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Here’s why Animaker’s Subtitle
Generator is awesome!

Instantly Generate
subtitles with Animaker AI

With the power of AI, Animaker’s Automatic Subtitle
Maker recognizes speech, generates subtitles,
and adds them to your video. All you need is one click
to generate accurate subtitles in a jiffy!

Format your subtitles
like a pro!

Maintaining Brand identity and abiding by brand
guidelines is very important for creators as well as
companies. With the help of its Full featured Text editor,
Animaker lets you customize your subtitles completely
and format them to fit your brand guidelines.

20+ Cool Animations
to spice up your subtitles

Animations make everything better, don’t they?
The same applies to Subtitles too! Animaker’s
Subtitle Generator lets you add more than
20 awesome animations for your subs, making
them cooler than ever!

Auto Translate
to 100+ Languages

One of the major purposes of Subtitles is to make
videos accessible for all, irrespective of language.
Loaded with 134 languages, this subtitle maker gives
you the power to make your video understandable
to people from every corner of the world.

Manual Subtitling
for the Experts!

Wanna get your hands dirty and add the subtitles
yourself? Well, there’s an option for that too!
For perfectionists who want to construct everything
from scratch, the Manual Subtitling option helps
write subtitles themselves.

How to Auto Generate Subtitles

In just three simple steps
Drag and Drop Files Step 1

your video

Add your video to
Animaker by simply using
drag & drop (or) selecting it
from your computer.
Auto subtitle Step 2

Subtitles with AI

Once uploaded, simply click on
‘Auto Subtitle’ and wait for the
AI to do its magic trick. Voila!
Your subtitles are added to
your video automatically.
Download Step 3

and Download

You can customize the subtitles
further by adjusting times, changing
text format, etc. Once you finish
customizing, you can simply
download the subtitled video.

Why are Subtitles important
in today’s world?

Improve your Video’s Retention metrics

Subtitles can help you comprehend and understand the video better. The combination of audio and textual elements can help people retain the information in the video. This eventually encourages people to watch the video till the end.

Your No.1 friend on social media

Retention metrics influence and improve social media metrics on a greater level. Also, majority of the users watch social media videos on Mute. To help such users understand the real essence of the video, captions help on a greater level.

Break the Language barriers

Videos are meant to be enjoyed by all, irrespective of their challenges. And that’s where subtitles come in! Animaker’s Subtitle Generator smashes all language barriers and makes videos accessible for all through transcription and translation!

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Here’s what our users say

Jim Adams
Presenting my product explainer video to my Japanese clients was made easy, thanks to Animaker’s Subtitle Maker. Without subtitles, our explainer videos needed a translator for understanding. But now, the process is quite simple.

Jim Adams

Account Executive
Amy Carrie
I have used a number of generators, but none of them let me edit the generated subtitles. I either had to use them as they were or chuck the idea of subtitles.


Amy Carrie

Content Creator
Phil Martin
Animaker was the only Subtitle generator that not only let me edit subs, but also highlighted the parts it generated with mistakes. Easy for me to note the mistakes and correct them!


Phil Martin

HR Manager
David Duncan
Was looking for a tool that let me add subtitles in a “non-conservative,” funky way and found this! My video was awesome, with cool animations and text effects!


David Duncan

Social Media Marketer
Jennifer Allen
Was under the plan of simply attaching the ready-made subtitle file to my video. Little did I know that I could edit the pre-made subtitles, animate them, add effects, and give a whole new look to my video!


Jennifer Allen

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