Unlock Limitless Potential Through an AI-Powered Internal Training Strategy!

Engaging employees effectively poses a challenge, often due to outdated, time-consuming processes that impede learning experiences, reducing the overall success rate of the L&D program.

To succeed on the L&D front and increase your organisation’s ROI you need a strong AI-powered internal learning strategy. This innovative approach utilises AI to reduce course creation time and helps replace legacy processes. Incorporating AI into the heart of the organisational learning strategy doesn't just benefit employees; it's a strategic move that maximises impact and sets the stage for success.

Your Key Takeaways from the webinar will be:
  • The core challenges in the L&D Landscape
  • What is an Internal Learning Strategy? How to Craft One for Your Organization?
  • How to incorporate AI technology into Learning?
  • How to Combine AI with Traditional Technologies to Attain Measurable Results?
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Presented by

Sameer Pant

SVP, Global Sales & Revenue Growth

Deepak Raj

Account Executive

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