The A11y checklist: How to create accessible videos using Animaker?
Animaker A11y Blog

Have you ever played a video from your phone in a noisy coffee shop without your headphones? It will be frustrating, right? Now imagine going through the same struggle every single time you try to watch a video. This frustrating inconvenience is just the tip of the iceberg when we talk about accessibility! Some viewers […]


Introducing Animaker AI – The Future of AI Animation starts here!
Animaker AI

When we launched Animaker in 2014, our Goal was to help startups and individuals create studio-quality videos without having to rely on agencies or professional video makers! Since then, we’ve consistently evolved and set the bar higher with every passing year. With Animaker 2.0 & Animaker 3.0, we introduced the world to groundbreaking features that […]


DevLearn 2023: Unleashing the Future of Learning and Development with Animaker
Animaker at DevLearn 2023

As we bid farewell to an incredible year of achievements soon, we at Animaker are poised to kickstart the following year with a fresh perspective and exciting, user-essential features implemented on our products. You (the readers and especially, our Animaker users) are the driving force behind every decision that we take – to help your […]


Thank you for being 1 in 20 Million!
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We just hit 20 Million Users! Wait! Already? Yes Absolutely! While it took Animaker 6 years to reach the first 10 Million, it just took a little over 2 years to hit the 2nd 10 Million. We at Animaker are feeling absolutely stoked about reaching this Milestone so fast. We also feel humbled and honored […]


Unveiling the Magic of Animaker at TICE 2023: Empowering L&D Professionals in Building Centers of Excellence
Animaker at TICE 2023

We are delighted to share the exhilarating highlights of our presence at TICE 2023, where Animaker took center stage, leaving attendees spellbound with our revolutionary content creation suite. Let’s dive into the enchanting journey through the event, where we transformed the experience for L&D professionals into an unforgettable celebration of innovation and learning. TICE 2023: […]



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