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Create your own Thanksgiving video with Animaker!

"He who thanks but with the lips, Thanks but in part; The full, the true Thanksgiving, Comes from the heart." - J.A. Shedd
Starting since 1621, for almost 400 years, we have celebrated Thanksgiving day. But what’s new this time? Pigeon invites, No! Letter invites, No! A mail invite, definitely not! Then what is it? Well, wait for it - A video invite! That’s right. This Thanksgiving, Create an invitation video to your friends asking them to come over for a Yummy-Tasty Turkey dinner. After all it’s the Thanksgiving tradition.
But why videos, and especially why Animaker videos. To start with, a text invite seems a little bit old fashioned. When the technological world is offering you a new way to improve your social life, then why not use it. For example, take a look at the video I made for my friends with our exclusive Animaker Thanksgiving template. Wonderful isn’t it? My friends said that’s the best invite they’ve ever had. EVER had. So, don’t you want to invite your friends in an innovative way? If yes, then waste no time. Yes, start editing right away with our Thanksgiving photography style template (click here to use this template).
And since we have started making videos, then why limit ourselves and just make one. Spread your wings and make another animated video. Take a look at my animated Thanksgiving video. How about this one?
So if you like this one better, then once again waste no time and start editingThanksgiving animated style template (click here to use this template).
Yipee! A great feeling isn’t it. Making video invites and staying one step ahead of our contemporaries. Who knows, you could’ve just started a revolution by being the first among others to use video invites. Stay unique and create wonderful video wishes with the coolest Thanksgiving video maker. But things aside, a great thanksgiving to you all from Animaker.


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