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The Art Of Picking Colours for Business Presentations

Does your presentation go haywire? Or has it sunk in a hurry? Stop!!! There is something you are missing.

Add the WOW!! factor ... a tint of colour… And lock your Audience Attention.


Colour picking isn't rocket science!!

Colours speak all languages.

Colour creates changes, reveals and establishes the goal.

Colours are vital components to enhance the visual appeal and bring in clarity.

The choice of colour is an important decision to be made at the outset of a presentation.

Get ready to Brainstorm on the art of picking colours!!

1. Coordinate Correct Colour Combination

  • This is all about contrast -Always choose high contrast.Any of these choices will go wellColourCombination.png
  • Use a Contrast Calculator to determine which combinations work and which does not. This calculator will determine whether two colors you are thinking of using on your slides have enough contrast to be seen clearly by the audience.It calculates the best contrast based on international standards. Click on the link to adjust,mix and blend to arrive at the Right Colour Palette.
  • Study the Colour Wheel to know what colours harmonize and look appropriate together.Colours opposite each other complement and generate a dynamic effect. ColourWheel.png
  • Avoid colour combinations that are hard to read and produce a disturbing effect on the viewer. Combinations to avoid are, Red + Green Red + Blue Orange + Blue Keep your colour palette simple with only 4-6 colours.

2. Find Foreground (text) colours that Float above background colours instead of blending with it.

  • Dark Background with Light text.
  • Light Background with Dark text.

3. Bring in Best Background colour

Psychologically, each colour conveys a specific thought. Match your goal with it!!!
  • Colour Psychology
    Colours affect us mentally, physically, consciously and subconsciously. Psychologists suggest that colour impressions can account for 60% of acceptance or rejection of a product or service. Now, don't you think learning the art of picking colours will do you good and promote your presentation or business? Colours have an emotional meaning. Different colours evoke different emotions. Pick the colour that shouts out your message- loud and clear.
Red Revolution,Energy,Enthusiasm
Blue Trust,Formal,Discipline
Green Prosperity,Peace,Environment
Yellow Innovative,Joy,Active
Black Power,Classy,Expensive
White Purity,Simplicity,Cleanliness

4. Perceive the colour Purpose

Colour is a powerful communication tool that sets mood priority and emphasize the information you need to convey.
  • Red helps to produce warmth and boost energy
  • Blue helps to emanate a cooling and relaxed effect.It is also good for prolonged viewing especially to pacify the irritated crowd.
HotCool.png In the above text, when we swap the colours, the meaning is lost!!!That’s the magic of colour!!!
  • Keep in mind the target audience and choose a colour which suits your audience type.
Blue Men
Purple Women
Green Elders
Yellow Kids
This, we call is the secret of a successful presentation!! Audiencekids.png Let your presentation slide,splash into the colour pool and shine smart!! Colour!!!! Conquer!!!! ColourDart.png Now, What is your colour?Go Ahead.... Hope this article reaches and enables better insight of colour sense and contrast.Wishes to ink the right colour and illuminate your presentation!! I would like to hear from you. Do you think it influences your audience? Share your favourite colours and your experience in the comments section below.


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