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[ Free kit ] An end to end guide for Explainer video making!

We have been hearing about explainer videos for an eternity now! But in the current era, is it still relevant and important to make a big impact online? The answer is a big YES! Businesses have now acknowledged the fact that a good online presence can go a long way in communicating information to people beyond geographical boundaries. Right now we have nearly 3.5 billion internet users spread across the globe, and there has not been a better time than now to take advantage of the online space.

Now how do we ensure that we attract and engage people belonging to the 3.5 billion internet user base on our website? By creating visually appealing and engaging content. And what better content can be better than a well-crafted video?

Not convinced? Let’s me ask you a simple and straightforward question. What would you rather like to do? Read a long 1000 word article about a product or watch a simple visually appealing 1-minute explainer video? If you chose to watch the 1-minute explainer video, then you belong to 99% of all people online.

As a matter of fact when we added a video on top of our Website in 2015, our conversion increased by 2000% in one month.

Here are some more facts about explainer videos which will make your decision-making process easier.

  • People stay 2 minutes longer on a website if it has an embedded video
  • Videos on a landing page increases the chances of your page showing up on the front page of results by 53 times.
  • Videos generate 1200% more social shares than text or images.

And now with years of experience helping businesses and individuals develop and market thousands of high performing explainer videos, we have decided to put together a Master explainer video guide which will give the step by step instructions on how one can create an awesome explainer video with Animaker.

Inside the guide, you will find the step by step instructions starting from the process of script writing, storyboarding, choosing the voice-over, etc., to tutorials that show you how you can get the best out of Animaker. We even have exclusive Animaker Tips & Tricks added as a part of it. We hope that this guide helps you make a super awesome Animated explainer video.



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