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Top 11 YouTube Channel Ideas [Based on most Subscribers and Views]

YouTube is a gigantic platform that houses billions of videos of different kinds. It is mammoth-like and gives solutions to any problem in the world. 

While there are platforms that might fail to provide a proper answer, it is tough NOT to find a video on a particular topic on YouTube. Well, it didn’t become the world’s second-largest search engine for nothing, did it?

If you are one among those willing to educate fellow humans (or any species for that say… no discrimination, you see!) using YouTube as the medium, well…

YouTube channel ideas

Now that you have decided to create a channel, you might be feeling wary of choosing the right idea/theme for it. And it is okay to feel that way because not all channels are successful. On the one hand, choosing the wrong idea in the very first place can backfire big time. On the other hand, the right notion poorly presented can affect the whole point.

So, to help you choose the right youtube channel idea and make you go…

YouTube channel ideas

Here we present our top 11 YouTube channel ideas, in no particular order.

  1. Photography and Videography Channels
  2. Educational Channels
  3. Gaming Channels
  4. Vlogging Channels
  5. Tech Channels
  6. Fitness Channels
  7. Political Satire/News Channels
  8. Comedy Channels
  9. Makeup Channels
  10. Experiment Channels
  11. Toy Reviews Channels

To make life easier for you, I have included an example video and the corresponding channel link for each category.

Psst psst… towards the end, I have also mentioned a unique method. In addition to all these youtube channel ideas, this method can boost your channel and its audience.

It’s time to start taking notes to create the perfect channel!

1. Photography and Videography Channels

Not everybody is gifted with an aesthetic sense. Only some have the talent to view and capture things in an artistic manner like this…

Or make a radio station look like an alternate universe.

If you are amidst those with such an artistic sense, you can start either a Photography or a Videography channel, depending on your field of expertise and comfort. In your channel, you can talk about anything that involves these two niches, starting from the basics to techniques that can be followed while filming. You can even review gadgets and properties that can help while shooting, give your viewers editing ideas, tips, and more.

Check out these two experts.

  • Photography – Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is a photographer whose channel has 5.04 million subscribers and 383 million views. He is best known for his photography and cinematography tutorials, where he talks about different types of photography like Texture Photography, Underwater Photography, etc. He also reviews various types of cameras, their lens, and other gadgets that help him.

Besides, he suggests tricks that can help viewers better their photography skills. And wait, he doesn’t stop there. He also teaches how to edit photos and gives tips on using Photoshop and Lightroom. 

In short, this guy is a one-stop-shop for photography. You can choose him as an inspiration and learn how your channel can be started and grown. Here’s a video from him.

  • Video – Parker Walbeck:

Parker Walbeck is a Videographer who runs an online film school named Full Time FilmMaker [need I say more? 😉 ]. His channel has 1.18 million subscribers and 59 million views.

Like Peter McKinnon, Parker covers everything about videography in his channel, right from A to Z. While Peter talks about both photography and videography, Parker sticks to videography and educates all on the essentials of video making. Check out this video of his.

Both Peter and Parker make photos and videos that are a sight for our sore eyes. They focus on helping out fellow filmmakers and work towards forming a friendly neighborhood like…

video ideas for youtube channel

2. Educational Channels:

Like I had mentioned earlier, people come to YouTube mainly to find answers to their questions. 

So it makes perfect sense to create videos that would help the audience find those answers and educate themselves.

Starting from students to adults, anybody who wants to learn online opt for YouTube videos. That’s because educational videos are free and readily available on YouTube. So, if you are one of those that want to educate fellow citizens, an educational channel is the way to go.

While there are numerous channels that do this, a great example of this is Khan Academy. Khan academy is a cool channel with 5.91M subscribers and more than 1.7 billion views. It focuses on helping out both teachers and students improve their skills to make education and learning more fun.

Here’s a video from Khan Academy.

3. Gaming Channels

Would you believe that the channel with the second-highest number of subscribers started as a gaming channel? 

Well, whether you believe it or not, that’s the fact!

PewDiePie is the proud owner of this channel with a massive 107 million subscribers and more than 26 billion views. He started by posting Let’s Play videos, which featured recordings of himself playing horror and action games. His gaming skills and eccentric humor helped him gain followers fast, and the rest, as we say, is history! Check out this video from him with over 9.6 million views.

So, if you are a hardcore gamer, start a channel and showcase your gaming skills to become the next PewDiePie or the first <insert your channel name here>.

Here’s a list of gaming YouTube channels for you to draw inspiration from.

4. Vlogging Channels

Vlogging channels have been gaining popularity since forever! And the best part about it is that you can choose any topic of your interest and vlog about it. As long as your content is catchy and you present it interestingly with passion and enthusiasm, you’ve set the bar right!

Check out this list to get inspired and hone your Vlogging skills!

For starters, here are some biggies from the different types of vlogs from whom you can draw inspiration:

  • Lifestyle vlogging 

Lifestyle vlogging is the practice where a vlogger records their daily activities. They showcase their day-to-day life, their opinions, hobbies, and everything on their vlogs. And the pioneer of this style of vlogging is Casey Neistat.

video ideas for youtube channel

Casey Neistat’s channel has 12.2 million subscribers and more than 2.8 billion views.

He is a legendary vlogger who had increased his subscriber count from 1 million to 4 million in 12 months. He is admired by many, thanks to his daily vlogs that lasted for 800 days straight.

His videos are too cool that Nike had approached him to make a commercial on the topic Make it Count. This guy, instead of making a proper commercial, used the money provided by Nike to travel the world. As usual, he made vlogs on his journey and compiled those vlogs into a commercial. Here is that commercial. Interesting, much?!

Here’s an awesome video of his.

  • Travel vlogging

I am sure that the travel bug might have bitten every person in this world at some point in their lives. Especially after a long week at work, all of us would have felt the urge to drop everything then and there and go on a looooong vacation. As much as the idea of going on a holiday sounds good, not everybody is confident enough to go on a trip without prior research.

To get a good idea of the place they want to visit, all “travelers” lookout for sources that will provide authentic views and reviews. Starting such a travel vlog would turn out to be a huge favor for both ends: for the viewer, as they get to see raw footage of their next destination, for you, as your videos will automatically gain views.

These videos can cost you a lot in the beginning; there’s no doubt about that. But once you start posting awesome videos and start gaining popularity, you might even get sponsors coming your way (provided your videos are top-notch!). If you feel that you cannot shell out money, you can make life hack/advice videos for travelers to prepare themselves before and for the trip. 

Drew Binsky is one such traveler who posts videos daily from his travel adventures. His channel has 1.91 million subscribers and 372 million views. He aims to visit all the countries globally and is currently in the 191st country out of the world’s 197 countries. Check out this video of his.

Here’s a list of other travel channels for you to check out.

  • Food vlogging

You might have caught yourself ogling at several cooking videos often. Even if you were not cooking or were not in a mood to cook, you might be into such videos. That’s because food has the best relationship with humans. It speaks to the heart, mind, AND stomach at the same time. Aren’t all these enough reasons to start a channel on food?

youtube channel ideas for beginners

Suppose you are among those with “Gordon Ramsey” and “Maggie Bear” hidden inside, good for you! You can give a demo of your own/inspired recipes on your channel.

Or, if you are from the group that sticks to tasting food rather than cooking it, then voila! You can dedicate your channel to “Food review” like the Food Ranger.

The Food Ranger has over 4.49 million subscribers and 600 million views. He is known for traveling around the world and trying out local delicacies during his expeditions. Some of the dishes are quirky and not for the faint-hearted. But his videos sure do make our mouths water. Here’s a video from him.

Check out this list to know more about food channels.

The list doesn’t end here. There are Personal Vlogs, Business Vlogs, Comedy Vlogs, and many more. Find your niche, and keep soaring!

5. Tech Channels:

In this digital world, everything is dealt with and governed by technology. Right from kids to adults, we are all on our phones or tablets or laptops always. Saying that our mobiles are like our third hand wouldn’t be an exaggeration. And it proves that,

youtube channel ideas for beginners

So to all the tech-savvy citizens… here’s the stage for you to showcase your knowledge and spread the word. You will also notice yourself learning a lot on the move, cuz technology is a big, wide world and offers a lot to the ones with their ears open.

This channel type will prove extremely helpful for all kinds of people: the noobs, the tech-savvy humans, and the “somewhere-between-a-noob-and-a-pro” person. Even if you are a pro, you might not remember all facts and specs regarding technology, smartphones, the internet, and gadgets. So, your channel can be a huge savior for those in doubt.

A great example of such a tech channel is Marques Brownlee. Marques has 12.2 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views. Starting from smartphones to speakers, headsets to cameras, laptops to robot dogs, he reviews and talks about anything technical. He has also interviewed big shots like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Satya Nadella in his playlist named “MKBHD Interviews.” Here’s a cool video of his.

6. Fitness Channels:

At some point in time, people become conscious of their body and weight. They start taking special care of themselves, go on a diet, make a new year’s resolution to shed those extra pounds, and register in the gym, only to find their lazy selves not able to move their asses.

So, they come to the internet looking for ways to shed their weight from home. And this is where your channel can be a boon for them!

You can start working out like Chloe Ting. Chloe Ting has 14.8 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views. She is known for her famous “Two-week” video series that helps the audience tone their body. She also posts videos that show the before/after transformation of those who followed her workouts. Check out this video of hers.

Note: My kind suggestion is to ensure that the tips would suit your body type before trying them. Also, workout like this,

youtube channel ideas for beginners

And not like,

video ideas for youtube channel

7. Political Satire/News Channels:

Hear, hear! It is time to voice out your opinions, mi amigos! Gone are the days where you were afraid to ask for extra ketchup at McDonald’s. Gone are the days where you had your mouth shut during shameful acts of others.

video ideas for youtube channel

So, if you

  1. Have your theories of having a better economy
  2. Feel that certain norms and practices are not suitable for our society
  3. Want to address certain disturbances and unjust doings 
  4. Want to react to certain situations, speeches, or advertisements

YouTube can be an excellent platform for you. Who knows? There might be many like-minded people who look up to your channel for inspiration, with respect. It is always better to be the change you want to see, right?

The Young Turks is one such channel. This channel uploads videos that comment on news of different genres. This channel was initially started as a radio talk show and later evolved into a YouTube channel. It has about 4.95 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views. Yeah! That’s what News can get you! Here’s an exciting video of them.

But don’t lose yourself on the quest for posting sensuous news! Remember that you are a good citizen and post the right thing. 

8. Comedy Channels:

Comedy can attract a vast audience. Though it is tough to create, making the right kind of humor can hit you the right way like this…

Also, humorous videos can create extraordinary results for your YouTube channel.

If you are wondering as to what kind of videos can be done, the list is endless. Right from prank videos as in The Ellen show to enacting like Superwoman, you can do anything.

Your Will is your way. So, start making those laughter riots!

Smosh is an extremely famous comedy channel with 25.1M subscribers and over 9 billion views. It is known for being the most subscribed channel thrice in history. They post videos once a week and are quite popular for their expressions on famous brands and phenomena. Check out this video from them.

Here are some channels for your reference.

9. Makeup Channels:

Everyone likes to look good and be presentable. But not everyone knows the steps to put on makeup perfectly…

good youtube channel ideas

If you can transform yourself into a Diva in no time, you can very well start a channel where you can demonstrate your skills.

Here’s NikkieTutorials. Nikkie is an influencer who focuses on reviewing Makeup products. She takes up many challenges and tries different methods to showcase the power of makeup and to prove how cosmetics can significantly enhance people’s features. Her channel has 13.6 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views. Check out this video of hers.

To know more about how such videos can be made, you can learn from this list.

10. Experiment Channels:

You would have seen such videos everywhere. And God knows why we get attracted to such videos! I have to admit this. Last week, I caught myself watching a 20-minute video of two men strapping a watermelon with elastic bands till it exploded!

good youtube channel ideas

Though videos like these sound silly, though we know that it is not of use to us, and though we know that we will not try it anytime in our lives, we end up watching them. And boy, aren’t they interesting?

Since YouTube is known for making us addicted to it for hours like this,

We must offer the audience some good content to watch. And if you post useful, fascinating content, the viewers are bound to come back to your channel looking for more such cool videos.

And experiment videos are a great way to catch their attention. Like reading a book or watching a movie, the audience is more interested in finding out how the video ends.

So, to make your viewers go,

Start such a channel. But please, please, please be cautious, even extra careful! It would be a shame to hurt yourself in the process of doing random experiments. Take precautionary measures and wear safety gear before doing such videos.

Haerte Test is such a channel where the creator conducts quirky experiments. Here are some for you:

  • They run their car over objects such as Jello, light bulbs, iPhones (yes, you read it right!), of many other things.
  • They fill their toilet with stuff like Orbeez balls, Firecrackers, Nutella (Sniff, Sniff!), etc., to see if they flush properly.
  • They conduct weird one-on-one battles like iPhone Vs. Firecrackers, Samsung Galaxy Vs. Gun, Car Vs. Jelly, etc.

This would have given a gist of this channel. The exciting part is, the channel has 19.2 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views. Check out this video of the Haerte Test.

A kind suggestion from my end. Refrain from wasting food items for such channels. 🙂

11. Toys Review Channels:

Getting to know a toy before buying it is of utmost importance because it involves not only happiness but also the safety of your kid. Also, instead of tempting their kids to get a truckload of toys, they can expose them to a select set and make them choose one or two, thanks to your reviews!

Here’s an exciting channel named FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review. This channel has a whopping 11.4 million subscribers and 14 billion views. It is handled by an adult who buys the latest toys and reviews them. If you plan on starting such a channel, it can be a dream come true for the child in you. Check out this video of FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review.

For these toy review videos, you can even make your kids do a cameo! Or even better, you can make the kid review their toys. Seeing a kid explain things in detail can make viewers go awestruck.

If you think that this idea does not sound convincing, well… Meet Mr.Ryan, a cute nine-year-old who runs a YouTube channel named Ryan’s world with his family’s help. He has been doing this since 2015 and has 26.5 million subscribers with 41 billion views. They post a video every day, which has helped them accumulate a massive audience. 

This channel started out as Ryan’s ToysReview, but later went on to make videos spread across different categories, ranging from challenges to animation to pretend play! He also stars in educational videos from time to time, so viewers have fun and educate themselves while watching his videos.

Check out this interesting video of him testing Marvel Avengers Thanos Infinity Gauntlet!

More YouTube Channel Ideas:

In addition to these 11 categories, you can use one from the following too:

  • Haul Videos (to show off your new purchases)
  • Business Videos (to show off your mastermind)
  • Collection videos (to show off your treasures)
  • Prank Videos (to show off your loved ones getting whacked)

Pro Tip:

Posting content in your regional language can be of huge help to those who don’t speak English. Not only will it help you share your knowledge and establish your credibility, but it will also help the regional audience connect with you more. Ensure that the quality of your video and the content is intact; you will notice your subscriber count skyrocket. Adding captions to your videos can help a wider audience, helping you to increase the subscriber count. Here are some great examples of those who post regional content:

1. Yuya – 24.6M subscribers

Yuya is a Mexican vlogger with 24.6 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views. Yuya started her beauty vlog in 2009 at the tender age of 16 under the name lady16makeup, after winning a makeup contest. Her growth has been exponential, so much so that she has a star at the Las Vegas Walk of Fame. She posts videos in Spanish and they are trendy in the world of makeup.

2. Technical Guruji – 19.3M subscribers

This channel was launched in 2015 and has amassed a whopping 19.3 million subscriber count and more than 2 billion views. Gaurav, the channel owner, posts tech videos in Hindi and educates Hindi speakers on various technical and technological aspects. In 2018, Gaurav was ranked as the first Tech YouTuber to accumulate more than 10 million subscribers.

3. Raffy Tulfo in Action – 15.3M subscribers

Raffy (Rafael Teshiba Tulfo), the owner of Raffy Tulfo in Action, is a Filipino broadcast journalist. His channel has about 15.3 million subscribers and more than 7 billion views. He is extremely popular for his participation in a number of TV and radio shows. His channel features videos that address the injustice and issues performed by those in power.

Now that you’ve got all the ideas, I am sure you will be like…

With no further delay, do all the prep work to get your channel started. Our hearty wishes for your channel to become a success!

If you have more youtube channel ideas, do add ‘em in the comments.

P.S: If you would like to create a video from scratch/edit your video, feel free to use Animaker. It comes armed with a plethora of features like Custom character builder, 100M strong stock asset library, Human-like TTS Engine, 4K video exports, Giphy integration, and more. You can check the entire feature list of Animaker here.

Check out this guide to know how to make a perfect YouTube channel.

How to Start a Vlog? [Beginner’s Guide to Become an Influencer]

Are you pumped up and ready to start a vlog, but are worried about getting lost amongst gazillion other vloggers?

Well, if I say that there is no competition, it would be evident that I am bluffing. YouTube is indeed a sought after platform, and there are many users out there who are like…

How to start a vlog

So quality and consistency can come to your rescue here. Come up with the perfect plan for your vlog, follow it religiously, improve it to match the current times, and see yourself grow.

Luckily for you, we have put together some useful tips on how to start a successful vlog, the do’s and don’ts on maintaining your vlog, and just everything you need to know about vlogs.

  1. KYN – Know Your Niche
  2. KYA – Know Your Audience
  3. KYP – Know Your Platform
  4. KYI – Know Your Inspiration
  5. KYG – Know Your Gadgets
  6. KYE – Know Your Edit
  7. KYL – Know Your Links
  8. KYS – Know Your Subtitles
  9. KYT – Know Your Thumbnail
  10. KYB – Know Your Banner
  11. KYM – Know Your Money

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down!

1. KYN – Know Your Niche

Now that you have decided to start a vlog, you must have a good idea of what your vlog will be based on and what it will look like. This should be the first and foremost thing to be done, as having a good and right start is very important.

Since this will be a long-term plan, choosing a channel theme you are familiar with and comfortable with is of utmost importance. In other words, know your niche and choose that as your channel idea.

How to start a vlog

You can take Yuya, a Mexican vlogger, for inspiration. Yuya started her beauty vlog in 2009 at the tender age of 16 under the name lady16makeup, after winning a makeup contest. Currently, her channel has 24.6 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views. Her growth has been exponential, so much so that she has a star at the Las Vegas Walk of Fame. She released a perfume in 2015, wrote two books on Makeup by 2017, and launched a makeup collection in 2017. Now, THIS is someone who knows what they want to be doing.

how to start a vlog channel

For starters, here are some niches and the vloggers who are soaring in the corresponding niches:

  1. Lifestyle vlogging – Casey Neistat (12.2M subscribers)
  2. Travel vlogging – Drew Binsky (1.89M subscribers)
  3. Food vlogging – Food Ranger (4.5M subscribers)
  4. Fitness vlogging – Blogilates (5.35M subscribers)

Similarly, there is more to the list, like Business, Humor, Makeup, etc. Figure out your niche and watch yourself soar!

2. KYA – Know Your Audience

Posting content that suits your audience is essential. Your video content should be in line with your target audience. If your vlog is dedicated to a particular age group, you can very well use the slang and terms that your audience can relate to.

how to start a vlog channel

If you target an audience across different age groups, well, you must be very careful of the terms you use. If the viewer misinterprets even one word, you will end up losing a follower. Or who knows, the story might spread, and you might lose a chunk of your followers.

Other than this, the need to connect with the audience is vital. Posting boring stuff will make the viewers go meh.

Here’s an example from the channel, Best Ever Food Review Show. This channel has 5.63 million subscribers and more than 955 million views. Check out how Sunny Side, the host of Best Ever Food Review Show, connects with the audience and keeps it engaging.

So, assess and know your troops, carve your script accordingly, and impress them with your expertise.

3. KYP – Know Your Platform

YouTube has become your second home. So, you must be aware of every nook and corner of it. You should be mindful of the way its algorithm works. Just like you know your home, you should know the interface of YouTube well.

Most newbies’ common mistake is that they fail to understand the platform that they are going to work on.

There are certain metrics that help YouTube recommend your videos to others:

  • Watch Time – It is the amount of time a viewer has watched one of your videos. The longer they watch, the better. And the more videos they watch, the more likely will your channel and videos be recommended for others.
  • Engagement – This metric will show the percentage of how long viewers had watched the video and when they stopped. The engagement graph can help you in determining the quality of your videos and cut down parts that are not useful for the viewers.
  • CTR (Click-through Rate) – This metric represents the percentage of viewers that click on the CTA provided. For a viewer to click the CTA, they should have noticed it. For them to notice it, the CTA must have been placed in a suitable place. This is where Engagement comes to help, as it enables you to understand how long a viewer watches your video.
  • Conversion rate – This metric refers to the number of conversions gained from your video, in terms of subscribers. This metric is critical because the purpose of your vlog is to gain more followers. Only if you have an eye on this metric will you improve your videos’ quality.

Considering these metrics can be of extreme importance and help while structuring your video. Once you begin to understand YouTube and the way it works, you will start planning accordingly and adopt techniques that will be in line with YouTube’s algorithm. That’s why understanding the platform is of utmost importance.

In addition to these metrics, there is another crucial factor. Consistency. Like you have heard a thousand times, Consistency is the key. As much as starting a vlog is essential; you must also be consistent in posting videos. Designate a particular day as your video-posting day, plan a schedule, and stick to it!

how to start a successful vlog

And if you miss a day, apologize and avoid repeating it!

Many other factors help in improving your video. Wondering where to acquire all this knowledge from? Well, when in doubt, choose the experts. Here are the YouTube Creators. This channel gives you everything you need to know about YouTube, right from simple tips to the latest updates.

So feed on YouTube knowledge as much as you can before starting that vlog of yours!

4. KYI – Know Your Inspiration

Once you have decided on the channel idea and your vlog idea, you would notice many vloggers pursuing the same. They might be king/queen pins and incredibly successful at it. 

Find such pioneers, mentally adopt them as your F.P.G.s (Friend, Philosopher, and Guide), and start following them. Research their journey and figure out how they have grown to become an inspiration for newbies like you!

A great personality to be inspired by for vlogging is Casey Neistat. He started posting daily vlogs from 2015. He is most famous for increasing his subscriber count from 1 million to 4 million in 12 months. That is indeed an impressive feat! He is considered a pioneer in vlogging because of his daily vlogs that lasted for 800 days straight. His vlogs concentrated more on getting the story delivered right, so the audience was naturally attracted to his videos. He has been featured in all the “big names” like The Guardian, BBC, etc. Currently, his channel has 12.2M subscribers! Here’s an exciting video that shows how his vlogs were converted into a commercial for Nike!

Be smart in figuring out as to…

how to start a successful vlog

But don’t end up copying them. The purpose is to get ideas from the experienced ones in the same field and check if there is more than can be offered otherwise.

It doesn’t mean that the idea must be brand new and not be portrayed by anybody before. Just that it shouldn’t look like your channel is a rip off of another. That would be a shame, right?

5. KYG – Know Your Gadgets

Now that you have decided to start a vlog investing in a good camera can help significantly. Though many mobiles have top-notch cameras, you cannot post videos made using your mobile forever. As and when you grow and upgrade yourself and your channel, the equipment you use should also be upgraded.

You don’t have to own expensive equipment like those Nat Geo Photographers. Do some research on cameras used by fellow vloggers and the technology that should not be missed. Also, the channel idea/theme also matters for choosing the right gadget. A camera that is perfect for vlogs shot indoors might not be suitable for travel vlogs. So, as always, do the research. 

It doesn’t stop with a camera. Here are some of the needed equipment:

  • A mike and right sounding equipment to record your voice. If the audience cannot hear your golden words, then the vlog will be of no use, right? 
  • A tripod for your camera to be in a fixed position.
  • Good lighting equipment. Your lighting setup needs to be on point. Else, when you are shooting indoors, there are high chances that the audience might miss your face or the video’s subject.
  • A teleprompter. This can do wonders in reducing the number of takes while recording. 

If your budget does not allow you to invest in high-end equipment, start with your mobile cameras, accompanied by a low-budget mike. As you grow, you can invest in useful gadgets, depending on your budget.

Here’s a video where the types of essential gadgets are compared.

Just one piece of advice. Don’t end up getting a camera like this…

how to start a successful vlog

6. KYE – Know Your Edit

Out of excitement, some might think of posting their masterpiece as soon as they finish shooting it. Well, chill out, bro/sis!

how to start a daily vlog on youtube

Your task is not done yet!

As much as your confidence is to be appreciated, you should consider some essential things. 

  1. Your video is going to be posted online under your name. Your image and credibility will be involved, and you would not want them to get affected by a video posted carelessly.
  2. There is a possibility for many to watch it and judge you for it.
  3. Even worse, they might catch and hang on to stuff that you had not intended to say or had wanted to remove.

Or, lemme make it more understandable… When we are so focused on editing our photos before uploading ‘em online, don’t you think our videos deserve the same respect and care?

how to start a daily vlog on youtube

So, to avoid getting embarrassed, you can follow a simple and most important step, i.e., editing your video.

Go through the video you have shot and try to make it as concise and clean as possible. It must be crisp and engaging. You can ensure this by introducing effects and transitions to make the video look professional. The viewer should feel that they have just seen a well-made video.

7. KYL – Know Your Links 

When you watch the videos of popular YouTubers, you would have noticed them giving links to similar/associated videos in the description or at the end of the video. Out of curiosity, the viewers would automatically click on these redirecting links when they appear at the end of the video.

how to start a daily vlog on youtube

This is an excellent technique to make the viewer stay on your page/playlist for a while. If you post your first video, you can redirect to your playlist or a registered link. Check out this link to know how to add links to your YouTube end screen.

Here’s a tip for you. IF you are thinking of collaborating, you can use the YouTube description section to attach affiliate links. But hey, this won’t happen immediately. It takes time, patience, and consistent uploading of quality videos to be recognized. But once you start growing and gain an audience in the thousands, you will notice big brands approach you. Groom your channel and see those brands flying towards you!

8. KYS – Know Your Subtitles

The purpose of starting a vlog was to express yourself and convey your ideas to the outside world through videos. But what if parts of your video are undecipherable and make your viewers go…

how do you start a vlog on youtube

Awkward, right? To avoid this, the simple trick of adding subtitles would do. Since you would have the script handy, adding it wouldn’t be a monumental task.

While editing the video using Animaker, you can easily add your subs and make life easy for your viewers.

9. KYT – Know Your Thumbnail

We have all heard of the statement; the first impression is the best. Though all do not approve it, sadly, that is how most work. And that is the case for YouTube videos too!

Even if we consider ourselves, our eyes get distracted by the pretty and professional looking thumbnails, compared to the other mediocre ones.

In fact, Statistics say that…

how do you start a vlog on youtube


Here’s more proof that YouTube thumbnails play a massive role in improving video views.

how do you start a vlog on youtube

So, your thumbnail should be treated with as much importance as your video. Just like you had edited your video using Animaker, you can use the YouTube Thumbnail Maker to create a new thumbnail in minutes.

10. KYB – Know Your Banner

The rules for this are similar to the thumbnails. Banners are for your channel as thumbnails are for your videos. Pay attention to your YouTube channel’s banner as much as you pay attention to your FB cover picture. Got it? 😉 

Check out the banner of David Dobrik.

best way to start a vlog

Not only is his banner too cool, but it also keeps his audience informed of how often he uploads videos, indirectly showcasing his consistency.

best way to start a vlog

Like you had guessed already, Animaker also offers one of the best DIY YouTube Banner Maker to create those cool banners. To reach a wider audience, you can always link your social media handles in your banner using these steps.

11. KYM – Know Your Money

Like Joker rightly said,

best way to start a vlog

So, once your videos start making a mark and gain popularity, all you have to do is…

what you need to start a youtube vlog

One can earn money through their YouTube videos by including ADs. And for that, the best practice is to make videos that exceed 10 minutes. YouTube’s algorithm allows you to have only one AD in videos for less than 10 minutes. So, the more the ADs, the more the earnings!

To be eligible for including an AD in your video, the prerequisites for your channel are:

  • A minimum of 1000 subscribers 
  • 4000 valid public watch hours over the last 12 months
  • Compliance with all YouTube’s policies and guidelines
  • An AdSense account set up

Click here to know more ways to make money using your YouTube channel. Here are the eligibility requirements for turning on the monetization features.

So, chop-chop, start that vlog of yours, and start building your followers list!

Bonus Tips:

  • Music – If you are demonstrating or reviewing something, feel free to add background music, provided you have given proper credit to the music track as per all norms. Ensure that the music doesn’t overpower/overlap your voice! Here’s a list of royalty-free music websites!
  • Username – Just like your banner, your username will steal viewers’ attention. Quirky, funny names are usually easy to remember and refer to. Coming up with terms that are in line with your vlog theme will be a plus!
  • Social Media Accounts – You should never underestimate the power of social media. It helps to spread and to establish your presence across other platforms. Through your social media pages, you can share your videos and cross-promote to increase its visibility.

I hope you have acquired everything that you were looking out for on starting a vlog. Follow these pointers religiously and I am sure you will become an influencer in no time. 

what you need to start a youtube vlog

Should you have any questions/doubts, shoot ‘em in the comments section. We will be happy to help you out!

6 Best Promotional Video Examples (& Steps to Creating One)

A promotional video is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to market and sell your brand.

83% of marketers say promotional videos give them a positive ROI, and 68% of consumers say they prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a promo video.

But the process of creating a good promotional video can be tiresome and complicated.

That’s why I’ve created this 3k-word article in which I’ll show you everything you need to know about promotional videos, from its meaning, examples, and ideas, to the steps needed to create one yourself.

I’ve left no stone unturned. This is by far the most complete guide on promotional videos ever. Put your seatbelt on, because it’s going to be a long ride. Here’s everything I’m going to cover, feel free to jump around:

Promotional Video Definition

6 Best Promotional Video Ideas and Examples

How to Create a Kick-ass Promotional Video On Your Own

What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional or promo video is a short video that promotes a company’s product or service. The best promotional videos weave a story to educate, inspire, or delight prospective (or existing) customers. It’s short yet educates people and influences them to take a step forward.

6 Best Promotional Video Examples and Ideas

Now that you know what a promotional video is, let’s take a look at 6 of the best promotional video ideas and examples you can take inspiration from to create your own.

Product Demo/Tour Video

“We asked consumers what type of video would best assist them in making a purchase decision: 15% responded with explainer video, 16% chose customer testimonials, and a whopping 69% chose product demos.” – Wyzowl

A product demo video shows your product in action. Unlike an explainer video, it doesn’t simply talk about how a product works. Rather, it shows how a product works by taking a dive into its features and benefits.

A product demo video shows users how they will go through the process of using your entire product or some of its core features. It gives your potential customers an opportunity to see your product used in everyday life, which ultimately leads to conversion.

I love Google’s launch video for Duo that demos the video calling app in a fast, easy-to-watch way.

Explainer Video

“91% of consumers have watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service.” – Strategic

An explainer video, as its name suggests, does just that — explain something. An explainer video explains how something — a product, service, or a specific feature — works. And, most importantly, it explains what sets you apart from your competition.

It’s especially useful if you offer a product or service that isn’t immediately understood. It’s typically an animation and used in the hero section of a website’s homepage or a landing page.

“What is Ahrefs?” is one example. This video explains what Ahrefs offers and shows the viewers why Ahrefs is the tool they need to outrank their competitors in search engines.

Customer Testimonial Video

“Customer testimonials are one of the top three most effective types of video content.” – Marketinghy

A customer testimonial video features a happy customer who tells the story of how your product or service solved their problems and helped them achieve their business goals.

It’s highly personable and relatable than any promotional video in that it features a person who isn’t connected to your brand talk highly of your product. 

For this reason, new prospects — especially the ones that are convinced about the other aspects of your product such as its features and pricing — feel more confident and secure about making that final purchase decision.

Calm’s customer testimonial video shares the wonderful experiences of its real-life users and serves as a motivation for others to follow suit.

Product Review Video

“62% of consumers watch product review videos before making a purchase.” – MediaKix

A product review video features a reviewer, typically an influential person in your niche, who shows the product in action and gives his unbiased opinion about it.

Prospects who watch it feel like they’re getting an honest take about your product. It’s what really proves the superiority of your product in the eyes of your prospects.

Of late, third party product reviews are the most trusted. Even more so than customer testimonials since getting one from your customer base is quite easy.

To illustrate, watch this review of Blue Apron’s meal kit delivery service by a popular YouTuber.

Company/Work Culture Video

“Brands that inspire higher emotional intensity receive 3 times as much word of mouth marketing as their less-emotional counterparts.” – Sprout Social

A company culture video showcases your company’s culture and introduces the people behind your brand. It helps you humanize your brand and gives your customers an opportunity to form a personal connection to your brand.

Also, it gives prospective employees a glimpse of what it’s like to work at your company and helps you attract the right people.

The video below for BambooHR, a cloud-based HR management software, is a textbook example. This video shares the stories of its employees and beautifully explains how work/life balance works at BambooHR — it adheres to the 40-hour workweek despite being a startup.

Event Video

“Video of a live event increases brand favorability by 63%.” – Twitter

You can create an event promo video to build excitement before an event, and during the event, you can live stream short snippets — typically highlights of the event — as live videos on Twitter and Facebook or as Stories on Instagram.

Promoting an event on social media is a great way to gain fans and followers! An event video brings the fun of the occasion to those who couldn’t make it and is reposted by the ones who made it to your event.

To give you an idea, check out this video of Google’s Pixel 2 reveal event from Verge.

How to Create a Kick-ass Promotional Video Yourself

I’ll walk you through step by step on how to create a kick-ass promotional video on your own. We have a lot to cover so let’s jump right into it.

Step One: Write a Script

You need to answer a few questions before you can start writing the script. Answering these questions provides you with some crucial insights you’d need to craft a good script. Answer the following questions:

  • Why are you creating this promotional video? It could be to drive sales, drive brand awareness, or simply educate your customers.
  • Who is the video for? The intended target audience for this video.
  • What action would you like them to take? You could want them to sign up, download an app, or contact you for further information.

With these insights you’ve gathered, you can start writing your script, but before you do that, you need to be clear about what you want your script to achieve.

A good promotional video script:

  • Grabs the viewers’ attention
  • Makes the viewers understand what you do and why you’re different
  • Keeps them engaged and at the end, makes them take some desired action

To achieve this, you can follow this general outline for your promotional video script:

  1. Problem (What): Introduce the problem your product or service solves. What is the one core problem or pain point your target audience is experiencing and can deeply relate to?
  2. Solution (How): Introduce your product and explain how it can help solve this problem in an easy-to-understand way.
  3. Unique benefits and values (Why): Why should they choose you over your competitors? What’s the one unique value you provide that would motivate them to choose you? Talk about these unique/main benefits and values you offer.
  4. Call-to-action: End the video with an action you want them to take. Make sure you mention everything they’d need to take that action, whether it’s a website address, email address, or contact number.

If it seems overwhelming to come up with a script, I understand. When you have to explain what you do, why you’re different and tell an engaging story all in a short amount of time, it can seem overwhelming even to a pro who’s done it many times over.

Don’t worry. There’s a solution. You can use a video making tool that provides you with readymade templates. Take Animaker for instance, its in-house scriptwriters and animators have come up with promotional video templates for numerous use cases and industries.

Let’s say you want to create an explainer video for your product, all you have to do is pick a template and treat it as a starting place to create your own unique explainer video.

Step Two: Decide on the Length of Your Video

Keep the script short. Restrain from talking about every single benefit or feature your product offers. Remember that you’re battling against the attention span of your audience.

Studies have shown that the shorter the promotional video, the higher the chances of it being watched till the end. 

So how long should your promotional video be? Your promotional video should be about 1 minute or less in length. That is, the script should be 130 words or less.

Step Three: Record the Voiceover

Once you have a script, you’ll need a voiceover. Here are some options:

  • Record the voiceover yourself using a high-quality USB microphone and audio recording software such as Audacity or Apple’s GarageBand. If you find the interface of the aforementioned software hard to wrap your head around, you can use Animaker’s super-simple interface to record your voiceover.
  • Hire a professional voice actor from sites such as or Fiverr.
  • Use text-to-speech software to generate a human-like voiceover. This is the easiest and effective way for anyone to create an engaging audio narration themselves. With an app like Animaker, you can instantly convert your script into a realistic, human-like voice. It lets you create voiceovers in 50+ voices and 25 different languages.

Step Four: Pick a Visual Style and Create the Visuals

A video is made up of a bunch of scenes. Each scene conveys a message and lasts for a few seconds before switching to the next and so on until the last one. 

Your goal for each scene should be to clearly communicate your message with the right visuals.

Once you’ve come up with a list of visuals you’d need to effectively communicate your message to your audience, you’d have to create or find these visuals.

What type of style would you choose to create the promotional video?

Well, that depends on the kind of promotional video you wish to create.

Do you want to create an explainer video? If yes, you’d need to create an animation. For this, you’d need visual assets such as icons, shapes, scene backgrounds, etc. Visual assets for animations are typically created by a design pro using a tool like Adobe Illustrator.

Unless you are a designer and have created this kind of visuals before, I wouldn’t recommend using these professional tools. The learning curve is steep and you’re better off using a tool that provides you with all these assets right out of the box.

Specifically, an app like Animaker provides you with thousands of readymade icons, scene backgrounds, characters, shapes, and other visual assets to convey any message or promote any product or service.

If you were to create your own visuals, you can only use them to create a simple animation that might do a poor job of conveying your message. This is because the created assets might seem unprofessional and you can’t use characters in your animation. 

Animating an icon or shape is possible, though, it’s not easy for someone that’s never used a video editing software before, but animating a character is not (more on this later).

If you want to create a product demo/tour video for your web app, or you want to create a video promoting your mobile app, you’d need screen recordings of the app. 

You’d need a tool to record your desktop or mobile screen. To record a desktop or laptop screen, you can use a tool such as Free Cam. It lets you easily record your screen. It’s a free tool that doesn’t place any watermark or impose any time limits and is ad-free. 

There are two downsides to using it though. It saves your screen recordings only in WMV format, which you’d have to then convert to a more popular format such as MP4, and it doesn’t let you record your front-facing camera. 

If your app is web-based or you want to record your screen from a chrome extension, you can use Loom. Loom lets you easily record your screen and front-facing camera directly from your browser.

Vmaker is another desktop screen recording tool (for mac and windows) that’s intuitive, fast, and free.

To record your mobile screen, you can use a tool that comes pre-installed on your Android OS or iOS; you don’t need any third-party app to record your mobile’s screen.

A good app promotional video shows the mobile app in action and explains its features & benefits using text and possibly a voiceover.

If you’re looking to create a promo video for your mobile app, you can use a tool that offers readymade templates. Here’s the thing: it’s hard to create a promo video for your mobile app from scratch and also make it seem professional.

And if you’re someone who’s got absolutely no video making experience, let the template take care of the animation part for you.

With a tool like Animaker, all you have to do is pick an app promo template, upload the screen recordings of your app, and swap the placeholder videos in that template with your own video recordings. And you’re done!

Want to create promotional videos using stock videos and photos? There are plenty of sites that offer high-quality stock videos and images for free. 

Pexels and Pixabay offer a huge library of professional stock videos and photos that are free for personal or commercial use without attribution. 

If you’re looking for premium, authentic stock videos, and photos in 4k quality, check out Animaker’s built-in library. It gives you access to 100M+ beautiful, royalty-free stock videos and photos.

If you need live videos to create your promotional video, here’s a guide on the best way to shoot a video by yourself.

Step Five: Edit the Video

In this step, you animate or edit the visuals you’d created in step four.

You can use Camtasia to create a simple animation with your graphics.

Camtasia Animated Promotional Video Maker User Interface

Here’s a tutorial to help you learn how to create an animated scene using Camtasia.

Using Camtasia, however, isn’t the most effective way to create an animation by yourself. There are better tools out there that would let you create an animation without any animated video-making know-how or experience.

An app like Animaker has been specifically created to let anyone create an animation to tell any story and for any occasion or moment.

It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface and a huge library of hundreds of thousands of readymade assets such as characters, HD stock images/videos, scene backgrounds, shapes, icons, special effects, emojis, GIFs, music tracks — you name it, it’s got it.

Animaker Promotional Video Maker Interface

It stands out from most tools in that it gives you the ability to create the web’s two most popular types of videos: animations and live-action videos. If you want to create a wide variety of promo videos, choose a tool that lets you create both these types of videos.

With Animaker, you can include animated characters to tell your story. It’s the only animation maker that has pre-animated, realistic-looking characters. I don’t think you can find a tool that provides you with animated characters more realistic than Animaker.

You can animate a character with the touch of a button. Based on your story, drop a character onto the canvas, and pick an action you want this character to perform or an emotion you want it to express. It’s that simple.

Readymade Character Animations for Promotional Videos

Also, you can build a unique character (or a mascot if you will) to represent your brand and reflect your brand’s unique personality. People come across countless brand names every day, and while it’s easy for a brand name to slip someone’s mind, it’ll be much easier for them to recall the face of a unique, memorable character.

Create Unique Characters for Promotional Videos

Moreover, Animaker makes it incredibly easy to create promotional videos that are on-brand. With just a simple click, you can customize the color of all the visuals in a scene to perfectly match the colors in your brand color palette.

Change the Colors of Visuals in the Pomotional VIdeo Scene to Your Brand Colors

If you’re using live videos in your promotional video, you can now edit and fine-tune them.

You’re going to need video editing tools to:

  • Cut or trim your video to select the part that’s relevant.
  • Add filters to enhance the video and set the desired mood.
  • Merge or join different video clips together.
  • Add animated titles to bring your words to life.
  • Add transitions to make the story flow cohesively.

You can use a standard video editor like Camtasia or Movavi to do this. If you’re a Mac user, you can use a preinstalled video editing software called iMovie to edit your promotional video.

I’d recommend you to pick an online video editor, though. Unlike standard video editors that require local installation and high-end hardware to run smoothly, an online video editor works in your browser and is lightweight.

While a professional can find an online video editor useful, it’s specifically made for non-designers, marketers, and just about anyone who wants to quickly edit videos for social media and the web.

Step Six: Add Music to Your Video

It’s now time to add music to your promotional video. For an explainer video, the emphasis should be on the explanation that it offers.

In this context, the music is merely used to help make the explanation effective. The music simply adds to the explanation and takes a back seat.

When talking about your product, using upbeat, funky music can make the product seem easy to use, and when talking about the problem your product solves, using dramatic, suspenseful music can make the problem resonate with your audience.

You can automatically lower the sound of this background music — only when the narrator speaks — using a technique called sidechain compression (or ducking).

Where do you find music tracks for your promotional video? Premium Beat, Artlist, MusOpen, and YouTube Audio Library are a few sites that offer quality music tracks.

You can find thousands of premium, incredible-quality music tracks in Animaker’s audio library. The music tracks have been categorized based on the types of videos you’d use them in, say an explainer video, or a video ad.

Or they’ve been categorized based on the kind of emotion or state you’d want to express, say fun, love, happiness, gloom, or sadness. This makes it easy for you to use just the right soundtrack for your video.

Once you add a music track to your video on Animaker, a fade-in/fade-out effect is automatically added. This effect gradually increases the volume at the beginning of your video and then gradually decreases the volume at the end of the video.

That’s everything you need to know to create a promotional video all by yourself. Now go ahead and create a killer promotional video! If you’re looking for an all-in-one video making tool to create one, be sure to check out Animaker.

Do you know any tricks or tools for creating engaging promotional videos? Let me know about them in the comment section.

YouTube Thumbnail Size: Ideal Dimensions(In Pixels) & Best Practices

YouTube Thumbnail Size

Optimize your thumbnail image for the best dimensions: 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels tall. The thumbnail should have a minimum width of 640 pixels and follow an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Ever feel like your YouTube videos aren’t getting the attention they deserve?

You’ve spent hours making your videos entertaining and informative.

But why are people ignoring them?

It might be because your video thumbnails are failing to grab their attention or give the viewers a good first impression.

Well, your thumbnail image is your video’s first impression. Because of YouTube primarily being a visual platform, the thumbnail image is the first thing your viewers will see before they read the title of your video.

For this reason, a thumbnail plays a huge part in deciding whether a person will watch or ignore a video. Moreover, it helps you improve your channel’s brand recognition apart from attracting more eyeballs to your content.

Because of thumbnails being pivotal in getting more views for your YouTube videos, we’ve put together a guide on everything you need to know about custom thumbnails for YouTube, specifically, we’ll look at:

YouTube Thumbnail Dimensions: Everything You Need to Know

How to Enable Custom Thumbnails on YouTube

How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail with Picmaker

YouTube Thumbnail Best Practices

YouTube Thumbnail Dimensions: Everything You Need to Know

YouTube thumbnail dimensions

Below is a list of technical requirements for a YouTube thumbnail image. All the following recommendations come directly from google, so it’s safe to say that they’re reliable.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Size

The best YouTube thumbnail size is 1280 x 720 pixels. The larger size has to do with the quality of the image.

If you use low-resolution images, they’ll look pixelated when used as a preview image in the embedded player, or a suggestion for the next watch.

For this reason, you want a high-resolution image that won’t look blurred when scaled up.

Minimum Width

While 1280 pixels is the ideal width, the minimum recommended width of a thumbnail image is 640 pixels. An image with a width lower than 640 pixels cannot be set as a thumbnail for a video on YouTube.

Recommended Aspect Ratio

Your thumbnail image should maintain an aspect ratio of 16:9. Aspect ratio is derived by comparing the width of the image to its height and expressing this comparison as a ratio.

An aspect ratio of 16:9 means your thumbnail image should be 16 units wide and 9 units tall.

Why 16:9 ratio? Because that’s the ratio used most often in YouTube players and previews. You could use a simple aspect ratio calculator to make sure your thumbnails follow this ratio.

Maximum File Size Limit

The maximum upload size of a YouTube thumbnail image is 2MB. Keep the file size under 2MB to be able to successfully upload it to YouTube.

Accepted File Formats

The file formats accepted by YouTube for a thumbnail image are jpg, png, gif, and bmp.

Are you looking to set a custom thumbnail image for your YouTube video? To be able to set a custom thumbnail for a video on YouTube, you need to first enable this functionality on YouTube. Read on to learn how you could do that.

How to Enable Custom Thumbnails On YouTube

A standard YouTube account doesn’t come with the ability to upload custom YouTube thumbnails. In order for your account to gain this ability, you need to verify it.

Here’s how you can verify your account and start uploading custom thumbnails:

1. Log in to YouTube

2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the page

YouTube profile icon

3. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Settings’

YouTube settings

4. In the ‘Your account’ section, click on ‘View additional features’

View additional features in youtube account section

5. Click on the blue button that says ‘Verify’ right below your channel name

Verify youtube channel

6. Choose how you’d like the verification code sent, either by text or call, then enter the phone number you’d like to receive the verification code on and click ‘Submit’.

YouTube account verification step one

7. Enter the verification code and click ’Submit’

YouTube account verification step two

You should now see a confirmation message saying that your account has been verified.

YouTube account verified message

Now that we have enabled this feature, let’s look at how to make a custom thumbnail with the perfect YouTube thumbnail size.

How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail with Picmaker

Making a thumbnail for YouTube can seem daunting, especially when you consider making one using full-blown graphic design tools that have complex interfaces and features.

While they provide you with flexibility, these tools have steeper learning curves and make it time-consuming to create even a simple image.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create eye-catching YouTube thumbnail images in a snap, you’re in luck. Picmaker is a free tool exclusively made for the purpose of creating YouTube graphics.

Being the one of a kind tool that it is, it’s been built with speed and ease of use in mind. The best part, Picmaker has over 700 pre-made YouTube thumbnail templates that are entirely customizable and have been made with conversions in mind so you don’t have to worry about creating an attention-grabbing thumbnail from scratch.

To start off simple, we’d be using a pre-made template as our foundation to create a YouTube thumbnail image in less than a minute. If you want to create a YouTube thumbnail from scratch using Picmaker, our article on How to make a smashing YouTube thumbnail in 5 mins! has got you covered.

First, sign up for a free Picmaker account(Picmaker is absolutely free, forever).

YouTube account verified message

In the next screen that appears, click on the “YOUTUBE THUMBNAILS” button to create your own custom YouTube thumbnail.

Select YouTube thumbnails from Picmaker app


Once you’re in the app’s dashboard, you’ll see that the ‘Prebuilt’ tab in the main menu is already open. The “Prebuilt” tab in the main menu has a wide collection of pre-made templates to get you going in seconds.

Picmaker YouTube thumbnail templates

Templates have been categorized to help you find the desired template fast. Choose a category by clicking on the ‘All Prebuilts’ dropdown and select the template of your choice.

Picmaker YouTube thumbnail template categories

Everything about the chosen template can be customized, from the background, text, font to the graphics and placement of design elements.

Picmaker YouTube thumbnail template customization features

Picmaker YouTube thumbnail template font customization options

The image is automatically set to a YouTube thumbnail’s ideal dimensions (1280 x 720 pixels), if you wish to change this, simply click on the gear icon in the top left corner of the dashboard to set the custom dimensions.

Picmaker YouTube thumbnail size custom setting

Once you’re done customizing the template, click on the ‘Preview’ button in the top-right corner to get a sneak peek of how the thumbnail image would look like in different places on YouTube.

Picmaker YouTube thumbnail preview button

Picmaker YouTube thumbnail preview popup

Finally, click on the ‘Download’ button in the top-right corner to download the YouTube thumbnail image onto your computer.

Picmaker YouTube thumbnail download

Great, that’s about it! You can now easily design your own custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

YouTube Thumbnail Best Practices

We’ve identified a few best practices that will help you design effective YouTube thumbnails. Here are four best practices to get you started.

Use Good Color Contrast

If you use text in your thumbnails, you need to make sure that the text is readable and draws the eye in.

How do you do that? By achieving a high contrast between the text and the background.

Two different colors have high contrast (for instance, black and yellow) while two similar colors (say, orange and yellow) have low contrast.

In the image below, the text on the left is more readable than the text on the left. This is because the color of the text on the left contrasts well with the color of the background.

high and low color contrast

Fortunately, Picmaker’s pre-made templates have been designed with this best practice in mind.

Picmakers premade YouTube thumbnail templates

If it helps, you could also use a color contrast analyzer to make sure that the two colors contrast effectively.

Use Engaging Pictures

If you want to grab the attention of your viewers and get more views for your videos, you need to have strong visuals that make your viewers eager to watch your video.

The high-quality picture should act as a teaser by giving the viewer a glimpse of what they could expect from the video.

In the example below, the thumbnail image makes you want to see these adorable puppies in action.

Engaging YouTube thumbnail image

If you’re looking for free high-quality stock photos to use in your thumbnail images, check out this list of resources.

Follow the YouTube Community Guidelines

You need to be aware of YouTube’s guidelines when designing thumbnails for your videos. Specifically, it’s against YouTube’s policies to post thumbnails that:

  • Are pornographic or sexually explicit.
  • Feature violence primarily intended to be shocking.
  • Violate copyright laws.
  • Use illegal typefaces: Use free or purchased fonts.

Keep the Design and Font Consistent

Adopting a consistent style for your thumbnails familiarizes your brand with your audience and helps them identify your content from other videos. This can help drive clicks, views and build brand recognition.

Neil Patel does a great job of staying consistent with the use of fonts and colors that match his brand perfectly.

Well branded custom YouTube thumbnails

In addition, making a thumbnail gets a lot easier when you adopt a consistent style. Using a tool like Picmaker, you could easily create a template that can be reused later for recreating your YouTube thumbnails.

Try Animaker

How to Change a Thumbnail on Youtube in 2019(With Pictures)

Are you frustrated by the low-quality thumbnail options YouTube auto-generated for you?

Are you looking to change(or set) custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos?

In this article, we give you easy step-by-step instructions on:

1. How to change a thumbnail on YouTube for a video that’s already been published.

2. How to add a custom thumbnail while you’re publishing a video to YouTube.

How to Change a Thumbnail on YouTube For a Published Video

Your YouTube account doesn’t come with the ability to upload custom thumbnails by default. In order for your account to gain this ability, you need to first enable the custom thumbnail option.

Once enabled, the process of setting a custom thumbnail for a published video is straightforward and involves just a few clicks.

1. Log in to YouTube.

2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner and select YouTube Studio(beta)’ from the dropdown menu.

YouTube studio beta

3. Click on the ‘Videos’ tab on the left side of the page and then click on the title or thumbnail of the video for which you want to change the thumbnail.

YouTube studio videos tab

4. In the next screen that appears, under the ‘Basic’ tab, you’d see a section named ‘Thumbnail’. Under this section, you’d see three auto-generated thumbnail options and a button on the far left that says ‘Custom thumbnail’. Click on this button to upload your custom image.

Custom thumbnail button in thumbnail section

5. Now select the file you’d want to set as a thumbnail and click ‘Open’. Make sure that it adheres to all the technical recommendations. In the example below, the selected image has been optimized for the best YouTube thumbnail size, is under 2 MB, is in PNG format and follows the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Best YouTube thumbnail size

6. Finally, click on the ‘SAVE’ button in the top-right corner of the page. This will save the changes and apply the thumbnail to your video.

Save YouTube custom thumbnail image

When you visit your channel, you’ll now see that the thumbnail is live! Wondering how you could set a custom thumbnail to a video while getting it published? Read on to learn how you could do that.

How to Add a Custom Thumbnail While Publishing a Video

YouTube makes it easy to set a custom thumbnail to a video while publishing it.

After successfully uploading your video, you’d see a section at the bottom of the page named ‘VIDEO THUMBNAILS’ with three images. These images are screenshots from the video you just uploaded and have been auto-generated by YouTube so you could set one of them as your video thumbnail.

YouTube video thumbnails section

To the right of these thumbnail images, you’d see a button that says ‘Custom thumbnail’. Simply click on this button to upload and set the image of your choice as a thumbnail of the video.

YouTube custom thumbnail button

Once you’ve successfully set your custom image as a thumbnail of the video, you can see a preview of it in the top left corner of the page.

YouTube custom thumbnail preview

If for some reason, you want to change the image you just uploaded, you could do that by clicking on the same image at the bottom of the page to swap it with another one.

YouTube custom thumbnail swap feature

YouTube Banner Size: The Perfect Dimensions in 2019(+Templates)

YouTube Banner Dimensions

The ideal YouTube banner size in 2019 is 2560 x 1440 pixels (2560 pixels wide by 1440 pixels tall). In addition, your banner image should meet the following size requirements:

Minimum size: 2048 x 1152 pixels

Safe area for text and logos: 1546 x 423 pixels

Maximum width: 2560 x 423 pixels

Maximum file size: 6 MB

Often, we see YouTube channels with banners that look like they were created without much thought.

This is a huge mistake.

A YouTube channel’s banner takes up about a quarter of the screen on a desktop browser. It’s easily the first place your eyes are drawn to.

When someone finds your channel on YouTube, the banner will be the first thing they notice and associate with your brand.

First impressions can make or break the perception of your channel, which is why you need to put some time and effort into creating a YouTube banner.

You need to make sure that your banner represents your brand well and makes your page look good. In this article, we’ll look at:

How to Add YouTube Channel Art

How to Change YouTube Channel Art

How to Create a YouTube Banner with Picmaker

Free YouTube Banner Templates

We’ll go through each of these steps in detail. To begin with, let’s look at how you can add a banner(or channel art) to your YouTube channel.

How to Add YouTube Channel Art

Adding a banner to your YouTube channel takes just a few seconds.

1. Log in to YouTube.

2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the page.

YouTube profile icon

3. From the drop-down menu, select “ My channel”

My channel menu option

4. In the next screen that appears, click on the ‘CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL’ button on the right side of the page.

YouTube customize channel button

5. On your channel page, you’ll see a blue button that says ‘Add channel art’. Click on this button to add a banner to your YouTube channel.

YouTube add channel art button

You’ll be given with several options to add an image as your channel banner. You can upload an image from your computer or choose from the photos you’ve saved on YouTube or from a gallery of photos provided by YouTube.

YouTube channel art upload options

Make sure that the image is big enough. If you use an image smaller than 2048 x 1152 pixels(minimum recommended YouTube banner size), YouTube will throw an error message that looks like this:

Minimum recommended youtube banner size error notification

After choosing an image from one of the options, look at the preview of how the banner would look like on different devices.

YouTube banner preview across multiple devices

If you’re not happy with how the image has been cropped by YouTube, you can manually adjust the crop by clicking on the ‘Adjust the crop’ button in the bottom left corner of the popup window.

Adjust the crop button

Note that you can only adjust the crop and not crop the image itself, with the TV space above and below it. This means you won’t be able to set a corner of your image as your desktop crop.

Adjust the crop screen

Picmaker’s YouTube banner templates have been designed in such a way that the important stuff(text, logo, etc.) on the image are always visible regardless of the device they appear on.

Picmaker YouTube banner template collection

6. Once you’re happy with how your banner appears on different devices, hit the “Select” button in the bottom left corner of the popup window to save the image as your YouTube channel’s banner.

Select button YouTube preview popup window

Wondering how to change an existing banner on YouTube? Read on to learn how you could do that.

How to Change YouTube Channel Art

If you’d like to change your existing banner and use a different image instead, simply navigate to your YouTube channel and hover over your existing banner.

When you do this, you’d see a button(with a pencil icon on top of it) appear in the top right corner of the banner. Click on this button and select ‘Edit channel art’ from the dropdown menu.

Edit button on existing YouTube banner

You’ll then be taken to the same popup window that appeared when you clicked on the ‘Add channel art’ button in step 5. Pick the image of your choice and click on the ‘Select’ button to set the image as your YouTube channel’s banner.

How to Create a YouTube Banner with Picmaker

Trying to figure out how to make a banner for your YouTube channel?

If you’ve ever tried creating one, you know that most design tools out there are clunky and difficult to use. You need to spend hours learning the software and navigating through a maze of features you’ll never use.

If you’re looking to create an attention-grabbing banner on your own, Picmaker is what you need.

Picmaker is a free online design tool specifically built for creating YouTube graphics. This narrow focus combined with its drag-and-drop functionality helps Picmaker eliminate the learning curve you’ve come to expect from other graphic design tools.

The best part, Picmaker has a vast collection of professionally designed, easily customizable YouTube banner templates that you can use to create eye-catching YouTube banners in seconds.

To get you started, we’d be using a pre-made template as our foundation to create a YouTube banner in seconds.

However, if you’re looking to start with a blank canvas and design the banner from scratch, our article on how to create a stunning YouTube channel art has you covered.

First, sign up for a free Picmaker account (Picmaker is absolutely free).

Picmaker YouTube banner maker page

In the next screen that appears, click on the “YOUTUBE CHANNEL ART” button to create your own YouTube banner.

YouTube channel art button Picmaker dashboard

Once you’re in the app’s dashboard, you’ll see that the ‘Prebuilt’ tab in the main menu is already open. The “Prebuilt” tab in the main menu has a wide collection of pre-made YouTube banner templates to get you going in seconds.

Picmaker YouTube banner templates

The pre-builts have been categorized to help you find the desired template fast. Choose a category by clicking on the ‘All Prebuilts’ dropdown and select a template that speaks to you.

Picmaker YouTube banner template categories

The chosen template is entirely customizable, from its background, text, to the graphics and placement of design elements.

Picmaker YouTube banner template customization features

Picmaker YouTube banner template font customization options

The image is automatically set to the ideal YouTube banner size: 2560 x 1440 pixels; or automatically set to the ideal size of a YouTube thumbnail, if you happen to be creating a YouTube thumbnail using Picmaker. But, if you wish to set custom dimensions, simply click on the gear icon in the top left corner of the dashboard.

Picmaker YouTube banner size custom setting

Once you’re done customizing the template, click on the ‘Preview’ button in the top-right corner to get a preview of how the banner would look like on different devices.

Picmaker YouTube banner preview button

Picmaker YouTube banner preview popup

Finally, click on the ‘Download’ button in the top-right corner to download the banner image onto your computer.

Picmaker YouTube banner download button

Free YouTube Banner Templates

Dread staring at a blank screen? Finding it hard to create a professional-looking YouTube banner image from scratch?

Want pre-made YouTube banner templates that will earn you more attention?

Gain access to over 150+ professionally designed, easily customizable YouTube banner templates by signing up to Picmaker today!

Picmaker YouTube banner maker hero section

All the templates have been set to the ideal YouTube banner size and carefully crafted by our team of in-house designers.

Start Editing a Template Now


Make animations online with our free tool

How to Make a Perfect YouTube Channel: An Expert Guide

So you’ve finally decided to start a YouTube channel for your business or personal brand!

Smart choice! YouTube as a video sharing platform has over 1.57 billion active monthly users.

Obviously, your videos won’t be seen by all those users.

That being said, even if your videos are exposed to only a tiny fraction of that user base, it can provide enormous visibility to your business that no other social channel can!

But before you get started with YouTube Marketing, it is really important that your YouTube channel is “cooked to perfection” as it can make or break your audience’s experience when they visit your channel.

In this simple quick-start guide, you’ll be seeing:

  1. How to make a YouTube Channel
  2. How to customize your YouTube Channel
  3. How to upload your first YouTube video and optimize it for search

How to make a YouTube Channel

Google has made recent changes to simplify the channel creation process. Follow these steps to set up your YouTube channel is less than a minute.

Sign in to YouTube

Signing into your Google account will also sign you into all its related services. So quickly sign in to Google and head over to YouTube. This way you’ll automatically be signed into YouTube.

If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one using this link.

Go to the settings tab

In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll find your profile icon, click on it and then click on “Settings”.

Create your channel

In the ‘Your account’ section, click on ‘Create a new channel’

You’ll see a popup window with options to create a personal channel or create a channel with a business or other name.

If you straight away enter your first name, last name and click on the “CREATE CHANNEL” button, you’ll have your very own personal YouTube channel. Here, you can vlog about your daily life or post videos about your personal likings.

However, if you’re planning to create a channel to promote your business or personal brand, you should click on “Use a business or other name”.

Setting up a brand account lets you set up and manage a YouTube channel specifically for your business. Your brand account can even have multiple owners to manage your account.

Quickly enter your business name and click on ’Create’. That’s all, now you have successfully created a Youtube channel.

Next up you should verify your brand account by clicking this link. Verifying your account lets you upload videos more than 15 mins and adds more customization features.

How to customize your YouTube Channel

YouTube allows you to customize two key elements of your YouTube channel – About section and your channel art.

To get started, click on ‘CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL’ and select the ‘About’ tab.

Add a channel description

A channel description is an outline of what your channel is all about. It gives you an opportunity to show the readers why they should watch your videos and possibly convert them into subscribers.

A channel description appears in the about tab of your channel page and in YouTube’s search results. A good description tells the reader what the channel is about and how they would benefit from following you & consuming your content.

Also, including keywords in your channel’s description can help you rank higher in YouTube search.

To add the channel description, simply click on the button that says “Channel description” in the “Description” section.

Add your contact details & Location

This could come in handy for people who’re interested in your offerings and want to get in touch with your business. Add your email address and location so that you don’t miss out on these leads.

To add your email address, click on the button that says “Email” in the “Details” section

To add your location, click on the dropdown button right below the “Email” button in the “Details” section

Add links to your social channels

YouTube also allows you add links to other social channels. These links will display prominently as an overlay in the bottom right corner of your channel art.

To add social links to your channel, click on the button that says “Links” in the “Links” section

Add a channel art

YouTube channel art is similar to a Facebook cover photo. It appears on top of your YouTube channel and hence holds a lot of importance.

Creating a channel art can be initially tricky, but no worries, we’ve already put together a simple guide on how to create a stunning YouTube channel art.

Once you have created your channel art, simply upload it and adjust the crop to preview it for various sizes and click on select to finalize your channel art.

Add your channel icon

You can also add a channel icon to your YouTube channel homepage. If your channel is to promote your personal brand, upload an image of yourself. If it’s a business channel, you can upload your brand logo.

Since Animaker is a software product company, we have our logo as our youtube channel’s icon.

To change the channel icon, click on the edit icon, upload your brand logo, crop it to perfection and click on done to finalize your brand icon.

Now you have created a completely customized YouTube channel. One good example of a customized youtube channel is our own.

How to upload your first YouTube video and optimize it for search

Now it’s finally time to upload your first video in your YouTube channel. Similar to Google, YouTube search also works based on an algorithm, hence you have to optimize each and every video you upload to ensure that they get more visibility.

To upload a video, click on the camcorder sign on the top right section of your YouTube channel and select a video from your local disk to upload.

While your video is uploading, you can optimize it for search by filling out the following fields:


The title of your video is very important. It should be compelling enough to visitors to click on watch the video.

You can also do a keyword research and include it in your title. This way it will also show up in Google results.


You can add up to 1000 characters of description for your video. But only the first 100 characters will be displayed initially. So keep the important words within the first 100 characters.

If you’re giving out links to a website or landing page, provide it in the beginning of the description.

Add Tags:

Adding appropriate tags for your videos will inform YouTube what your video is about and can broaden your videos reach.

Choose Category:

You can also pick a category for your video in the advanced settings tab and group your video with similar content in YouTube.

Customize your video thumbnail

According to YouTube, 90% of top performing videos have a custom thumbnail. This proves that thumbnails can play a key role in increasing your video’s click-through rate.

You can create a custom thumbnail by using any thumbnail maker out there.

That’s it! You’ve officially not only created a YouTube business channel, but you also know how to optimize your youtube videos for more visibility.

How to Generate YouTube Channel Name Ideas: The Complete Guide

Choosing a name for your YouTube channel can be as hard as choosing a name for a newborn baby.

It’s the first decision you’ll make in your journey towards becoming a successful YouTuber. Even some of your favorite YouTubers would have had a tough time choosing a name for their own YouTube channels.

It is very important to give a catchy name to your YouTube channel because it will be tagged to all your videos, in your channel’s homepage and even in YouTube’s search results.

However, coming up with a cool name for your YouTube channel can be intimidating, as the stakes are very high. But to make things easier for you, we’ve put together this simple guide on how to name your YouTube channel.

We’ve covered:

  1. Tips to generate Youtube channel name ideas
  2. Top 3 YouTube channel name generators

1. Tips to generate Youtube channel name ideas

Decide your channel category

Firstly you should decide the category your YouTube channel will fit in. Usually, most YouTube channel names fall under these 4 categories:

Choosing a personal YouTube channel name

Choosing your own name is the easiest approach and could really come in handy if you’re planning to be the face of your YouTube channel.

Check out Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel.

Casey is a “You only live once, make it count” kinda person. Over the years, he has been sharing his Vlogs on his YouTube channel and has a huge base of over 10.5 million subscribers.

Not just Casey, there are many other Internet Personalities and Entrepreneurs who have made it big in YouTube by naming their YouTube channel after their own name.

If you think you can follow in their footsteps, here are a few things that can come in handy:

#1. Make sure your name is unique

If there is someone with the same name as yours, look for ways to differentiate. For example, check out the examples below,

You see what I’m talking about?

#2. Go for a stage name

If your name is too hard to pronounce or it is too long, you can always consider an online name for yourself and your YouTube channel.

For example, PewDiePie’s real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Today his channel has a fan base of over 75 Million subscribers.

#3. Use Concatenations

Using concatenations is a great way to stand out from other channels on YouTube. You can simply combine your name or initials with another term that best describes your channel and make it your channel name.

Check out Marques Brownlee. His channel name is a concatenation of MKB (Brownlee’s initials) and HD, as he uploads videos only in HD quality.

Choosing a business YouTube channel name

You haven’t got much choice here, your channel name should be the same as your business name. Else, your customers will have a tough time recognizing it.

However, here are a couple of points you should keep in mind:

#1. Beware of Social Media Availability

It is helpful to have your YouTube channel name match your other social account names. This way your address will be the same everywhere and make it easy for your customers to find you.

#2. Beware of Domain Name Availability

As your business channel continues to grow on YouTube, you’ll want to start building traction off of it. Having a matching YouTube Channel Name and domain name can help you with that.

2. The ultimate list of channel name generators to come up with YouTube channel name ideas.

Having read the above tips, if you still need some extra inspiration for your channel name you can always turn to the channel name generators for some quick ideas.

Here are a few tools you should check out:


Spinxo is the go to tool for YouTube channel name ideas. It instantly suggests you the name you’re looking for.

Just type in the Topic & Niche you’re focussing on and any related keywords, then click on spin. Spinxo instantly provides you with 30 unique channel names. Chances are you’ll immediately love one of the 30 suggestions, else you can click on spin again for more suggestions.

You can also alter the keywords for more alternate channel name ideas, note down few which you think are cool and catchy and finally decide on one.


Kparser is not exactly a channel name generator, but if you’re looking for an SEO specific channel name, this tool can come in handy.

Just input the seed keywords related to the niche you’re targeting and hit start to generate SEO specific keywords. Then you can mix and match these keywords to come up with a channel name or input it into spinxo for more suggestions.

Name Generator

Name Generator is another simple tool you can look up to for inspiration on YouTube channel names. Just enter any word that you’d love to have in your channel name as prefix or suffix and click on generate for suggestions.

The only drawback with this tool is that it won’t display all suggestions at once. You have to keep on hitting the generate button for more channel name ideas.

Additional Resources:

NameChk: Use this to check for availability of your channel name as a domain name and user name on other social media channels.

Change your channel name: Tells you how to change your YouTube channel name if you already have a YouTube channel.

30+ Free YouTube Channel Art Templates [Customize and Download]

YouTube Channel Art is not something you can afford to overlook when creating a YouTube Channel.

It is the first thing your visitors will notice when they visit your YouTube channel. So it’s important to make a strong first impression.

Channel Art can be used to convey key information about your channel, including your tagline, upload schedule, your other social media accounts and so on.

You can create stunning YouTube banners within minutes these days. So, to make things easier for you, we have listed these easy-to-customize YouTube channel art templates across a wide range of categories.

All you gotta do is follow the four steps listed below,

Step1: Create a Free PicMaker Account

Step 2: Choose a template

Step 3: Edit and Customize

Step 4: Download & Upload to your YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Art Templates

Add a splash of personality to your Youtube channel with a customized channel art template from PicMaker.

#1. Guitar Lessons YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#2. Travel YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#3. Arts & Crafts YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#4. Food Vlogger YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#5. Gaming YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#6. Guitar Cover YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#7. Music Band YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#8. Cooking Lessons YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#9. Car Reviews YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#10. Explorer / Adrenalin Junkie YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#11. Health & Wellness YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#12. Makeup Tutorial YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#13. Fashionista YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#14. Gardening YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#15. Personal Vlogger YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#16. Pet Dog Funny Videos YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#17. Men’s Fashion Tips YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#18. Photography Tips YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#19. DJ YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#20. Cooking Show YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#21. Travel Guide YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#22. Music Playlist YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#23. Classroom Management Tips YouTube Channel Art

Use this template

#24. Digital Marketing YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#25. Beauty Tips YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#26. DIY Crafts YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#27. Real Estate Agent YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#28. Sports News YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#29. Parenting Tips YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template

#30. Vegetarian Recipe YouTube Channel Art Template

Use this template