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Introducing 10 New Ethnic Characters!

Not long ago, Animaker took up the mission to help the entire world create kickass animated videos. Ever since then, the core team has continuously worked on launching the application in multiple languages such as Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Korean. With more such languages coming up in the near future, we are on the right path to be the stock creativity tool for the entire world.
Our efforts don’t just stop there. We are also creating loads of region specific ethnic characters to help the whole world create localized content. Today, we are releasing 10 such characters from 5 major regions across the globe.
Wanna see what’s in store for you? Let’s see:


Indian animated characters First on the list is Saurav and Sruthy.
About Saurav
Saurav is a happy go lucky entrepreneur who grew up in Delhi but has his roots in Chennai. He can pull off the dhoti as well as the kurta like a movie star!
About Sruthy
Sruthy is a TV host from Bangalore and looks stunning no matter what she wears! She is a passionate musician who plays the Veena in her free time.
Both of them love celebrating every festival from Holi to Onam. They’re also good in Bharatanatyam and Kathakali.


animated chinese characters Second, on the list we have Chin and Chang who are avid travelers. They’ve already gone to 33 countries and plan to visit more!
About Chang
Chang is an entertainer, very popular in Beijing. He loves horse riding in his free time!
About Chin
Chin is a cook who loves to play the Liquin whenever she gets a chance.
At the end of the day, they always spend some quality time together in front of the Television.


Japense animated character Third on the list comes Chi-Chi and Yong from Tokyo who got married thanks to their music interests!
About Yong
Yong is an undercover Samurai who is known as a robotic inventor.
About Chi-Chi
Chi-Chi is a martial artist trainer know for her Shopaholic nature!
No matter how hard a day they’ve had, they make never miss their meditation at the end of the day.


bj Then we have Mbappe and Kikoloku, a bubbly couple from Kenya!
About Mbappe
Mbappe is an athlete who trains round the year. His dream is to win an Olympic medal. When he’s not training you can find him vlogging about his Olympic dream!
About Kikoloku
Kikoloku is a corporate manager who spends most of her day in front of a PC. She is also a fitness freak who works an hour every day. During the weekends, you can find her in parties where she’ll be playing the drums!
Kikolulu and Mbappe love a romantic walk in the park!


animated arabic cha Last on the list are Abdul and Raiza from the Middle East. Coming from Jeddah, the port city of Saudi Arabia, Abdul and Raiza are known for their outgoing and friendly nature.
About Abdul
Abdul is a businessman based out of Jeddah’s industrial estate. Abdul loves occasionally going on off road trips. He is an avid reader and never stops learning!
About Raiza
Raiza is a homepreneur who spends most of her time reading books and blogging about them. She has a loyal subscriber base who follow her blog to get up to date reviews of the newest books.
During weekends they go on a romantic cruise to Burj Khalifa!
If you want your customers to relate with your videos, the characters have to be highly personalized. If your business is localized, this is even more important. Keeping this in mind, the World’s Largest Animation library just got a local twist!


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