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How to Livestream in Youtube, Facebook and Periscope at the same time

There’s no doubt that Live Video is the hottest Video Marketing Trend you can capitalize right now. That’s right, if you are a business without live streaming part of your marketing plan, well you are missing out on loads of potential leads.
A mind boggling decision to make is the channel you need to use. There are tons of platforms to go live.
Once you identify a couple of platforms where you get relevant traffic, it is all about execution. But does that mean you have to allocate separate timings for each platform? We at Animaker are a bit obsessed with making the most of our time and hack productivity! So we decided to list a bunch of tools to stream on multiple platforms at once.

For Startups, SMBs and Individuals

These are apps you can start with especially if you have zero or low budget. Though they are less priced, don't underestimate their effectiveness! It's the perfect option for a lot of startups and SMBs out there.

Restream is a great platform to begin your multistreaming adventure. Restream has 30+ platforms to which you can livestream simultaneously. But the only popular channels are Youtube and Twitch. You can always add new channels by subscribing to RTMP which costs $14.99 per month per channel. So if you’re a gamer targeting only Twitch and Youtube, you just hit gold! Restream Platforms Another great paid feature is the Doubling feature which lets you stream to two channels on the same platform at the same time. This feature comes at $4.99 per month.


Switchboard is a budget friendly option for small businesses and individuals. The interface is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You could start off with a 30-day trial and then opt for a $25/month subscription if you are satisfied. Switchboard Pricing However, you can multistream to a maximum of only 3 channels in the free trial. For the paid, you can stream simultaneously up to 5 channels.

Teradek Core

Core by Teradek is a very efficient tool to live stream and is preferred by professionals. Though you have to shell out a little bit on the Teradek encoder, it is well worth it! Teradek encoders can cost from $700 to $3000. For live streaming purposes, the entry level encoder is good enough. As you move on to bigger encoders, you have the luxury to stream to a particular computer or anywhere else you want to. Core Teradek Pricing Their encoders are small, efficient and above all - easy to use! They are not the launch partners of Youtube Live, Facebook Live and Periscope for no reason! Their pricing starts from $49 per month.

For more Serious Users

These are tools which require you to shell out a little bit more than the others. However, you get a lot more control over your streaming.

Streamshark is another platform where you can stream in multiple locations at the same time. However, this feature is available only for users subscribed to the business plan or above and having a dedicated server. Stream Shark The business plan costs around $250 per month while the dedicated server is $300 per month. This takes the combined cost to a whopping $550 per month. The likes of Renault and Victoria use Streamshark for the streaming purposes.


Livestream has a Simulcast option which lets you live stream in Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and Periscope at the same time. Livestream also boasts that you can do all this even with less bandwidth. Live Stream Pricing This might be an expensive method as this option is available only for Enterprise users. As the Enterprise pricing is custom according to requirements, we can guess that it is way above the Premium plan which itself is $249 per month.

Easy Live

Easy Live is specifically catering to B2B companies. It is a turn-key cloud based software that makes multi-screening very easy for the end user. easy live Though the starting package itself is a bit expensive at $299/month, it is very popular among B2B companies. But then, users can save money on bandwidth and lack needs to buy multiple encoders.

Groovy Gecko

Groovy Gecko is the best in the business. It's suitable for very large companies. They cater to the likes of Nike, UN and Liverpool FC. Usually, these big guns use Groove Gecko for additional broadcasting in social media to compliment their TV broadcast. Check out a recent live stream they did for Nike: There are options to add Graphical overlay. You can even monetize via PPV. The pricing is obviously very high. It comes close to $4000 per event!

For the Geeks

The following hack can be put into use if you have reasonable time and the audacity to explore.

Set up your own RTMP

This is probably the most cost effective solution. This way you don’t have to pay a third party. However, this would mean you have to do some extra work and testing on your own. You’ll also need a server box. Check out this detailed guide to get an idea on how this can be done
It was a lot of fun putting together this list. Using one of the above tools you can easily record streaming video to multiple platforms at the same time. Share this to someone who is using Live Video to attract an audience! If you are looking to create animated youtube videos for free, check out our Youtube Video Maker


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