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Guy Kawasaki’s Wise Thoughts – Social Media, Steve Jobs & Surfing [Video]

Guy Kawasaki helped Steve Jobs market the Macintosh. Known to many as the guy who made the word “Evangelism” famous, Guy is today an influential Author and Speaker in the field of Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He is also known for his recent work with Australia’s graphic design unicorn Canva as their Chief Evangelist.

In this episode of Animaker Genius Talk, we pick the brains of the legendary Ex-Chief Evangelist of Apple, Guy Kawasaki, to find out how his life lessons can help us find success in Visual Marketing, Social Media, Entrepreneurship and Surfing.


Without Mike Boich and Nepotism I would have never gotten into technology. (1:05)

If I had said it was great and Steve knew that it was crap, it might have been the end of my career at Apple. (2:22)

I think its much more about being at the right place at the right time and you cannot underestimate the quality of luck in entrepreneurship. (5:48)

If you don’t make lives better, you are not gonna succeed! (14:12)

There is no way Apple has been the same, Steve was such a force of nature! (15:52)

A Guy Kawasaki movie. It ain’t gonna happen. Trust me. If it does happen I hope Jackie Chan plays me. (18:06)

Questions on the Show

The Genius Journey

Every great story always has a good beginning. So tell us Guy. How did your amazing journey start? (0:52)

An interview with Guy Kawasaki is never complete without a Steve Jobs story. So let’s start with one. (1:45)

How did your journey start with Canva? (2:47)

Inside the Genius Mind

The world seems to be embracing the DIY concept very well. What do you think is the reason behind the rise of DIY? (4:09)

As an experienced surfer yourself, how do you find the right wave both in the ocean as well as the business world? (5:29)

Do you find any big tech leaders today making the kind of predictions that you believe are gonna be completely proved wrong in the future? (6:52)

What are three tips Guy Kawasaki would give to marketers around the world to crush it with Visual Marketing? (8:44)

What do you think is stopping brands from using Visual marketing? What is one piece of advice you will give that will convince them to start right away? (10:40)

Make meaning to make money. I have always been fascinated with that. But when a company is starting out, how do you think they can find their meaning? (12:55)

Picking the Genius Brain

What defines a great product? Form or Function? (14:37)

Do you believe that the latest iPhones would have made it to market in the same form and function if Steve Jobs was still around? (14:49)

Apple without Steve Jobs. Do you think its the same or is it different now? (15:46)

Give us one reason why people should pick up your recent book “Wise Guy” right away! (16:55)

We got to see a couple of Jobs movies. A Kawasaki movie is definitely something I would like to watch. (18:06)

Rand Fishkin’s Video SEO Secrets: SEO Tips + His Untold Story [Video]

Video SEO is a powerful tool to promote your content on visual platforms such as YouTube. Whether you are a brand new channel with zero subscribers or you are an influencer with millions of followers, SEO is a powerful way to get the likes, shares and comments that your content deserves.

In this episode of Animaker Genius Talk, we pick the brains of the world’s leading SEO expert Rand Fishkin to find out his Video SEO secrets.

Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz and the host of the world famous, “Whiteboard Friday” series. He has now moved on to his new venture, SparkToro – A search engine for audience intelligence.


I think it’s Google illegally using its monopoly power – 20:13

YouTube is a very powerful way to get ranked in the search results and get multiple rankings in the search results – 20:23

I think we are going to see a lot more of the domination of YouTube videos by a few brands that invest very heavily in YouTube – 23:50

The only better time to start than today is five years ago – 24:55


How did you come up with the idea behind Whiteboard Friday? – 5:03

Tell us how you came up with the spark behind SparkToro? – 7:44

How is video SEO and ranking on YouTube different from Google SEO? – 16:33

3 Major video SEO predictions for 2020 from Rand Fishkin – 22:13

Do you believe YouTube will ever be replaced? If so by whom and when? – 25:18

Do you think voice search will create an existential threat to classic text search anytime soon – 25:44

Which according to you is a brand that is crushing it with videos? – 27:05

Tell us three reasons why people should go pick up your book right away? – 28:04

How to Skyrocket Your Personal Brand Using the Power of Videos? [Video]

Evan Carmichael is a successful Entrepreneur and YouTuber who started his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 19. After successfully selling his business at the age of 22, he started out as a keynote speaker delivering motivational speeches across the globe.

He then started a motivational YouTube channel that focuses on inspiring and helping entrepreneurs. Today, his channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and he is one of the leading influencers in the field of motivation and entrepreneurship.

On this Episode of Animaker Genius Talk, we pick the brains of Evan Carmichael to find out, “How to skyrocket your personal brand using the power of Videos?”


The quantity leads to the quality (11:05)

Expect to suck start and keep going (14:39)

Be more patient with the results and be more impatient with yourself (16:54)

Genius Journey

Tell us your journey from a 19-year-old Entrepreneur to this prolific motivational speaker and YouTuber? (1:04)

You are a big advocate of the power of one word in creating a brand! Your word is “believe”. For us at Animaker, our one word has always been, “Creativity”. Tell us the story behind how you came up with the word and also in the process show our audience how they can identify their “one word”! (2:28)

Picking the Genius Mind

Today, Evan all of us recognize you through the amazing personal brand that you have created through videos! That leads us to the primary question of the interview, as business owners, entrepreneurs, and video creators, how can we create a personal brand using videos? (5:09)

I read that you recorded 700 hundred times on camera before you felt comfortable! What are your tips for our audience so that they can get to that 700th shot quickly at first try? (7:42)

You churn out a lot of videos from your channel! I think you release almost 3 videos every single day! From your experience what is the ideal video frequency for attaining optimum growth without compromising on quality? (10:12)

You have covered a lot of amazing things that we can learn from celebrity entrepreneurs. But, as a budding entrepreneur, when I watch all those videos my first impulse is to copy them. What is your advice to overcome this impulse, learn from the greats and yet stand out bring your unique style? (12:15)

Inside the Genius Mind

Who is your favorite YouTuber apart from yourself? (14:06)

You have made multiple videos of two major tycoons of the silicon valley, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Which of these two celebrities have you covered more and why? (14:15)

What is the one message that you want our audience to take away from this interview? (14:32)

3 Motivational tips for YouTubers to stay consistent on YouTube? (16:02)

How to Create a Video First Content Marketing Strategy in 2019? [Video]

In this episode of Animaker Genius Talk, one of the world’s leading content marketer Andy Crestodina breaks down, “How to create a video first content strategy for businesses in 2019?”

Andy is one of the leading experts in content marketing. He is also the author of the very successful book called Content Marketing Chemistry.


Stop sending emails, make a video your conversion rates and closing rates will be higher (7:49)

Organic reach for video is 100x or a 1000x that of a normal post (17:19)

Video testimonials are some of the most powerful content you can put on a sales page (19:25)

Genius Journey

We like to understand how your journey with content marketing and digital marketing began? (1:05)

Content marketing chemistry! It’s an amazing book, share with our audience the thought process behind the book? (3:04)

Inside the Genius Mind

you believe video will eventually replace high stake emails in all across business communication which includes marketing sales and customer support Can you tell us why you believe this? (5:52)

A lot of companies should be getting into video marketing! Yet we see a small percentage of companies doing it! What is the problem and how can we solve it? (8:43)

For companies which are diving into videos. Can you tell us how to go about actually creating a video marketing strategy? (10:50)

How do you think businesses can use social media especially video content as a lead generation magnet? (15:40)

3 important techniques for business to start leveraging video marketing? (18:06)

3 major benefits that you can get out of placing a video on your website? (19:58)

Picking the Genius Brain

What kind of videos would you personally be interested in making right now? (22:10)

One brand you believe is crushing it with videos? (22:38)

One interesting video strategy that you would suggest and you would like to see brands utilize more? (23:24)

How Can Global Brands Penetrate the Indian Market? [Video]

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. All major global brands are on a lookout to enter the Indian market. In this episode of Animaker Genius Talk, we pick the brain of India’s top digital marketing specialists to find out how global brands can penetrate the Indian market using digital marketing!

Questions on the Show

Genius Journey

Digital Vidya is one of the leading Digital marketing training companies in Asia! Where did it all begin, tell us the story behind this amazing company (1:30)

One of the main reason why international institutions are apprehensive about getting into digital marketing training is the rapidly changing nature of the industry. How do you manage to keep yourself and your courses up to date with the latest trends in the industry? (3:30)

How do you think L&D departments in big corporate companies are open to adopting you know latest technologies such as digital marketing both in terms of equipping their employees as well as practicing it themselves? (6:35)

Picking the Genius Brain

India has a reputation for being a highly price sensitive market! How do you think global brands can utilize digital marketing as a means to tackle this problem? (9:49)

the Indian market as a whole has a kind of reputation for being a little bit on the price-sensitive side right so this can be a major challenge for global companies. what are the tips that you can give us as an international brand to tackle this problem? (9:50)

Do you think brands should diversify into various languages? and if so what is the base number of languages that they need to diversify into to actually get a strong foothold in the Indian market? (13:04)

What is your suggestion for brands to leverage the nascent stage of the influencer network to build a strong influence in India? (16:16)

what do you think are three major obstacles that are stopping entrepreneurs and brands from leveraging the power of video marketing? (19:10)

Inside the Genius Mind

What are the three main things that a brand should keep in mind while drafting its digital marketing strategy for India? (18:21)

three points that a global company should keep in mind why we should choose India as their next market as opposed to any other Asia Pacific region? (20:38)

How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business? [Video]

Video is a powerful tool to promote your business in the digital world. Whether you are a brand new business with zero clout or you are an MNC with millions of customers, video is a powerful way to reach your right audience!

In this episode, we pick the brains of Michael Brenner to find out, “How to make video marketing work for your business?”


what’s the future of marketing… it’s visual…its video (5:51)

there’s a difference between marketing with a piece of video and video marketing (6:51)

most people think marketers are liars (12:11)

brands that do not create video content are not gonna rank as high as brands that do (16:35)

Genius Journey

Every great story always has a great beginning all right today you’re one of the world’s leading keynote speakers, especially in the areas of marketing and leadership but how did it all begin. Tell us your origin story! (0:51)

In this whole journey where did content formula come into the picture? (2:45)

Inside the Genius Mind

Let’s assume I am a part of a corporate marketing team and I have to convince my CEO
to convince him to start creating videos! What should I tell him to start creating videos right away? (4:33)

How do you measure the ROI from video marketing? (6:38)

What are the fundamental points that a business should remember when they are
talking out their video marketing strategy in 2019? (8:38)

How should a brand pick the topics that they should talk about in their video content? (10:40)

Picking the Genius Brain

Can you draw a quick diagram to show the power of video marketing especially as a
part of the content strategy in 2019? (13:33)

Text content vs video content? Which one should a brand focus on in 2019? (15:19)

What is one message to the brands out there who are on the fence about jumping in video marketing? (16:48)

How to Grow My YouTube Channel? Part – II [Video]

“How can I grow my YouTube channel”, this is a question that lingers in the mind of every YouTuber. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you already have a huge following, there are always a few ways to improve.

This is the second part of our conversation on Animaker Genius Talk, with successful YouTuber and Live streamer Nick Nimmin to find out the answer to the existential question of the YouTube world, “How to grow my YouTube channel?”.

Nick is a successful YouTuber and live streamer with a YouTube channel that has over 250,000 subscribers. He specializes in creating content that helps other YouTubers make better videos! YouTubers from across the globe join his weekly live stream, “Nimmin Live” to learn amazing tips and engage with fellow content creators!


People end up finding other creators to collaborate with because of my live stream (8:00)

I don’t find myself watching IGTV anymore (18:28)

YouTube for me and making video content has changed the trajectory of my life (25:14)

Questions on the Show

3 biggest mistakes that youtubers are doing right now? (0:50)

How did live stream really help you grow your channel? (7:29)

Tell us your thumbnail secret? (10:40)

Inside the Genius Mind

Favourite youtuber apart from yourself (14:09)

Most interesting viral YouTube video that you saw recently (14:16)

One reason why anyone should become a YouTuber and one reason why they shouldn’t (15:30)

Is IGTV an existential threat to YouTube? (18:14)

Can you imagine a world without YouTube? How would that world be? (20:45)

How can you translate the skyscraper strategy into YouTube? (22:51)

One message you want our audience to take from this interview what would that be? (24:34)

How to Get Your First 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube? [Video]

Brian G Johnson is a leading expert in the world of YouTube. He transformed from a professional chef into a digital entrepreneur over a decade ago and since then invested heavily in videos. His YouTube channel “Brian G Johnson TV” has nearly 50,000 subscribers. It focuses on helping creators make better videos.

In this episode of Animaker Genius Talk, Brian G Johnson reveals, “How to get your first 10,000 subscribers on YouTube?”


you need the knowledge of how SEO works but you also need the authority. (14:05)

I believe it comes down to sacrifice. (15:30)

if you really focus on the process rather than the result, the process of making a great video, learning to edit, learning to make thumbnails, learning how to speak on camera, learning and learning then over time you will start getting the result that you set out to get. (21:32)

Questions on the Show

Tell us how your journey started off in the YouTube world? (1:15)

Why did you choose to write a book instead of a video series?” (3:05)

Picking the Genius Brain

How do I get my first 10,000 views and my first 10000 subscribers? (5:37)

How do you pick the keywords for which you have to rank on the first page and more importantly how do you make sure that you stay on the first page of that search word? (9:24)

As a beginner on YouTube, how do you get discovered you know when we talked about (14:15)

Do you really believe the YouTube algorithm will give preference to the monetized video in ranking because they can generate revenue from it? (16:16)

As beginners, what is the advice that you would give us in finding the right niche? (18:43)

Tell us the back story behind your successful Facebook group? (22:13)

Inside the Genius Mind

Your favorite youtuber apart from yourself? (28:58)

What is that one moment at which your channel just blew up? And what was the reason behind it? (29:09)

What are 3 important steps that you are taking right now to take your channel to a million subscribers? (30:24)

When is the best time to monetize your channel? (31:38)

What is the one message that you want to share with the Animaker community who are watching the video today? (32:24)

How to be Successful at Influencer Marketing in 2018? [Video]

Influencer marketing is touted to be the future of digital marketing! Is it true? How to become a social media influencer? Watch the world’s leading influencer marketing specialist, Shane Barker break down everything you need to know about influencer marketing in 2018.

Shane Barker is the world’s leading expert in the field of Influencer Marketing. He has been named one of the top 100 most influential people in influencer marketing along with celebrities such as Gary Vee and Lilly Singh. He is also a celebrated digital marketer who has been featured in sites such as Forbes, Inc., Search Engine Journal, Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur etc.

He has a passion for influencer marketing and he is now teaching brands and influencers on how to create successful influencer campaigns. He teaches, “Personal Branding and Becoming An Influencer” at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

In this episode of Animaker Genius Talks, Shane Barker tells us everything we need to know to be successful in Influencer Marketing in 2018.


Just because they have a huge following doesn’t mean they have the right following. (6:49)

Anybody can be an influencer. (9:36)

The people that don’t do good at influencer marketing are the people who don’t know what they are doing. (15:59)

Influencer Marketing is like finding a wife. (18:29)

Not everybody will work for free. (27:56)

Questions on the Show

How to calculate ROI from Influencer marketing? (10:51)

Biggest Misconceptions on Influencer marketing? (13:31)

No.1 advice for social media influencers in 2018. (26:06)

What are the various categories of influencers? (27:47)

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Brand? [Video]

Video marketing strategy is an essential part of every successful video marketing endeavor! Today let’s find out how to create a successful video marketing strategy for your brand from “The Video Godfather”, Lou Bortone.

Lou Bortone is a leading Video Marketing specialist who has worked with several top brands and influencers from across the globe. He has also authored three amazing books. His latest book is called, “Video Marketing Rules”.


You can create a video from anywhere (1:22)

They don’t care about the platform they only care about the content (3:49)

Tv is becoming internet and internet is becoming the TV (3:59)

You really don’t know what your customers want unless you go out and specifically ask them (6:26)

Now videos are vertical (13:32)

Difference between a viewer and a fan is engagement (14:55)

Stay viewer centric (19:52)