A globally-renowned bank cut down 70% of its Visual Communication spend by solving its multilingual content obstacle with Animaker.


A leading financial services group based in South Africa offers a comprehensive range of wholesale and retail banking services, along with insurance, asset management, and wealth management solutions.


The banking company found it challenging with their traditional, long content and the need to overcome language barriers.

The banking services group faced several challenges that prompted them to explore a suitable animated video creation platform.

  • Change the Traditional Video-Creation Method: The company needed to revamp its training programs by transitioning from traditional, text-heavy materials to engaging animated training videos. The challenge was to find a platform that could simplify this transformation.
  • Tiresome PPTs: The financial company needed to modernize its training methods by shifting from static PowerPoint presentations to engaging, interactive, character-led videos. They aimed to improve the effectiveness of their training programs.
  • Language was a Barrier: With a diverse customer base that included non-English speakers, the need for instructional and how-to videos in the localization of languages became a paramount challenge. The company’s customers faced language barriers, making it challenging to understand banking procedures. Bridging the language gap was essential for ensuring comprehension and learning.
  • Resource Limitations:Converting their financial documents into easily consumable video content was a time-consuming task that required a solution to expedite the process.


The financial company created engaging animated training videos with multilingual voice-overs and subtitles.

To address these challenges, the financial giant explored various video creation platforms. They evaluated two primary options: Animaker and one of its competitors. Animaker presented a compelling solution by showcasing the following differentiators:
  • Extensive Library of Asset Resources:Animaker offered an extensive library of resources, enabling the organization to access a wide range of assets to enhance its video content.
  • Create Animated Training Videos Easily: Animaker provided a user-friendly platform that allowed their training team to create animated training videos easily. The platform's intuitive interface and pre-built templates simplified the video creation process.
  • Increased Scene Limit: Animaker provided flexibility with an increased scene limit, enabling the employees to create more comprehensive and informative videos.
  • 500+ Character Actions: The platform featured a variety of character actions to create dynamic and engaging training videos.
  • Convert PPTs to Videos Instantly: Animaker also helped in converting monotonous PPTs into engaging character-led videos using the exclusive ‘PPT to video converter’ feature. PPT-to-video-converter
  • Animaker’s Text-to-Speech: The platform included text-to-speech functionality, allowing the team to convert written content into spoken words, making videos more engaging and accessible. Animaker’s human-like voice-over feature has 50+ languages that helped the giant company convert its text to speech in 200+ voices. human-like-voice-over-feature

Moreover, Animaker provided a detailed comparison table between Animaker and one of its competitors, highlighting the advantages of choosing us.


  • The relationship between the financial giant and Animaker remains strong, with ongoing collaboration and support.
  • The organization is planning to expand its usage of Animaker.
  • Animaker successfully addressed the company’s challenges related to training transformation, customer communication, and resource limitations.
  • With a competitive edge in features like the stock library, text-to-speech, increased scene limit, and character actions, Animaker emerged as the preferred choice, fostering a fruitful partnership that continues to grow.
Use Case:
Learning and Development, Communication
South Africa