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How to make Social Media Videos? [iPhone Edition]

If you’re looking to improve your social media videos, congratulations! You just took the first important step. Your will to put in the effort has brought you to the right place.

Social Media Videos Guide

This article will help all the individuals and businesses out there looking to up their video creation game and get better results. Especially the beginners who are passionate about making an impact through social media marketing.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this article,

  1. What is the best way to make videos for social media using an iPhone?
  2. How to make videos for social media using the Animaker App?
  3. Bonus: How to make Advanced Video Edits?

So let’s get started!

1. What is the best way to make social media videos using an iPhone?

Do you remember the first time you downloaded an iOS App for making videos for social media?

  • You either had a brilliant idea that you wanted to visualize.
  • Or you wanted to leverage your business by making videos for social media marketing. 

However, one of these factors would have affected your experience.

  1. Ease of Use: You spend hours watching tutorials and reading FAQs just to understand the app interface.
  2. Watermark: The time you spend detailing your videos becomes ineffective as a big watermark gets placed over your content.

Social Media Videos Creator


But you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

The Animaker App


Try the Animaker App. It helps you create videos for social media quickly and smoothly!

  • The Animaker App gives you access to 1000+ free video templates (including free social media templates, free business templates, free YouTube templates, and loads more.)

1000+ Video Templates


  • You don’t have to be a professional video content creator to use the Animaker App. The UI is designed to help even first-time users create videos within 10 seconds. It is one of the fastest free video editing apps available!


  • And it’s watermark-free! That’s right, Animaker App is a free mobile video editor with no watermark!

So, in short, the Animaker App is the best mobile app for a beginner to achieve their video goals!

2. How to make videos for social media using the Animaker App?

Before we begin, ensure you have downloaded the Animaker App to follow the steps below.

In case you haven’t yet,  please click on the link below.

Click here to download the Animaker App from the Appstore!


Follow these steps to make social media videos in 10 seconds or less!

Step 1: Creating an account in Animaker

Animaker Login


After downloading the app, register or sign in to your Animaker Account.

Step 2: Choosing the right video size for social media videos

Once you log in, you will be directed to the Dashboard. Here’s where you can choose the dimensions of the social media video post you would like to begin with.

Animaker App Dashboard


Here are a few pointers that might help you choose the right one.

Social Media Video Size


  • “Vertical” size works well for Story Posts (Instagram Story, Facebook Story, Snapchat Stories, YouTube Shorts, Whatsapp statuses, etc.)
  • “Horizontal” size works well for videos longer than 1 minute. These are very popular on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • “Square” size works well for short and engaging posts on Instagram, Facebook,  and LinkedIn.

Once you choose the size, you will be directed to the templates section.

Step 3: Choosing a template

You will find a huge list of pre-made templates ready for use here. You also have the option to choose a blank project and build from scratch.

Blank Video Project


However, templates are the best option for creating a video in 10 seconds or less.

 Now, to choose a template, 

  • You can either explore the template section by scrolling through it.

How to choose Social Media Template


  • Or if you are looking for a specific template (such as promotions), you can also search for it directly

How to choose Social Media Template

Ads Templates


These results are cool, aren’t they?

Tip: Just tap on the template to preview it. You can also preview other templates by scrolling up or down, similar to how you might have swiped up or down to view Instagram Reels. 

Social Media Videos Templates Preview

Step 4: Customizing the video in 10 seconds or less

Here’s the fun part. Animaker App gives you a super quick video editing option to help you make videos in 10 seconds! 

After you select a template, you can easily swap the texts, images & videos in it in just a few clicks!

Here, I have selected a promotional template that can be leveraged by clothing brands. I want to customize this to talk about the upcoming Autumn Sale.

So here’s how I do it.

Just under each scene of the template, the swappable elements of the scene are listed. 

Swappable Elements in Social Media Video Template


In the first scene, the swappable elements are

  • 2 Texts (“Fashion” & “Sale”) and
  • 2 Images (Yellow and Orange)

Steps to Customise Templates


i)  To swap the texts : 

    • Choose the text you would like to change the content from the listed swappable elements. 

Steps to Customise Text


    • Enter your revised text!

Steps to Change Text


    • And that’s it!

Swapping Text in Templates


 ii) Similarly, to swap the images & videos: 

  • From the listed swappable elements, choose the image/ video you would like to change and click on the “Swap” button

Steps to create Videos Quickly


  • Choose the new image/ video either from “Stocks” (to replace it with high quality stock assets).

How to select templates


  • Or from the “Recent” section (to replace it with files from your phone).

How to upload images from your phone


And that’s it! Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Updating Images in Templates


Just by repeating these steps,  you can easily create studio-quality videos in seconds!

Step 5: Downloading your videos for free!

Once you’re done customizing your video, click on the “Done” button.

Video Template Steps


It will direct you to the preview screen, where you can check out the preview of the video and download it.

How To Preview the Social Media Videos you create


One of the biggest advantages of using the Animaker App is that you don’t have to spend a penny to download the video without a watermark.

How is this possible? 

To make sure that our users get access to premium quality videos at zero cost, Animaker App follows an ad-supported model to achieve this. With it, users have the luxury of downloading videos without any watermark.

How to download video


So you don’t have to stress anymore. After all your efforts to create your video, unlike other apps, the Animaker App won’t force you to upgrade to download videos without a watermark.

Here’s the preview of the video we just edited.



3. Bonus: How to make Advanced Video Edits?

Incase you would like to detail your video further, Animaker App provides you with the “Advanced Edit” option.

Advanced Edit for detailing your social media videos


The “Advanced Edit” feature gives you access to pro editing features at your fingertip. 

For example, with the “Smartmove” feature, you can add various kinds of unique movements to elements used in the video and make it more engaging. 

Similarly, you can also add text animations, Camera Effects, choose from 70k+ Props & Shapes, etc. All these features will further help you detail your video project.   

Advanced Video Editor


In case you would like to try a different music track rather than the one present in the template you chose,  you can select from 30k+ premium music tracks.

These are meticulously curated and categorized across different genres so you can easily find the perfect music track for your videos.

Advanced Edit feature for detailing your social media videos


So what are you waiting for? Start creating your video content in Animaker Video Maker now! 

In case you still haven’t downloaded the app yet,  here is a QR code that you can quickly scan to download the app!


Animaker App - QR Code


If you have any questions regarding the app, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. I will be more than happy to answer them! 

Animated educational videos and how to create them

Are you a teacher aiming to impress your students?

Or, are you a student trying to get straight A’s for your assignments?

Student or teacher, all we have is one goal in mind. We want to stand out!

But due to workload or laziness, we end up making the same old boring presentations!

If you want to 

  • Take your lecture/assignment to the next level,
  • Make your point heard, 
  • Make an everlasting impression,

You will need a presentation unlike any other.

But, presentations are sooo 90s! Let’s do things the 2K way!

Let’s bring Animated educational videos into the picture!

Why make those mundane presentations when you can make cool videos to explain a topic?

Why use robotic clipart when you can have characters and properties zooming across the scene in your videos?

Imagine the look on your students’/classmates’ faces when they see those awesome animations!

And the best part is, your points get registered on their head in no time without you trying hard!

So, let’s get started and get our hands on making the perfect animated educational video!

Wait, I can see you sulking! Are you thinking about the hours you need to put in to make a great animated video?

Haha… Don’t worry! We are giving you this solution cuz we have a great tool in hand that lets you create breathtaking animated videos in less than 10 minutes!

To create your stunning educational video, we will use Animaker, a DIY video-making platform that helps even a beginner create fascinating animated videos quickly and easily. 

Check out this video to learn how to create educational videos through a video tutorial.

Alternatively, continue reading if you want to learn how from a textual guide.

How to make Animated Educational Videos using Animaker?

Even the most complex concepts can be fun when we deliver them correctly!

Follow these steps to create an awesome animated educational video and make learning fun and effortless for the audience!

Now, let’s check out how to create animated educational videos for school projects. With a concept ready in mind, let’s proceed.

Step 1 – Create an Account

Visit Animaker. Login if you’ve already created an account. If not, create a new account and log in.

Step 2 – Exploring the Animaker Dashboard and Interface

Once you log in, you will be taken to the Dashboard.

animated educational videos

If you’re unsure about starting a project from scratch, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Let our Animaker pre-built templates do the job for you.

Go to the templates page and preview any template to get an idea about how it looks. Then, if you like any template, click on it to launch it as a project and customize it to your needs.

Or, if you would like to create a video from scratch, we’re here to help you create one.

To create a new project, click on the ‘Create’ option from the left and follow as instructed in the image below. 

animated educational videos

Before jumping into creating an educational animated video, let us get you accustomed to the Animaker interface. 

There are five sections in the app:

  • Library 
  • Workspace 
  • Scenes 
  • Menu bar
  • Timeline

2D cartoon video

Library – The Library of the Animaker app is where you will find all the assets needed for your video, including characters, props, icons, stock assets, music files, and more.

Workspace – The whitespace at the center is called the workspace. This is where your animated educational video will come to life.

Scenes – This section houses all the scenes of the video. Just like how many slides come together to form a presentation, the scenes come together to form your awesome video. 

Menu barYou can preview the video, change its title, and share and publish the video from the menu.

Timeline – At the bottom of the screen is the timeline. The timeline helps you monitor the time limits and effects of the assets you have added to the scenes. 

Step 3 – Creating the first scene. 

Adding a Character:

Let’s start by creating an animated character. You can either add a pre-made character from the library or create custom characters by clicking on the ‘Create your own’ under the character tab. 

Using this option, you can create a character that resembles you and features your doppelganger in your video! Now, wouldn’t that be exciting?

2D cartoon video

Click on the link to learn how to create animated characters.

Add your character to the workspace by simply clicking on it. Once you add the character, click on it to find a bunch of options above. 

Click on the ‘Action’ button and explore 500+ actions for the character.

Animation Video

Now, let’s click on the action, which seems like talking.

2D / Cartoon

Adding a Background:

Now, it’s time to add a background to the scene. Click anywhere on the workspace. You will notice a new color palette opening in the library section.

Click on the ‘edit’ option to change the color. 

Video Animation

You can add multiple colors as a gradient to your background by clicking on the plus button. 

You can also change the direction of the shades like this… 

2D / Animation

Apart from the solid color or gradient color BGs, Animaker also houses many animated, image, and video BGs. You can change the background using the library’s BG/Image/Video tabs, as shown in the GIF below.

animation video

Adding Text:

This is the first scene, the introductory scene. Let’s tell the viewers what the video is about. Open the text section from the library and click on one of the text boxes. Add your text. 


Now, click on the text. This opens the text settings on top. Here, you can customize the font, text color, and add effects and animations to your texts.

animated educational video

Scroll down the “Edit Text” option and click on one of the ‘Effects’ options to enhance your text.

animation videos

When you click on the text, you will see a yellow-colored bar in the timeline. This bar represents the duration for which your text will be visible.

educational cartoon video

Let’s make the text appear a little later. So, we’re going to drag the left edge of the yellow bar and place it as ‘2s’, which makes the text appear after the first 2 seconds. 

animation educational video

Now, we are going to add some animation to the text. 

Click on the text to find the ‘Animation’ option on the top. 

Animation Video

Click on any of the entry animations from the ‘Enter’ tab. Next, adjust the duration of the animation effects in the timeline by adjusting the dark yellow bar. 

animation videos for students

Adding Properties:

To add a property to the scene, click on the properties section (from the library). Since the video is about the Human respiratory system, I will search for the word ‘lungs.’ 

Click on one of the search results to add it to the workspace. Then, just like you did for the text, you can adjust the property’s duration in the timeline and add an effect to it by clicking on the ‘Animation’ option.

educational videos

Adding voice-over to the character:

To add a voice-over to this character, click on the character and select the ‘Lip-sync’ option. You can see a bunch of options appearing. 

animation education videos

  1. You can directly record your voice using the ‘Record Voice’ option. 
  2. If you already have a script, you can simply upload your text and convert it to a voiceover using the ‘Text to Speech’ option.
  3. The ‘Upload’ option allows you to upload any pre-recorded voices.

I have a script ready, so I will use the “Text to Speech” option. Animaker easily converts the text into a voice that automatically lip-syncs with the character. Here, you can change the gender, language, and voice to differentiate between two characters.

educational animation video

When you want to convert the text into speech, you can use the features such as sound, pitch & volume to make it sound better and natural. Click on the button to the left of the text (rounded red in the screenshot above) to access these options.

Not just that, you can control the break and breath in the sentence by clicking on the grey dot between each word.

animating videos teachers

Once you’re okay with the audio, click on the ‘Add to Timeline’ option, and the audio will automatically sync with the character.

Adding Background narration voice:

We just saw how to add a voiceover and lip-sync it to the character. Now, let’s add it as a background voice instead of adding it to the character. 

teachers videos animation

As you see in the above screenshot, there is an option to add a voice from the timeline. Click on the voice-over symbol and choose ‘Text to Speech’ to paste the ready-made script. 

After you adjust the volume, pitch, and other options, click on the ‘Add to Timeline’ option to add the voiceover to the scene.

teacher animation video

You’ll get a pop-up (as shown in the below image) once you have added a voice-over.

animation student

Controlling the scene duration

By default, the scene duration is 10 seconds. Let’s make it 5 seconds. To adjust the scene duration, click the plus or minus buttons on the bottom right.

Once you click the minus button five times, you will notice the scene’s duration is reduced to five seconds.

animation student video

Step 4 – Add/Delete/Duplicate scenes

From the scenes tab, click on the three dots on any scene. You will see three options appear. 

Add scene – This lets you create a new blank scene.

Duplicate – This lets you duplicate the current scene. This is the easiest way to apply the properties of one scene to another.

Delete – This deletes the current scene. 

Since I want all my scenes to have the same background, I use the duplicate option. 

animation science

Step 5 – Creating the second scene.

Since I duplicated the scene, the second scene comes with all the elements from the first scene.

In this scene, let’s show how the oxygen molecules move through the lungs. 

First, let’s add the lungs. So, go to the properties section and search for the term ‘lungs’.

science animation video

Now, let’s add the oxygen molecules. But first, we need a property that resembles oxygen molecules. Since the molecular structure of oxygen resembles dumbbells, we are using a dumbbell to represent the oxygen molecules. 

After adding the dumbbell, click on the ‘color’ option to change its color.

school animation video

Now, let’s make the O2 molecules move through the lungs! The idea is to make the O2 molecule enter the trachea pipe and move into the left lung. For this, we will use the ‘Smart Move’ option.

Place the dumbbell at the beginning (top) of the lungs and click on the ‘Smart Move’ option. Now, you will notice two frames appear on the timeframe. By adjusting these frames, we can make the O2 molecule move.

One frame must be at the top of the pipe. Click on the second frame and drag it to the end of the pipe. In the timeline, click on the second frame and move it away from the first frame.

animation school

This is how the molecule moves now.

school project animation

Now, let’s make the molecule enter the left lung. For this, we add another frame of the dumbbell. To do this, drag the black playhead on the timeline slightly to the right and click on the ‘+’ symbol. This adds the third frame. 

Now, drag the third frame to the end of the left lung’s nerves. 

college school projects

Instead of making the molecule move straight, you can adjust its path by moving the dotted lines between the second and the third point (as shown in the GIF below).

school project cartoon videos

It’s showtime now! Look at how the O2 molecule move. 

2D animation project

Instead of recreating the animation for the right lung, you can simply copy-paste it and adjust the directions. 

That was easy, wasn’t it?

Like how we created the first two scenes, you can create the other scenes too.

Step 6 – Add transition effects. 

Let’s add a transition effect between each scene. Click on the transition effect in the scene section to open the transition tab. From here, you can add different transitions between scenes.

transition effects

Step 7 – Add Music tracks 

To add a music track, go to the music section in the library. There are 30,000+ copyright-free music tracks that you can use. You can hover over the music tracks to hear the music. 

Click on any of the tracks to apply to your video.

animation music

Let’s reduce the volume of the track so that it doesn’t affect the voice-over tracks that we added earlier. To reduce the volume of a music track or voice-over, go to the ‘Overall Timeline’ and click on the three dots present in the middle of the track.

cartoon videos music

As you see in the image below, you will see a set of options to control the track’s volume, play the track, work on advanced edits, duplicate it, or delete it.

Use the volume slider to control the track’s volume.

animation music track

Step 8 – Preview and Download the video

To preview the video, click on the preview option at the top. 

play animation

To download the video, click on the ‘Publish’ button on the top and select the ‘Download Video’ option.

animation 2D

This will take you to a page where you can manage your exports.

Now you know how to create animated educational videos. 

So, don’t wait further! 

Get hands-on experience in creating an amazing animated educational video & excite your class! 

Create an animated educational video now!

Got questions? Add them to the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help!



How to create cartoon version of yourself [Easiest way]

No matter how old or young you are, cartoons are something everyone has watched at least once in their phase of life. 

For Instance, can you imagine your childhood without watching Tom and Jerry? 

Probably not, Am I right?

Cartoons have created a cultural impact to the point where it has influenced people to dress up like cartoon characters. This is well known as Cosplaying.

While people have a “thing” for cosplaying in the real world, they have a thing for cartooning themselves in the virtual world! Wondering what that is?

Well, this might give you an idea! We are sure you would have encountered a lot of videos like these on your IG feed…


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jezjez (@jezjezshine_)

Like in this video, people are so interested in cartooning themselves.

The best part is that people use their cartoon versions in both a playful as well a professional manner.

While playful versions are mostly used on social media, the professional versions are used even in corporate or explainer videos. Since cartoon/animated videos are one of the most impactful ways to keep the audience engaged, many users resort to cartoon videos that feature themself as the main character. 

Are you curious about how you can turn yourself into a cartoon character?

If your answer is YES, then you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to cartoon yourself online for free. 

Don’t worry. You don’t need prior experience for it!

For this tutorial, we will use Animaker, an easy-to-use online cartoon maker. This app has many features, one of which allows users to cartoon themself easily and effortlessly right from the convenience of their browser. 

Sounds interesting, right? So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Getting started – Register or Login to Animaker

You’ll need to log in or register with Animaker and create your free account.

Step 2: Create a new character

The next thing you have to do once you’re in the dashboard is to create a new character. But before that, you must choose whom you are going to cartoon. 

So, for this particular tutorial, I choose…. WILL SMITH!


Embed from Getty Images

Let’s start creating Will Smith’s cartoon doppelganger now! To make a new character, click on create 

And then click on the ‘create a character’ option.

Step 3: Choose your character

The next step is simple and straightforward. You have a bunch of customizable options to create your character. To begin, you will get the option to choose the type of character.

The available options are boy, XL Male, Female, XL Female, and Girl. To recreate Will, I choose the “Male” Option.

Once you select the type of character, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can select from a bunch of prebuilt character options. You can select a character from this list and start customizing it according to your preferences.

I am selecting the one with the yellow shirt as he looks similar to Will Smith.

Step 4: Character Customization 

Now let’s edit this character and customize it further to make it look like Will Smith. You can customize the Skintone, Hair, Face Shape, Facial hair, Eyes, Eyebrows, Nose, Lips, Ears, Earrings, Frown Lines, Wrinkles, Smile Lines, Freckles, Outfit, Top Wear, Bottom Wear, Foot Wear, Eye Wear, Hat, Headphones, NeckWear, Jewel, Wristwear, Mask, and Tattoo of the character.

Phew, isn’t that a long list of options to customize your character?

To start off, I will customize the character’s face shape to match our final look.

To make it more realistic, you can even add frown lines to your character. 

Next up, we can go to the Outfit section and get Will a tuxedo.

Once you select the right fit, the next thing to do is change the tuxedo’s color. You can go to the Topwear section and customize the color to do that.

To go along with the black top, we can add black pants. This color change can be done in the Bottomwear section. 

Step 5: Save the character

Once you’re done, you have to click the green SAVE button on the top right, and you’re good to go. As simple as that! You can make your very own cartoon character and literally use it anywhere you want.

Once you save the character, it will get added to the My Characters section of the library.

Step 6: Make your character the star of a video!

And that’s pretty much it. You have the stellar cartoon version of Will Smith! Now all you have to do is unleash the creativity by featuring the character in your own animated videos!

To do that, go to the Characters section and click on My Characters.

If you are editing a template from the Animaker platform and want to replace the existing character with the Will smith character you just built, here’s how you do it.

First, click on your existing character. You will see that the click opens up a property window for the character. Under the character property window, select the replace option and choose your character from the character library (Under My Characters section)

Here’s a quick GIF on how to replace an existing character with your newly created character!

Just like how we created Will Smith’s cartoon version, you can easily create your cartoon version too. If you want to spice up your character further, you can explore many other options to make your character funkier and cooler. 

To make things easier, we have an in-depth tutorial on how you can create animated characters using Animaker. Watch it here –

Alternatively, you can also create short animated cartoons using your own character. 

Wondering how?

Read this guide on How to create a cool cartoon video and create your own cartoon movie effortlessly. 

Hope this article guided you on how to create your own cartoon character & how to cartoon yourself online. So, what are you waiting for? Try cartooning yourself now!

Got questions? Add them to the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help you out!

How to Make a Friendship Video?
[ Quick & Easy way ]

Friends are a significant part of our life. 

We spend a fair share of time with them – having fun, learning, bonding, and creating memories.

Isn’t that why we call them “second family”?

So, doesn’t this second family need special treatment, especially since Friendship Day (July 30th) is just around the corner?

How about you give them a personal, emotional video highlighting their awesomeness?

How to make a friendship video

Don’t worry! Making a video is not as tough as you think! Animaker makes the process simple for you.

So, let’s dive right into creating an excellent friendship video!

How to make a friendship day video using Animaker?

There are two ways to create a friendship video.

1. Edit a friendship video template

2. Create from scratch

We’ll be with you throughout the process to ensure you create a stunning masterpiece!

1. How to edit a friendship day video template:

Editing a template will be the best idea if you prefer to spend significantly less time creating a video. Creating an awesome video will take just minutes if you follow the steps below.

If you prefer learning from a video, check out this video tutorial on how to edit Animaker templates:


Ready to learn? Let’s go!

Step 1: Signup/Login

If you’re a new user, sign up for a free account. Or, if you already have an account, just login into the app.

Step 2: Select the perfect template

Once you log in to your account, you will find yourself in the Dashboard. Here, you can explore the massive collection of professionally made video templates. 

Now, search for the term “​​friendship day.” 

This lists all the beautiful templates explicitly made for Friendship Day.

Select the perfect template

To check how the various templates look, use the “Preview” option. After previewing them, pick a template and click on the “Use” button. It will be launched as a new project. 

“Preview” option

Now, I have selected the “International friendship day wishes” video.

Before jumping into editing the template, let’s take a look at the Animaker interface.

Animaker interface

  • Library: This is where you will find all the elements like characters, animation effects, music tracks, properties, BGs, text, etc.
  • Timeline: This is where you make the time adjustments to the video elements & effects.
  • Scenes: This is where you will find the scenes of your video. The scenes combine to form your whole video.
  • Menu: This is where you will find options for resizing, sharing, publishing & more.
  • Workspace: This is where you put together all the assets and carve your scene.

Step 3: Edit the template

Now, it’s time to start the editing process.

This is a perfectly made template where everything, from the images to the music track, has been added. Doing a slight edit here and there would customize it to suit your needs!

Swapping images:

In this template, I simply want to replace the images with that of my friends. To do that, I have selected the list of images with which I want to replace the existing images.

So first, decide on the list of pictures and upload them to the “My uploads” section. Here’s how!

1. Click on the Uploads option in the library.

Click on the Uploads option

2. Click the Upload button and select the files, or just drag and drop the file directly into the app.

Click the Upload button and select the files

Click the Upload button and select the files

3. Once your files have been uploaded, click on the existing image in the workspace & click the “Replace” option.

"Replace" option

4. Now, pick the picture you want to swap from the upload section and click on Apply.

click on Apply

Check out how the swapped image looks. Slick, huh?

new image

This is how you swap the images in the template. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Editing text:

Now, the text in the template is perfectly fine. But, if you want to change it, simply click on it and edit the content. 

text editing gif

Similarly, you can swap the images and change the text in the remaining scenes. As simple as that!

Step 4: Preview & Share

Once you make all the changes, previewing and exporting your video is the only step left.

Use the preview option to have a final look at your project.

new image

Does your video look perfect? That’s awesome!

Now, you can directly export & send it to your friends! You can also share it on various social media platforms and tag them!


Here are some cool templates created especially for Friendship Day!

Edit this template


Edit this template


Edit this template


Edit this template

Choose one, edit it as per your needs, and surprise your friend!

Click here to check out more friendship templates.

2. How to create a friendship video from scratch

Wanna go full-on and create a video from scratch for your friend? Follow these simple instructions!

If you like to learn how to create a video from scratch from a video tutorial instead, check out this video!

Step 1: Create a new project

If you’re a new user, sign up for a free account. Or, if you already have an account, just login into the app.

Once you have logged in to your account, you will be redirected to the dashboard.


Click the “Create” icon to get redirected to the Moments page.

Moments page

Choose the “Create a blank Project” to begin your video creation.

Create a blank Project

Animaker has various size options (vertical, square, or horizontal) for you to create a video from scratch.

Animaker has various size options

Now, I’m going to choose the horizontal one.

Step 2: Construct the scenes

Let’s construct the scenes one by one. To do that, you must add the necessary components to each scene.

1. Scene:

You can set the scene background using the Background tab in the library. This tab has a variety of BGs like gradient, photo, and video backgrounds.

Use the search tab to enter your search term to look for a particular BG. This lists a lot of extraordinary results from which you can select one.

Let’s search for the term “snow.” Look at the list of superb BGs getting displayed!


Click on the BG you want to add. This is how the BG gets applied to the scene!

snow bg

2. Characters:

Now that the BG is added let’s spice up the video with some characters.

The Animaker library has a massive collection of characters of different ages, ethnicities, and sizes. So, selecting a pre-made character wouldn’t be a challenging task. You can simply choose one and customize it. 

Or, you can also quickly make a character just like you or your friend from scratch using our Character builder. 

Let’s see how to create our own character. 

First, click on the “Character” tab from the library. Select the “My Characters” section to make your own character.

Characters section

Select the “Create your own” option. 

Create your own

Pick the character skeleton and basic look. Then, you can start customizing as you want.

start customizing

Pick the character

You can use various editing options like skin tone, hairstyle, accessories, attire, eyes & much more from the character builder. Once you do the customization, you can save it for future projects. 

editing options

After saving the character, you will notice it being added to the “My Characters” section. 

My Characters

My Characters

Click on the character to add it to the workspace.

add it to the workspace

To make your character more attractive, add an action to that. Select the character & click on the “Action” icon. This will open the Actions library, which consists of 1000+ actions & 20+ expressions. 

add an action

The selected action will be applied to the character.

selected action will be applied

3. Text

It’s time to convey your friendship day message. To do so, click the “Text” tab in the library. You will notice several text pre-builts and text options. Click on one of the options to add it to the workspace.

Once the text box is added, click on it and enter the new text. 

enter the new text

Click on the edit text option to open the settings panel on the left. You can change the text’s font style, size, transparency, and color here.

edit text option

Voila! The text is added.

We have successfully created the first scene by adding an apt BG, a character, and the relevant text.

For the remaining scenes, you don’t have to sit and create them from scratch individually. Instead, you can simply duplicate the first scene.

Click on the scene and select the “duplicate” option to apply the current scene’s features to the following scenes. 

duplicate option

duplicate option

That was simple, wasn’t it?

Now, edit the assets in all the scenes as we did earlier.

Step 3: Add the background music

After constructing the scenes carefully, the next step is to add the perfect music track to the video.

Click on the “Music” tab from the library and choose from the 30,000+ copyright-free music tracks to make your video rhythmic. You can also upload your own music using the upload section.

Add the background music

Use the search bar to find the right track that suits the mood of your video.

Add the background music

Yayy! The music track has been added!

Add the background music

Step 4: Share the video

Preview your video once to ensure that everything is perfect.


Now you have the special friendship video that you can share with your mates! 


So what are you waiting for?

Show your affection to your loved ones through a heart-touching video and make this friendship day more special and memorable!

Got any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments section!

How to make Animated gifs in 3 simple steps?

Whether you are planning to make a gif to add to your presentation or you got a meme idea while watching a movie. Here is the easiest way to convert any video or images into an animated gif. The best part is you don’t need to install any fancy software to do this. [ Yes we are talking about Photoshop ]

Follow these 3 simple steps to create your animated gif.

intro gif

Step 1: Create a new project in Animaker

Visit the website of Animaker and sign up for an account. From the dashboard select the following options to create a new blank project.

Create > Create a video > Blank Project.

Create a new project

Step 2: Upload the video or the images

This is the interface of the Animaker.

interface of the Animaker

Go to the upload section present at the bottom of the library and click on the upload option to upload your images(videos). You can also drag and drop the files directly into the project.

Upload option

Now select the uploaded image to add it to the workspace.

Now select the uploaded image to add it to the workspace.

Once the image is added to the workspace, you will see a couple of options appear right next to it. This is called the ‘Item Menu’. Use the option named ‘Set as Bg’ within the item menu to apply the image as the background of the scene.

Item Menu

Now reduce the duration of the scene. By default, the duration of a scene is 10 seconds. You Can increase or decrease the duration of a scene using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ options present at the bottom of the animation timeline. Reduce it to 1 second.

Adjust the timeline

It’s time to add the second image. To add the second image you need a new scene. You can create a new scene using the ‘Add Scene’ option from the ‘Scenes section’ present on the right-hand side of the interface. 

But instead of adding a new scene, you can duplicate the current scene using the ‘Duplicate’ scene option and add the new image as background. By doing this you can avoid spending time adjusting the duration of the new scene.

duplicate the current scene

Duplicate option

If you wish to convert a video into an animated gif the process is the same. Upload the video using the upload option and add it to the workspace.

Upload the video

Step 3: Download it as a GIF

Click the publish option at the top, and then select the ’Download as Gif’ option.

Download it as a GIF

Your gif will render in a few minutes and will be ready for download.


Well! We already told you this is one of the easiest ways to create animated Gifs!

Now that you know how to make animated gifs, what are you waiting for? 

Click here to create your Gif!

Complete User Manual for Animaker Users

Welcome to the Animaker premium family. While over 14 million users are exploring Animaker, only a handful make it to the premium club. You are here! Congratulations. 

To kick start your journey with Animaker premium, we present you with the Ultimate user checklist. Think of it like a map that guides you to access the complete power of Animaker.

User manual Animaker User

Table of Contents


The DIY trend has taken over the world. However, all of us prefer to have the satisfaction of completing a task with our own hands. At Animaker, we have created the ultimate video ecosystem to help you create professional-quality videos by yourself.

To make your video making journey even better, we have created a plethora of different premium resources just for you:

How to create your first Animaker Video?

Animaker is a simple yet powerful video creation software that allows you to create stunning animated and live videos online. I know you are super excited to start off your video creation journey. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Animated Videos – Videos made of animated characters.

Animated videos are super useful for explaining complicated concepts in a simple and engaging manner. Creating animated videos used to be a challenging task. But not anymore!

Here is a complete video tutorial on how to create an animated video using Animaker:

Live Videos – Videos made of Photos and videos

Live videos utilize the power of real actors and live footage to bring your script to life. Here is a complete video tutorial on how to create live-action videos using Animaker

We have created tonnes of tutorial videos to help you with every step of the video creation process as well. Check them out here:


7 Types of Video you can create with Animaker

Animaker videos are being utilized for a plethora of different purposes. Here are a few:

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are used to explain complicated concepts in a simple and engaging manner. Animaker is one of the most preferred tools in the world for creating explainer videos. Animaker has 100s of predefined templates for creating professional-looking explainer videos. Here are a few templates:

Social Media Videos

Videos are the preferred content format for all major social media platforms today. Whether you are looking to build your company’s Facebook page or you are a growing Instagram influencer, Animaker is the perfect video partner for you.

YouTube Videos

Subscribers crave unique and engaging content every time. So whether you aim to post one

video per week or once every day, the process gets a whole lot easier with Animaker. Get

an edge over other creators by bagging the best Youtube video editor ever!

Video Greetings

Every occasion can be made more memorable by replacing boring greeting cards with video greetings. From birthday wishes to Christmas greetings, everything can be made 100x more effective with a video greeting.

Marketing Videos

90% of marketers want to increase their efforts in video marketing in the upcoming years.

Videos are an amazing tool for marketers to boost engagement and drive more traffic to their digital properties. Every digital platform, from Facebook to WhatsApp, is looking to encourage more video creation. Wondering what kind of videos you can create for marketing? Check out our templates.

Corporate Videos

In 2020, 90% of consumers said they want to see more videos from brands.

Today companies want to create video content for a plethora of different use cases. From company culture videos to product launch videos, Animaker is the perfect partner for companies to create their videos easily.

Learning and Development Videos

75% of employees prefer seeing a video compared to text, email, and PDFs.

Corporate L&D has evolved today. L&D teams from large corporate companies are utilizing Animaker to create engaging learning videos by themselves. Animaker has helped companies save millions of dollars in agency fees. Wondering how you can use Animaker for L&D at your company? Book a meeting with our L&D video expert now.


Human resource is the backbone of every enterprise. Human Resource managers from across the globe are utilizing Animaker to boose the employee experience with the power of videos. Animaker has pre-built templates for almost all Human Resource functions from onboarding to employee learning. Here are a few examples:


78% of buyers want to watch a video about the product before buying

Videos can be used to influence the purchase decision of buyers. In addition, video builds trust and increases engagement levels. But what kinds of videos does your eCommerce business need in order to see a revenue uplift? Here are some example templates from Animaker.

What other types of videos can you create with Animaker? Get inspired from our Dashboard!

Advanced Features – Must try features of Animaker

*Note: Some of the app’s features are accessible based on your plan

Now that we have got a basic understanding of what you can do with Animaker let’s take the game to the next level. Let’s explore the more advanced features of Animaker. 

Animaker has tonnes of advanced features built to help you create professional-looking videos easily. Here are some of them:

Character Builder

One of the coolest features that Animaker owns is the completely customizable character builder, which has around 300+ character costumes, 20+ features, and 100s of animation actions.

Extensive Facial Expressions

Our stupefying facial expressions help bring life to your character. Our library has 20+ facial expressions, among which you can click anyone based on your concept.

Auto Lip-Sync

With our AI-based enhanced automation tool, you can easily record voice-overs which will automatically sync with your character. How cool? Wanna give it a try? Check it right now.

Smart Move- Complex Animations with the click of a button!

Animaker’s Smart Move enables you to animate an object or a character instantly. We have already made your work very easy. With our DIY process, you can enforce any complex animations and save your time & effort.

Check out the complete features of Animaker here:

Sharing and Collaboration

Video creation is a creative endeavor, and we can always do it better with our team. Animaker helps you work together with your entire team in real-time! Pretty cool, right? Check out how to do it right here: 

Creating a team

The first step to collaboration is to create a team. You don’t always need to work individually – have your super-duper team nearly. It’s pretty simple! Check out how to do it here:


Sharing the video with your team is super easy with Animaker. Just click on the share button and enter the email address of the people with whom you want to share it. Click here to find out how to do it here:

We are adding more features every day:

Team Animaker is launching new features every day to create a better video creation experience. Check out this link to keep yourself updated with all the latest Animaker updates:

Become a Video Expert with Animaker

When you have the world’s simplest video creation tool with you, becoming a video expert is pretty simple too. Just check out the amazing resources we put together for you:

Webinar – Video creation certification course for beginners

New to the world of video making? Don’t worry; just join the Animaker webinar to become a certified video creator in just a couple of hours. Join the webinar here:

Hub – Complete knowledge hub to boost your video knowledge

The Animaker hub is a single-point repository to find out all the latest updates from the world of videos. You can find all the resources you need to become a video expert, from video creation to video hosting. Check out the Animaker blog here:

Animaker Youtube Channel – Tips, strategies, and How-to videos to make you an Animaker pro

The Animaker Youtube channel is a complete collection of strategies, techniques, and how-to videos to help you become a video expert. You can find in-depth tutorials for everything from creating a simple video to complex animations. Here are a few examples:

How to make a cartoon of yourself: 

How to make an educational video: 

User stories playlist: 

Complex animation, walk cycle:

Genius Talk – Inspiration Talk from Industry veterans

Want a chance to learn from the best? Check out our podcast, where we bring genius minds from the world of videos to share their knowledge with you:

Blog – All the latest news from the world of Animaker and Videos

Animaker Inc was created with a mission to democratize the world of videos. Stay updated on the latest milestones we achieved by following our blog:

Animaker Ecosystem – Complete Video Creation Suite

We have created a host of other products to make your videos even cooler. Want to check them out?

Vmaker – Screen Recording and Webcasting tool

Record screen, webcam, or both with audio and create engaging video content for training and explainer videos

Show – Complete video hosting and analytics solution

Video hosting and analytics platform to host, stream and analyze your training videos – AI-based text to video converter

Create HR and training videos from text within seconds using our patented AI platform.

Picmaker – World’s simplest graphic design tool

Create very unique designs in minutes with our online graphic design software

Voice – AI-based Text to speech converter

Convert any text content into ultra-realistic human-like voice-overs using a neural TTS engine

Deck – World’s first avatar-based presentation maker

Break presentation stereotypes with our new Avatar-powered presentation maker!

Enterprise – World’s most complete video creation suite

The complete video creation suite to meet every visual need of your enterprise

We are there with you all the way

At Animaker, we take pride in helping our customers every step of the way. This is only possible because of our dedicated 24*7 support. Have any queries about Animaker, just drop your questions here, and we will be happy to help:

Our Customers really love us.

Just like you, a lot of Animaker customers really love and adore us. Want to see what they think about us? Check out:

Want to talk to us?

We are always happy to talk to you. Just drop us a line!

Additional Resources

Reel tutorials:


Top 10 Presentation Software for 2022


If you want to create a high-quality presentation for your personal needs, business, or anything else – you’ll need top-notch presentation software that’s got the right features that you need! We’re going to showcase the best presentation software available on the market today, and compare their features like their template options, the availability of graphic assets, real-time collaboration, and more! 

So if you’re looking for a great alternative to the presentation software you’re currently using, look no further than this comprehensive guide! Some of the software we’re going to be looking at include Animaker Deck, Prezi, Visme, and more. 

When selecting the right presentation software, there are a number of factors to consider: 

  1. Is it beginner-friendly and easy to use?
  2. Does it suit your budget?
  3. Does it have a wide variety of templates to choose from?
  4. Can you add audio to your presentations?
  5. Can you embed content, add videos or GIFs?
  6. Can you animate the elements in the presentation?
  7. Does it include Brand Kit features?
  8. Does it have a large built-in asset library?
  9. Does the presentation software include analytics?
  10. Does the software provide real-time collaboration?
  11. Can the finished presentation be shared to your friends and colleagues easily?
  12. Finally, does it contain a great balance of features?

Let’s take a look at the 10 best presentation software available today:

  1. Animaker Deck
  2. Prezi
  3. Visme
  4. Google Slides
  5. Keynote
  6. Slides
  7. Slidebean
  9. Powerpoint
  10. Genially


1. Animaker Deck

Animaker Deck is one of the most feature-packed, innovative, modern and complete presentation software available online. 

Not only is it easy to use, it contains one-of-a-kind features such as a built-in character builder where the user can create animated avatars to include in their presentation. It also comes equipped with tons of template characters which can be used right from the software. 

You can use Animaker Deck to create all sorts of presentations – whether they’re for birthday wishes, a sales proposal, annual reports, family albums, and more. Let’s look at the various advantages offered by Animaker Deck:

deck banner

Character Builder:

Animaker Deck contains a Character builder where users can create unique avatars to use in their presentation. No other presentation software offers such a wide variety of creative customizations such as Deck. The builder is a breeze to use and can be learnt by anyone!

You can create both male and female characters of all types – whether you’re looking to create a snazzy football coach for your coaching classes, or a fun-loving partygoer for spring break, there are tons of preset outfits and customization options to create any character you desire. You can even create an avatar of yourself or your favorite celebrities!

Template Options:

Animaker Deck comes equipped with tons of pre-built templates that can make a user’s work easier. There are templates for employee onboarding, performance appraisals, internal sales presentations, business proposals, and lots more!

You can also start with a blank template or add new slides to existing templates, and save slides later to use as your own templates.


Graphic Assets Library:

Animaker Deck comes equipped with a massive stock asset library that contains over 80M+ Stock assets. It contains a partnership with both Getty and GIPHY, which means you’ll get access to thousands of stock images and videos that can be used however you choose. You can also use icons, animated backgrounds and even animate the objects that you choose to include in the presentation!

Real-Time Collaboration:

You can easily collaborate with your colleagues with Animaker Deck’s real time collaboration features. Creative teams can exchange ideas, work on a project together, and make updates in real-time, all from the comfort of their couch!


Slides Pro: 10$/Month

Animaker Pro: $49/Month

Enterprise: Custom Pricing

2. Prezi

Prezi is another great presentation software that offers an alternative to traditional presentations with their intuitive interface that allows you to create a fluid flow with topics and subtopics that can be zoomed in on. While their interface is not exceptionally beginner-friendly, it’s a great option to add an innovative touch to your presentations.



Prezi definitely has a learning curve, but it is user-friendly after you get the hang of it. The interface is different and can be hard to navigate initially.

Template Options:

Prezi offers tons of templates, and you can also use a blank template from scratch. The templates can be customized as you choose, and their concept of zooming in to presentations is present in all of them.


Stock Asset Library:

The graphic asset library has usual elements like images, videos, and icons. The premium plan offers access to over 80,000 icons and 500,000 images.

Videos and Gifs:

There is an option to upload or embed videos from YouTube. Embedded videos are not viewable in offline mode. There are currently no GIFs available in Prezi.

Real-time Collaboration:

There is a feature called Prezi for teams which is available and has a Slack integration.

Brand Kit:

You can access Brand Kits with Prezi’s team plans, and your brand can be customized with your choice of color and available fonts.

Sharing to Social Media:

Prezi presentations can be shared to social media via a share button at the top-right corner of the Prezi page. The presentations can be shared to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Plus: 12$/Month

Premium: $16/Month

Teams: Custom Pricing

3. Visme

Visme is an easy-to-use presentation software with plenty of features and customization options. You can create infographics, interactive charts and reports with Visme too.


Template Options:

There are tons of customizable options available in Visme. You can choose from fully designed presentations or even create your own templates using their mix-and-match by choosing a presentation theme.

Visme - Template Options

You can also start with a blank canvas, add new blank slides to existing presentation templates.

Graphic Assets Library:

There are tons of assets available in Visme’s library – including icons, illustrations, stock photos, videos and 3D graphics, audio clips, charts, and graphs to include in your presentations.

Animations and Transitions:

Elements inside Visme can be animated, and there are also slide transitions that smoothen the transition between slides with style. There are also custom animations available for animating elements even further.


Visme has features for colleagues and teams to collaborate with each other in real-time, and leave comments with edits and feedback. You can also easily share your projects with other people and move the project along.

Brand Kit:

Visme has a brand design tool to keep all your content on-brand. You can upload all of your branding assets – which includes logo, fonts and colors to Visme with their Brand Wizard. You can also easily access thousands of templates and input your brand fonts and colors.

Sharing to Social Media:

Once the presentation is complete, it can be shared to multiple social media channels easily.


When a presentation is finished, it can be easily shared via a link, and analyzed for sharing.


Personal – $15/month annually

Business – $29/month annually

Enterprise: Custom pricing

4. Google Slides

Google Slides is Google’s presentation software that can be assessed via your Google account. You can easily create presentations with Google Slides. It is similar to Powerpoint and there is an advanced version called G Suite, which includes storage and management capabilities.

Google Slides


Google Slides is very user friendly and is similar to Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Template Options:

There are tons of templates to choose from, and presentations can also be created from scratch.

Google-slide template

Graphic Assets Library:

The stock assets are very simple to add. There are both classic and generic shapes available. Images can also be uploaded from your desktop, Google Drive or a URL.


Real-time collaboration is offered on Google Slides.

Videos and GIFs:

Videos can be uploaded with a YouTube link or from a Google Drive.


Elements inside Google Slides can be animated and transitions can be added as well.

Share to Social Media:

Presentations can be shared via email or link.


Google Slides is free for anyone with a Google account.

There are also plans that start from 6$/month and go upto 18$/month.

5. Keynote

Keynote is the presentation software offered by Apple. The Keynote editor can be used by anyone with an Apple ID.



It is similar in usage to Powerpoint and Google Slides, which makes it very simple to use.

Template Options:

There are a limited number of templates to choose from, and Templates can also be uploaded into the software.


Graphic Assets Library:

There are tons of classic icons and symbols to choose from, and they are also customizable in terms of color and font. Images can also be uploaded from your computer.


Colleagues and team members can work on a project at the same time via a link or an email.

Videos and GIFs:

You can not embed videos in Keynote Slides, and GIFs can be added as .gif images.


You can animate slides and objects and also add effects.

Sharing to Social Media:

You cannot share to Social Media on Keynote.

Brand Kit

There is no Brand Kit features available on Keynote.


Keynote is totally free to use, and is available on the App Store.

6. SlidesSlides

Slides is a presentation software that contains a built-in grid to help with composition. Slides is totally free to use, with paid plans available too.


Slides is pretty beginner-friendly, the editing board has a simple interface which is easy to learn.

Template Options:

There are very few templates to use, so presentations have to be built from a blank template.

slides template option

Graphic Assets Library:

There are graphics available such as icons and shapes that are available. Photos have to be imported from a URL.

Real-time Collaboration:

Paid plans contain features for collaboration. Teammates can leave comments and feedback to help with making edits.

Videos and GIFs:

Videos and GIFs are available to use and pretty easy to add to your presentation. Videos can be uploaded and GIFs can be uploaded as .mp4 as video.


You cannot add audio with Slides.


Animations can be added to all elements and features. The length of the duration can also be customized.

Sharing to Social Media:

Slides support sharing to various social media platforms.


The paid plan offers analytics.


The paid plans start at $5/month and go upto $20/month for features like unlimited collaborations and Google Analytics.

7. Slidebean

Slidebean is a simple presentation software that contains quite a few templates and customizations.

Slidebean also uses artificial intelligence to help you use the best possible slide layouts and configurations. Check out this product review here.


Slidebean is very easy to use. Adding content is simple and there are templates available to use. You can also start from a blank template.

There are 2 modes for editing – outline or design mode. There are tons of choice for how you can move the content blocks around.

Template Options:

There are tons of templates available to use. They are neatly organized and there are sections available by brands as well.


Graphic Assets Library:

There are lots of icons and images to choose from.


Real-time collaboration features are available in the paid plans.

Videos and GIFs:

Slidebean contains GIPHY integration which means that GIFs can be added. The paid plan offers a feature to add videos.


Audio features are not available.


Animations can be added to the elements and content blocks.

Sharing to Social Media:

You can share presentations to social media in the paid plans.


Analytic features are available in the paid plans.


There’s a free plan and it has limited capabilities.

There are 3 price levels from $8/month, $19/month, and $149/month.

8. is a presentation software that helps you create good-looking slides with the help of AI (artificial intelligence).


Easy-to-Use: is fairly simple to use. All you have to do is add smart slides, add your content and choose from different layouts. This makes a nice software that beginners and those who are not familiar with graphic design.

Template Options:

There are basic templates available that can be used to create unique presentations.


Graphic Asset Library:

The stock asset options are fairly limited, and there are free stock photos and icons to choose from.


Your teammates can collaborate on your projects for viewing or editing.

Videos and GIFs:

Both videos and GIFs can be uploaded from your computer. Videos can also be imported from YouTube.


Preset animation styles can be added to each slide, but their customizability is limited.

Brand Kit:

There are no brand kit features available, but there are customizable themes and they can be saved to use later.

Sharing to Social Media:

You can easily share your presentations to social media. You can send email invites, share a public or private link, or share directly to social media platforms.

Pricing: currently offers a Pro plan at $12/month and a Team plan at $40/month.

9. Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is the most popular and well-known presentation software on this list. It is familiar, reliable and easy to use.



The traditional interface of Powerpoint makes Powerpoint fairly easy to use. All types of users – students, professionals and businesses can learn Powerpoint and make presentations easily.

Template Options:

There are lots of templates that come equipped with Powerpoint, and they are all customizable.


Graphic Assets Library:

You can browse stock images, icons and stickers by searching for relevant keywords in Powerpoint’s graphic library.


You can share your presentation with specific people.

Videos and GIFs:

Your computer can be used to upload both videos and GIFs. Videos can also be embedded from YouTube.


Audio files can be uploaded from your computer.


There are lots of animation and transition options available in Powerpoint.

Brand Kit:

Brand Kits are not available, but custom themes can be saved.

Share to Social Media:

Presentations cannot be shared to social media platforms.


There are no analytic features available in Powerpoint.


There are different plans for businesses that start from $5/month and go upto $20/month.

10. Genially

Genially is a presentation software that’s known for its creativity. This software is known for presentations and video presentations.



Genially is fairly simple to use, and comes equipped with tons of choices. Any change can be applied to all slides with the simple click of a button.

Template Options:

There are tons of template options, with both free and paid options available.


Graphic Asset Library:

There are tons of graphic assets available. Images can be uploaded or found on their integration with Pixabay.


Genially’s professional plan allows collaboration upto 5 team members.

Videos and GIFs:

GIFs can be imported with the GIPHY integration and videos can be added with YouTube links.


Audio files can be uploaded from your computer, via SoundCloud and a few other integrations.

Third-Party Content:

Genially contains a nice feature where you can add third party content with Genially integrations.

Brand Kit:

Brand Kit features are available in the premium plans.

Sharing to Social Media:

All completed presentations can be shared to various social media platforms.


Genially’s premium plans contain analytic features.


Genially contains a free plan, which gives you access to unlimited presentations but a limited pool of resources.

There are two types of paid plans. The education plan starts at $1.25/month and go upto $20.82/month, billed annually. The professional plan starts at $7.49/month and goes upto $79.15/month, billed annually.


In conclusion, there are plenty of great presentation software available on the market that can help you create the perfect presentation that you desire. Depending on your choice of features, suitability, and price, you can select these software and have a great experience creating your presentation of choice.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments section below!

The 5 best voice over softwares available online (In 2022)

A kick-ass video will have perfectly edited frames, color grading, background music, and, most importantly, a well-tailored voice over.

Voice overs are essential to convey essential ideas and express the scenario with emotions to the audience. As a result, many businesses rely on video formats with a perfectly suited voice over to deliver critical messages about their services/products to the customers.

Generally, voice overs are being used in a variety of formats, including podcasts, audio/video commercials, corporate training films, webinars, online coursework, video games, to name a few. Such content would be uninteresting to the audience if it did not include voice overs. For example, in a video course with no voices, or a video game with no narrative, no one would be interested in spending time with such content.

voice over

Nevertheless, creating good voice overs is strenuous. Though you could technically make one on your own, you’d still have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on recording equipment, besides the person-hours to be invested in that task.

Even though you are someone with the capacity to make a large investment, chances are you would not be satisfied with the quality of the voice overs you created on your own. Hence, understandably, you would turn to a freelancer or professional voice actor. However, depending on their service experience and the amount of work required, the cost of hiring voice actors is also not the ideal long-term answer.

So are you wondering what you could possibly do about such a situation? Don’t worry, let me introduce you to voice over softwares. It’s 2022, and we have voice over softwares that runs based on artificial intelligence to produce realistic voices just from text.

Yes! You read that right. You can now convert your video scripts, documents, essays, or any text for that matter into a natural voice of your liking with the help of these voice over softwares. And the best part here is that most of these solutions are super affordable and easy to use. A few of them have lifetime free plans, and a few have trials that you can access without sharing your credit card information.

In addition, you don’t have to be concerned about piracy or copyright infringement with these tools.

So, choosing an online voice over software definitely has its advantages. But how do you choose the right one for your use case?

Well, let us simplify it by picking the best 5 and dissecting the Pros and Cons of each of these tools.

Let’s get started,

  1. Animaker Voice
  2. Natural Reader
  4. Wideo

1. Animaker Voice

Animaker Voice is a DIY online voice over software that allows you to convert text to speech instantly without much hassle. Simply create a free account with Animaker Voice and start making your voice overs without ripping any holes in your pocket.

Whether the use-case be a

    • YouTube intro voice over.
    • Product Explainer Video voice over.
    • Brand video voice over.
    •  Wishes video voice over.
    • Instagram Reels voice over or
    • Tik Tok voice over,

For that matter, Animaker Voice allows you to create human-like voice overs for any use case that you might have in hand.

What’s special about Animaker Voice?

Animaker Voice comes loaded with about 200+ different human-like voices in 50 global languages. That’s insane, right?

Also, you have the complete customization of how the voice should sound.

    • Gender – Under the Gender option, you can choose between Male and Female voices.
    • Language – Under the Language option, you can choose the language for the voice. Animaker’s Voice Generator Application comes packed with 50 different global languages.
    • Voice – Under the Voice option, you can choose from different voices available based on the Gender and Language that you have chosen. In total, the Animaker’s Voice Generator Application comes packed with over 200 other computer-generated voices.
    • Auto Enhance – The Auto Enhance option is an AI-based neural-voice enhancer that automatically enhances the voice output without manually optimizing other options like breath effect, speed, pitch, etc., to the selected voice.

There are options to control the Pitch, Speed, and Volume of the voice.

    • Pitch – You can control the pitch of the voice from low to high
    • Speed – You get to control how fast the voice pronounces the text
    • Whisper – You can make the voice sound even more incredible with the Whisper option. Click on the Whisper check box to enable it.

Furthermore, Animaker Voice also provides you with editing options to fine-tune the voice manually by introducing a break in between words and introducing breath after the pronunciation of a word.

    • Breath – Animaker Voice pushes the voice editing prowess to the next level by allowing you to add real-life breathing effects in between the words with adjustable volume and duration for the breath in the voice
    • Break You can even introduce pauses between two words with the Break feature


For a more detailed walkthrough about Animaker Voice, check out this blog – How to make a Computer Generated Voice? [The Easiest way]

Sample voice note from Animaker Voice

2. NaturalReader Commercial


NaturalReader Commercial is an AI Voiceover software that helps you convert text to speech quickly and download them as audio files.

They use synthesized AI voices to bring you the highest quality natural-sounding voices available in the market today.

What’s special about NaturalReader Commercial


With about 176 voices from 27 different languages, including regional variations like Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and US Spanish, NaturalReader Commercial offers the customers the variety to choose their preferences.

Studio Editor

NaturalReader Commercial comes with a Studio Editor that helps you assign specific voices and speeds to selected pieces of text or use drag and drop to rearrange sections easily. This Studio Editor is the key feature of this voice over software.

Pronunciation Editor

With the Pronunciation Editor, you can use word substitution or phonetic characters to correct or improve the pronunciation of a given word or phrase.

Advanced Controls

Also, Natural Reader offers advanced controls. For example, you can use SSML tags to adjust pitch, tone, and emphasis or insert silence periods.

Commercial Licensing

NaturalReader offers a commercial license that allows you to use the audio publicly or for any redistribution purposes. And this means you can use the audio in your YouTube videos, company training videos, eLearning modules, public announcements or broadcasts, and other business, public, or commercial purposes.


The commercial subscriptions available under the monthly subscription are,

    • Free Plan – $0 per month
    • Single plan – $99 per month
    • Team Plan – $204 per month for four members

Pricing for this particular voice over software lies on the expensive side compared to the market standards. There’s an option for a yearly subscription as well, and the corresponding prices are Single Plan at $49 and Team Plan at $79 (for a four-member team). Still, this is expensive compared to the other players in the market.



    • Studio editor to completely customize the audio output
    • Pronunciation editor
    • Commercial licensing to use the audio public purposes
    • Advanced controls – SSML tags


    • No export option is available in the Free plan. It doesn’t allow you to download any audio files. You can only use the interface and get to know about the software.
    • Synthesized voices are available, but they can sound even more realistic.
    • Language options offered can be increased.
    • Pronunciation editor and advanced controls are not available for all voices.
    • Pricing plans are expensive compared to other software players in the market.

Sample Voice Note

As NaturalReader Commercial doesn’t have an export option in the free plan, we couldn’t showcase their sample voice notes.


Murf is an AI voice over platform where users can generate synthetic speech from text and add it to their videos and presentations. They specialize in voice synthesis. AI technology is used to create realistic voice overs for various purposes, including e-learning, business presentations, gaming, and more.

Murf promises guaranteed quality and no more robotic voices. Instead, their voices are human-sounding, and quality checks across dozens of parameters. So gone are the days of computerized text to speech; it isn’t easy to distinguish between Murf’s advanced AI voices and recorded human voices.

What’s special about

Murf provides a wide range of 100% natural-sounding AI voices in 20 languages for professional voice over projects and presentations.

Murf provides a variety of voices in 20 languages. Most languages have voices accessible for quality testing, even in the free plan. In addition, some languages, such as English, Spanish, and Portuguese, accommodate various accents.



It’s more than simple text-to-speech software.


Add voice to videos or images

Murf Studio makes it simple to produce voice over videos and presentations. You can attain that ideal video timing by simply uploading videos or photos and altering the timing using the blocks in the bottom timeline. Then, add your text, convert to audio, and match your text blocks with your visuals in minutes to get the perfectly stitched voice over video.

Grammar assistant

Murf Studio includes a free grammar and punctuation checker, so you can always write immaculate scripts for your voice overs. It detects any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation mistakes in your text. It makes recommendations for enhancing the script for a higher-quality voice over.

Free background music

Murf Studio comes with a built-in archive of royalty-free audio tracks that you may use in your projects. Plus, there’s more. Each background music file has been labeled and classified based on use cases, such as explainer videos, presentations, advertising, and moods, such as joyful and peaceful. So on, so you can locate what you need quickly. But, of course, you also use your music within the project, and that’s also a possibility.



Murf offers a free plan and three paid pricing options. Under the yearly subscription,

    • Basic plan – $13 per month
    • Pro plan – $26 per month
    • Enterprise – $83 onwards per month

Under the free plan, you get Single User access, and you can try out all 120+ voices plus get 10 mins of voice generation and 10 mins of transcription. However, you have no downloads in the free plan.

Under the Basic plan, you get Single User with Unlimited Downloads, 24 hours of voice generation/year, access to 60 voices in about ten different languages. Also, Commercial Usage rights are included. In addition, chat and Email support will be provided in this plan.

The Pro Plan supports up to 3 users with 96 hours of voice generation/year and 48 hours of transcription/year. You also get access to 120+ voices in about 20 different languages. Also, there are Recorded voice editing and Voice changer features. Commercial Usage rights and Priority Support are also included.

In the Enterprise plan, you get an Account Manager, Custom voice generation time, Custom transcription time, specify the number of users, SSO is enabled. Also, Collaboration features and Centralized invoicing are available.


    • A total of 120 voice overs in 19 languages
    • All plans include full HD video export
    • Pricing is on the affordable end compared to the market standards
    • Extensive voice over studio
    • A full scope of voice over customization is available


    • No downloads in the free plan
    • Voice changer is limited to the Pro and Enterprise plans only
    • Recorded voice editing feature can be improved and added to all the plans
    • The number of languages offered can be increased.

Sample Voice Note

Since there were no download options available in the free version, we couldn’t showcase any sample audios from the Murf voice over software.

4. Wideo



Wideo is a video-making website with over 2.5 million registered users worldwide. Make promotional films, explainer videos, demo videos, and presentations, among other things.

Wideo also provides a text-to-speech tool that uses the Google text-to-speech API. Wideo’s Text to Speech Software (TTS) is a quick and straightforward approach to converting text to audio to make your message more memorable and inclusive to the audience.

What’s special about Wideo

With Wideo’s TTS, you can convert text to speech, download it as an mp3 file, import the audio file into your video editor, and add a professional voiceover to your videos.

Without creating an account in Wideo, you can still make your own voice overs and download them as mp3 audio files. Under the free version, you get to convert 2000 characters per day.


Wideo comes as a video creation suite, and along with it is the text-to-speech tool.

The basic plan is $59 per month, and the Pro plan is $99 per month. Both provide a limited character count for conversion and download. The Pro plan starts at $99 per month, and the Pro+ plan starts at $199 per month. Unlimited characters limit is included in these two plans for the text to speech conversion.


    • Offers more than 40 global languages
    • You can customize the pronunciation speed of the text
    • User-friendly interface
    • Pro plan is economical compared to the market standards
    • Free user plan is available


    • Customization of the voices are limited
    • More number of global languages can be added
    • Integrations can be included to support other applications
    • Detailed information about the tool can be provided

Sample voice note from Wideo TTS

5. is a text-to-speech and Al voice synthesis software. You can instantly convert text into natural-sounding speech and download them as audio files in MP3 and WAV formats.

What’s special about

You can quickly pick the correct voice from an extensive library of 570 Al voices in 60+ languages and generate natural-sounding voices in no time.

Creating Audio files voice over software gives the users basically two options,

1. Create audio from text 2. Source from an article URL. You can enter the text or fetch content from a URL, convert it to audio, and download it as MP3 or WAV files.

WordPress Plugin

The voice over software comes with a Plugin for WordPress. You can easily add audio to blog posts, pages, and e-learning materials from your WordPress dashboard. Use AI voices and audio player widgets to make your textual content audible.

To improve content accessibility, user engagement, and time on page metrics, you may convert your blog posts, articles, and eLearning content into audio with the plugin.

Medium Extension also offers a Chrome browser extension for Medium. You can easily add audio to your Medium stories by installing and using the available Medium Chrome Extension.

API access

Use the API to gain access to For example, if you’re a developer, you can use’s API to incorporate text-to-speech conversions into your software. The API uses a comprehensive collection of voices and languages to provide a single interface for converting text to speech.

Complete Customization allows you to modify the voice overs by simply highlighting the words altogether. To make the speech more human-like, add pauses and emphasis. You may even alter the voice’s pace, tone, and pronunciation to mimic genuine human voices in specific scenarios better.

Podcast Hosting

With, you can get the RSS feed of the created audio files and distribute them to powerful podcasting platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

Pricing offers four paid plans (prices below are when billed monthly)

The personal plan starts at $19 per month. This plan is apt for school projects and proofreading content. It includes unlimited previews and downloads, but the catch is you won’t get commercial rights for reuse; podcast hosting is also not included.

The professional plan starts at $39 per month. Premium voices are the key added advantage in this plan. And along with it, you get customizable audio players and exclusive commercial rights. Even Podcast hosting is included in this plan.

The growth plan starts at $99 per month. Under this plan, you get everything included in the Professional plan. In addition, you get a pronunciation library and an automatic audio creation feature along with it.

The business plan starts at $199 per month. Everything in the Growth plan is covered here. Also, priority technical support is offered. You get the rebranding and reselling rights as well. Teams’ access to the project for possible collaboration is also included.

The pricing varies drastically when you opt for the plans yearly,

    • Personal- $14.25 per month
    • Professional – $29.25 per month
    • Growth- $74.25 per month
    • Business – $149.25 per month

But the features included remain the same as when the plans are billed monthly.


    • Offers 570+ AI Voices and 60+ Languages
    • Supports MP3 & WAV Export of audio files
    • Commercial Use licensing is provided (except personal plan)
    • Full SSML Support
    • Availability of API Access
    • Plugin Integrations with WordPress and Medium


    • Rebranding and Reselling rights are included in the Business plan only
    • Voice over options are too many, but most of them sound less human-like
    • The free version supports only three downloads.

Sample Voice Note from

Top 5 Birthday Video Makers in 2022!

If you are here, then you must be planning something special for someone’s birthday. 

Worry not! You are on the right article. 

For most of us in today’s world, life gets busy, and it becomes impossible to stay beside our loved ones 24/7, especially on special occasions like birthdays. 

While that is sad, technology has also given us a myriad of ways to make our loved one’s day special without having to be next to them.

Online birthday video makers are one such blessing.

But there are so many Birthday video makers on the internet today. So you might find it difficult to shortlist one that is perfect for you and what you want to create for your loved one.

Well, that is why we’ve taken all the effort needed to bring you a list of the top 5 best video makers. In addition, we’ll dive deep and explain the key features of each one of these web-based online tools. 

Their pros and cons will give you clarity over which one is the best birthday video maker for you. 

Let’s start with our first recommendation.

1. Animaker

Animaker Birthday Video Maker

Yes. It’s our application. But hear us out. 🙂

If you are out of time but still want to make something super unique for your loved one, then there is no better application for you than Animaker’s Birthday Video Maker.

Animaker is already known as a Swiss Army knife of creativity because of the wide range of features it brings to the table. So when talking about making birthday videos that are super unique, you can’t go wrong with Animaker. 

Here’s what makes Animaker unique

  • You can build animated versions of yourself and your loved ones and feature them in your video.
  • It comes with 1000s of pre-built templates that can be edited in just minutes.
  • It also comes loaded with Millions of stock assets, properties, and icons that make your video truly stand out.

Yes, you heard that right!

You really can build an Animated version of yourself or your loved one and feature it in your video.

Think you don’t have enough time to create a whole video?

Well, don’t worry. The 1000+ Template collection will help you create your video in a matter of minutes.

In addition to that, you get access to 100M+ stock assets, properties, icons, and more. This means that you can bring any idea to life using the Animaker application if you can imagine it! You can make it on Animaker!

Other Key Features: 

  • Extensive facial expressions for the animated characters
  • Auto lip-sync feature for the animated characters
  • Heart-stirring library of 30K+ royalty-free music collection
  • Real-time Multi-user collaboration
  • Video formats for all social and messaging platforms
  • In-Built TTS (Text to speech) Engine


  • It has a Free plan
  • The only tool to offer 4K video exports
  • No software downloads required
  • Ability to create Gifs. 


  • The free plan has a small watermark

Pricing: Starts with the Free plan. But, you can get the basic package for just $10 per month. 

If you want to learn how to use Animaker to create a beautiful birthday video in just a matter of minutes, check out our blog here.

2. Fastreel

Fastreel Birthday Video Maker

Fastreel is an online video-making and editing software by Movavi. As the name suggests, it is designed to make, merge, cut, and compress a video fast. In addition, they have a wide selection of transitions and adjustable clip duration. 

Its file upload size for videos is up to 500MB. You can change the speed of your video effortlessly with Fastreel. Like Animaker, they too have different templates and music to choose from in the library.

You can also upload audio of your choice from your computer. Without using Fastreel’s templates, you can make a video by uploading images and videos. Their drag and drop feature allows you to get this task done effortlessly. 

Key Features:

  • Video editing tools: trimming, cropping, resizing, and more.
  • Visual effects, including stop-motion and filters


  • Built-in music library
  • Easy to edit and merge videos


  • The free plan has a watermark
  • Only a single template for birthday 
  • No option to upload our own images or videos and use them in existing templates. 
  • No variety of video formats

Pricing: It has a Free plan. But to get extra features, the basic package starts at $9.95 per month.

3. Magisto

Magisto Birthday Video Maker

Magisto is an AI-powered video maker tool. It tends to have a particular set of templates for every occasion. The graphics and effects available on this platform can make your video look really cool.

While all of this sounds great, it might not be able to help you create a birthday video that is super unique. But what you will be able to do well is use clips and photos that you might have shot previously and use them to create a birthday video very quickly.

One can also choose different songs to be played on their video from their library. It also allows the person to select the video orientation before making the video. Finally, you can share the finished video with a secure password.  

Key Features: 

  • AI-powered video maker
  • It comes with a decent number of pre-built templates
  • Video formats are available for other platforms.


  • Ability to share private video links
  • AI video editing
  • Access to stock images and videos
  • Excellent graphics


  • It only delivers videos in 480p quality
  • It only has a 7 day trial period
  • Best features are available only on a paid subscription

Pricing: There is no free plan available. The starting package is at the rate of $4.99 per month. 

4. Animoto

Animoto Birthday Video Maker

Animoto’s functionality to drag and drop things makes it painless to insert images and videos. With Animoto, you can either start from scratch or choose one of their templates. That can save a lot of time for you. 

It has 3K+ licensed songs that can be included in your video. In addition, you can record your voice and add it to your video, or you can simply enter the birthday wishes in a text form. 

At Animoto, you can choose different fonts for your text. Animoto also has offers for different packages. People willing to subscribe can avail of their offers for less money. 

Key Features: 

  • Built-in birthday songs
  • Great stock assets 


  • Fast performance
  • Can directly share videos to social media
  • Variety of fonts and text effects
  • 3K+ licensed songs


  • The free plan has a watermark.
  • Very few templates 

Pricing: It has a Free plan. But the basic plan for extra features starts from $8 per month.

5. Renderforest

Renderforest Birthday Video Maker

Renderforest has over 600 hand-crafted templates for different occasions. It allows you to create custom videos, greeting cards, or invitations using their birthday templates. 

Along with that, you may upload images and songs to make your video more enticing. Moreover, one can edit their videos as many times as they like. 

Renderforest is good if you don’t mind its limitations. For example, when you load a template, its scenes are of fixed length, and you can’t make it longer or shorter. 

Renderforest offers royalty-free stock footage, but it’s not as big as the one offered by Animaker. One will have to pay to get rid of the watermark from their video. 

Key Features: 

  • Library of animations, songs, etc
  • Royalty-free stock footage


  • Customizable video templates
  • A broad selection of scenes
  • Voiceover feature


  • The free plan comes with a watermark
  • The free plan only allows exports at 360p quality.
  • Limited video length

Pricing: Free plan. The pricing plan for extra features starts from $9.99 per month.

Final Thoughts

We really hope that our compilation of the best birthday video makers helps you make your loved one’s birthday special. If you think we should add any other solution to our list, let us know in the comments below


How to create effective job aids using videos? (Free template)

The average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 33 minutes per day

Productivity is the pillar of an effective workforce. In the age of information overload, a key factor in increasing productivity is to have the right information at the right time. 


Job aids provide a simple and effective way to boost the productivity of employees by providing essential information in an easily accessible format.

What is a Job Aid?

Job aids are concise instructions or hints that help employees perform a particular task by providing the right information at the right time. They help employees increase productivity by preventing mistakes. Job aids come in many forms like One-pagers, Videos, Infographics, Manuals, To-do lists, Checklists, etc. 

Job aids are so useful that your employees may already be using them in one form or another. Have you ever seen a computer like this in your office?

job aide

Congratulations, your employees have already realized the power of Job aids!👍

Employees utilize the resources that they have at their disposal to create job aids that can help them complete their tasks efficiently. But what if you could provide a job aid that is 1000x better than the sticky notes?

Video Job Aid

Job Aids come in many shapes and forms. Some of the most commonly used job aids are in the form of a printed document that is not more than a page in length. They can be used as a quick memory refresher that gives you the essential information just when you are about to perform a task. Have you seen this image on fire extinguishers?

what is a job aid

In case of a fire,  this piece of paper gives you the exact information you need to use the extinguisher and save yourself. This is a great example of a job aid outside the work environment. It is effective because it gives you all the information you need to get the job done at the correct time.

In the digital era, not all job aids have to be on a printed sheet. For example, if you take on the task of cooking pasta at your next company outing, would you prefer to have a long 10 page printed document on how to do it or would you prefer to play this video and cook along?

According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than reading text. Videos are the ultimate job aides as they utilize both the audio and visual senses to communicate information effectively. This creates a bigger memory imprint in the mind of the viewer thereby making the process of information retention much more efficient.

For example, here is a video job aid created by Salientsys company to showcase a simple process to their employees.

This video gives a complete walkthrough of the process in under 10 minutes. Whereas, a text document with the same process would be so long and tedious for the employees to read and understand.

Now, Let’s dive in and find out how to create engaging job aides using videos.

How to create an effective job aid (step-by-step)

Video job aids are very useful and effective, yet we don’t see a lot of companies creating these yet. There are two main reasons:

  • Cost
  • Time

Traditionally, creating video job aids was both expensive and time-consuming. With the advent of powerful video creation tools like Animaker, video job aids have become easy and affordable to make.

Let’s see the step-by-step process of how to create video job aids easily.

Step 1: Collect outline data on the task

Step 2: Choose the format

Step 3: Create the script and the storyboard

Step 4: Create a video job aid using Animaker

Now, let’s get into each of the steps.

Step 1: Collect outline data on the task

The role of a job aid in the workplace is to help employees perform a specific task, so the best place to start a job aid is from the employees themself. Collect data regarding the particular task from the employees who perform the task regularly.

Note down all the important points. Understand the concept before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Choose the format

Now, it’s time for you to choose the right video type to represent your job-aid. 

As we discussed earlier, video job aids come in different types. Each different video type has its own benefits. Depending on the type of content that you are putting into your job aid, you can choose the type that works best for you. Here are some of some examples: 

  1. How to videos – Great for explaining DIY tasks
  2. Listicle videos – Great for explaining step by step processes and lists
  3. Explainer videos – Works best for explaining complicated concepts
  4. Screen capture walkthrough videos – Great for showing product walkthroughs/demos
  5. Talking head videos – Great for explaining concepts that require face-to-face interaction eg, soft skill training.

Step 3: Create the script and storyboard

The most important aspect of any effective video job aid is the script. Scripts are like a roadmap that can guide you to create the perfect video job aid. To make your video creation process even easier, you can convert the script into a simple storyboard.



You don’t have to be an artist to create a storyboard, just a rough sketch with some stickman figures will also do the trick. 

Step 4: Create a video job aid

Let’s look into how to create an effective video job aid. Creating a video job aid can be done very easily using a powerful video creation tool like Animaker.

For the purpose of this article, let’s create a video job aid that showcases 6 steps of the customer onboarding process. This job aid will have two goals:

  • Educate the team on the steps to be followed for smooth customer onboarding
  • Serve as a memory refresher that they can refer every time they want to onboard a new customer 

Want to start creating video job aids for your company? Click here to claim your free personalized demo of Animaker.

Once you have your own Animaker account,

Step 1: Log in

how to create a job aide

Step 2: It’ll lead you to the Dashboard

Job aid meaning

If you’re unsure about starting a project from scratch, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Let our Animaker pre-built templates do the job for you.

Step 3: As mentioned above, we are creating a job aid for the customer onboarding process. To emphasize the step-by-step process of onboarding, a listicle video will be the ideal choice.

Scroll down to the listicle video templates section in the Animaker dashboard and pick a template. You can pick any of the listicle templates and customize them to your needs.

job aide examples

Now, let’s see how to edit the template according to our context. 

Before jumping into creating a job-aid, let us get you accustomed to the different sections of the Animaker application so that it’ll be easy for you to understand the interface and create one of your own. 

There are 5 sections in Animaker:

  • Library 
  • Workspace 
  • Scenes 
  • Menu bar
  • Timeline

video job aide

Library – The Library of the Animaker app is where you will find all the assets needed for your video, including characters, props, icons, stock assets, music files, and more.

Workspace – The whitespace at the center is called the workspace. This is where your job aid will come to life.

Scenes – The scenes section houses all the different scenes that are part of a video. They are similar to the slides section in presentation tools. 

Menu bar – You can change the title of the video, play the video from the beginning, share and publish the video.

Timeline – At the bottom of the screen is the timeline. There are three different timelines:

  • Animation timeline: Lets you adjust the entry and exit timings of any kind of elements like characters, props, text, logos, images, etc., that are present in the video.
  • Video timeline: Lets you trim and adjust the music and video files used to edit the video and the music track. 
  • Camera timeline: Lets you add and adjust the timings of the camera effects.  

Let’s get started!🤩

Step 4: Firstly, let’s see how to edit the texts in the template. 

To change the text just double click and enter the new text. When you click on any text, you’ll notice a bunch of options appearing along with the text. 

This is called the item menu. The item menu allows you to modify the text. You can change the font style, font size, font color, etc. 

(Usually, in pre-built templates, the effects will be already designed – all you have to do is either use them or edit them to your convenience)

job aid template

Step 5: Let’s look at how to change the background and adjust it according to your use. 

First, select the scene where you want to change the background. Then simply click on the video icon from the library section and search for your relevant video. 

Click on the video and it will be uploaded to the workspace.


Step 6: Next, let’s see how to upload a logo into your video.

Click on the Upload section that is available on the bottom left of the library. Now upload the video/image which you want to insert.


Once the file is uploaded, click on the uploaded file in the library to load it into the workspace.

job aid definition


Step 7: Add music tracks to your text animation. 

Go to the music section of the library, here you can find 30000+ music tracks. To have a preview of a music track, just hover over it. Then, click on the music track of your choice to apply it to the video.

job aid definition

You can see the music track in the video and audio timeline, and if you further click on the music track, you will get a bunch of different options. 

Here, you can preview the music track, control the volume of the music track, duplicate it, and delete it.

That’s it, your first video job aid is ready in seven easy steps.

Yes, you are most welcome to put your imagination into a real video and customize it further!

And here’s our final video:😎

what is a job aid

Want to utilize this template for your company? Click here to talk to an Animaker Expert.

To download your video, go to the Publish option at the right top of your window. Click the ‘Download Video’ option and then download.

job aid means


Video job aids are an essential tool to boost the productivity of your employees. The steps used in this article are just the beginning. The world of video job aids has hundreds of other applications that will help you skyrocket your employee performance.


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