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20 Tips for Creating Video That Gets Watched, Shared and Talked

Nowadays, almost all people love to watch videos. Studies reveal that by 2015, the online video consumer population will increase to more than 1.5 billion. Companies strive to make their very own explainer videos which can tell the world about their products and services. Creating an explainer video permits business to create & share extraordinary content with its target audience, in a manner that simple texts will never go with. Many startup owners consider explainer videos as efficient tools to promote their business. However creating an engaging & interesting explainer video requires some innovative approach.

Techniques to make your video, viewed

1. Know your target audience

As a business owner, you need to know your target audience. Ask yourself some questions that will help to identify and create a quality explainer video for them.
  • Who will be my viewers?
  • Why should they watch?
  • What will they benefit?

2. Perform your research & brainstorming session

Once you are aware of your target audience, conduct a meticulous research. You can post questions in online forums & communities that are related to your business. Create a video content based on response to the frequently asked questions. Adopt some strategies for your brain storming procedures like performing demos, marketing or a mixture of both.

3. Write a compelling script for your explainer video

Right from the Stone Age, people love to hear stories, hence knit your script with a strong story line. The normal script length for 1 minute business videos can be around 150 words. You need to create a hook in your script, with some meaning in it. It is advisable to create a short explainer video of 60 sec, 90 secs or at the maximum 2 minutes duration.

4. Categorize your script into segments

  • A quick outline of your product & services.
  • Introducing a problem.
  • Providing a solution (through your product & services).
  • A clear Call to action.

5. Script weaving tactics for explainer videos

  • Keep you script short, sweet and simple.
  • The normal attention span of an average person is around 27 to 30 secs. Ensure that within first 3 to 5 sec, your script grabs your viewer’s attention.
  • Avoid jargons. Narrate the story in the 2nd person like you & your.
  • Please bear in mind, while producing your video, choose a conversational & relaxed tone.
  • Do not preach, ensure that your script convey some value, transmits an outgoing message for your target people.
  • Spice up your script by adding humor, relevant to your business.

6. Make it emotional

Rather than creating a promotional script, make it personal filled with emotions. It should connect with your viewers; convey the feeling that you are very much concerned about them. When your target people begin to realize that it is their own story, chances are more for generating leads.

7. Get a professional Voice over

Once you have finished your script, you require a voice over. You can create your own voice over with a microphone and voice recording software. But if you intend to add more value to your videos and wish to be viewed by a wider audience, then you need to have a professional voice over. A good number of sites like voicebunny, fiverr, voicehired and provides expert voice-over at affordable rates.

8. Make your pitch perfect, by partnering with the right firm

You can create an explainer video on your own with a smart phone, DSLR or handheld video camera. Moreover you can edit it using softwares like movie maker, adobe premiere, etc. But to make your pitch perfect, it is advisable to partner with a good video production company. You are sure to get a video that remarkably tells your company's story and attain fruitful results.

9. Explain your business with an animated explainer video

Animated explainer video is a popular and inexpensive method to make a business efficiently reach its audience. You can include your creativity and can easily edit or update whenever you like. If you intend to create your own animated videos, then there are user-friendly DIY tools like Animaker (alpha version) through which producing video is a breeze. A good number of affordable agencies also help you to create explainer videos in a more professional manner.

Procedures to make your explainer videos, shared

Whether you adore or loathe social networking sites, they have become part and parcel of a business. They play a pivotal role in tilting the ROI scales of your business.

10. Title Optimization

As a video publisher, you can find the Title Optimization as one of the simplest method to influence a viewer to click on your videos. Use titles related to your brand, and now the latest trend in video titling is incorporating phrases like “behind the scenes”, “exclusive”, etc.

11. Thumbnail optimization

Thumbnail optimization is another excellent strategy by which you can capitalize on the number of clicks for your explainer videos. Leading video sharing sites provides a few options like grasping from the precise middle portion of your video. Ensure that you have an interesting frame in the mid portion of your video. Also ascertain that your video thumbnail is clear and preferably has a face or an individual on it.

12. Establish your network, avoid crowding of social icons

The easiest method to share your videos is to add social buttons inside your video content. But do not provide too many choices. Restrict your quantity of social buttons to 2 or 3 and not more. Do not simply request your visitors to promote your video content on all sites, opt for the ones you know. In a majority of the cases, it can be Facebook or Twitter. Nowadays, Quora also helps your videos to get a broad exposure. Most of the qualified leads come from it and they result in sure conversions. Hence it is advisable that you share your video content with your friends, relatives, followers on these social networking platforms.

13. Request for a re-tweet

By adding “please re-tweet (RT)”inside your tweet, chances are more for receiving a retweet. This may look simple, but it works.

14. Do not forget to take part

You cannot simply harvest the reward without giving something in return. You should be frequently tweeting on twitter and publish status update on facebook. Ensure that you do not involve in deliberate or direct marketing of your business product or services. Provide your video links at the appropriate places, when a user speaks something related to your business.

15. Collect emails

Each time when a visitor visits your blog provide free eBook, in exchange for email address. When you update or post fresh video content, you can mail to your email list. Moreover the prospects are more for the emails subscribers to share your video content through social sites.

Ways to make your video, talked

16. Be debatable

Create your business video in a controversial or debatable manner as it will spread like wildfire and go viral. Your videos should evoke interest, curiosity in the viewer’s mind in a manner that he should immediately respond to your call to action.

17. Be distinctive

Being unique may appear to be easy, but it is somewhat an arduous task. Creating exceptional content on issues of your business that has never been touched will help you to produce distinctive masterpieces. Probabilities are more for your video, to go viral. The following is a business explainer video of a dog sitter site. The way the pet sitter site promotes its services through a dog is unique. Courtesy:, Epipheo studios, YouTube.

18. Do not put your viewers in sleep mode

Creating a lengthy video briefing your company profile, products & services, will only make a viewer to get bored. He will either sleep or simply switch to some other interesting video. Make the video duration to be in the range of 1 to 2 minutes, and not more than that.

19. Take advantage of the mistakes

As we are aware of Alexander Pope’s saying, “To err is human”, we all make mistakes. Creating a video content which shows what viewers can gain from his or other individual’s mistakes can effortlessly attract a large target audience.

20. Gauge your explainer video’s efficiency with Metrics & tracking

You can also efficiently make your video to get viewed, shared and talked by optimizing its content with metrics & tracking procedure. You can track your inbound links by using a good video analytic tool. Moreover these tools pursue your video’s viral spread, exterior to the video sharing sites and also over the social networking platforms.


  • Keep your video short of 1or 2 minutes duration with a simple story line.
  • Avoid slangs, do not preach.
  • Speak in 2nd person in a conversational tone.
  • Instead of promotional, make your video personal, addressing the viewer’s problem.
  • Step into your viewer’s shoes and create a video.
  • Provide a fitting solution and clear call to action.
  • Make your video content look unique.
  • Adopting the above mentioned strategies while creating your business explainer videos is sure to make your target people to view, share, and talk. It ultimately results in more leads and profits for your business.
You can also try creating your own Explainer Video using Animaker.  


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