Visual Story of Animaker
Visual Story of
Spark of Genius
2014 March-2014
Spark of Genius!
Raghav’s failed attempt at finding an awesome online DIY animation tool capable of delivering studio quality videos sparks the idea for Animaker.
Beta Launch
2014 September-2014
Beta Launch
Animaker launches its open beta version to the public.
CII Award
2014 November-2014
CII Best Startup Award
Animaker wins CII startup award.
TNW Feature
2015 April-2015
TNW Feature
Animaker removes the barriers to creating pro-level animated videos.
Meets the President
2016 January-2016
Animaker team meets The President
Team Animaker was invited to meet the President of India for its excellence in the creative industry.
500, 000+ Users
2016 February-2016
Hit 500,000+ Users in 18 Months
Animaker app crosses 500,000 users milestone in 18 months.
Video Infographics App
2016 March-2016
Animaker Introduces Video Infographics App
Animaker Launches the World's First Video Infographics App and receives an incredible reception in the market.
Huffingston Post Feature
2016 March-2016
Huffingston Post Feature
Animaker gets featured among the best tools for content marketing on a budget
To Entire World
2016 May-2016
A Mission to serve the entire World!
Post continuous requests from users, Animaker takes up the mission to create the World’s largest Animated library adding to its already huge library of character animations and properties.
Comic Stroy Campaign
2016 June-2016
Launches first of a kind comic story campaign.
Animaker launched its comic strip series - The Mad Scientist. The campaign which was used to introduce the new and exciting Smart furry characters and reached more than 50000 readers in a week's time.
Customer Success Tour
2016 July-2016
Started Customer Success Tour (In 7 major cities around the globe)
Animaker team meets the customers and fans in San Francisco, San Jose, New York, London, Amsterdam, Singapore & Bangalore.
Language Support
2016 August-2016
Language support for more than 3 Billion people
Animaker extends the language support to more than 50 of the most spoken languages in the world. Animaker also launches its website in 5 major languages: Spanish, French, Korean, German and Portuguese.
Expansion to Germany
2016 September-2016
Expansion to Germany (Our first office in Europe).
Sridhar joins Team Animaker as the Chief Evangelist. Our global footprint reaches Germany with the opening of our brand new office in Berlin.
BitXel Award
2016 October-2016
Launch of the annual BitXel awards event.
With the long term mission of establishing Animaker as a leader in the creative space, Animaker launches Bitxel - an award ceremony to honor the people behind the innovative leaps taken by the company.
Smart Startup Award
2017 February-2017
ET Smart Startup Award 2017
Economic times awards the Smart Startup Award to Animaker for the year 2017. They also feature Animaker’s mission and the energetic team in the ET coffee table book.
Vertical Video
2017 April-2017
The World’s first Vertical Video Maker
Animaker launches world's first Vertical Video Maker with 2000+ character animations, 2700+ properties and loads of free music tracks and sfx.
Whiteboard Video
2017 October - 2017
Whiteboard Video Maker for the future!
Animaker launches a first of a kind Whiteboard video maker tool with 4 New board styles that include Blackboard, Glassboard, Notepad, and Stitchboard. Why should whiteboard videos even be white?
2,000,000+ users
2018 July - 2018
Hit 2,000,000+ users!
The Animaker family grows from 1 Million to 2 Million users in less than 12 months.
Whiteboard Video
2018 August - 2018
Animaker Launches YouTube Thumbnail Maker app.
As a special gift to it's 2 Million users, Animaker created Picmaker - A DIY Video thumbnail maker that helps users create YouTube thumbnails and YouTube channel art in a jiffy!
  • Spark of Genius!
  • Beta Launch
  • CII Best Startup Award
  • TNW Feature
  • Meeting the President of India
  • 500,000 users
  • Introducing Video Infographics
  • Huffington Post Feature
  • The New Mission
  • Comic Story Campaign
  • Customer Success Tour
  • 50+ Languages Support
  • First step in Germany
  • BitXel Awards
  • Smart Startup Award
  • 1st Vertical Video Maker
  • Introducing Whiteboard
  • 2 Million+ users
  • Introducing Picmaker

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