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Animaker's Mission to a Million Smiles this Father's Day

We at Animaker have a culture of huddling up every Friday to share stories. The only rule is that everyone should come up with one! It’s a really amazing team building activity that keeps us hip and fresh for the coming week.

A couple of months ago, our Marketing Ninja, Shelton told us a story that touched us all!

He was hanging out with his parents last year. His brother Sam also joined in with his family. Shelton’s only and favorite nephew AJ was at his naughty best!

They were having a nice family evening with wine and cake. Suddenly, AJ came running to his daddy. He said that he had something very special to show him. He gave him this:

Father of the Year Award TJ

Everyone was touched. Shelton was ever so moved as he hadn’t even remembered that it was Father’s day! His dad spotting Shelton's sudden change in mood, changed the topic and made everyone laugh with one of his classic jokes.

What made Shelton sadder within was that it was not long ago that he gifted his girlfriend a ring for Valentine’s Day.

This story struck a chord in everyone. All of us always remember Valentine's day and even April Fool’s Day, but why do most of us always seem to forget Father’s day?

Is it the same story everywhere?

We decided to do some research ourselves. With the help of Google trends, we found that sadly our world gives more importance to April Fool’s and Valentine’s day than Father’s day. :(

[Note: Google Trends is an application which tells us the amount of popularity a particular BUZZ an event, phenomenon or personality gets around the world.]

So we are more interested in pranking others and being a one-day romantic than appreciating our dad’s sacrifice to raise us.

Unfortunately, we always take the most important things in life for granted. We realize the value of family and especially our parents only when they are gone.

So, we made it our mission to make the coming Father’s day special! We want to make at least a million dads feel appreciated this time. We want to make up for the fact that even we had ignored Father’s day in recent times while we came up with Mother’s day and Valentine’s day offers!

As almost 40% of our users are school students, we feel it is our moral obligation to carry this movement forward. So what are we going to do?

A Father of the Year award!

Now this is not like one of those beauty pageants where Dad’s come talk about World Peace. If you want your dad to win the coveted title, you need to enroll in the competition! :D

Father of the Year Award 2017

You just have to make a Father’s Day Video Greeting for your dad!

If you win, we will send an iPhone 7 directly to your dad!

That’s right, you have 5 days to make the most heartwarming Father’s Day Video greeting. At the end of 5 days, we will upload the top ten videos. Then it is up to the community to vote the best video! :)

There will be only one dad with an iPhone 7; But then, all dad’s are winners here - because everyone got their special greeting!

For entering, you can either use this template:


Or create your own video greeting from scratch!

So here are the three simple steps that could win your dad the award and an iPhone 7:

STEP 1: Make a sweet Video Greeting for your dad

STEP 2: Upload it in Facebook tagging us. Don’t forget to use the #animakerdad hashtag.

STEP 3: Submit the Video link here.

Do you have what it takes to crown your dad as the King of all Dad’s?


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