your audience that the presentation has reached its conclusion, paving the way for future interactions with them.

6. End with a powerful quote:

One effective strategy to end your presentation on a high note is by leaving the audience with a powerful quote.

However, it’s crucial to choose a quote that is not only impactful but also unique and relevant to your topic.

Using a commonly known quote may come across as unoriginal and irrelevant, losing the attention and interest of your audience in most cases.


In this presentation, Steve Jobs concludes his speech with an inspiring and powerful message, “Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish”. Thereby emphasizing that you should never stop learning, pursue more goals, and never stop being satisfied.

Similarly, in your conclusion, consider using a relevant quote to make an impact.

7. Acknowledge your contributors:

Another best way to conclude your presentation is by showing gratitude to your contributors.

For example, if you deliver a business presentation on behalf of a team or a department, it’s essential to recognize the collective effort that went into creating the presentation.

The concluding moments of your speech are the perfect opportunity to acknowledge your team members’ hard work and dedication.

You can express gratitude to your team as a whole, thanking them for their contribution to the presentation.

However, if you want to ensure that the individual efforts of team members are recognized, highlighting specific contributions may be a better approach.

Some examples include:

“Join me in giving a round of applause to my incredible team, who played a significant role in arranging this pitch deck.”

“Finally, I would like to mention that my tech team experts provided me with insight into the technical nuances, and without their contribution, this presentation would not have been as informative as it is now.”

“As I conclude, I want to express my gratitude to Mark and Serene from the Marketing team, whose assistance in gathering the data and designing the slides was invaluable.”

By acknowledging individual team members, you are demonstrating your appreciation for their work and giving them the recognition they deserve.

This will not only make them feel valued but also motivate them to continue contributing to the success of future presentations.

So be sure to end your presentation with the required acknowledgment for all the contributions.

8. Ask for feedback:

You can conclude your presentation seamlessly by thanking the audience and asking for feedback from them.

Encouraging feedback from your audience can greatly benefit your future presentations. It allows you to understand how your message was received and how you can improve for the next time.

So, how can you gather feedback effectively?

Firstly, ask attendees to share their thoughts on your presentation after you finish speaking. This can be done by initiating a Q&A session or by approaching individuals directly.

Another option is to set up a QR code near the exit and ask people to scan and jot down their thoughts on the online form as they leave. This allows attendees to provide their feedback in a confidential and hassle-free manner.

Also, consider having a suggestion box for handwritten feedback notes or creating an anonymous online survey that links to your presentation slides. This method is beneficial if you want to gather feedback from a large audience or if you prefer to have quantitative data.

By actively seeking feedback, you show your audience that you value their input and are committed to improving your presentation skills.

However, this strategy does not apply to all the general presentations. So use this way of concluding your presentation where it makes more sense to you and the audience.


In summary, an impactful conclusion is vital to wrap up your presentation successfully.

Each of these strategies serves a unique purpose, and by combining them, you can create a conclusion that is both engaging and impactful.

By incorporating the 8 critical strategies mentioned in this guide, you can leave a lasting impression on your audience, ensuring that your message stays with them even after the presentation has ended.

Now that you have learned the pro strategies of how to end a presentation, take a look at this guide on “How to start a presentation” as well and nail your presentation from start to end!

If you are still uncertain about how to make a presentation from the ground up, we suggest checking out Animaker Deck – the world’s first avatar-driven presentation software.

With over 40 distinct and creatively designed templates at your disposal, we are confident you will find it worth trying!

We hope this article was helpful. Do let us know your thoughts on which strategy worked best for you, and also suggest your own ways of ending a presentation.

How to Start a Presentation – 11 Proven Tips For A Killer Start

How you start a presentation is crucial, as it can make or break the entire experience for the audience.    

It’s crucial to grab the audience’s attention from the get-go. Otherwise, they’ll lose interest and tune out. 

 This is especially important when presenting to larger crowds, like at a conference or when trying to win bids over prospective customers.

Most of us would have watched videos of how influential people have addressed their audience. 

Steve Jobs’s presentation for the launch of the iPhone in 2007 was one of the most successful product launches to date. 

Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” is another prime example of a powerful speech. 

Not to forget former President-Elect Obama’s term-winning speech in Chicago!

We have observed and learned a lot from these powerful presentations, how these legends addressed a large audience and kept their speech engaging throughout. 

In this blog, we have listed the 11 proven strategies on how to start a presentation and hook your audience until the end like a Pro.

So, if you are nervous about starting a presentation or often find yourself stumbling over your words and forgetting what you want to say, you have come to the right place!

Don’t let the fear of starting a presentation hold you back. With our expert strategies, you’ll be able to start like a pro, impress your audience, and leave a lasting impression. 

So, let’s get started! 

11 Ways To Start Your Presentation

  1. Use an inspiring quote
  2. Use the power of image
  3. Open with a leading question
  4. Start with a little test
  5. Start with a short story
  6. Start with a touch of humor
  7. Start with “Picture this..”
  8. Spark interest with Animated Characters
  9. Introduce yourself to your audience
  10. Surprise your audience
  11. Start with Silence

1. Use an inspiring Quote

One of the easiest ways to grab your audience’s attention is by using a powerful quote.

A well-crafted quote can be a powerful tool in a presentation. It helps to set the tone for a long presentation and as well as rekindle the audience’s attention when there’s a dip in their concentration.

Have a look at this video below,


The speaker starts off her presentation with a quote – “Letting go can make you unstoppable!”. Through this the speaker gives a strong narrative to her topic and ropes in the audience. 

Selecting a quote relevant to your topic and that resonates with your audience is essential. You have to keep in mind that your audience should be able to understand and remember it. 

Therefore, avoid complex quotes that might confuse them. Instead, choose a quote that is simple, clear, and has an emotional appeal.

Hence, with a thoughtful quote and the right visual aid, you can effectively capture your audience’s attention and set the stage for a memorable presentation.

2. Use the power of Image

Facts and figures can be compelling, but visuals can be more appealing and stimulate your audience’s emotional response.

An appealing image-based content receives more percentage of views than text-based content. 

Images, in particular, can help you connect with your audience’s emotions and convey complex data clearly and concisely.

Have a look at this presentation, the speaker displays an alluring image to help the audience understand her topic – “Does photographing a moment steal the experience from you?”


This helps the audience to immediately understand and related to their own life experiences. Eventually forming an emotional connection to the problem that the speaker is presenting. 

A strong focus on the topic of the presentation can be established almost instantly through an image, making it a powerful tool for conveying important information. 

3. Open with a leading question

When giving a presentation, engaging your audience and making them feel invested in your message is essential. One effective way to do this is by conducting polls or asking questions.

Take a  look at this video below, 


The speaker starts off his presentation with an open-ended question and then proceeds to introduce himself and his topic. This intrigues the audience to listen and participate in the presentation. 

Similarly, in your presentations, you can ask any relevant direct questions requiring a response, such as “What would you do in this situation?”

These questions are mentally stimulating and can encourage audience participation. You can even pass a microphone around and let the audience come up with the desired solution.

Rhetorical questions, on the other hand, do not require answers. Instead, they’re often used to emphasize a point.

With this approach, you can create an interactive and memorable presentation that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

4. Start with a little test

One definite exciting way to kick off your presentation is by sparking curiosity with a little test amongst the audience right at the beginning.

Have a look at this video,


The presenter builds up curiosity right off the bat by saying, ‘I have a test for you.’ This creates excitement and curiosity about what that test might be. 

You can also incorporate a thought-provoking statement, fact, or poll in your presentation right at the start to hook the audience’s attention very closely. 

Do this with an air of authority and knowledge. With a confident delivery and a fascinating fact, you can draw your audience in and set the stage for a captivating presentation. 

5. Start with a short story

While slide presentations can be informative, they can also be dull and uninspiring. That’s why you must consider starting your presentation with a short, relevant story.

Have a look at this video,


The presenter starts off his presentation with a short story about his immigration journey. This helps him to attract the audience and make them eagerly anticipate the series of events and the end result. 

Using a good story in your presentation can build rapport with your audience and create an emotional connection. Whether it’s humorous, romantic, or thought-provoking, make sure it’s 30 seconds to a minute and is relevant to the presentation. 

So, before diving into your slide presentation, take a moment to tell a story that will grab your audience’s attention and create a connection with them. 

Let your audience in on your personal experience, and watch as their interest in your presentation grows.

6. Start with a touch of humor

Using humor in your presentation can have numerous benefits beyond just making people laugh.

One of the most significant advantages of incorporating humor into your presentation is that it can help to ease tension and anxiety, especially for you as the presenter. 

Have a look at this video below


The presenter engages with the audience by cracking relevant jokes as he shares stories from his life. He uses the element of humor to keep the audience emotionally engaged and also to convey a heartfelt message at the end. 

Likewise, starting your presentation with a light-hearted joke or an anecdote can help you relax and feel more confident. 

If you can make your audience laugh, they’re more likely to remember your key takeaways. So don’t be afraid to inject a bit of humor into your presentation – it might help to make it a hit!

7. Start with “Imagine…”

As a presenter, sometimes you need to tap into your audience’s imagination to make your point. This is where the commands “imagine,” “think of,” or “picture this” can come in handy.


In this video, the presenter starts off his presentation by using the hook word “Imagine..” Through this, the presenter gets hold of their attention and takes them on an imaginary journey with him.

Similarly, in your presentation, by prompting your audience to imagine or consider different scenarios, you can stimulate their creativity and engage them in a deeper level of thinking. 

This can also evoke emotions that are relevant to your topic, making it more impactful and memorable for your audience.

Remember, emotions are a powerful tool in keeping your audience engaged and attentive throughout your presentation. 

By leveraging your audience’s imagination, you can create a more interactive and dynamic experience that will leave a lasting impression.

8. Spark interest with Animated Characters

If you’d have to do a presentation online and none of the above suggestions work for your set of audience, then you can use an Animated version of yourself and spark interest.

Yes! You read it right. You can now create and add custom Animated Characters to your slide decks with the online presentation software Animaker Deck

Forgo the very old presentation styles and give life to your slide decks with the help of Animated Characters. 

Animaker Deck offers various choices and an option to create custom characters, from children to adults and even animal characters.

You can create a look-alike of yourself as an Animated character, choose facial expressions and add actions to the character. There are plenty of customization options available for you to choose from.

Check out this video to learn how to make animated presentations


Starting your presentation with Animated characters will surely be refreshing for your audience, and they will be intrigued to see what comes next in your presentation! So do give it a try from here!

9. Start by stating your expertise

If you are presenting to a group of students or upcoming entrepreneurs or simply a young crowd, the OG way of starting a presentation is stating your expertise on the topic and introducing yourself largely. 

Watch this example presentation below,


The speaker establishes credibility and sets the stage for the rest of the presentation by claiming his authority and expertise as a doctor who worked closely on addiction problems. 

Similarly, during your presentation, when introducing yourself, include your name, your position or area of expertise, and any relevant qualifications or experience you have. 

This will help your audience understand why you are qualified to speak on this topic.

Next, introduce your topic and briefly overview what you will discuss. This will help your audience understand the purpose of your presentation.

This is one great way to begin your presentation and set the tone for the rest of the decks in-store.

10. Surprise your audience 

One way to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged throughout your presentation is by incorporating a shock factor to surprise and intrigue your audience.

For instance, in the recent Marvel Comics Con 2022, the MCU presenter took the audience by storm by unveiling the plans for phase 6 of the Marvel Movies. It entirely shook the audience and caught them off-guard. 

Have a look at the audience’s reaction in this video.


That’s a splendid way to keep your audience entertained throughout the presentation, right?

Similarly, you can also instill a surprise element at the start of your presentation and hook your audience throughout the end.

However, it’s essential to ensure that your shocking tactic is effective and well-suited for your audience and the purpose of your presentation.

The last thing you want is to shock your audience in a way that offends or upsets them, which can lead to a disengaged and uninterested audience.

Instead, your shock factor should be designed to elicit a positive response from your audience, such as a sense of excitement, interest, or humor. If done correctly, this would help you effectively kick off your presentation.

11. Start with Silence

Silence can be a powerful tool for commanding a room during a presentation. While it may be daunting to use silence as a technique, it can be incredibly effective when executed properly. 


In this video, the presenter starts with Silence. This gets the audience thinking different things and anticipate what’s going to happen. 

Silence is another effective technique to draw attention to a prop or visual aid.

By holding the audience’s attention with silence, you create a dramatic moment that keeps them engaged and eager to hear what you have to say next.

Incorporating silence into your presentation may feel uncomfortable, but with practice and confidence, it can become an incredibly valuable tool in commanding the room and keeping your audience engaged.


In conclusion, starting a presentation on the right note is crucial for capturing your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged throughout your talk. 

By following the 11 proven ways we’ve discussed in this blog, you can create a powerful opening that sets the tone for the rest of your presentation and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different opening techniques and find what works best for you and your audience. 

So go out there and take the first step towards becoming a confident and engaging presenter!

Now that you have learned the pro strategies of how to start a presentation, take a look at this guide on “How to end a presentation” as well and nail your presentation from start to end!

Do you have more pointers to start a presentation like a pro? Feel free to add them in the comments section below!

9 Most Engaging Templates for your next Business Presentation

Are you tired of the same old powerpoint business presentations? 

Do you want to spice up your standard presentations and badly wish they could be customized?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Let me introduce you to Animaker Deck, the world’s first avatar-powered online presentation maker

animaker deck

With Animaker Deck’s powerful Character Builder, you can now create super cool characters and use them in your slides. The character builder feature comes with many customizability possibilities, including facial features, outfits, and accessories.

Its extensive customization options allow you to create billions of different avatars per your liking and needs.

Also, Animaker Deck comes loaded with the wackiest gifs, exciting icons, and stunning stock assets to make your presentations more compelling and appealing.

The best part is it also houses the most modern and engaging business presentation templates, making life easy for those wanting to create presentations on the go!

These templates allow you to quickly and easily create captivating presentations that are perfect for any situation!

They are both free to use and straightforward to edit.

On that note, in this article, we have compiled the 9 Most Engaging Business Presentation Templates that you can use to customize and create your next compelling presentation.

So why wait? It’s time to spruce up your basic business presentation into an attractive presentation!

Let’s dig in!

  1. Consulting Business Templates
  2. Business Profile Presentations
  3. Agency Business Templates
  4. Business Proposal Presentation Templates
  5. Product Demo Presentations
  6. Branding Presentation Templates
  7. VC Funding Pitch Templates
  8. Small Scale Business Templates
  9. Freelancer Presentation Templates

1. Consulting Business Templates

Do you run an online consulting business? 

Are you trying to increase your customer size? Well, do not worry! Animaker Deck is filled with ideal consulting business presentation templates that serve different needs.

Check out this business presentation template based on a Marketing Consulting Business. 

This template features slides with problems in the market, project objectives, proposed solutions, financial details, and deliverables with a timeline. 

Overall, it is apt for every business owner trying to increase their business presence in the online marketplace.

You can use these slide decks to make adjustments to the schedule of your service offerings, as well as to your fees and payment conditions.

With the help of our presentation templates, you have a wide range of customization possibilities to promote and emphasize your goods and services.

For example, to highlight the honors and successes of your company, you can add different icons and stock elements from our library. You can introduce charts to show the growth reports. The sky is the limit!

Apply your presentation style to these templates and share them for free online.

Try it out now!

2. Business Profile Templates

Animaker Deck offers unique presentation templates for Company Profiles, Business Outlooks, and Future Projects.

Use this simple-to-edit Business Profile presentation template, for instance, to showcase the company’s expansion, revenue, and other critical company-related data.

This template features slides for the Company timeline, Products/Services offered, a small gist about the Founders, Teams, and a snapshot of the global presence.

This template is completely customizable. You can alter the backdrop color, experiment with professional font styles, include company logos as a watermark, and even create brand ambassadors using the character builder feature to draw the audience into the presentation. 

Make your business stand out by displaying a feeling of class using this modern slide deck design!

3. Agency Business Presentation Templates

Are you running an agency? 

Have you been on this journey for long, yet struggling to rope in the audience? Worry no more! Here’s a template that helps you pitch your business in a perfect way!

All creative businesses and agencies can use the beautifully designed Agency Business presentation template from Animaker Deck and witness the increase in traction immediately!

Highlight the agency’s competitive advantage, describe the business strategy, display user testimonials to gain authority, and present the current clients in each slide.

To make your slide deck stand out, you can alter the charts, icons, frame transitions, characters, etc.

This template has a great color scheme that can quickly draw customers. Your audience will remember you for a long time because of the captivating design of this slide deck. Use it to promote your firm at regional business conferences, expos, and other events.

Try it out right away to easily win every pitch!

4. Business Proposal Presentation Templates

Have you got a killer idea to start a new business? Are you searching for templates to market your idea and win partnerships and clients?

Use the Business Proposal presentation template and market your business strategy perfectly. This template was created specifically to win over clients.

Every slide may be easily customized to illustrate the business overview, market share, essential team members, objectives, and problems.

This slide deck is excellent for its fantastic color schemes, text formatting, shapes, and graphics and can be tailored to your needs. 

The best part is, in addition to editing the slides in the deck, you can also create a slide from scratch by inserting a new slide in between the existing ones. Animaker Deck truly offers customization to your liking and needs.

Create the best possible business proposal right now by giving it a try!

5. Product Demo Presentation Templates

Do you have a cash cow product in the making?

Are you seeking the best way to provide a demo for a new product you intend to launch? 

Use of this Product Launch Presentation template is the only better option. This slide template creates a valuable learning and assessment path for the audience.

It contains superb visuals, vivid colors, and a structure that draws attention to key product details. 

Use the upload option to include photographs of the product, design blueprints, and flowcharts to guide the audience through the Demo step-by-step. 

Try it out right away for free, and make people love your new product!

6. Branding Business Presentation Templates

Animaker Deck offers perfectly crafted, personalized Branding Business Presentation Templates for business owners and freelancers to promote their products and services. 

Check out this branding presentation template.

Using this template, you can describe your brand’s history, milestones, financial performance, pace of growth, rate of client retention, exclusive alliances signed, and much more. 

You can also change the slides to fit your theme, add screenshots of essential data, include links to your product’s images, and more. 

Get on board and test out these simple templates right away!

7. VC Funding Pitch Templates

Have you recently launched your long-time dream business?

Are you seeking VC funding to jump-start your business? 

Well, a carefully customized pitch deck containing your business ideas, plans, growth strategies, consumer engagement activities, etc., will be helpful whether you’re applying for VC investment or a shark tank display. 

Such specialized free VC funding business presentation templates are available from Animaker Deck.

Check out this one, for instance.

With the help of these engaging slide deck designs, highlight the market opportunity, potential solutions, market validation, business model, market adoption, current competitors, and more.

The best feature is that these presentation template designs can be completely customized to meet your business needs.

Everything can be changed to match your preferences, including the text, design components, and colors used.

Now is the time to try this out and start raking in dollars!

8. Small-Scale Business Templates

Do you own a small-sized business? 

Are you seeking marketing strategies that can successfully set your company apart from the local competitors?

Then, the ideal strategy to make your audience emphasize your services is by using a carefully crafted Business Explainer Presentation.

Have a look at this business presentation template below,

Looks so good and crisp, right?

You can drastically improve the quality of your presentation with this lively and colorful slide deck. Everything is editable, including the slides’ fonts, backgrounds, icons, and transitions. 

You can even use your own brand style and edit all the elements in each slide to your liking. This will surely help your audiences to connect with your service offerings, eventually making you stand out among the competitors.

And the best part is, you don’t need prior experience to edit these templates. Anyone can learn how to use the Animaker Deck’s interface at any moment because it is very user-friendly.

Try the template right away for free to attract a new audience for your business!

9. Freelancer Presentation Templates

Are you a budding freelancer in the market? 

Are you looking for ways to promote your business in the local community? 

Then a great way to monetize your skills and services is by promoting your business through a killer business presentation.

Check this presentation template below,

This template showcases slides for a freelance photographer. If you are an aspiring photographer and want to build a strong portfolio, it would be great to present your abilities through images rather than words.

You may highlight client testimonials, add your brand’s logo and URLs to your gallery, and provide potential customers with a visual feast of your most incredible images in each presentation.

In short, your reputation as a professional photographer will grow – thanks to this photographer portfolio template.

Give your viewers a good sense of your abilities by giving it a try for free!

In addition to the above-shown templates, Animaker Deck has a huge list of templates that suits all your presentation needs. It also allows you to build original presentations and themes from scratch and save them for later use. 

If you need some presentation tips to make your slides more compelling, check out the link provided.

I hope you find this article helpful and select the best presentation template for your business requirements.

It’s easy to discover the correct presentation templates from our library and work your magic on the slides! 

Have any inquiries? Leave them in the comments area. We will be delighted to assist you😄.

Top 10 Must-Know Free PowerPoint Alternatives [for 2023]

When was the last time you were impressed by a PowerPoint Presentation?

Most of your answers would be, “Sorry, I don’t remember.”

You might be able to recall specific parts of the slide decks, but you can’t say you learned anything from them.

Lemme ask you a question. Can you confidently say you gave full attention to the last presentation you sat through?

So if it’s your turn to create a presentation, it’s high time you don’t give a boring powerpoint template presentation.

Lucky for you, there’s an ocean of powerpoint alternatives out there! Anyone can create a professionally designed presentation from these latest online presentation softwares.

In this article, we have narrowed down the top 10 powerpoint alternatives available online with an in-depth overview of their unique features, pricing, and usability.

Let’s dive in

  1. Google Slides
  2. Zoho Show
  3. Animaker Deck
  4. Prezi
  5. Visme
  6. Keynote
  7. Slidebean
  9. Genially
  10. Slides

1. Google Slides

Google Slides is the most well-liked PowerPoint alternative available that excels at teamwork. It is accessible to anybody with a Gmail account, but G Suite subscribers enjoy additional data security.

Google Slides is accessible both via Laptop/PC and via mobile. It offers real-time collaboration, a friendly UI, and seamless connectivity with all the Google Web Applications.


Google Slides is available in the following plans:

Personal – Available for free to all Google Account holders. Under this plan, users get up to 15 GB of storage size.

Business Starter at $6 USD per user per month with 30 GB storage capacity and standard support.

Business Standard premium plan at $12 USD per user per month with a 2 TB storage size available under this plan.

Business Plus, at $18 USD per user per month, with a whopping 5 TB storage capacity per user and a paid upgrade to Enhanced support services.

There’s also an Enterprise plan specially catering to corporates for custom and secure business email addresses providing as much storage as you need.        

Special Features:


  • A Google Drive or a YouTube link can be used to upload videos into the presentation. Using assistive tools like Smart Compose and autocorrect will help you build slides faster and more accurately.


  • Collaboration is the key feature of Google Slides. Several persons can edit a presentation, and new slides can be added simultaneously. You can also quickly roll back your slideshow to a prior version since Google Slides keeps track of all the modifications users have made to a presentation.


  • Google Slide offers ample templates for users to choose from and edit. However, there are fewer templates, animation forms, and fonts available than in PowerPoint.


  • The ease of usability is high. Any Google user can pick it up and use the application seamlessly.
  • There are also open communities and self-service online forums for customer support. So the users need not worry about troubleshooting any issues.

2. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is one of the best modern presentation softwares available online. It is mainly designed to create visually engaging presentations for free on any device.


Zoho Show is free to use. You just need a valid mail address or mobile number to get started.

Special Features:

User Interface

  • Zoho Show’s key feature is the contextual and minimalist user interface that allows you to create presentations in your style.


  • It is pre-loaded with 100 plus professional presentation templates suitable for start-up pitch decks, sales presentations, etc.

Central Presentation Repository

  • With Zoho Show, you can create a presentation as a team. It houses a central presentation repository that helps retrieve created presentations and makes collaboration much easier for all the teams.

Upload PPT

  • You can upload your existing presentations in formats like ppt, pptx, ODP, and PPS and continue customizing them with no hassle in Zoho Show.

Remote Broadcasting

  • You can broadcast your presentations on big screens and control them through a smartwatch, Chromebook, or android tv, for that matter.


  • The ad-free user-interface lets you create compelling presentations with no distractions and take them to the next level.
  • The central organization library allows us to repurpose the slides and work together effectively, even in bigger teams. You can also give role-based access and permit individual members to work cross-functionally.

3. Animaker Deck

Animaker Deck is the world’s first avatar-powered presentation software to create wow-worthy slide decks without any professional experience in no time.


Animaker Deck is available in the following pricing plans,

Free plan where users can create presentations by just creating a free account in the app.

Slides Pro plan, at $20 per month, offers users premium bundles and an import PPT feature.

The Animaker Pro plan, at $49 per month, gives full access to the animation suite and access to unlimited slides, premium bundles, priority support services, and the import PPT feature.

The Enterprise plan is catered for small to big organizations with unlimited custom character creation, a dedicated account manager, and all the features available in the Animaker Pro Plan.

Special Features:

Character Builder

  • The best part about Animaker Deck is the Character builder, where you can create your custom avatars and use them as brand ambassadors or mascots. You can also use the pre-built animated characters in your slide decks and bring them to life.

Professional Templates 

  • Animaker Deck houses more than 50 unique handcrafted presentation templates to choose from and create a pitch-winning deck. You also have the option to create a presentation from scratch.

Customizable Backgrounds

  • There’s an option to customize the background of the slide deck entirely according to your presentation style and needs.


  • Users can also access stock images and GIFs from Pixabay, Giphy, and Unsplash. This helps users to use stock images from the library itself instead of searching the internet for appropriate images.

Storage Space

  • More importantly, the users get 25 GB of storage space to upload their files into their presentations.

Import PPT

  • Animaker Deck has an “import PPT” feature that allows the users to upload their presentations in the PPTX format and easily edit them as needed.

Brand Kit Manager

  • The Brand Kit manager enables bigger teams to efficiently manage their presentations and maintain uniformity and brand continuity throughout the presentations.


  • The user interface is super clean. Animaker Deck is the easiest presentation software to use.
  • Animaker Deck offers real-time collaboration when creating presentations and lets team members review and work together productively.

4. Prezi Present

Prezi Present is an online presentation software known for non-linear types of presentations. Its open canvas helps view and organize the contents as a whole rather than the traditional linear type of presentation.


Free Trial – Prezi Present offers 14 days free trial and gives access to other Prezi products as well.

Premium – Users can upgrade to a premium subscription available as Basic, Individual, Business, and Student/Educators plans.

The premium plans start from $7 to $16 per month. In addition, students and Educators can subscribe to the premium plan starting at $3 per month and get access to track progress in class.


Special Features:

Smart Structures

  • Prezi comes loaded with an intelligent structures feature that enables the user to efficiently arrange the contents of the presentation with simple click-and-drag actions.

Zoom Reveal Feature

  • Your content is revealed as you zoom in to start your presentation, unveiling the necessary details in a non-linear fashion like a story.

Conversational Presentation

  • Prezi is designed as a conversational presentation software that reduces navigating back and forth continuously between slides.

Present over video

  • Another critical feature of Prezi is present over video. Users can present their content along with their videos on the same screen. This makes the presentation much more engaging and keeps up the personal connection in remote meetings.


  • Prezi also offers designer templates to jump-start your presentations and not worry about starting them from scratch.

Presenter View

  • Prezi comes with a Presenter view feature that helps you to leave notes, prompts, and talking points only you can see while you present.

Upload Option

  • There’s also an option to upload your own slides and turn them into a dynamic, engaging Prezi presentation and improve the content you already have in 10 minutes or less.


  • Prezi’s user interface is comparatively difficult to understand right off the bat for the users. Therefore, the users would have to go through a learning curve to use the full potential of the Prezi app efficiently.
  • Prezi also offers a slack integration for teams that enables them to work together on more significant projects. Live collaboration makes it easier for every team member to create a presentation and share it with anyone via a dedicated link.

5. Visme

Visme is another well-known presentation software to create interactive presentations, documents, data visualizations, and other branded content.


Visme is available in the following plans:

  • Basic plan is available for 0$
  • Starter plan starts at $12.25/month annually
  • Pro plan at $29/month annually
  • Visme for Teams plan with Custom pricing

Special Features:


  • Visme comes with pre-built presentation templates across different genres for the users to choose from and successfully create a compelling presentation.


  • Visme’s library offers tons of assets like icons, properties, stock images, motion graphics elements, and data visualization elements that users can easily include in their presentations with just a few clicks.

Animations and Transitions

  • Visme allows the users to add Animations and Transition effects to the contents of the slide deck. This helps to make the presentation interactive for the audience.

Live Collaboration

  • Also, visme offers real-time collaborations where users can work together, review the changes, and provide feedback instantly. Moreover, users can share their projects online easily.

Brand Kit

  • Visme offers a Brand Kit feature, a brand design tool to create brand colors and fonts and maintain your brand style throughout the presentation.


  • Users can share the created presentation to different online mediums in a jiffy by using the share feature. Additionally, the users can also track and analyze the shared presentation.


  • Visme is designed so that even users with no design knowledge can pick it up.
  • Remarkably, the user interface and customization options are very straightforward and do not require too much time from the user to create an interactive presentation successfully.

6. Keynote

Keynote is a presentation app by Apple and is accessible to Apple Users straight from the App Store. The Keynote app equips powerful tools and dazzling effects, making it easy to create stunning and memorable presentations.


Users can download and use the Keynote app for free straight from the App Store.

Special Features:


  • Users can create diagrams or illustrations that bring the slides to life with their Apple Pencil on their iPads.

Real-time Collaboration

  • The Keynote app provides real-time collaboration that enables the teams to work together, irrespective of the device type (Mac, iPad, iPhone, or PC).
  • Every team member gets a hand in designing the presentation with beautiful charts, customizing the images, and adding cinematic effects.

Dynamic Backgrounds

  • Keynote offers dynamic backgrounds that help to create sleek presentations. Also, you can add over 700 Apple-designed shapes, photos, videos, music, image galleries, and charts to illustrate your critical points in the presentation.


  • It even lets you take pictures and scan documents with your iPhone, and Continuity Camera will send them straight to Keynote on your Mac.
  • With Keynote, you can seamlessly present with your team. Multiple presenters can take turns controlling a single deck — from anywhere — on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Also, the Rehearse Mode lets you practice on the go in an all-in-one view.


  • Keynote’s intuitive interface is super user-friendly, comprises all the essential tools up front, and is easily accessible.
  • Additionally, with Scribble for iPadOS and Apple Pencil, handwritten words will automatically be converted to typed text. With this, the users can take notes quickly, edit a presentation or annotate the text.

7. Slidebean

Slidebean offers a Pitch Deck Builder to create an investor-winning pitch. Then, with the help of artificial intelligence, it helps to craft stories and stand out from the monotone crowd.


Slidebean is available in the following plans,

Basic Plan, at $0 per month, offers unlimited presentations, access to free startup lessons, free document templates, and an accelerator programs monitor.

All-Access Plan starts at $171 billed annually, and includes everything in the Basic Plan and additionally offers sharing and exporting presentations, access to 30,000+ investor contacts, and much more.

Special Features:

Extensive Tool kit

  • Slidebean’s Pitch Deck Builder comprises an extensive toolkit that hand-holds the users in creating a stunning pitch deck.

Automated Pitch

  • With Automated Pitch Deck builder, you can create a stunning pitch in a few steps and it is very useful to startups with fewer resources.


  • Slidebean offers well-vetted and successful venture-winning templates with top brands like Airbnb, Uber, and Peloton as the basis.
  • About 300+ of the best pitch deck templates from the most successful venture-backed startups are pre-loaded inside this presentation software.

Real-time collaboration

  • The premium plans of Slidebean offer real-time collaboration features.
  • You can also track and view activity in slides.
  • Financial modeling templates and Investor CRM are also available to help the startup founders design presentations.


  • The AI integration makes Pitch Deck Builder very easy for anyone without professional design experience.
  • Also, the templates are entirely customizable and can be edited per your needs.

8. is an online presentation maker for startups. Creating winning pitch decks, marketing plans, or sales proposals is possible with in minutes.

Pricing: is available in the following plans,

Pro Plan starting at $12 per month, is suitable for individual users.

Team plan starts at $40 per month per user, includes everything from the Pro Plan, and offers a centralized slides library.

Enterprise Plan is available for organizations under custom pricing, unlimited team resources, and everything from the Team plan.

There’s also an option to create a single presentation under a monthly plan at $45 for ad-hoc projects.

Special Features:

Pitch Decks

  • is aimed at helping bootstrapped companies create pitch-winning decks. Thousands of startups secured funding and closed deals by creating slide decks with this refreshing presentation maker.

Custom Branding

  • Custom Branding of slides, Version history, Stock media library, and Powerpoint import are the critical features of the presentation maker.


  • A collaborative workspace allows teams to work in unison and brainstorm ideas together.


  • Customizable templates help any entrepreneur to modify their slide decks according to their needs and preferences.


  • The user interface is so straightforward that even beginners and users without prior familiarity with graphic design can create presentations easily.


Genially is an online tool for making creative presentations from scratch or with pre-built templates.

Creating interactive presentations with professional designs, dossiers, reports, business proposals, and enticing pitches are all made possible with


Genially comes under the following plans,

Free plan gives access to unlimited presentation creation but with restricted features.

Education plan starts at $4.99 per month, billed annually.

Master plan starts at $20.82 per month, billed annually.

Special Features:

Cloud Storage

  • Presentations created in Genially are automatically stored in the cloud. So any change made will get updated instantly.


  • Genially templates also offer a Gamification option where users can use the presentation templates solely for quiz type or simple Q&A slide decks.


  • When slides are shared with clients or prospects, genially Statistics help monitor views and content engagement.


  • Genially helps users create a storytelling-based presentation with the best templates. Users can also apply a custom logo, colors, and fonts to the slide designs and align the presentation with their brand image.


  • Privacy is never a concern with Genially. You get to control the access to your creations, be it public or privately shared presentations.


  • Genially’s templates are easy to edit and don’t require any design knowledge to modify them.
  • The minimalistic workspace makes the user feel at home. You can also easily share the Genially created presentation links and embed them into a website, blog, or LMS(Learning management system).

10. Slides

Slides is an online suite for creating modern presentations. Unlike traditional presentation software, there’s no need to download anything. Slides let you create professional slide decks and work with collaborators to make an awe-inspiring presentation without any hassle.


Slides app is available in the following plans,

Free plan gives access to limited presentation creation. However, the content will be publicly viewable and include ads. Also, users get 250 MB of storage size to create up to five decks.

Lite plan starts at $5 per month, billed annually. It includes 1 GB of storage space, one collaborator per deck, and an export to pdf feature.

Pro plan starts at $10 per month, billed annually. It offers unlimited storage, three collaborators per deck, custom CSS, and a Google Analytics feature.

Team plan starts at $20/month when billed annually and includes features like endless collaborations, a shared media library, and custom branding.

Special Features:

Open source tool

  • Slides is the only presentation tool with a fully open-source format. You get access to your presentation’s complete source code.


  • Presentations can be made in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript formats. Rich customization options using CSS.


  • Export a copy and present it offline or store it on your web host.

 Present Mode

  • You can control what your viewers see with the help of a Present Mode. You can even use your phone as a remote control with direct access to your speaker notes during a meeting, conference call, or on stage.

Customizable Team Editor

  • Slides offer a customizable editor with which you can easily edit your company’s assets and themes and as well as leave comments/feedback and notifications when working together.
  • There’s also a Media library loaded with stock images, videos, and slide templates that help to make your whole team work better.


  • Slides user interface is very friendly. The editor is built in a minimalistic manner that even beginners can get the hang of it once they start.

And that’s a wrap!!

To sum up, all these presentation tools carry out the same tasks as PowerPoint. Still, they are less expensive and much more intelligent, with features like character builder, live collaboration, cloud storage, and automated saving.

We hope we saved you from death by powerpoint. Try out these powerful alternatives for your future presentations.

How to create animated presentations [Easiest Way for 2023]

It’s no secret that traditional presentations can get boring for the audience as they often include many sentences, subheadings, and images—and that’s just the beginning. 

You also don’t want it to look like a high school science project: all over-the-top formatting and an overwhelming amount of text.

So how can you make your presentation more engaging? Well, don’t worry anymore, we have got an alternative for you!

This is where animated presentations come in. 

In this article, we have compiled the quickest and easiest steps to create an animated presentation using Animaker Deck.

Introduction to Animaker Deck

With Animaker Deck, you can create your own animated characters and use tons of pre-built templates, millions of stock assets, real-time collaboration, and more! 

It can do everything that Powerpoint can do and much more!

If you want to ensure your presentation keeps people engaged and interested, it’s time to change things up a bit from the usual way of creating a presentation.

So why wait? Let’s jump right into the steps!

Signing up with Animaker Deck

Click here to log into Animaker if you’re already a registered user. If you are new to Animaker, you can sign-up and create an account with Animaker Deck for free.

Understanding the User Interface

Before we start to create a presentation, let’s spend some time understanding the user interface of the Animaker Deck app. 

Animaker Deck UI

On the left side, we have the Library section. Under the library section, you can access the Templates, Characters, Properties, Text, Background, Images, and Upload features with a single click.

Moving on, to the right, we have the Slides section, where you can re-arrange the slides, duplicate the slides, delete the slides, and even make edits to the slides, such as transition effects.

In the center, we have a Workspace displaying the selected slide. Here you will add fonts, and images, change the background and other properties and make all the slides customizations.

And at the top, you will find options to Share, Import, and Present the slide deck.

We shall look into each option in depth in the upcoming steps.

Ways to create an animated presentation in Animaker Deck:

 There are two ways to create an animated presentation in Animaker Deck

  1. Creating an animated presentation from scratch

      2. Creating an animated presentation from templates

Let’s get started right away!

Creating an animated presentation from scratch

One way of creating an animated presentation in Animaker Deck is from scratch on a blank canvas. Here’s what we will cover:

  • Customizing the Background
  • Introducing Characters
  • Using Properties
  • Adding Text 

Customizing the Background

Using the Backgrounds feature, you can easily search and apply backgrounds according to your preferences. 

The best part is that you can customize the background colors to match your slide style.

For instance, let’s say you want to create an intro slide for your business. First, choose a suitable background for your slide from the Library.

Once you find and select a suitable background, it will appear in the central workspace. Also, you will notice a few options pop up in the workspace. It is called an “item menu.” 

You can customize the colors, add filters, swap elements, and resize and delete the elements in the slide from these options.

Introducing Characters

Do all the presentations you have made so far lack personality? 

You can now infuse life into the slides with the help of Animated Characters.

With Animaker Deck, you can create your personalized characters or use the built-in characters from the Library section, whichever fits your scenario.

In this instance, let’s choose one from the built-in character library.

Animaker Deck Characters

The selected character will appear in the slide, along with the item menu. Use the options in the item menu to customize the character per your preferences.

Also, you can find the Actions and Expressions section on the right side of the workspace. Apply a suitable action and expression to your character from the available options. 

If you are not happy with the pre-built characters, you can even create and introduce your own custom characters into the slide deck.


Character section

Use the Create Your Avatar button under the Characters feature to create your own custom character.

Animaker Deck offers you options to create a character between Young Adults and Children.

Pick the one as per your preference. Once you select the type, you will be taken to the character customization screen. 

Here you can customize each and every aspect of your character, starting from head to toe.

This is the cherry on top of the Animaker Deck app. This way, you can introduce yourself as a character in your presentation as well. 

Once you have finished the customizations, save your character and refresh the project. You can find the newly created character in the My Characters tab under the Character feature.

Using Properties

Animaker Deck is loaded with tons of Properties. Icons, Graphs, Charts, Numbers, Illustrations, or anything you name, are covered under the properties section. 

Now, let’s add a speech bubble to the character. You can do this by searching for a speech bubble under the properties section in the library.

Once you select the speech bubble, it will appear in the workspace. Use the item menu options to customize the size and color. 

You can also add animation effects to the speech bubble from the options available on the right side of the workspace.

Introducing entry and exit animations to the properties in the slide adds extra appeal to the presentation overall.

Adding Text 

Using the Text feature, you can add text to your slides in two ways. 

One is to choose and edit from the built-in text templates designed along with animation effects, and the second is to enter the text manually with text boxes.

Select a suitable text design from the Text feature under the library section.

Once you select the text design, it will appear in the workspace; now, you can type in the required text and use the item menu options to customize the color, font style, size, and alignment and adjust the case sensitivity of the text. 

In this instance, we have used the empty text box design and entered the text manually. You can also use the built-in text design templates and edit them accordingly. 

Also, it is possible to add animation effects to the text just like we did to the properties earlier. 

You can even adjust the transparency of the text by using the transparency slider beneath the animation effects on the right side of the workspace.

This way, Animaker Deck gives a complete customization option for the users to edit and change the slides according to everyone’s preferences.

Creating an animated presentation from templates

Another way of creating an animated presentation is from pre-built templates. 

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Selecting a template
  • Editing the text
  • Customizing the Character
  • Editing the Background Images

Selecting a template

Animaker Deck offers more than 50 professionally designed templates to choose from. 

Use these templates to inject fresh ideas into your static slides!

The templates feature is on the left side under the library section.

Go carefully through the different templates and select a suitable one for your use case. Then click Add all. 

A pop-up window will appear, asking you to overwrite; click confirm to insert the template.

Once you have clicked the confirm button, all the slides will be inserted into the project.

Now the best part about creating an animated presentation from templates in Animaker Deck is that every aspect of the template is completely customizable. The three main aspects of the template that you can customize as per your preferences are 

  • Text
  • Characters
  • Background Images

Editing the Text

Select the Text that you want to edit. Then click on the Settings option from the item menu. You can find different options to customize the text on the right side.

For instance, you can choose a different font, change the font’s color, and adjust the line spacing. You can also make the text a Hyperlink by toggling the Hyperlink button.

Use all these options to edit the text according to your preference. 

Customizing the Character

Select the Character and use the item menu to customize it. You can alter the color of the character and its attire as per your preference.

You can also introduce actions and expressions to the character and bring life to your presentation. Simply select an action under the action tab, and it will reflect in character immediately. It’s that easy to animate your characters. 

Also you can even introduce your own custom characters into the slide deck. 


Use the Create Your Avatar button under the Characters feature to create your own custom character.

Animaker Deck offers you options to create a character between Young Adults and Children.

Pick the one as per your preference. Once you select the type, you will be taken to the character customization screen. 

Here you can customize each and every aspect of your character, starting from head to toe.

This is the cherry on top of the Animaker Deck app. This way, you can introduce yourself as a character in your presentation as well. 


Once you have finished the customizations, save your character and refresh the project. You can find the newly created character in the My Characters tab under the Character feature.

Editing the Background Images

Animaker Deck, in partnership with GIPHY, PEXELS & PIXABAY, provides access to thousands of quirky gifs and iconic images which can be used in your slides with a single click.

You have the flexibility to even customize the existing background image in the template as per your preference.

Select the Background image and use the Item Menu options to edit the elements present in the background image.

For instance, you can alter the color of the elements, resize them, group them together or delete them. 

Also, you can introduce animation effects to the background image to lit up the presentation.

However, if you are still unhappy with the customizations, Animaker Deck has covered you with the Upload option.


Animaker Deck offers up to 25 GB of storage space for you to upload your custom files onto the slide decks.

That’s some steal, right?

You can upload your own custom images and images into the slide decks by using the Upload feature in the library section.

Click on the Upload button to browse files from your local disc and upload them directly to your project. 

Another simpler way of customizing your background is by playing around with the colors.

You can use solid colors as a background, or even better, you can use gradient colors matching your presentation style.

You can add up to five colors and create a gradient-style background on your own!

This way, you get complete control over the selected template and customize it as per your needs. 

Once you’ve finished customizing the template, click on the present button to preview the entire presentation. 

Previewing & Presenting the Slides

Once you have added the character, text, and properties and selected the suitable background, it’s time to preview how everything looks together when presented.

To do this, head to the Present option in the top menu. Clicking on the Present button will allow you to preview the slide in fullscreen. 

This way, you can check and alter the slide’s contents accordingly. It’s that simple to create an animated presentation from scratch in Animaker Deck.

Similarly, you can add more slides and customize them according to your use cases.

Sharing your work-of-art

If you are working in a team, the next step is to get your presentation reviewed by your tea members. A collaborative review process can help elevate your presentation’s quality.

Use the Share button in the top right to share the presentation with your team. All you need to do is enter your colleagues’ email addresses and choose between copy and edit links.

Animaker Deck makes it easy for you to collaborate with your entire team and edit your slide decks together in real-time.

Also, there’s an option to preview the created slide decks with the help of the Present button in the top right corner. 

Use this present button to review all the changes, animations, and other transition effects made (if any) throughout the slide.

And that’s a wrap!👏 

You have now successfully learned how to create kick-ass animated presentations in a jiffy. 

With the advent of influential online presentation makers like Animaker Deck, creating professional-looking animated presentations has become easier and more affordable than ever before. 

It is only the beginning! The world of presentations awaits you!

Get started and sweep your audiences right away!

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14 Must-Know Presentation Tips for a Killer Presentation [in 2023]

We’re all familiar with the old adage: “A good presentation is like a great conversation.”

What makes a presentation great?

Is it a compelling story? Or a good connection with your audience? Or is it about an eloquent delivery by the presenter?

The truth is, there is no “one-size-fits-all solution” for creating great presentations. Every presentation is different, and every audience is different.

When you’re tasked with delivering a presentation, you want to ensure it goes off without a hitch. We all know how important it is for the audience to remember and understand the content.

So if you’re wondering how to make a killer presentation that will stand out and stay in people’s minds for a long time, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we have addressed the most frequently asked questions about presentations.

We have also compiled a list of great presentation tips to improve your deck designs, presentation best practices, and effective ways to communicate the subject to your audience.

Here’s what the article covers,

What makes a good presentation?

When we think about presentations, we often think about the content itself. We imagine a long list of facts or figures, a well-rehearsed script, and a PowerPoint slide deck.

But what makes a good presentation? What makes it memorable, engaging, and valuable?

These are questions that any presenter should be asking themselves.

Here are the four characteristics of a good presentation:

  1. A good presentation makes you want to take action.
  2. It helps your audience engage and be interested in what you have to say. It educates and entertains at the same time.
  3. It puts forth information in a way that makes it easy for them to understand and process without overwhelming them.
  4. If you’re one of those people who’s always thinking, “What can I add to my own presentation?”

Well, we’ve compiled some best presentation tips for you that will help make your next presentation memorable—and, more importantly, help you do what you came here to do: share information with the world.

So read on to find out.

14 Must Know Presentation Tips for a killer presentation [in 2023]

Ever felt like you’re struggling to make a presentation on time? Worried about how good your presentation will turn out? We have all been there.

This is why we have put together a list of great presentation tips that can make your next presentation a breeze, and we hope it helps!

Here are some tips to help you create a great presentation:

Tip 1 – Do proper homework on the subject

Whenever a topic is assigned to you for a presentation, it goes without saying that you understand the topic correctly.

You must do proper homework and research on the subject to ensure you know what you’re talking about.

Reading articles and books, or even watching videos or podcasts, will help you understand the topic and how the presentation should be structured.

Also, if you need more background information on the topic, don’t be afraid to ask for help from other people—you might find that they know more than you think!

Take notes while learning about the topic. This will help you remember key points.

Then, read your notes before you present and practice saying them aloud (this will help with timing and pronunciation).

Use a timer; this helps keep track of how long you take to say things while also keeping yourself from getting too nervous.

Do some fundamental research on your audience and their expectations about your presentation.

For instance, If they’re business executives, they might be looking for intellectual information and numbers. Or, If they’re a general audience, they may want more details about how your product works or how it can benefit them.

You’ll be surprised how much more effective your presentation will be when you know,

Everything about the topic
How crucial it is for the audience, and
What the audience expects from the presentation

So only present a topic after doing loads of essential research!

Tip 2 – Have a strong opening

An excellent way to ensure that your presentation is successful is by having a solid opening. Plan the intro slides ahead so that you can set the right tone for the pitch.

Have a strong opening statement that tells your audience who they are listening to, why they’re here, what they will hear from you, and anything else you want them to know!


Doing so will help keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Be prepared for questions from your audience before you start speaking. It is not necessary that the audience must wait till the end to ask questions.

Being prepared will help you answer them well and present yourself as an expert in the field.

Tip 3 – Follow a presentation structure

The first thing you should do is decide on a structure for your presentation. This will help you ensure that you cover all essential topics and leave no gaps in what you say.

The most successful presentations start with a strong introduction, followed by a clear and concise main body, and ending with a proper sign-off.

The body presents the study’s research, findings, and conclusions in an organized and engaging way.

The final section/sign-off should close with any additional information or recommendations. Not just that, it must also give the audience space to ask questions related to the presentation.

Each section can have about two or three minutes of content. This would help structure the presentation concisely and make sure to include all important information.

Use transitions between slides that move from one topic to another, rather than just jumping from one slide to another in one continuous flow.

This makes your content more manageable for your audience to follow and gives them more time to digest what they’re seeing before moving on to the next thing!

Hence, remember this effective presentation tip – follow a proper structure!

Tip 4 – Have a Hook!

When you’re delivering a presentation, keeping your audience’s attention is essential.

But how do you make learning a little more fun? What are the best presenting tips and tricks?

Well, one way is by making sure that your presentation has a hook.

A hook can be anything from an element of surprise (like an announcement that will keep them anticipated till the end) to something unexpected (a discount!).

This will help to keep your audience engaged because they won’t feel like they’re reading through a textbook or manual – they’ll feel like they’re getting involved in your story.

Ideally, hooks are placed at the start of the presentation. It’s the part that acts as a surprise for the audience, keeping them engaged and excited, and would help retain the audience’s attention.

However, remember that the fewer distractions in your presentation, the easier it will be for them to see how amazing it is!

Tip 5 – Tell an engaging story

When you’re creating a presentation, it’s a thumb rule to make sure your slide decks are memorable and engaging throughout.

One of the best ways to do this is by telling a story—whether that’s a story about your business, your life, or anything else related to the subject.

Telling a story is the key to creating an excellent presentation.

Your audience will be more interested if they can relate to what’s on your slides. So tell them a story that connects with their lives and work experiences – it may be a funny anecdote or a relatable work prank!

Let’s say you’re talking about how to create a product. You can start by showing an image or a video of the product. You can develop the flow by telling the product story and how it has grown through the years.

That way, your audience gets to see both sides of the coin: what this product does and how it was made.

The more details you include in your presentation, the better it will be for viewers—not only because they’ll get more information but because they’ll also have more context for what they see on screen.

Hence, remember to carve your presentation with a well-practiced, engaging story.

Tip 6 – Use visual elements

People love visual aids—they help them remember things better than words alone!

When you’re presenting a product or service, you have to look at it from all angles—from the customer’s point of view, the provider’s point of view, and your own.

It’s essential to keep in mind that your presentation must build a connection with the audience. You must consider the audience’s needs and how you can meet them. The best way to bring that connection is not just through words but to incorporate visual proofs in your slide decks.

But the visual elements used must be relevant to the topic at hand.

For example, if your company is doing something great for the community, show pictures of people smiling in joy from being around you!

If you’re talking about how much money you’ve made over the years as an entrepreneur, add pictures of dollar signs!

Finally, make sure that everything in your presentation flows together nicely.

For example, if visual element parts don’t match, then consider breaking them up into two separate slides or changing how things are laid out so it doesn’t feel so jarring when someone views it.

Use quality screenshots and images that are relevant to the topic at hand. This is especially important when you’re speaking in front of an audience who may need to become more familiar with your product or service.

If possible, use photos or videos of people who might be familiar with your topic—people who will help convey your message more effectively than just text alone.

You don’t have to go all out on the graphics, but if you can, try to use high-quality images that are easy to understand.

With online presentation makers like Animaker Deck, you get access to the stock images library; you can pick and add high-quality images for your slide decks with a simple click now!

Also, the best part is you can upload screenshots and brand images directly into the app and use them in the presentation.

Tip 7 – Keep it short

Ever wonder why some presentations are so dull? It’s because they’re dragging!

A good presentation should be at most 20 minutes at maximum and be structured so that even a first-time viewer can easily understand the information conveyed.

Ensure your audience knows what to expect from you and your content. Refrain from crossing the line of being boring or boringly informative. Your audience should never feel like they’re being lectured.

One key business presentation tip is to convey the message to the audience most memorably and engagingly possible.

It is really in the hands of the presenter to steer the audience’s attention throughout the presentation without giving too many dull moments.

The shorter, the better. Keep your slides concise, and avoid falling into the trap of talking about things that have nothing to do with your actual point.

Tip 8 – Add a touch of humor

If you’re trying to create an awesome presentation, you can do a few things to ensure it’s easy on the eyes and makes people want to engage.

One of the best methods for communicating the message in a light-hearted manner and making your presentation stand out is through humor.

Try to avoid text-heavy slides! You can use witty remarks, analogies, drawings, personal anecdotes, or even memes that suit current trends.

When you tell about something that has happened to you, people may be able to associate with it even more if the story is humorous.

This way, you can easily withhold the audience’s attention through the presentation.

Tip 9 – Have a parking lot for questions

When you’re creating a presentation, it’s important to keep the audience engaged and excited about what’s coming up next. Therefore, it is very necessary to make the presentation a two-way street.

A good way to do this is by asking questions during your presentation and allowing them to answer. This helps keep the audience interested in what they’re learning and makes them feel like they’re part of the conversation.

The audience should be engaged throughout the presentation and allowed to ask questions to the presenter.

However, it is also vital to ensure that the flow of the presentation is not disrupted by the bombardment of questions in the middle of the presentation.

To tackle this, the presenter can introduce a “parking lot” in their presentation.

So when the audience asks a question about a particular section in the presentation, the presenter can choose to park similar questions together and answer them all together at the end of the presentation.

This way, the presentation’s flow is not affected, and even the audience will get their questions answered.

This is an important skill to be imbibed by every presenter to ensure the audience feels comfortable and gains a good experience from the presentation.

Tip 10 – Learn to empathize with the audience

One of the most important things to remember when creating a presentation is that you are trying to connect with your audience.

Learn to empathize with the audience. You’ll want to understand what they’re seeing, feeling, and thinking so that you can communicate your message in a way that resonates with them.

By understanding their needs, you can create a more meaningful presentation that will resonate with them. Try to put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they think about this topic.

Are they excited? Are they bored? What are they hoping for? What do they want to see from you?

Know your audience’s needs!

It would help if you talked to people with similar backgrounds as your audience and how they would like to be educated on the topic.

Before you start creating content for your presentation, think about who you’re speaking to and what they need from you.

When you do this, you will not only speak more clearly, but you’ll also be able to connect with them emotionally, making your message stick.

Tip 11 – Keep it interactive with Call-to-action

Have you ever been in a presentation where the speaker makes it look like a one-way conversation? It’s not an intentional act of rudeness—the speaker is just trying to get their point across.

But for the audience, it might be very disappointing!

The solution? Keep your presentation interactive with call-to-action buttons that let your audience help move things along.

When something important is being discussed, ask them to take action by clicking on one of the buttons that appear on the screen.

Include a call-to-action that tells your audience what they should do next (like sign up for my newsletter!) or take action on what you’ve just told them (like buy my product!).

So include call-to-action buttons wherever necessary, so viewers feel like they’re partaking in something meaningful rather than just watching someone talk for hours on end!

But one thing, don’t go overboard on those CTAs either. Too many CTAs can be bugging.

Tip 12 – Incorporate Data when required

Creating a presentation is a complicated task, but it’s also incredibly important that you need to be able to convey information clearly and effectively.

That’s where data comes in!

Data can help you make your point by giving context and supporting the main points of your argument.

Incorporate data when required to present information to the audience quickly. This will make your audience understand what you’re talking about more efficiently and allow them to consume the information in a way that makes sense to them.

Use real-life examples and statistics whenever possible because people love those!

With an online presentation maker like Animaker Deck, you get access to the property section, where you can search and add charts, graphs, icons, and other properties directly into your slide decks with just a few clicks.

For example, if you’re presenting an overview of how your company’s business model works, include graphs or charts that show how the different parts of the model work together so that people who aren’t familiar with it can follow along easily.

deck properities

Or, if you’re talking about something more complex, like an industry trend, use graphs or charts to illustrate key points about it, such as growth rates for specific industries over time or changes in consumer demand based on demographics.

You can also use numbers and percentages in charts when comparing different items or events.

deck properities

Tip 13 – Use Hashtags in your presentation

It’s the era of social media. People are likely tweeting, emailing, or running their entire little business on their phones and sharing every life update on the internet while still doing other chores.

When used correctly, hashtags can: Persuade attendees to share your event on social media, give participants a way to continue the conversation online, and permit you to review tagged comments to evaluate consumer feedback.

You can create a hashtag for your event and use it in the presentation. Promote social media interactions with the hashtag. This will allow you to connect with other users interested in what you have to say!

You can help inspire viewers to share news, ideas, and updates about your presentation by linking this custom hashtag you created. It combines social interaction, event promotion, and word-of-mouth marketing into one.

So if you use social media in your presentation, make sure you promote the hashtag you’ll use. This will ensure that people who follow your brand or business see and interact with the hashtag!

Tip 14 – Try out unique presentation templates

We know how hard it is to come up with a good pitch and how hard it is to be creative when you have no time to waste on making something from scratch.

Thanks to online presentation makers like Animaker Deck, creating a presentation online is now easier than ever.

You can access exciting presentation templates with the help of Animaker’s online presentation software, hundreds of customizable layouts and branding options, free stock images, properties, transition effects, and animations.

They’ll let you get straight to the point and help you win every pitch because they’re so easy to use and exceptionally engaging that they’ll blow your audience away!

In other words, Animaker Deck handholds you in bringing all your fascinating presentation ideas to life with its one-of-a-kind features and built-in templates, ready for you to use on the go!

What are the difficulties in making a presentation?

Making a presentation can be a daunting task.

The difficulty lies in brainstorming the subject matter, preparing the presentation, and successfully presenting it to the audience. Overall, it is a lengthy and time-consuming process.

A good presentation must be organized and have a logical flow.

Many difficulties are encountered when preparing a presentation. This includes lack of preparation, lack of information about the subject, or worse, lack of interest in learning the subject from an academic perspective, let alone presenting it.

1st, you have to know what you’re talking about. You must do your research and be able to explain the topic clearly and concisely.

2nd, you have to make a good impression quickly. You need to get your point across in a way that makes people want to listen—so they don’t drift off and tune out!

3rd, your presentation must be not only exciting but also useful. If people don’t learn something from your presentation, then it wasn’t worth making in the first place!

Sure, you’ve been doing it for years—but that doesn’t mean you’re an expert at it. On the contrary, it’s a skill that takes practice and dedication to master, and it can be frustrating when things don’t go quite as planned.

So if you want to make better presentations every time, implement the above compelling presentation tips and overcome all the difficulties!

Spellbound your audience with these Presentation tips

That’s all, folks!

We hope you found the above slide Presentation tips very useful, and you will never have to worry about making a presentation anymore!

Now that you know how to make an excellent presentation, it’s time to start imbibing these presentation tips in your next presentation and spellbound your audience immediately!

Create a free account with Animaker Deck today to start dominating all of your presentations right away!

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15 Compelling Presentation Ideas To Entice Your Audience [in 2023]

Coming up with Presentation Ideas that capture and hold your audience’s attention might be pretty challenging.

You’d want your audience to be hyped up for what you have in store and have them glued to the screen until the end of the presentation. 

This is the goal of every presenter, whatever their presentation topic is. If you are pondering how to develop an excellent presentation idea well, you have come to the right place.

This article covers the A to Z of presentations, and we have compiled the top 15 presentation ideas to awestruck your audience by all means!

What is a Presentation?

Presentations are means to communicate ideas, explain concepts, and pass on knowledge in the form of slides. They are used in meetings and classrooms, and information is typically passed via text, graphics, and audio delivery.

Presentations can be long or short, depending on their purpose and the intended audience.

In general terms, an effective presentation should have several points:

  1. A strong opening statement that draws the audience’s attention
  2. An informative introduction that provides context for the rest of the presentation
  3. A clear focus on presenting information attractively
  4. A summary that collates all the points discussed 

Types of Presentations

Presentations should be as distinctive as your brand and the information you’re attempting to convey. However, several presentation formats are utilized by teams and sectors alike.

Therefore, you must choose the presentation style that will work best for your audience before considering which slides to use or how to arrange your content.

The most common types of presentations are

  • Informative presentations
  • Instructive presentations
  • Persuasive presentations
  • Decision-making presentations
  • Inspirational presentations

What makes a Presentation interesting?

In this era of fast-paced life, people’s attention stays on a topic only for a few seconds. Since presentations usually deliver huge pieces of information, they tend to become boring or overwhelming for the user.

The purpose of the presentation is to deliver important information in the most effective, concise, and precise way possible.

To hold the audience’s attention for a long time, a unique method of delivery is required. Additionally, a presentation must be two-way and interactive to make a stand and hook the audience to all slide decks. 

This is where Animaker Deck comes in. You can create super easy animated presentations and break all the stereotypes with Animaker Deck – World’s 1st Avatar Powered Presentation Software.

The advantage of using Animation Deck is that you don’t need to have advanced technical knowledge. 

Compelling Presentation Ideas

We have developed 15 compelling presentation ideas to fuel your creativity. Follow these tips and prepare a stunning presentation like never before.

  1. Focus on the Intro Slide
  2. Follow a theme
  3. Use Animated Characters
  4. Spice up the deck with storytelling
  5. Customize the background
  6. Match the slide designs to the brand style
  7. Tweak the font style and color
  8. Include creative motif designs
  9. Impress with Illustrations
  10. Play around with transitions
  11. Incorporate Creative Icons
  12. Highlight Data through Graphs
  13. Add Interactive Shapes
  14. Choose the images wisely
  15. Add a touch of humor 

1. Focus on the Intro Slide

Having a stunning opening act is very essential for every presentation. The first few seconds from the start of the presentation set the tone and draw in the audience to give their fullest attention to the presentation. 


Edit this template

Whatever the topic of your presentation, you can make it more engaging and exciting by creating a visually appealing Intro slide.

You can highlight the topic of the presentation, use animated characters, incorporate modern font styles, and pull every feather out of your creative hat to seal the deal with the best intro style possible for your presentation.

It’s imperative to make the audience anticipate throughout the presentation to get the best results.

The above intro slide is from Animaker Deck, which discusses employee awards and recognition policies.

Organizations/Brands should create thoughtful and appealing opening slides to create the right setting for the audience and successfully convey their missions and goals.

2. Follow a theme

Amuse your audience by following a theme in your presentation.

Choosing a unique theme relevant to the topic of the presentation will add some zeal to the slide decks and readily impress the crowd. 

There are several theme-based presentation templates available online. For instance, take a look at this Product Launch presentation template on Animaker Deck. It adopts an orange and black theme that perfectly matches the product mockups in it. 


Edit this template

To make things easier, Animaker Deck offers a bunch of slide templates. Each template follows a different theme and has been designed by skilled experts. So, you don’t have to worry about designing a presentation from scratch with an impressive theme.

But if you must, you can also customize the themes by adding your brand colors, introducing new graphic elements, and what not!

Follow a theme and present a neat looking slide deck!

3. Use Animated Characters

It’s high time you break all stereotypes and infuse some life into the presentation!

Change from blunt texts and boring solid colors to visually eye-catching elements such as Animated Characters. 

Animaker Deck library showing Characters

However, are you thinking, “I have no prior expertise in animation or character creation. So how am I going to make it?”

Well, don’t worry!

With an online presentation maker like Animaker Deck, you can now personalize the slide decks with pre-made animated avatars or even easily create one on your own using the character builder option.

It is a super simple drag & drop interface that allows creating animated characters in a jiffy.

Custom Character Creation in Animaker Deck


You can choose the gender, skin tone, apparel, accessories, and almost everything to create your own animated characters.

Adding some personality to your slide decks and hooking your audience with these custom characters is super easy for everyone now.

To learn more about creating animated characters, check out the link provided.

4. Spice up the deck with storytelling

When you want to communicate your message, you must tell a story. It’s not enough to just tell the facts; you need to make the information come alive for your audience.

You can turn the existing presentation into an engaging one through storytelling.

Take your audience on a journey with you as you present the information to them. Tell them about how and why something works, how it was created, and why it’s important.

You can even use stories to illustrate points or have characters interact with each other to get across complex ideas.

Storyline Slide Example for Presentation

With Animaker Deck, you can design and arrange your slide decks in such a way that you reveal every information one after the other in the most engaging way possible.

This can be done with the help of animated characters, illustrations and relevant icons instead of the conventional way of presenting.

This way, you can spice up your presentation and withhold the audience throughout the duration of the presentation.

5. Customize the background

Choosing the right background is vital to set the tone of your presentation and making it look more incredible than all the other traditional presentations.

Be it a school project, sales huddle, or VC pitch presentation, whatever the subject of your presentation, a relevant and matching background will exponentially increase the quality and effectiveness of the information being presented. 

Change background feature in Animaker Deck

Do not worry about how to create a background. Animaker Deck offers a vast library of pre-built backgrounds spread across all the possible presentation subjects.

You can straightaway choose a background and match the topic under discussion. 

The best part is, if you want to show some variety, you can add unique backgrounds to each slide individually instead of maintaining the same BG throughout.

This is a whole different level of customization available for free!

6. Match the slide designs to the brand style

Introducing brand images and brand elements into your presentation is a brilliant way to add personality to the slide decks. Not just that! It is also a great strategy to incorporate your brand into the audience’s mind subliminally. 

You can tweak the slide decks with the brand colors in the background and put out the information using the right font styles that brings out the brand’s essence to life. 

This way, a cohesive slide deck can help your audience to retain more information about your brand and in turn increase their “top-of-the-mind recalling ability”. 

Sample Brand Style Slide

Take a look at this example slide above, the background color, font style and colors are matched to the Animaker brand.

You can also incorporate brand logos and mascots to increase the flavor and personality of your presentations.

Upload feature in Animaker Deck

Also, Animaker Deck offers an upload feature of upto 25 Gb of storage capacity for every Pro User. Hence, you can easily upload all your brand videos, images, logos, and essential infographics onto your slide decks.

7. Tweak the font style and color

Worried about your slide decks getting bombarded with too much information? A simple solution would be to utilize the right font styles to highlight only the key facts or information.

The presenter can further explain the key points to the audience. This way, your slide decks won’t be overcrowded with text and will give a pleasant feeling to your audience. 

Font Customization in Animaker Deck

Animaker Deck comes with a load of pre-built font styles that you can easily customize according to your liking. You can choose between the different options available, change the font color, size and even add animation effects to the fonts.

All of the customizations are possible and paves way to produce a captivating end result. 

8. Include creative motif designs

One of the brilliant ways to make your presentation professional, branded, and consistent is by incorporating motif designs throughout the slide decks. Motif designs can be created by combining vector graphics, shapes, or icons. 

Sample Motif Design Slide


Edit this template

You need not be a professional designer or illustrator to achieve this kind of design in your slide decks.

Using Animaker Deck, you can create your own motif design by combining various elements or to save time, you can also make use of the pre-built presentation templates on Animaker Deck.

These templates have numerous cool motif patterns designed by experts. You can use these designs as they are or you can customize them to your liking.

9. Impress with Illustrations

One of the simplest methods to make your presentation more entertaining and interesting is to include illustrations. They not only offer a human touch, but they also make difficult or abstract ideas easier to understand. 

Check out this slide with an illustration.

Sample Slide showcasing Illustrations

Worried that you aren’t a skilled illustrator? Well, you needn’t be! Using Animaker Deck, which offers an in-built library of drag-and-drop illustrations, anyone can now incorporate illustrations into the slide decks!

The Property section of the Animaker Deck app provides access to numerous illustrations to choose from. You can use them to match any scenario or subject of the presentation.

Do not rely solely on text-only, uninteresting presentations anymore.

Use illustrations to express your points interestingly!

10. Play around with transitions

Another simple way to make your presentation more interesting is introducing transitions in-between slides.

Transition effects will entice the audience to be attentive and eagerly anticipate the next slide to a great extent. 

Check out this example from Animaker Deck, where you can add super cool transitions with a single click between each slide.

Transition feature in Animaker Deck

Ripple, Stripe, Fade, Special are a few of the transition effects. You can add any of these transitions to your slides and make them more engaging for the audience.

11. Incorporate Creative Icons

Presentations can be made more engaging and you can hook the audience throughout your slide decks. This requires elements beyond simple words and images!

Layering objects like creative icons is a smart approach to increase visual interest and attention span of the audience. 

Property section in Animaker Deck showcasing icons

You can also combine several icons together to generate unique visuals and trending designs.

Conveying the right message with the relevant choice of icons makes it easier for the audience to comprehend the information in the most effective way possible. 

Animaker Deck offers a huge library of shapes under the Property section that can be used as a drag-and-drop element in the slide decks.

Also, you can add entry and exit animation effects, change the colors, size, etc; and totally customize these elements to your liking.

12. Highlight Data through Graphs

Presenting information and facts through graphs will provide greater insights on the subject of discussion and also keep the audience engaged throughout the presentation.

The presenter can save a lot of time with the advent of graphs and charts in their presentations. 

Property section in Animaker Deck showcasing Graphs

Using Animaker Deck, you can create your own custom charts and visualizations. You can change the color, size and transparency of the charts.

Even adding visual effects to the charts can be done with a few simple clicks. This way you need not worry about presenting huge amounts of raw data to the audience anymore.

13. Add Interactive Shapes

Effortlessly turn any mediocre run-of-the-mill presentation into a more entertaining and lively presentation by incorporating interactive elements in your slide decks.

With Animaker Deck, introducing Interactive elements into your slide deck and conveying every message crystal clear to the audience is a cakewalk.

Animaker offers a variety of gradient shapes and shapes with text to choose from. You can easily add them to the slide deck with a simple click.

The below images are a preview of the gradient shapes and shapes with text that are available in the Deck App.

Gradient Shapes

Gradient shapes in Animaker Deck

Shapes with TextShapes with Text in Animaker Deck Property section

You can use a combination of gradient and plain shapes to convey the message to your audience in the most appealing way. It also helps us to be concise and get the information to the point. 

For instance, in the below slide, check how an important announcement on employee recognition is conveyed using gradient and plain shapes in matching pops of color.

It’s more appealing than the traditional block of texts and dull-colored slide decks. 

Sample slide with gradient shapes and shapes with text

Apart from Shapes, we have Speech bubbles as another important interactive element.

You can incorporate Speech bubbles with dynamic font templates to help build a two-way interaction between your presenter and the audience. This adds such a boost to your presentation and makes it a memorable experience. 

Speech Bubbles can be used as interactive elements in your presentation to encourage the audience to participate, involve them in the discussion, seek their opinions, and ask questions to keep them engaged throughout the presentation. 

Speech bubble in Property section of Animaker Deck

For instance, the above slide showcases an interaction between two colleagues in an office setting with the help of speech bubbles. This way, you can turn any presentation topic into an engaging and interactive one for the audience.

You can search and find the Speech bubble from the Property Section of the Animaker Deck app.

14. Choose the images wisely

Apart from using properties in the slide decks, it is also common to incorporate images to add more meaning to the presentation.

However, it is very crucial to find the relevant images to convey the information to the audience without causing confusion. 

Searching for stock images is one of the most time-consuming tasks in any design project. In general, many designers and agencies rely on stock photography to help them complete projects.

The problem is, most of the time, you have to spend hours searching for the right images that will give your project character, style and expression.

Stock images and Giphy integration of Animaker Deck

However with Animaker Deck, you get access to a huge library of stock images across various topics that can be added into the slide decks with a simple click action.

And the best part is, you also get 25Gb of storage space to upload and use your own custom images relevant to the topic of the presentation.

15. Add a touch of humor 

You can bring life to your slide decks and keep the audience entertained throughout the duration of the presentation by adding a touch of humor. 

You can accomplish this by introducing memes and GIFs into your slide decks. Relevant, timely touch of humor in between the slides will help you to keep the audience hooked and in a light mood.

Animaker Deck, in partnership with GIPHY, provides access to millions of trending Gifs for every scenario that you can use to make your presentation lively.

Humor Slide Example

Also, there’s an upload feature offered in Animaker Deck, via which you can add your own custom GIFs and memes to the slide decks. 

Upload feature in Animaker Deck

What is the 10-20-30 rule in presentation?

As Apple’s Guy Kawasaki once advised, 

  • Have no more than 10 slides in your presentation
  • Present no more than 20 minutes
  • Use a font size of at least 30 points

How to create presentations using templates?

Making a presentation online is now simpler than ever, thanks to Animaker Deck.

With the help of Animaker’s online presentation software, you may access over 50+ exciting presentation templates with free stock properties, pictures, transition effects, and animations, in addition to hundreds of brandable templates and customization options. 

In short, these templates have incorporated all the above-mentioned interesting presentation tips/ideas into them, ready and available for you to use and awe your audience!

You can also create your own slide deck from scratch by following all the tips mentioned.

Sounds so great to be true, right?

Give it a shot and see for yourself. Don’t wait! Create a free account now with Animaker Deck and crush all your presentations from here on!

25 Best Presentation Templates for the Perfect Pitch [For 2023]

Presentations are essential for marketing and business growth. A good presentation is a real differentiator in any situation, whether presenting at a conference, making a new business pitch, meeting with a customer, or holding a webinar.

Despite their importance, presentations are typically given second thoughts. On the one hand, the word “Presentation” scares some people. But, on the other hand, many overlook presentations mostly because they are boring and make the audience snooze.


The truth is that most presentations can always be improved. All you need is an objective, a theme, and a unique approach to delivering the content.

Many find it challenging to figure out this “unique approach” to delivering the content. So if you are one among those scratching your head, don’t worry, mate; you have come to the right place.

Use a free online presentation maker like, Animaker Deck, to break all the presentation stereotypes and make a captivating slideshow that will spellbind your audience.

Animaker Deck has the perfect presentation templates for every need. Among the numerous others, we’ve compiled a list of 25 insightful and compelling presentation templates for various subjects in this article.

Before we dive into the creation part, let’s look at these 25 awesome slide deck templates.

  1. Employee Referral 
  2. Performance Appraisal
  3. Employee Onboarding Script
  4. Employee Perks
  5. Workplace Safety and Risk Policy
  6. Team Members Intro
  7. Customer Testimonials
  8. Sales Pitch Deck
  9. Sexual Harassment Policies
  10. Monthly SEO Report
  11. Photography Portfolio 
  12. Small Business Explainer
  13. Gym Membership
  14. Awareness Presentation
  15. Online Business Explainer
  16. Company Profile
  17. Product launch or Demo Templates 
  18. Website opener 
  19. Agency Pitch Templates 
  20. Business Proposal Presentation
  21. Personal Branding Presentation
  22. Case study Presentation
  23. VC Pitch Presentation
  24. Quarterly Report Presentation
  25. Performance Evaluation Policy Templates 

1. Employee Referral Presentation Template

Some employees might not be aware of their company’s referral program. Unfortunately, this is common, and we can’t blame the employees for this. So, if you are an HR professional who wants to break this and spread the word about your company’s Employee Referral, check out this presentation template with 12 slides.

This template highlights the shared goals between the company and employees, how the company trusts the existing employees, and explicitly lets the employees know how great it would be if they could refer to someone like them.

You can edit this template to suit your company’s brand colors and theme by experimenting with professional fonts, vibrant backgrounds, in-app characters, and transition effects. Then, make changes to the script per your needs.

Try it out now for free and wow your employees effortlessly!

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2. Performance Appraisal Presentation Template

There’s no better way to showcase the top performing employees in your company than using this Performance Appraisal presentation template with six slides. All these six slides are purely customizable.

Proudly showcase the talents who have set the benchmark for this quarter to everyone at the company.

You can upload those employees’ pictures and insert them into the slides. Then, use the properties section to add icons, play around with the text animations, try different background colors, and change other assets to suit your preferences.

Try it out now for free! Make your employees feel good about their achievements!

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3. Employee Onboarding Presentation Template

This slide presentation template is an excellent idea for onboarding and training newly hired recruits. Use this to convey the company’s objectives, principles, rules, and code of behavior.

The default pictures are replaceable, and you can upload your own images. The blue backdrop, bright white font, and high-quality images immediately draw in viewers. In addition, you may customize the icons and symbols to make your slide deck stand out.

Welcome your new employees in style with this awesome template!

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4. Employee Perks Presentation Template

Looking for a dazzling way to awestruck your employees with the company benefits? Use the unique Employee Perks presentation template to convey all the perks in each slide.

Use the in-app characters to create your customer avatars, play around with the character animations and expressions, and change every element in the slide according to your style.

Try it out now for free and impress your employees at once!

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5. Workplace safety and risk policy presentation template

Promoting workplace safety and ensuring all employees adhere to the company’s stated risk policies is crucial.

There’s no better way to convey the workplace hazards, responsibilities of every staff member, and critical contact information than using this Workplace Safety and Risk Policies Presentation template.

You can entirely reorder the slides, upload the policy details, include hyperlinks to the text, and customize every little detail in the slide to match your requirements.

Try it out now for free. Ensure your employees are well informed about the workplace’s risk policies and safety measures!

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6. Team Members Introduction Presentation Templates

Wondering how to make an excellent, memorable team intro presentation? Well, Animaker Deck’s Team Member Intro Presentation Template is the best way to get it done.

This slide deck is perfectly designed in black and yellow color combination in the backdrop and bold white fonts. However, you can still customize everything to match your team’s personality and style.

Also, sharing your presentation with others is simple; people with access can easily view, comment on, or edit it further.

Try it out now for free, and make a killer team intro!

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7. Customer Testimonials Presentation Template

Customer testimonials are essential for building trust and credibility of the products and services offerings. In addition, they act as social proof for the business.

This Customer Testimonials template is a priceless tool for any company, whether a new or a well-established company. Showcase the unmatched commitment given to customer success through simple yet effective slide designs.

This blue and yellow color combo gives a pleasant feel to the audience. You can also tweak the colors, alter the font style, include animations, add custom characters, and much more.  

Try it out for free, and build long-lasting credibility for your business!

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8. Sales Pitch Deck Templates

Are you looking to pitch your business and build an understanding of your USP to potential customers? Well, this Sales Pitch presentation template will just do justice.

Hook your audience with this colorful and pleasant slide deck design. Create your own customer animated characters, add eye-catching properties like charts, icons, and shapes, include slide transition effects, and deliver a strong sales pitch with a creative presentation.

Try it out now for free, and sweep your potential customers off their feet!

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9. Sexual Harassment Policy Templates

It is imperative to ensure all the employees are aware of the sexual harassment policies and that they maintain decorum at all times in the workplace. A dull presentation by HR on any topic would not entice the employees’ attention.

To tackle this and ensure the employees are aware of and adhere to the said policies, use this straightforward yet creative Sexual Harassment Policy presentation template.

You can customize every slide, match the slide deck design to the company colors, bring out the consequences of violation of the policies through bright and bold texts, effectively communicate the complaint statement procedures through animated characters, and much more.

Try it out now for free, and effectively administer the policy in the company!

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10. Monthly SEO Report Templates

Are you a Marketer or an SEO expert looking to create an impressive monthly report on the website’s traffic, top performing blogs, most asked queries, most visited landing pages, and organic session rate?

The animated and interactive capabilities of Animaker Deck will help you make your presentation come to life. This SEO Report template includes a variety of editable graphs, line charts, icons, and other elements found in the properties section.

Try it out now for free, and make a stellar presentation on the monthly SEO report!

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11. Photography Portfolio Templates

Are you a budding photographer looking to create an impressive portfolio? Then, pitching your skills in the form of pictures than in words would be the best option.

We have just the perfect presentation template in store for you. The Photographer Portfolio Template will help boost your profile as a professional photographer.

You can mention the feedback from your previous clients, add your brand logo and hyperlinks to your gallery, and give prospective clients a visual treat of your best captures through every slide.

Try it out for free, and give your audience a strong impression of your skills!

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12. Small Business Explainer Template

Are you a Small Business owner looking for ways to promote your business in your locality?

Then, a perfectly crafted Business Explainer presentation template would be the best way to highlight your services and membership plans and effectively differentiate your business from the competition.

With this vibrant and colorful slide deck, you may up the ante of your presentation to customers.

Everything is customizable, like the slides’ fonts, backgrounds, icons, and transitions. So you don’t need to worry about your services matching the existing script and style.

You do not need any technical expertise to edit the templates. The interface is very user-friendly, and anyone can pick it up anytime.

Try it out now for free, and entice potential customers to your business!

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13. Gym Membership Presentation Templates

Are you a Gym owner struggling to fill up the membership plans? Or, are you unable to showcase the facilities and the superior training provided to the customers?

Use this Gym owner presentation template to highlight the benefits of joining your gym, showcase the quality of the trainers, equipment, and other activities included in the membership plan.

Try it out now for free, and convincingly persuade your potential clients!

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14. Awareness Presentation Template

Are you someone looking to create Environmental Awareness for the general public and instill a change in society for the greater good? Then Animaker Deck would be happily contributing to your social cause with the right set of templates.

Have a glance at the Awareness presentation template focused on Plastics Ban. You can provide all the information on the consequences of single-use plastics, remedies to control the pollution and create awareness through these slides.

The slide decks are eye-catching and easily understandable. Moreover, you can effortlessly promote CSR initiatives and community projects to the general public.

Try it out now for free, and spread the cause!

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15. Online Business Pitch Presentation Template

Are you running an online business and looking to expand your customer base? Animaker Deck hosts the perfect presentation templates to help you with the same.

Check out the Marketing Consulting Explainer presentation template. Customize your fees and payment terms, and adjust the timeline of your service offerings.

Edit the icons and add stock elements from our library to emphasize your awards and achievements since the inception of your business. There’s a plethora of editing options to highlight and boost all your products and services through our presentation templates.

Customize the slides to match your way of presenting style and share it online for free.

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16. Company Profile Presentation Templates

Animaker Deck also features presentation templates showcasing Company Profiles, Outlook, and Future Endeavors. For example, use this easy-to-edit Company Profile presentation template to highlight the company’s growth, turnovers, and other critical information related to the company.

You can also change the background color, try business fonts, add company logos as a watermark, and even use the characters section to create your brand ambassadors and hook the audience to the presentation.

Use the sleek slide deck design to exude a sense of class and make your company stand out!

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17. Product launch or Demo Presentation Templates

Are you planning on launching a new product and looking for the best way to showcase a product demo? There’s no better way than using this Product Launch Presentation template.

Use this slide deck template to create a practical learning and assessment path for the audience. It has excellent graphics, vibrant colors, and a presenting structure that highlights important details of the product.

Use the upload feature to add the product’s images and design blueprint images and flowcharts, taking the audience step-by-step through the Demo.

Try it out now for free, and win hearts with your new product!

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18. Website Opener Presentation Templates

Suppose you are running a startup or a self-owned business and looking to promote your new website. In that case, Animaker Deck can save you time with this excellently designed Website Opener presentation template.

Every slide element is customisable, and you can alter the presentation to your liking within minutes. Add top-notch images, fonts, and design components from our library to enhance your design.

Try it out now for free, and increase your page traffic!

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19. Agency Pitch Presentation Templates


Animaker Deck has a flawlessly designed Agency pitch presentation template for all creative companies and agencies. In each slide, emphasize the agency’s competitive advantage, explain the business model, promote the user testimonials, and showcase the existing clientele.

The picture and backdrop are grayish black and orange, which might immediately draw in customers. You may customize the chart, icons, add transitions between the frames, and include characters to make your slide deck stand out

This slide deck’s eye-catching style will make a lasting impact on your audience. Use it for advertising in local events, fashion, entertainment, and business conferences.

Try it out now and win every pitch by large!

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20. Business Proposal Presentation Templates


If you are a business owner and wish to promote the business plan, then make use of the Business Proposal presentation template solely crafted for winning the clients’ hearts.

It is effortless to customize every slide, highlight the business overview, market share, and key team members, and showcase the challenges and goals.

You can customize this slide deck to your needs, and it is outstanding for its lovely color schemes, text formatting, shapes, and illustrations. Even if you want to add other templates’ slides between the chosen ones, that’s also possible with Animaker Deck.  

Try it out now and create the best possible business proposal!

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21. Personal Branding Presentation Templates

Perfectly tailored Personal Branding presentation templates for freelancers or small business owners to pitch their services are available in Animaker Deck.

You can edit the slides to your themes, upload snapshots of tabular data, add hyperlinks to those images, etc; everything is possible with Animaker Deck. Highlight the brand’s story, revenue, growth rate, customer retention rate, exclusive partnerships acquired, and much more.

Get your hands on board and try these easy-to-use templates now!

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22. Case Study Presentation Templates


Are you stuck in a scenario where you need to prepare a presentation on showcasing the increase in sales or the unexpected decline in the market share of your business? Animaker Deck offers a tailored solution for such scenarios with the Case Study presentation template.

You can easily include different charts, graphs, tabular columns – anything related to visually showcasing the data to the stakeholders from the Properties section. Highlight the entire journey – the problems faced, turning points, and realized solutions using these sleek slide decks.

Try out this now and showcase the challenges and solutions effectively!

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23. VC Pitch Presentation Templates


Have you just started your life-long dream venture and are looking to raise VC funding? Well, be it a shark tank showcase or the VC funding – a perfectly tailored pitch deck comprising all your business ideas, plans, growth strategies, customer engagement initiatives, etc, will come in handy. Animaker Deck offers such dedicated free business presentation templates.

Use this VC pitch presentation template and emphasize the opportunity in the market, possible solutions, market validation, business model, market adoption, existing competition, and more with these compelling slide deck designs.

And the best part is you can entirely customize each slide according to your business needs. You can customize everything from text and design elements to even the colors used in each of those elements to match your brand style.

Try it out now and rope in the dollar bills in no time!

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24. Quarterly Report Presentation Templates


Bored of looking at the traditional reports, which don’t instigate any motivation to up the game? Take a look at this Quarterly Report presentation template.

This slide deck has a sleek and contemporary design. You can also add various supporting elements, graphs, statistics, and figures. Use it to show your stakeholders and investors the quarterly performance of the teams and current progress towards the goals.

This presentation has a simple yet effective design and prioritizes your business concept and market analysis.

Try it out now and up the report generation game!

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25. Performance Evaluation Policy Templates


If you are a seasoned recruiter who’s short on time to prepare a deck in quick succession (or) a newly joined HR executive looking to make an impression with their seniors, well, Animaker Deck is here for your rescue. We have the right set of templates for you to customize according to your needs.

Whether it be a new policy announcement, appraisal information, new joiners orientation, workplace compliances, rewards and compensation, etc; we have sleek presentation templates for all the HR needs.

Take a look at this awesome presentation template on the Performance Evaluation policies. You can customize all the elements in the slides according to your preferences. You can also experiment with professional fonts, vibrant backgrounds, in-app characters, animations, and many more.

Try it out now and send across a strong message!

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Apart from the templates shown above, with Animaker Deck, you can create your own custom presentations and themes from scratch and save them for the future too.

We hope this article has helped you pick the right presentation template for your needs. So, explore our templates section and weave your magic in the slides!

Start creating presentations now!

Got any questions? Drop them in the comments section. We will be more than happy to help you.