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Father’s Day 2017: An event we’ll never forget!

On 16th June 2017, we had the daunting task of picking 10 videos out of hundreds of sweet videos created for dads around the world. It was the toughest task of our lives. Many videos were good enough to win. It was a very emotional endeavor. Some videos even made me cry!

Picking one out ten really good videos would always be a hard. This is why we decided to have a public voting system. While many put up a voting competition just to collect emails, we didn't want that. We wanted things to be as easy as it could be.

In the end, it was 15-year old Shourya Nandrajog from Boston who came out with flying colors! We really got a vibe of how much of a hero her dad was from her sweet video.

Although many would believe that overall video quality is the main factor we consider, the final decision was made considering multiple criteria including overall message, the amount of effort put in, emotional touch and public voting.

The main stress was obviously on the amount of effort put in by the duaghter/son in making the video really special for the dad!

This is where Shourya edged past the others. Check out her video yourself:

At the end of the day, it’s all about how much you want to make your dad happy right?

This doesn't mean that the other videos were bad. There were many videos that came very close actually!

Special Mention : Video by Sue Redmond

Sue's video was my personal favorite. There was something about this video that made me very emotional. It could've been the photos she used - it was so very apt to the flowing poetry. I could somehow feel that this was no ordinary entry.

Later she sent me a mail saying that tears were flowing down her cheeks while making this video. I just stared at my MacBook screen, not knowing what to say - emotions raining within..

Thanks a lot Sue for showing us the deep bond you share with your dad. He is such a lucky man!

The Cutest Videos

There were two videos that made us all go "Awww!!". One was made by Dennis and Natalie while the other was made by Jasemine. If you can go through both these videos without smiling even once, you are such a cold person!

The most creative Video : By Aman

This blog would be incomplete if I don't mention Aman's video. He was at his creative best - everything from the funny script to the funnier animations! If we were looking for the most creative video, he would've won hands down. Seriously, this kid has loads of talent. Check it out yourself:

The Most Touching Gesture: By Saiful

Losing your dad can be the toughest thing that could happen to anybody! But this did not stop Saiful from creating a video tribute to his dad who unfortunately passed away 4 years ago. We played this in Animaker Headquarters. In the end, the whole team was touched by his gesture. For the music, he used the very apt classic “I Love you Daddy” by late singer Ricardo Groenewald.

Saiful Amir Ramali, I salute you!

This Father’s day was very special for all of us at Animaker. What started off as a small campaign blew up into a highly emotional event. Those hundred odd videos have left a deep impact on me. It reminded me of the strong influence my dad has had on my life.

Thank you all for making this Father’s Day truly memorable! Since this event has created a lot of good vibes within the community, we are planning to run more such competitions in the near future!

How was your Father’s day like this year? Let us know down below! :)


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