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Introducing Animaker Class - a Creative Toolkit for Classrooms around the world

We just launched Animaker Class - the Swiss Army knife of Creativity for Schools and Colleges!

Animaker was launched to take video creation to the masses, to democratize studio quality animations. With Animaker Class - we are gearing up to fuel the Creative Clubs of schools around the world!

Behind the scenes of how we created Animaker Class!

Recently, Animaker’s user base crossed 1 million. More than 200,000 of these were from the Education community.

We also interact with many teachers on a regular basis thanks to the Education workshops we conduct. The consistent feedback we receive from is one of the main reason why Animaker is what it is today.

Last year alone, we organized more than 20+ meetups in many schools across the world. While the students were excited to explore Animaker, we were excited to be back in school again!

One of the biggest pain points we hear all the time is the lack of creative exposure for students. During a meetup which took place in one of India’s most reputed Fashion Design Institutes, a teacher shared the challenges she was facing:

It’s very tough to engage students in the classroom, while also making them understand concepts. A Student who graduated last year is still not able to get a job because he is not able to think creatively.

This struck a chord within me as it reminded me of a meeting I had with my HR team two weeks ago. During the meeting, our HR head said that it’s tough to get candidates these days who think creatively.

After the meetup, I decided to do more research on the issue.

To my surprise, I found from a survey conducted by Adobe that a whopping 82% of American adults wished that they had more exposure to creative thinking when they were students.

This data showed that there was a HUGE creativity gap in our society. The damage seems to have been already done for the current generation. So can we at least save the future generations? Is there a way to nurture their creativity and not kill it?

After all, every human is born creative!

I decided to interact more with educators and students within the Animaker community. Many of them conveyed many of their concerns and also suggested solutions. But one solution that united them all was Creative Assignments. Whenever teachers introduced a creative game or gave a creative assignment, students just loved it!

Then I reached out to many students to understand why they loved creative assignments so much! The answer was plain simple: it’s fun! They feel it’s natural. Parents didn’t have to force them to do it!

After this revelation, I thought - Why not scale things up? What if every school had a Creative Club? I discussed this idea with 100+ teachers. Almost everyone agreed. While many teachers were already using Animaker to make the curriculum more engaging, they suggested a lot of additional features to take things to the next level.

These inputs led to the creation of Animaker Class:

Animaker Class is loaded with content creation tools (Video, Poster maker, Video Infographics, Vertical video, Infographics maker and lots more tools in the pipeline to be released). These tools were specifically designed to improve the creativity of students and also promote teamwork. Animaker Class, also helps teachers assign creative tasks and manage classrooms more efficiently.

Apart from Animaker Class, we also help schools set up Creative Clubs.

If you don’t have a Creative Club in school yet, check out this blog and you can also nominate your school and we’ll help you out in getting started.

Creativity is all about mindset than the toolset. At the end of the day, the creative tools will only help in facilitating the growth of our inner creativity. The actual game changers, however, will be teachers and other educators who take this initiative forward.

Animaker Class is just the first step towards our ambitious vision of building a Creative Generation.


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