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Are holidays bad for business? Use videos to boost them.

On December 18, the most awaited movie of the year was released. Yes, I’m talking about the new Star Wars movie. (By the way, it is awesome and you should see it asap). Since its release it has been on a rampage in the box office. It grossed an astronomical $248 million dollars in North America and about $530 million dollars worldwide in just 3 days. That’s more than the nominal GDP of at least 5 countries.

The analysts are baffled by this. This has never happened before. Nobody had released a movie on a holiday season and seen such a humongous success. Why? People are more interested in spending time with their family than boosting your business profits. Holidays are always bad for business. So what did Star Wars do differently to succeed?

Simple. The answer is effective video marketing.

The number of trailers, teasers and TV spots used to promote star wars is just mind-boggling. The prime agenda of star wars video marketing was to make sure that this is THE event of the year and everyone should be a part of it. And, it really paid off. It indeed became the event of the year and people flocked to the theaters like never before.

So what can we take away from the Star Wars marketing strategies?

One thing and one thing only - Video Marketing is the future.

That’s right, it has been proved over and over that videos boost your sales. Promotion through videos, especially animated explainer videos are the order of the day. So why not use the same strategy with tiny tweaks to boost your business during a holiday season. Wondering what those tweaks are. Look no further. Here they are.

Wish them through videos.

Yes, it is a fact that not all of us who run a business can make profits during holiday season. People want to spend time with their family celebrating the occasion, so why would they care about what you have to offer. However, they will care about your wishes. Yes, you can use videos to wish them.

To create similar videos, you can make use of our Christmas video maker!

Promote your product through videos.

If you have a product and wondering how to take it to people during a holiday season, then the best option would be to make it as a holiday product and promote it through a video, preferably alongside your greetings video.

Thank your customer during holidays.

The thing about customers is that if you lose contact with them even for a day, there is a possibility of them forgetting you. Always be in touch. And what better way than thanking them with a video. Thank them with a video.

Staff celebration video.

Not just your customers, even your staff needs to be felicitated during holidays. Make a video of your staff celebration at your workplace. If you think it’s gonna be expensive as well as tedious shooting a video, you can just take photos and then use Animaker to make a cool animated video. A brilliant idea isn’t it?

We have now looked at how we can keep in touch with our customers during holiday seasons and more importantly use creative ways to promote our business. Therefore, the next thing is to make sure our strategies work, that is reach the people. I leave you with a checklist that will for sure make your strategies work like magic.

  • Early the better. Send invites earlier than others.
  • Email the videos to your customers.
  • Share your videos on social networks.
  • Make sure the videos are not lengthy.

That’s it folks. With the strategies that i have prescribed you are sure to look at holidays more positively from now on, like it should be. Till then, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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