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7 Animated Stories to catapult your Instagram Marketing!

We all know how big Instagram Stories are these days! More than 250 million people are using the feature while over 700 million are exposed to it. Though Snapchat came up with it first, the total user base it has garnered is still just around 160 million.

Being the hottest social media trend these days, what are you doing to leverage this? Are you even using stories? Even if you aren't, it's never too late to start. Moreover, how do you stand out?

Animated Instagram Stories!

That's right, in a world full live action instagram stories, how about doing something different? Taking the animated route has always proven to beneficial especially for first movers. Be it Explainer Videos, Social Media Videos, it's always been the case!

Animated stories can instantly catapult attention to your brand as very less people are already doing it. So we decided to make 7 types of Animated Story templates that can help you make instagram stories in under 3 minutes.

Wanna have a sneak peak?

1. List Template

Lists have worked so well in blog articles and even videos. It is one of the main ingredients to go viral! There is something about lists that draws attention and keeps people engaged.

Research suggests that the human brain finds it really easy to consume information in chunks. This reason and the element of curiosity it builds makes lists very effective!

You can use this template to educate your customers on a list of things they need to do or have. It can also be used as a simple countdown list!

2. Stats Template

Do you belong to an industry which deals with a lot of numbers? Or do you just have some amazing stats to share? Whatever may be, if you are going to put it into your Instagram story, it better be visually appealing!

Our Video Infographics marries data with storytelling. Convert any data you have to eye popping visuals! This template gives you an idea of it's possibilities.

3. Quotes Template

Are you aware of there are Instagram hashtags reserved specifically for motivation! This is one of the simplest ways you can have an impact on your followers.

Okay, so you don't have anything interesting or motivating to say today? That's totally fine. That's why we have Thought Leaders! Find relevant quotes said by leaders in your Industry and put it up in this story template.

4. Tips Template

Educating your audience is so effective in every medium - be it audio, video or even written. Giving one simple yet powerful tip a day can really enhance your branding.

So how can animated stories help you educate better? There are thousands of character animations inside Animaker. You can make use of them to enhance your tip and make it memorable. Just check out the template and you'll know what I mean!

5. Motivational Templates

One of the best way to spice up the relationship between you and your follower is by being a source of motivation. You need to be the Obi-Wan or Morpheus in their journey!

The best way to do this here is by including a small motivational message that can pump up their whole day! Check out these two templates and be prepared for some adrenaline rush in case you run a startup:

6. Swipe Up Template

This template can be very useful if you have a verified Instagram account. Verified accounts have the option to send their followers to external links. This is very useful especially because Instagram allows linking only in the About Section.

Having a cool and whacky animated story can increase "swipe-up" rates!

Though this feature is only available to Verified users now, it is only a matter of time until it’s rolled out to all users!

7. Announcement Template

Standing for a cause your customers believe in can drive immense engagement. This template was made for just that.

You can use this to either start your own trend or to leverage an already existing trend.

This template can also be used if you want to start a campaign or contest.

A lot of work went behind the making of these 7 types of templates. We spoke with over 100 Instagram users to understand the type of Instagram Story templates that can help them on a day to day basis.

And now with the advent of IGTV, Vertical Videos have become more relevant than ever.

These templates will help you win over your Instagram audience in less than 3 minutes. You can always create your own Animated Instagram Videos using our Vertical Video maker!


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