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How to Become a Vlog Expert? 10 Steps for great video blogging

Follow these Ten Steps for Instant Video Blogging Success! The raging trend of video blogging has taken over the web world and the mania seems to show absolutely no signs of stopping! Whether it is making a hairstyle, perfecting a craft, fixing a leaky pipe or learning guitar - most people now prefer watching a video interpretation rather than reading about it all in boring plain text. The boom in video making for fun has sprung up an entirely new generation of blogging — Video blogging.

What’s a Vlog and what’s in a Vlog?

Simply out, a vlog is a series of videos with a similar theme. Dozens of superstars have been discovered from their couch and achieved viral popularity through vlogging. While it may seem that becoming a successful video blogger is a stroke of luck, anyone can do it if they partner their creativity, skill and the right platform and resources.

Discover the Secret to a Successful Video Blog

Creating a video blog and carving your niche in the vlog world is no rocket science — you just have to think and plan with a focused perspective. If you have the passion and zeal to shine, you can get a raving response, instant fan following and make a lot of money on your way!
Ready to pave your path to glory with a series of video clips? Here are ten steps that will take you to the top. Check them out:

Step 1: Decide your Topic and Theme

Before you roll camera and say ‘action!’, jot down your ideas for possible themes and topics you wish to cover. Just like a blog, a successful vlog can cover any topic under the sun. Possible options can be business and entrepreneurship, personal training, beauty and makeup, money and finance, art and craft, home improvement, entertainment and gossip etc.

Step 2: Bring Something New to the Table!

The idea is there — but how are you going to show it to the world? A vlog doesn’t always have to be like you sitting in front of a camera and talking to your audience. You can expand your options and get more elements to your story with an animated video! An animated vlog gives you the freedom to say a lot without the hassle of travelling, and you don’t even have to be a pro with a camera to do it! You can use tools like Animaker to create cool animated videos easily and post them on your vlog to share your thoughts the graphic way!

Step 3: Get the Equipment Ready

The best thing about video blogging is that you don’t need any big setup or studio to get rolling - your bedroom or any other comfy space will do. If you are shooting, use your laptop’s inbuilt camera or invest in a good quality web cam for better results. Pay attention to the lighting as well and make sure the room is quiet and there isn’t any disturbing hum or distracting noise in the background.
Even if you are a beginner, you can use ‘no-tech-jargon’ tools for creating animated videos. Animaker can be used with a simple drag and drop approach for adding interactive animation to your video - which means you won’t need anything else apart from oodles of creativity!
When the video part is done, the next bit to focus on is the audio. Professional voice over and music in an animated video blog can bring it to life instantly! Check out resources such as Mixcraft, DubIt and Audacity for some killer tunes to go with your vlog!

Step 4: Choose a Platform

So, you have a general idea of what you are going to vlog about and how you are going to do it. Next step? Decide the ‘where’ in your story! There is a sea of options available when it comes to posting videos - you can set up an account for free on vlogging sites such as Vimeo, Daily motion or YouTube in a matter of minutes and put your ideas out in the world!
Vimeo is a great place for more skilled video content creators. These videos aren’t commercial or gaming related. Vimeo was created strictly to showcase independent work where the user can only upload work he/she created. is another great place to go to for video blogging. With its episodic features it provides a unique opportunity for vloggers to think outside the box. In addition, it even distributes episode videos to other platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo allowing you to reach a larger customer base. Cable service providers may even partner with Blip in order to air these videos on cable TV.

Step 5: Create an Identity!

While creating a YouTube video blog account, one of the most important things is to decide the name and description of your vlog. Use a catchy and unique yet simple title that corresponds to your vlog theme and is easy to remember for your audience! Remember that your vlog is going to become your identity in the future — so chose a theme, name and description that most people can relate with easily!

Step 6: Updating Your Vlog

Ideas? Check. Equipment? Check. Platform? Check. Now let’s get shooting!
Start creating videos to update your vlog but make sure you plan it with a set schedule. Creating one video and posting it and then spending a month to perfect the other one isn’t a good idea — neither is posting 10 videos at once.
Create at least 4-6 videos for your vlog first and then post them at intermittent breaks for a more profound effect. In the mean time, you can start working on marketing your vlog and get enough followers so that they are bound to be shared a fair few times on social media!

Step 7: Tips for Marketing and Sharing Your Vlog

Marketing your vlog is important — and you can get it done easily! Fun, animated and interesting videos get shared, and if you regularly post a stream of those you will definitely earn some bookmarks from your users! Using SEO friendly titles and tagging your vlog with most searched keywords will also increase search engine visibility. Step 8: Start Earning with your Video Blog!
Now that you have gathered a chunk of followers and are getting a certain number of likes on your videos, contact YouTube to become a partner. In order to become a YouTube partner, it is important for you to have thousand or more likes on your videos. When you become a YouTube Partner, Google will start placing ads within your YouTube Video Blog and on your page. YouTube will then pay you for the space. Becoming a YouTube partner will also ensure that your videos pop up in more search results than usual.

Step 9: Keep it Going!

Running out of ideas? Get some inspiration! Watch out for other vlogs similar to yours and churn up those ideas into visual reality! Out of Sight, out of mind is the mantra when it comes to vlogging - this is why the show must be kept up and running at all times. There may be more than a million vloggers doing the same thing you do and if you tend to disappear, chances are your regular viewers are going to forget you. In addition, you will definitely not be getting in touch with new viewers of you are out of the limelight.

Step 10: Interaction with Viewers

Last but not the least — remember than vlogging is not a one way street. Your viewers will always have something to say. Even though the YouTube comments section is notorious for bar-like brawls, you may always find some useful feedback sitting in there.
In addition, you can even start asking questions within videos and ask YouTube users to reply to them via comments. Ryan Higa would even ask for suggestions on what to do for his next videos making him the number 1 vlogger on YouTube today.
Ready to get your vlog up and running? Animate and innovate your presence! Check out Animaker (Currently in Alpha version subscribe for early access) today to create funny, amazing and interactive animated videos and get started on a promising vlogging journey!


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