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100+ brilliant Headline formula from the most shared Videos.

Do you know the secret behind the most shared videos on the internet? It must have had some winning formula that had earned it its cadre.

It's definitely the - headline.

A headline is the gateway of your content (video or blog) and it creates the first impression about your piece of work.

David Ogilvy had said “ When you have written your headline , you have spent eighty cents out of a dollar”.

He very well emphasizes on the fact that “a headline outweighs the content contained in your piece of work.

After carefully analyzing the headline formulas for the most shared videos, we give you some valuable insights from trusted sources and a ready to use list of headlines that can create wonders with your videos.

These are the “most shared videos” of random category of 2015.

top shared videos

Why are these videos the most “shared”?

Because, these headlines have an element of “compel”, “urgency” or a “curiosity” in it.


Don't Sneak': A StoryCorps Animation Tells the Story of One Father's Advice to His Gay Son in the 1950s.

Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan.

Meet the first African-American woman with a $1 billion business.


The single biggest reason why startups succeed.

Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume.



First Round 2015 Holiday Parody Video - This Time It's Different

Chimps have feelings and thoughts. They should also have rights.

Why Do So Many FAILED Musicians Win In Business?

The Consequences of Social Media Shaming.

All in all, the headline is what it makes it click on.

Based on a similar format of categorization, we have grouped headlines according to the action they perform or the emotion they evoke.

1.The question tags.

1. How to ___________ that drives __________. [How to write a content that drives sales]

2. How to __________ in [#] easy steps. [How to make an animation video in 3 simple steps]

3. How to create a______________ that gets ________________. [How to create a press kit that gets instant publicity?

4. How to use _____________ to stand out in-_________________. [How to use your visual journalism skills to stand out in social media?]

5. How i made a ______________ in__________________. [How I Made a Fully-Functional Arduino Weather Station in 2 hours]

6. Look on to how__________________ is making _____________ history. [Look on to how Andy is making baseball history.]

7. How to get/win _____________without ______________. [How to get Windows 10 without using Windows Update]

8. How i got______________ in_____________ days of time. [How I got 2.3 million app downloads in 3 days of time.]

9. How to _____________like a pro? [How to hack like a pro? Null Byte how to’s]

2.Adding value to your content

10. Quick guide to_________________. [A Quick Guide to Avoiding Common Writing Errors.]

11. Ultimate guide to_________________. [The Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance.]

12. Beginner’s guide to ______________. [Beginner's Guide to India]

13. Complete guide to _____________________. [The Complete Guide To Solo Queue]

14. Hack:___________________________. [Emergency Hacks - Hack It.]

15. DIY______________________. [DIY Room Decorations: Tumblr Inspired Crystals!]


16. _______________ secrets to_______________. [6 Secrets To Writing A Great Cover Letter - Forbes]

17. ____________resources that help you become________________. [8 resources to help you become a successful blogger.]

18. ____________ point checklist to_______________. [7 Point Checklist to Help Increase Your Sales with Internet.]

19. ___________ reasons that did not get you ______________. [25 Reasons Why You Didn't Get Picked for an Interview]

20. Use these _______________ strategies to get_______________. [Getting Laid Off?? Use These Exclusive New Layoff Strategies.]

21. ____________ key benefits to _______________. [Five key benefits to arbitration .]

22. _______________ ways to supercharge your_____________. [Supercharge Your Sales with Body Language | Udemy]]

23. ______________foolproof _______ to ______________. 24. How the experts _____________. [How the Experts Would Fix Cyber Security - Businessweek]

25. ____________ worth it ____________ for _________. [Fifth Harmony - Worth it For 1 Hour .]

26. ___________examples of____________to inspire you. 7 Real World Social Selling Examples to Inspire You.

27. _____________ Predictions of the future of ______________. [5 Nostradamus Predictions For The Future - YouTube.]

28. _________ smart strategies to your_______________. [Top 7 Smart Selling Strategies For Your Old Smartphone.]


29. ______________ minutes (video length) for the next_____________years of your life. [6 MINS FOR THE NEXT 60 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE .]

30. Don't Sneak': ________________(your title). [Don't Sneak': A StoryCorps Animation Tells the Story of One Father's Advice to His Gay Son in the 1950's.

31. Sneak peek: Why do _______________? [Sneak Peek | Who Do You Think You Are .]

32. ____________Amazing __________-- to try right now. [7 Unexpected Superfoods You Need To Try Right Now]

33. What no one tells you about _______________-, check it here. [16 Things No One Tells You About The Morning-After Pill]

34. Need more___________________? Get it here. [Here's what you need to know about Zika virus -]

35. This ______________ minute is what you have been waiting for________________. [The moment you've been waiting for. (TEN MINUTE LOOP!)]

36. _______________mistake you have been doing to your ____________ till now. [33 Mistakes of Disney's FROZEN You Didn't Notice.]

37. _____________-- mistakes you will not make again after watching this video. [10 VIDEO MISTAKES YOU WON'T MAKE AGAIN! ]

38. Take this _________________ minute test right now. [Take this one minute test now.]

39. Unlock the secret of _____________________-. [UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF YOUR HEART.]

40. _____________ little known facts that could affect_________. [10 Little Known Facts About Left-Handed People ]

41. ______________-lies about __________________. Believe them at your own risk. [9 Facebook Lies You Should Never Share With Your Friends.]

42. A behind the scenes watch for a ______________. [Watch: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Toys Are Made .]

43. Unleash the secret of _____________ here. [Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind! ]

44. How to avoid ________________ hazards. [How to avoid medicolegal hazards by Dr Ming Keng Teoh .]

45. (Famous personality): Her shocking struggle with a secret pain. [A Mother of Four Unmasks Her Secret Pain - Video.]

46. The startling fact about_________________. [Bizarre and startling facts about WWII - Business Insider.]

47. Top________________ of _______________. 48. To ______________who want _____________.But can’t get started. 49. Dear______________. You saved my life.. 50. How to______________? The secret revealed. [The World's Greatest Secret Revealed Finally.]

51. A misunderstood _____________solution for_______________. [Social anxiety the most misunderstood psychological problem.]

52. We discovered the _____________ of all time and found out their secret formula of success. [How to Break Bad Eating Habits - The Secret Formula for Successful Change with Marc David.]

53. Get rid of ____________ once and for all. [Get Rid Of Repetitive Data Entry Once And For All .]

54. Wow!________________(Celebrity) caught___________ . [Super-rich and celebrities caught up in HSBC tax dodge storm.]

55. Here is the quick way to______________-. [Here's a Quick Way to Identify Legal Network Marketing .]

56. _______________ secrets of a successful ________________. [Secrets Of A Successful Social Entrepreneur - Forbes.]

57. ______________ Shortcuts to a better________________. [15 Best Keyboard Shortcuts You're Not Using.]

5.Negatives headlines.

58. _______________ things to stop doing today to be happier. [HOW TO Be Happy by Stop Doing These 5 Things .]

59. ___________ makes more moves to---------------------. [Falcons Make More Moves to Roster - Atlanta Falcons]

60. The world’s most destructive _____________ is not _________________. [The Ten Most Disturbing Scientific Discoveries | Science ]

61. ___________ is dead. What next? [Club Nintendo is Dead! What's Next?! - Discussion ]

62. Why we need to kill______________? [Chief Keef Says "We Need To Kill All Law Enforcement" via Twitter.]

63. For_______________, its not about_________________, Its a fantasy about______. [For bonds, it's not about the Fed anymore -]

64. The most ___________mistake of your life. [7 money mistakes you shouldn't make in your 40s.]

65. How to beat the fear of ____________? [How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking.]

66. The unseen dangers of __________. [252 the unseen danger of diabetes on Vimeo.]

67. Beware of _______________, and how to spot them? [HT Rush Review - Beware of Scam and How to Spot Them .]

68. Top ____________ scary_____________ facts. [5 Disturbing & Scary Disney Secrets - YouTube.]

69. The biggest dangers of______________. [The 5 Biggest Dangers Eating A Raw Food Diet.]

70. How secure are your ___________? [How secure are your credit cards? -]

6.Persona Specification.

71. The____________secret____________. [The MetaPhysical Secret - Law Of Attraction - YouTube.]

72. The -_______________insight. [A marketer's insight.]

73. The trends of ____________ for________________. [The Best Marketing Trends of 2015 & Predictions for 2016.]

74. For_________, who don’t have time for__________________.


75. First warning signs of ________________. [EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF KIDNEY STONES.]

76. Here is a quick way to _______________. [Here is a Quick and Easy Way I found a 110 Scholarships.]

77. Atlast, the ______________ has finally arrived.

78. How can you protect yourself from_________________? [How to Protect Yourself From Junk Food Science - Bloomberg.]

79. The alarming truth behind _______________. [VIDEO: Revealed – the alarming truth about our digital photos.]

80. The zen of________________-? [The Zen of... SnapChat?]

81. Revealed: Why ____________? [ Video | Revealed: Why prices skyrocketed ]

82.______________expert _____________ tips. [NRL 2015: Expert tips for Round 26 | The Courier-Mail]

83. What your____________does not want you to know. [Ten Things Your Builder Does Not Want You to Know!]

84. Meet the _______________ who became _____________. [Meet the Doctors Who Became Medicare Millionaires.]

85. Why do so many failed ________________ win in _____________? Why do so many failed MUSICIANS win in business?

86. The _________ most hilarious ____________. [15 of the Most Hilarious Test Answers Kids Have Ever Come]

87. Keep your ________________ safe this______________ season. [3 Simple DIYs to Keep Your Kids Safe This School Year]

88. See your _____________ in action now. [See the Swype Keyboard in Action Now Available.]

89. You can __________ easily, just like ________. [Make Videos Just LIke The Pros Easily and Quickly]

90. ______________personality test : What your ______________ tells about you. [Quick Personality Test: What COLOR are you? - YouTube]

91. Do you have nothing but _____________in your hands? Do you have nothing but time in your hands?

92. Learn to _____________ like____________ without ________. [Learn how to live like a player without being one - YouTube]

93. This is the only way to do ____________ in ________________. [This Is The Only Way To Have A Good Christmas.]

94. Can a ___________make you look like ____________? [Can Kim Kardashian's favourite editing app make YOU look like an A-lister?]

95. Why ____________ is making your life hard? [Working Hard To Make Your Life Easier - YouTube]

96. Watch ____________ with the help of this free app. [Speak English watching Videos with my FREE app - YouTube]

97. See how ___________ life changed after_______________. [Video that will change your life. I have no words left.]

98. Get the desired ______________ you want. [How to Get The Job you Want! | Road Delta - YouTube]

99. The emerging trend in ___________ that _______________swear by. [The Weight Loss Weapon Millions Swear By.]

100. 9 of 10 of them cant ____________--. Are you one of them? 9 of 10 of them cant read this. Are you one of them?

101. Make you first __________ sale in just ___________ hours. [How To Get Your First Sale Today In 7 Steps For Newbies.]

102. How to permanently stop your ____________________, even if you have tried everything. How to permanently stop your snoring, even if you have tried everything

You have finally reached the end of the 100 headline formula. But you can frame your own powerful headline all by yourself using this simple formula.

Number + Adjective+ Target keyword+ Rationale + Promise.

eg. 10 Simple Steps You Can Take Today That Will Make You Happier.

11 powerful habits that can make you a millionaire.

10 scratch projects that will make you hungry.

These 10 Intense Stories Will Make You Die of Laughter.

Tips for a compelling headline

  • Use a working title.
  • Use numbers in your headline.
  • Focus on keywords too.
  • Use common, but exciting words. (beautiful, best ,brilliant ,epic ,essential ,excellent ,fails ,fantastic, free ,gorgeous ,great ,horrific ,horrifying ,important ,inspire, killer, lousy, mind blowing, persuasive ,simple, success, ultimate, useful, valuable)
  • Use interesting adjectives.
  • Use unique rationales.
  • Evoke emotion by using emotional words.
  • Do you have any more creative headlines? Tap your minds and share your ideas with us.


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