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10 Habits Startups Should Adopt for Better Video Marketing

It’s a Game of Thrones Out There - Creating a Product Video Ain’t Enough, You Need to adopt a right video marketing approach particularly an online video marketing approach to reach the Masses!
For startups, it is crucial to capture the attention of the market while staying in a limited budget at the same time. A lot of budding entrepreneurs regard online video marketing as expensive and time consuming and ignore it altogether, while others just create one online animated video or two and leave it at it.
The concept of “out of sight, out of mind” applies here — particularly for startups. Marketing your animated videos online is as important as creating them in the first place.
Here are 10 habits that all startups should adopt to fuel the appeal of their videos with a bang!

Make it Social! - Vine and Instagram are the New Online video Marketing Tools

The newest must-have Online Video Marketing tools say Aloha World! Did you know that a vine video is watched four times more than a regular video? And that in every five tweets per second; at least one contains a vine link? Or that over 60% of popular brands on Instagram have shared at least one Instagram video till now? All this points to one thing — the social scene is your biggest bet in getting more and more followers and marketing your video like a pro! Instagram and Vine videos can be shot easily with your smart phone too and can be connected to Facebook, Twitter and Google plus with a click - the combined effect can make your startup a raging hit in the online space.

Explore Your online video Marketing medium - One Video a Week is the Way to Go!

Post and Share As Much As You Can! Aside from your own website, you can always put up videos on Youtube, which is considered the second most powerful search engine after Google itself. But yes, the sea of opportunities doesn’t stop there — you can publish videos on Vimeo as well as upload them on Facebook or Twitter for instant shares! One video per week with the right keywords and engaging effect will work great in your favor and help your startup grow and create a unique position in the market.

Introduce Yourself with a Demo Video

Let them know you are here and you are here to stay! The ideas for creating videos are endless really, and as a startup you have an instant advantage — creating explainer videos. As per a study by Forrester research in 2009, one minute of a video is worth the impact of around 1.8 million words in written text!

Tutorials and How-to’s are a Online Video Marketer’s Best Friend

Tell them how to do it the smart way! Tutorials, how-to’s and step by step guidelines in video are not only a helpful addition to your website, but also to your blog. Most people find it easy to follow instructions when they are enacted to them rather than written down in black and white, and you can always use this formula to gain maximum recognition for your brand! You can either shoot how-to’s, create animated videos for them or even use a slide show of images or vines to get the same effect.

Try using DIY video making Tools

Animate with Animaker and Make a Big Impact! Gone are the days when creating animated videos was way too complicated, expensive and techie for startups. A simple DIY video making tool can do all magic to you. We are yet to launch our new DIY video making app, Animaker. It is a cloud based Do-it-Yourself video making app, with in-built features to address all your video making needs! (Alpha version available for limited users)

Say It All With an Explainer Video

Get in to the habit of explaining stuff. One of the best ways a startup can attract more and more users is by making explainer videos. Even the bigwigs are doing it - why shouldn’t the startups follow? Take the example of Drop Box - they increased their conversion rate by 10% with a simple 2 minute explainer video on their homepage. Explain the main features of your website or tips and guidelines on how to opt for your service with an interactive video instead of writing it on your website. The effect will be instant and you’ll be surprised by the hits you get! Explainer videos not only do the job of making your services more user-friendly but also boost your SEO rankings.

Get Behind the Scenes

A Little Personal touch is all that it takes! A great idea for startups who want to use Online video marketing for the best effect is by showing people who you are — as a brand and as a company. Shoot behind the scene actions, give them a glimpse of how you work or tell them why you do it. This is actually very beneficial for startups that are involved in community causes, nonprofit work or volunteering of some sort. A video will give you and your team a channel to interact with the public!

Share the Statistics

Let the numbers do the talking. While a product video does have a magnetic ability to highlight the best aspects of your brand, another great way of bringing your products in fours and increase appeal and trust is by creating videos with official statistics. The concept of using infographics has taken the online marketing world by storm, but the effect can be multiplied 3x times by using the approach in an Infographic video. Not only is this habit of creating videos more cost effective and unique, but it also enhances brand trust and builds credibility in the market.

Showcase Your Products by Building a Story

Get the Suspense Element in Your Favor! Trailers and teaser videos for upcoming products, events or other highlights will stir up attention and build suspense and curiosity for the final showdown! According to a recent research, watching a product video online increased the chances of its sale by 85%. No need to invest big bucks on every video — a slideshow of images using Vine or Instagram can work wonders in audience engagement! Apart from these short trailers, you can also create a series of online animated videos based on different services you offer, the causes you support or the events you hold. This story-like effect for a product video is also a great tool in getting a consistent following in the market.

Make People Laugh!

Laughter is the best Medicine! Still looking for ideas that you can churn up into amazing animated videos and product stories? Well, look past all the statistics, product reviews and boring details and create fun and energetic slideshows or animations that make people laugh! According to a survey, if a video is fun, around 46% of users are likely to share it on Facebook. Videos are meant to be engaging and interesting and creating videos with some humor and catchphrases every now and then will enhance your brand appeal in the eyes of the customer.


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