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How To Make A Video Collage?
In just 3 simple steps

Upload Your Videos to Animaker’s Video Collage App

Upload the videos that you would like to make a collage of or choose from the 100M+ Stock Videos available.


Choose Your Preferred Collage Template

Pick a collage template from a massive collection of 200+ video collage themes and styles.


Customize Your Collage & Download!

Customise the collage template by adding your videos to it. Once done, download it or share across different social media platforms!

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What Makes Animaker’s Video Collage Maker the Best Collage App?

  • 200+ Video Collage Templates!

  • One for All Collage Maker

  • Adding the Masterstroke to your Collage

  • Features that go beyond just Video Collages

  • 200+ Video Collage Templates
  • One-for-All-Collage-Maker
  • Adding-the-Masterstroke-to-your-Collage
  • Features-that-go-beyond-just-Video-Collages
200+ Video Collage Templates
One for All Collage Maker
Adding the Masterstroke to your Collage
Features that go beyond just Video Collages

Now Create Video Collages using your iPhone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a collage?

A collage is a combination of multiple photos and videos in a single frame. Collages not only allow you to showcase multiple moments in one post, but they also add a creative touch to it. Whether it’s a series of vacation videos, a progression of your fitness journey, a showcase of your favorite food creations, or memories from an unforgettable birthday or a wedding; video collages let you tell a complete story.

You can create stunning video collages in just 3 steps. 1) Upload your Videos to Animaker’s Video Collage Maker. 2) Choose your favorite video collage template. 3) Enhance your collage with editing features & download it!

Yes of course, you can add music to the collage either by uploading your own music track from your device or choosing one from Animaker’s huge collection of 30,000+ music tracks!

Animaker now has an iOS app through which you can easily convert your videos into a memorable video collages. Download the Animaker App and select the “Collage Maker” feature. Here, you can upload your videos and create a collage with them as you like!

So what are you waiting for?

Create video collages with Animaker like never-before

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