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10 Kickstarter Video Tips for Startups to Kick Start Their Journey to Success!

A Kick-Ass Video Is All That It Takes To Make An Instant Impression — Check out our Expert Kickstarter Campaign Video Tips Today!
Kickstarter is the perfect medium for startups to start out in an entrepreneurial journey and give their projects the exposure they need to make it to the top. The figures say it all — since Kickstarter was launched in 2009, around 4 million people have pledged nearly $600 million for funding almost 40,000 projects in diverse industries, and the numbers show no signs of slowing down. Kickstarter provides budding entrepreneurs a platform and a launch pad to showcase their winning idea to the world and help raise enough funding for it.
Making your product stand out amidst a sea of others, and making people chip in for it can be challenging.
Do you know the best way to reel in maximum audience for your project and create a compelling Kickstarter campaign? You say it with graphics and animation and you try to show the concept out alive — and you do it all with a powerful Kickstarter video.
According to Kickstarter’s official statistics, Kickstarter projects with a video on their page are at least 50% more likely to get funded as compared to projects without one. Thus, the bottom line is this — even if you do have an amazing idea and a great project in the first place, you won’t get much farther if you don’t have the innovative streak to SELL it. Nailing your Kickstarter video with the right balance of zing, charisma, and attitude is what you really need to get to the top.
Looking for foolproof Kickstarter video tips to make it a viral success? Here are our top ten Kickstarter video campaigntips that really work! Check them out:

1. Introduce Yourself

Explain your idea with a bang! Always start your Kickstarter video with an introduction of who you are, what’s your objective and motivation behind the campaign and what are you offering to your audience. Remember, though a lot of people may deem it unnecessary, intruding yourself can actually make a lot of difference to the end result of your campaign. After all, if people don’t know who you are and why you are asking for the funding, why would they want to help you in the first place?

2. Time it to the Second

Don’t bore your audience! A lot of startups do the mistake of adding a prototype video or the entire test operation of the project into the introductory video, but from a marketing point of view, this is a complete no-no. Short and simple does the trick, and no matter how many thoughts you are willing to share, cut down to the very best, and try to keep your kickstarter video less than three minutes at best. Add a sneak peak and leave something for the rest, highlight your best points and just show them right off the bat why your project deserves a pledge!

3. Address to Impress

Remember — the first ten seconds of your kickstarter video are the most crucial of the lot. If you manage to draw in your audience and win their hearts at the very beginning, you get one-step closer in getting them to believe in you and pledge for the project. Present your product with a creative, unique, and personal approach, and make it your goal to blow them away with your innovation! Often, even the simplest of videos with an inspiring message and proper planning can make a long lasting impression, so use your chance of communicating with your audience to your advantage!
A best example of how to impress in first few seconds

4. Tell Your Tale in the Right Words

Say your story out aloud! Your approach and tone really matters when you are making a Kickstarter video, and one of the best Kickstarter campaign video tips is to use a storytelling technique. People love to see inspiring, rags to riches stories, and a video provides you a perfect platform to connect with your audience and tell them how exactly you came up with the idea, what inspired you in taking the first step and how far have you come along since then.

5. Keep the Interest Alive

Use a step-by-step approach in planning a video — emphasizing on everything from the main message, how the story will flow in from one point to other and what main questions are you going to answer along every step of the way. Also, keep in mind who your target audience is — throw in some techy statistics if you are targeting the IT freaks or some cheeky humor if your goal is to draw in the younger crowd.

6. Engagement is the First Step to a Lifelong Bond!

Engaging videos win campaigns. Nothing could be truer. If you manage to engage and interest your viewers with its startup video, the rest will be history and this is one of the top rated Kickstarter campaign video tips out there!
Sample from the Successful project Kano

7. Ask for Support

Rule of thumb — startups that ask for help in their videos are most likely to receive it too. Effective call to action in your videos can do wonders, so make sure to use the right approach in doing so. Kickstarter requires the entire funding goal to be completed in order to successfully close the project — you either get it all or you get nothing. Thus, make it a point to tell people why they should trust in your campaign and share it with others and what are they going to miss out if your campaign doesn’t make it. However, at the same time, don’t sound too desperate too — show them how the money will help you start off with a product or service that actually turns out to be beneficial for the end customer and make your usage of graphics, animation as well as emotions to make your customer believe in you!

8. Spotlight on the Rewards, Please!

Give them the incentive to pledge! One of the best Kickstarter campaign video tips out there is to introduce attractive rewards and perks in the video so that the customer is more likely to go for it! A video gives you way more flexibility to showcase the perks you offer than just plain text — so use graphics, images and sound effects to woo over your audience and get some action happening ASAP!

9. Kickstarter video- Quality Speaks Volumes

Pay attention to the smallest of details. A blurry view or wobbly camera will turn off the customer and make them lose concentration. Plan the video beforehand, use quality images, licensed sounds, and good equipment for a professional impression.

10. Add a Personal Touch

Last but not the least; add a unique personal element to woo over your customers that actually makes them hit the pledge button! The possibilities are endless - it can be your own face in the video, a sneak peek of how your team has worked through to pull it together or a quick overview of the causes you intend to support. The most important of all Kickstarter video tips is to stay unique and versatile, so that you as a brand come into the focus of the audience and get the leverage that you need to kick start in the industry!


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