Click and Choose. Drag and Drop. Edit and Play, That's Animaker - 10X Better than other Online Animation Video Making software (#DIY).
Animated Videos, Done Right!


  • Whether you are a Newbie, a Startup Founder, a social media marketer or an expert level DIY animated video maker, Animaker offers studio standard features to make your animated explainer videos with unmatchable quality. Online video making is now shockingly simple.

More than Just Drag and Drop

  • Break free from the traditional drag and drop routines and create stunning videos with Animaker's extensive pre-animated assets library.
  • Find, use and tinker with thousands of pre-animated assets -- each with inbuilt animation effects, awesome expressions, and super cool backgrounds.
  • Why wait? create and share high quality animated videos online like a pro. No training required. Just follow our tutorials.

Multiple Video Styles

2-D Animation,
2.5-D Animation,
Infographics -- Videographics, and

Put Your Business videos in the Cloud

  • Take your work with you anywhere because Animaker has its home in the cloud.
  • As a cloud based video animation studio, Animaker lets you save all your work on our secure cloud servers.
  • Create, edit and share awesome videos from anywhere and everywhere.

Simple, Yet Awesome- Animaker Multi-usage

  • Animaker is a shockingly simple, yet an awesome DIY video making app to create studio quality videos. Come and explore the animated video maker to create any type of video.
Videos for Social Media Marketing
Explainer videos for Marketing Campaigns
Videos for e-learning and training
PowerPoint Alternative
Video InfoGraphics
Animated Typography
Videos for Advertisements
Explainer or Demo Videos
Startup videos
Product Demo Videos
Corporate Videos
Video resume

Far Better than Any DIY Tool

  • Animaker is far better than any other video making tool
  • -- 10X better!
  • Why?
  • Because with Animaker, video making is
  • completely DIY -- and for us:
  • #DIY is about "Self-Sufficiency"
  • #DIY is "Being Economical"
  • #DIY is "Studio Quality"
  • #DIY is for "Everyone", and
  • #DIY must be "Easy to Learn and Simple to Use"

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Animaker is here to help everyone create studio standard animated videos like never before.
We are here to fight the big studios. And we want you to:

“ Say No to Big Studios and Instead, own one ”