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Increased Accessibility

Converting a presentation to a video allows you to easily share and view the presentation on a variety of platforms & devices. This improves the overall accessibility of the presentation/video to a wider range of audiences.

Improved Engagement

Videos are known for capturing the attention of viewers more effectively than any other form of content. Hence, converting powerpoint to video leads to an overall improvement in engagement and retention of the audience.

Greater Flexibility

Videos can be paused, played, and forwarded/rewound at the viewer’s own pace. This is not the case when presentations are considered. So, videos improve the way the data presented is consumed.

How to convert PPT to
Video Online?

Import a PPTx project
Import a PPTx project.

To convert your PPT to a video, create a free account on Animaker and head over to your dashboard to create a new project. Import your PPT Presentation to the project.

Select the fonts and transitions for the assets
Select the fonts and transitions for the assets.

Once you upload your presentation, you can select the text font, apply slide transitions, and choose from various entry and exit effects to make your video stand out.

Add music to your presentation to enhance it
Add music to your presentation to enhance it.

Choose from over 30K music tracks and sound effects from the massive music library. Select an apt tune that suits your presentation’s theme and apply it.

Customize and download your presentation
Customize and download your presentation.

Personalize your video further by adding animated assets, custom characters & lots more, and download it.


Why Animaker’s PPT to Video
converter is awesome?

Custom characters and GIFs to the rescue

Give your presentation a great personality by effortlessly adding custom characters and quirky GIFs effortlessly. This can significantly elevate your interaction with the audience.

Peppy tunes for the Perfect Presentation

Choose any track from over 30K music tracks and sound effects and make your presentation the most amazing one!

Built-in AI-powered Voiceover app to record your voice

Record your script into a voice-over, sync it with the converted video, and play/pause it whenever you want to interact with the audience. Make your presentation 10x personalized!

Super cool transitions for the best delivery

Static elements are the primary reason to detest presentations! Add Entry/Exit Effects and slide transitions to transform your presentation into beautifully animated ones.

Simple to use and zero editing knowledge needed.

With a super simple & intuitive interface, Animaker’s PPT to Video tool allows you to easily navigate through different features and turn your boring presentation into a stunning video!

Here’s what our users say

Lillian Griffith
Animaker’s PPT to Video tool is a game changer for creating dynamic presentations. The ability to add animated effects, eye-grabbing transitions, and even custom characters make it stand out from the crowd. I highly recommend it.


Lillian Griffith

Melinda Alvarado
As a student, I have been using Animaker’s PPT to video tool for several months now. It has been an excellent tool for enhancing my boring presentations with animated elements. If you are looking for ways to hook your audience to your presentation, this is the way!


Melinda Alvarado

Peter Colon
I recently came across Animaker’s PPT to Video tool and it has been a game changer for me when it comes to converting & creating presentations. I can turn my traditional presentation into a stunning video with a few clicks. With some customization here & there, I have a highly engaging video presentation ready for me.

Peter Colon

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