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Let’s welcome the amazing teenagers!

Note: This blog was originally published for Animaker 1.0! The teen characters are in development and will be available in Animaker 2.0 very soon. To know more about what’s upcoming in Animaker 2.0, Check out our new blog here!

Let’s start with a simple question. What was the best time period of your life? Childhood, teenage, or adulthood. For me, it was definitely my teenage days. Oh boy! What I wouldn't give to get back to those days. Those were THE times. THE BEST TIMES.
My most memorable moments were during my teenage days during the glorious 90’s- all the high school games, never ending night outs, innocent love. Those were some beautiful memories.
But why am I talking about that? Yeah, you guessed it right (it was the title, right. That gave it away).
We are presenting you an opportunity to relive those beautiful teenage moments of your life!
We at Animaker present you the AWESOME TEENAGERS! That’s right! 4 brand new characters with over 150+ animations between them.
So without any further ado.

Roger the Nerd


Nicholas (Nick) the Adventurous


Amy the Perfect

Amy_Chinese American character

Arya the Brave




Now that you have met our AMAZING teenagers (yup, that’s how we’re gonna address them from now on - THE AMAZING TEENAGERS), I know you’re switching tabs to try them out impatiently. I’m not gonna stop that. But I would like you to share your experience with us so that we can enhance and add different dimensions to your new friends.

P.S. Also if you have some fantastic ideas about new characters, like our previous characters Ronan and Kate, please post them on the comments section. Let’s see if we can start working on those ideas.

Try these new characters in Animaker


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