3 ways to use Sports Animation in Education!

There is no denying the fact that teachers play a crucial role in the early stages of an individual’s life. Spending 8 hours a day and 5 days a week with students, a teacher is sure to become one of the most influential people in a student’s life.

The advent technological gadgets and the internet have made it difficult for the teachers to keep the students engaged during the entire classroom session. The latest and greatest gadgets may look great on advertisements but are a true nightmare for teachers who really want to make a difference in the life of students. Slowly but surely, it ends up affecting the student’s grades in subjects and ultimately their progress in life.

The teachers did try to explain students, the consequences that gadgets can cause.

Student texting on mobile phone in the classroom

But all their efforts went in vain. So teachers started taking the alternate route. They joined the students on the digital route. Teachers started adopting to Ed Tech and new teaching methods. They have been fairly successful in their venture too.

But there is one subject in school which has often been overlooked till now when it comes to the Ed-Tech available for different subjects. You guessed it right! I am talking about Physical education. There has not been a single Ed-Tech Animation tool that has facilitated promotion of physical education. Animaker’s latest sports characters release is our aim at filling that void

Animated sports characters

With 4 new characters, 50+ games and 100+ animations, Animaker has just taken the ability to promote Physical Education a notch above the other tools.

So how can teachers use Animaker’s sports animation characters?

There are a multitude of ways in which teachers can use these Animated characters in a classroom. We have mentioned a few ways below to help you get started

1. Inspire and motivate students

Even the sports stars we adore and worship were once mere amateurs looking for inspiration and motivation. So why can’t we use their stories, their struggle and their hard work that went behind in creating the sports gods that they are today to inspire the newer generations? Animated videos depicting the hard work and the grueling practice sessions that went behind in the making of the legends of today could get students excited about the whole idea of becoming a sporting legend.

Excited kid on seeing sports animation

2. Teach them the importance of teamwork

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team
- Phil Jackson

A championship team is born only when there is teamwork. Physical education teachers can show animated versions of real-life examples to show how true the above quote can be. With characters from games like football, basketball, and volleyball, Animaker has the perfect mix of characters and animations to depict and conduct a visually engaging classroom session.

World Cup 2014 victory

3. Promote healthy living

Well, this is no secret. Athletes and sports stars look healthy for a reason. They work out regularly and maintain a strict no junk food diet. A well-structured video with all the right elements can put the message across very clearly that they have it in their power to either look healthy and athletic like their favorite sports stars or risk looking like Homer.

Fat like Homer

The ways in which these sports characters can be used doesn’t just end these three points. Their uses move much beyond the education industry or the sports industry. More than anything else it gives people the creative freedom in whatever animated video they plan to create.

Animate them now!


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