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10 inspiring quotes for future Content Marketing Rockstars!

Bill Gates once quoted “Content is king”. This quote was mentioned as early as in March 1996 when ‘online content marketing’ was just an idea, yet to be implemented. Now, ‘Content‘ has become the essence of successful online marketing. It is not just a marketing tactic anymore, but a good old marketing practice that every digital marketer adopts these days.

As Seth Godin says it ‘Content marketing is the only marketing that is left’, Marketers from small businesses to top corporates are using ‘content’ to reach and earn their audience. Some of them succeed, but the efforts of many of the marketers fail to show benefits.

As a budding content marketing rockstar, you might have some apprehensions while clicking that publish button which unleashes your genius content online. The only way you would be more confident about your content is when you have your basics right. Right from the time when you start thinking about what your content is going to be about, whose problem is it going to solve and what medium are you going to choose to convey your ideas(whether you are going to use Videos or Blogs or Podcasts etc.).

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 inspiring quotes from Top content marketing experts and industry veterans which will help you get the basic essence of content marketing right. These experts started small but they got their basics right every time and today they are big enough to motivate and move the whole content marketing community forward. They have built their business empire by the sheer practice of smart and consistent content marketing. Here are some of the words of wisdom they have shared with the world from their personal experiences during their long and successful careers.

1. Jay Baer Jay Baer Quotes 2. Robert Rose Robert Rose Quotes 3. Michael Brenner Michael Brenner Quotes 4. Ann Handley Ann Handley Quotes 5. Mark Robertson Mark Robertson Quotes 6. Jamie Turner Jamie Turner Quotes 7. Michael Litt Michael Litt Quotes 8. David Beebe David Beebe Quotes 9. Joe Pulizzi Joe Pulizzi Quotes 10. Jeff Bullas Jeff Bullas Quotes

If you feel that we have left out any of the famous quotes from your favorite marketers, please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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