How a manufacturing giant saved over a million $$$ in agency costs by creating engaging videos 5X faster with Animaker


A leading player in the manufacturing industry, this American company has been synonymous with manufacturing for decades.

Boasting a massive workforce of 25,000 employees and a remarkable annual revenue of $28 billion, the company stands as a formidable presence in the market.


The healthcare manufacturing industry wanted to convert their complex procedure, static PDFs, to engaging, interactive & ‘how-to’ video content.

The company identified several pain points within its training processes that required immediate attention.
  • Difficulty in creating ‘How-to’ Videos: The employees cracked their heads on making ‘how-to’ videos in a simple and effective way. They also were looking out for templates to easily create videos.
  • Transitioning from Static to Interactive Content: The company faced the challenge of transforming static training materials, often in the form of PowerPoint presentations, into engaging and interactive character-led training videos.
  • From In-Person to Online: The company sought to move away from traditional in-person training sessions to self-guided training modules, allowing their employees to learn at their own pace and convenience. The challenge lay in maintaining the same level of engagement and knowledge retention while adapting to the digital landscape
  • Complex Content Simplification: Converting complex procedure PDF documents into comprehensible video content was no small feat. The challenge was to retain accuracy while presenting the content in an easily digestible format.


The manufacturing company transformed their boring PPTs & static and complex content to engaging & interactive character-led videos instantly.

In the quest to conquer these challenges, the company found its knight in shining armor - Animaker, a pioneering platform for creating training videos and visual communication needs. With a suite of tools tailored to address the unique hurdles faced, Animaker offered a dynamic solution that checked all the boxes.

Animaker’s team engaged with key decision-makers of the entity. It became evident that the company was evaluating various video creation platforms

Animaker presented a compelling solution that catered to the company’s unique requirements. Our extensive stock library and dedicated customer support set it apart as the ideal choice. We helped them convert one of their training PPTs into an interactive Animaker video with a character in it. Looking at the advantages of Animaker over its competitors, which have been used for almost 3 years, further solidified our position as the preferred solution.

Animaker supported the American company by addressing its significant issues, such as


The collaborative efforts of the Animaker team, coupled with the platform’s standout features, yielded impressive results.

The manufacturing giant saves costs and creates engaging videos 5X times faster with Animaker.

This case study highlights how a prominent manufacturing company faced complex training challenges and turned to Animaker’s animated video creation platform for an innovative and effective solution. Through a strategic partnership, the company successfully transitioned from static training materials to engaging, character-led videos, achieving enhanced training outcomes and setting the stage for continued growth.

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