Create An Avatar in Just 3 Steps

  • 1. Choose Your Avatar Type

  • 2. Customize Your Avatar

  • 3. Animate Your Avatar

  • Choose-Your-Avatar-Type
  • Customize-Your-Avatar
  • Animate-Your-Avatar

The All-In-One Avatar Maker


From trendy tee shirts to flowy dresses, Animaker’s Avatar Maker has everything you will need to style your Avatar. Choose from a variety of the most fashionable clothing that will instantly grab the viewers’ attention.


Add some extra personality to your Avatar by styling them with unique accessories. From modern hats to retro sunglasses, from elegant watches to funky jewelry, our collection of accessories will make your Avatar stand out!


But the fun doesn’t end there! You can bring your Avatars to life by adding animations to them with just a single tap. You can make them wave, jump, dance, and try out 1000+ pre-built animations!

A Billion+
Character Possibilities

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How to Create an Avatar and Use it in a Video?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Avatar?

Avatar is popularly used as a mini-character version that represents and resembles a user. It is frequently used as a profile picture on social media platforms and video games to represent the user’s mood.

With Animaker’s Avatar Maker, you can make an Avatar in three simple steps.
1. Choose your Avatar type.
2. Style your Avatar with different outfits and accessories.
3. Name Your Avatar & Save it! It’s that simple. You can further add your Avatar to videos and animate them for free!

With the Animaker iOS app, making Avatars on your iPhone has never been easier. Simply choose your Avatar type, select the accessories and outfits, and that’s it. Your avatar is ready to be downloaded on your iPhone!

Once you are done selecting and customizing your Avatar, all you need to do is save it. Once you save it, your Avatar will be added to the “My Characters” section of the dashboard. From here, you can add your Avatar to the video and animate it for free.

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