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Guide to Quora Marketing : 15 Must Know Tips for Marketers

If you intend to build your business as a front-runner in your industry or niche, then the best thing you need to do is respond to people’s queries. It doesn’t matter you have to be an expert on a specific subject, as there are probabilities that you are still more knowledgeable than others, and Quora is an excellent place to market your product and services. To market your business, you need to be aware of some vital Quora marketing tips that help to attain the most lucrative results. Why you need to market in Quora? In what way it differs from other online marketing platforms There are some significant reasons why you need Quora marketing for your business
  • Globally you obtain exposure to more than 9.2 million monthly users of Quora.
  • You can obtain perception from professionals across industries
  • You can exhibit your proficiency on any subject of your preference.
  • You can distribute content from other online sources (as well as your personal website) in subject concentrated boards on your profile.
  • You can provide straight answers to any individual inquiring about your business, product or services.

1. Create an exceptional Quora profile

Print Whether you are new to Quora or already an existing user, always ensure that you have an exceptional profile. Make sure that you have mentioned your industry expertise, as this is the place people will come to know more about you. Also ascertain that you include your main website and other social media accounts.

2. Searching & following the topics

Once you have created your profile, you can begin searching for your topics. To find out the topic of your choice, all you have to do is make use of the search box located on top and begin typing a keyword. Depending on what you have given, Quora will give some immediate recommendation. You can follow the topic by clicking the green color follow button. video-analytics If you wish to have the latest queries dispatched to your email, then all you have to do is click on the setting button, once you pursue the topic and alter the email setting to on. You can also subscribe to any subject by including /rss. For the topic video analytics the URL is and the URL for the rss feed is  Previously Google reader served as a handy tool to manage the topics. Since Google reader is not in use, you can handle your topics by having a folder in alternative tools like Google takeout or Google drive.

3. Quora client service & status management

Please bear in mind that the subjects can also be based on brand. If you have a business product or service, ensure whether any individual is speaking about your business, product or services.  You certainly wish to pursue any topic which is particularly related to your business. You can take part in the conversation when fresh queries are raised. You might also get promising sales prospects, as the individuals try to inquire for differences in service and quality of products and services among your competitors. This is the right chance for you to showcase your products USPs. So you need to get geared up to make your answer glow, and convert the leads into business. business-topic

4. Submitting Q&A

Once you follow your preferred topic you can start submitting your answers to the queries or add a new query. Adding Queries If you wish to inquire any fresh query you can just click the “Add question” button found on the right hand side of the page. But you are advised to stick to some specific rules, so as to assist the users to receive the precise answers they are searching for. For instance, Quora suggests that excellent answers inquire "Why” that demands for descriptive answers. This indicates your query should try to find some clarification instead of some simple straight answers. For instance “Are there any Smartphone notepad apps? can be phrased in a much better manner like “What are the notepad apps for smart phones?”. add-questions Add answer Prepared to exhibit your proficiency and begin answering queries? You can carry out by clicking a particular query in a subject you are following. You can include answer by scrolling down to the answer box. add-answer

5. Share content with your followers

You can market your business product or services by sharing your content with your followers. You can use the “write post” feature to write and share your content. Quora with its peculiar social sharing aspects, combined with Q &A arrangement, gains plenty of recognition amid the small business society. This significant feature assists in simple communication among the users. The more you distribute, the more are the probabilities of people getting aware of your business. Share-content- with-your- followers

6. Investigate on your competitors

Another Quora marketing strategy that you need to adopt is being aware of your competitors and having a close and constant watch on them, as it is very much essential to keep your business on track. You have to spend time in knowing what your competitors are doing and the people’s view about them. The Quora members can offer you, in-detail information, and in most cases these individuals would have direct experience with the competitors you are investigating.

7. Get linked with the press reporters for free PR.

Since the journalists are the early risers using Quora to get opinion for their fresh stories, getting linked with them will give more exposure for your business.

8. Create your network

Establishing your network with the users of identical interests is also one of the most important Quora marketing strategies that you need to implement. You must strive to increase your network connections. Search for individuals who have identical interest and are very obsessive about subjects that are significant to you as well as to your trade. Quora is a great place to nurture fresh and meaningful connections. It is very easy to do. All you have to do is just click the “follow topic” button.

9. Develop extended dialogues

In contrast to twitter & face book which pushes users to have short communication, Quora persuades extensive conversations amid its users. Profound and extensive information is present at its core. Hence wisely opt for your words and have a lengthy communication with your connection and get the most productive results.

10. Consider yourself as a SME (Subject Matter Expert)

While you get linked with more & more individuals who have similar interests, your final objective will be to create a remarkable association. If you wish to accomplish it, then you should add some value to it (in the shape of your acquaintance & proficiency). The more you communicate with people and distribute your knowledge; you will be regarded as an expert. On a regular basis, they will expect more information from you.

11. Do not spam post thought provoking queries

Another efficient Quora marketing tip you need to follow is to become an energetic participant in your business related topics. Post some engaging as well as thought provoking queries & helpful answers. When appropriate, add back links to the content on your site for additional information, however a word of caution at this juncture, 'do not spam'.

12. Include solution to your queries

Include fractional answers to your queries. By this method, visitors pay more significance to your queries with answers, than those lacking it.

13. Make use of the expert pool

If you have an interest towards a particular subject but have only little knowledge about it, then Quora provides you the required assistance with its boundless source of information. Its expert pool offers you the required guidance and knowledge on any subject as per your choice.

14. Explore innovative subject on Quora

You may come across some interesting queries asked by some individuals. You can acquire concepts regarding some new & interesting topics. Most of these queries can provide the required stuff for your newsletters, blog ideas, etc.

15. Fortify your prevailing relationship

One of the most excellent procedures to correspond with individuals whom you are already aware of is by dispatching a mail. Quora permits you to communicate via email with people of your choice. You can convey a touch base email mentioning some interesting particulars which you found in Quora. Probabilities are more that your email will be widely appreciated and would have a profound influence on your contacts.


To windup, Quora is an excellent and user friendly tool to promote your business, adopting the above mentioned Quora marketing Strategies for your business is sure to fetch you significant return on investments.


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