About Animaker

Animaker is a high-tech Software company which helps anyone to create contents in the form of videos with less effort, time & cost.

We work on new revolutionary products which use deep learning & design automation to make every Content Makers life easy.


What Can Our Animaker Do For You?

Animaker offers an extensive range of animation tools, effects and assets that will make the animation studios look primitive.

Starting from simple Script/Visualization, our cloud based online animation tool allows animators of all levels (newbie, start-up founders, and expert DIY video makers) a range of options:

  • Five Video Styles

    Handcrafted, 2-D, 2.5-D, Infographics and Typography

  • Huge pre-built assets library

    One of the World's largest collection of pre-animated assets, expressions, and effects

  • Easy-to-Use effects

    Transitions, Sound Effects, Music, and more

  • High ROIs

    With Animaker, our online animation tool, you can create potentially unlimited number of videos for your marketing campaigns

Because Animated Videos are Irresistible

Your marketing campaign needs more and more videos because the internet keeps getting faster and animated videos have become a staple diet for the content-hungry customers - it offers the greatest engagement in the shorter time.

When you want to do content marketing, you need many videos to feed the online platforms-website, Social media and forums.

Your landing page needs to tell a story and your audience craves for stories in your presentations. Conferences and events where you need to showcase your product are no different.

The studios cost a fortune.

Mastering the art of animation on your own was never easier.

The best way to create multiple videos instantly and at low cost is through a DIY video maker that is Animaker.

So we are here.

To Say No to Big Studios.


We want people to OWN THEIR OWN studio in the cloud.

Because #DIY should be about Self-Sufficiency

Because #DIY should be Economical

Because #DIY should offer Studio Quality

Because #DIY should be for Everyone

And it's not even hard to use Animaker to create high quality animated videos. It's simple and requires no external guidance.

Because #DIY should be

Easy to Learn and Simple to Use

Our Mission

Empower everyone to own an animation studio to create high quality animated videos

Imagine, Invent & Inspire

3I's of Animaker

About the Founders

Srinivasa Raghavan : CEO & Founder
He is a Product Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur & Design Visionary. He was recognized as one of the top Entrepreneurs & invited by the President of India. He helps companies like Google, AOL, Unilever, and 50+ Fortune companies to run Marketing/Video campaigns. Good at Marrying data to design. Well Travelled & worked out of London, Bay Area, Amsterdam, Las Vegas & Singapore. He did his Engineering & Masters in Technology Management at MIT, Chennai.
Loganathan : COO & Co-Founder
Aside from Operations, Logu wears many hats, including Marketing, Visual Content Design and Content Production. He is highly scrupulous in Strategy Building, Financial Planning & International Growth. Mckinsey, World Bank, KPMG & other major brands continue to benefit from his visual content design expertise. Before he got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Logu was with GE as a Business Quality Analyst for over 3 years. An Engineer from KCT, Coimbatore, Logu also has a MBA in Technology Management from MIT, Chennai.
Sridhar - Chief Evangelist / Advisor
His core expertise lies in Innovation, Incubation of Startups and Human Capital.
He has 35 years' experience co-founding Imaging startups Face Biometrics, Tele-med startup which got listed. After his 1000 ppm digital Printer career with Siemens AG in Germany [R&D, Production, Sales, C-level Management, chosen to advise the Board], he co-founded Exploit Technologies for Singapore government. Has been Advisor to reputed Aarin Capital LLP & a co-founding Mentor to Bhive workspace in Bangalore.
Sridhar is a German citizen, ex-Singapore/India resident and has a MBA from Cal-State and a B.E(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering.
Val : The Brand Controller
A keen networker, Val loves to evangelise Animaker and Bode Animation at College Campuses, Schools, Startup Incubators, Coworking Spaces and Industry events. He blogs on social media marketing. Eager to share his experience from his previous venture, he mentors startups at Wadhwani Foundation (NEN) and iB Hubs. Val is a Production Engineer from RV College, Bangalore and has a MS from Information Systems from University of Akron, Akron, OH. He had worked in the Valley for more than 10 years. An avid jogger, Val believes that food is medicine and medicine is food.

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We are here to stay. Contact us jerry@animaker.com