How to make a Lyric Video in less than 15 minutes!

Arvind Kesh

Arvind Kesh - February 3, 2018 - Leave your thoughts.

For a long time, people had to depend on complex software to create kickass lyric videos. It was both expensive and hard to use.

With Animaker, creating a lyric video is easier than ever!

This guide has been divided into 2 parts. The first part contains basics on how to create a lyric video. If you're visiting this page for the first time, make sure you don't miss this part.

The second part of this guide contains pro tips to create lyric videos with world class animations. We will be updating this section every week - so don't forget to check often!

How to create a lyric video

Step 0: Get to know the Basics.

If you already know the basics, you can skip this step. If you have no idea of how Animaker works, watch this 10-minute video to get an idea:

Now that you know the basics, you can start making a Lyric video!

Step 1: Upload your song

The first step is to obviously upload your music file. You can do this by clicking on the “Upload” icon inside the library. Inside Uploads, choose “Sounds” and click “Upload”:

Upload Music

Once uploaded you have to drag and drop your song on to the Audio Timeline:

Put Music onto the Animaker

Step 2: Add lyrics

The next step is to add the lyrics. This is when you should decide how much of the lyrics should come in each scene.

To add text, just click on the ‘T’ icon inside the library.

For regular text just, click ‘Type your text here’:

Add lyrics to Lyric Video

You can drag and place the text wherever you want within the workspace.

It is important that you time each scene based on the amount of lyric in that particular scene.

Step 3: Add a background

You can have two types of background. It can either be plain with some color of your choice or you can upload your own image!

To choose a color for your background, first click on the ‘Backgrounds’ icon in the Library.

Inside, click the ‘Color’ tab. From here you can choose your desired color:

Background Color

You can upload images just like you uplaoded your music in the beginning. The recommended image size is 800x450 pixels.

Step 4: Customize fonts

The next step is to pick the fonts you are going to use for your lyric video. Inside Animaker, you already have access to 50+ fonts.

To change the fonts of a scene, just go to text settings and choose the font you want!

Change Font

Apart from this, you can even upload your own custom fonts. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Upload Font’ button inside the drop-down menu:

Font Settings

You can upload TTF files here. Make sure you have all rights to use the custom font you upload.

To change the color of your font, just click on the small pixel next to the “Font Name”.

Step 5: Spice it up with props

For many songs, lyric videos become more popular than the original video. This is thanks to the cool props that spice things up.

You can choose properties from the library. It is the bulb icon, second from top.

Animation Props for Lyric Videos

You can even change the styles of some props inside the "Property settings"!

On the whole, you get access to the world’s most extensive animation library. If you can think about it, you can find it inside!

Step 6: Use Effects: take things to a whole new level

Inside Animaker there are four types of effects you can use. These are things which will make your video unique and stand out.

1. Enter-Exit Effects:

These effects can be used to determine the way in which your text enters and exits a particular scene. There are 20+ such effects you can play with.


To change the the enter-exit effects, just click on the text box and choose the desired effects that lie above the timeline.

Adjust the duration of these effects in the timeline:

Enter/Exit Effect Timeline

2. Transition Effects:

These are effects that happen between scenes. You can adjust transition effects either via the library or the scene section.

Transition Effects

You get a whopping 40+ transitions effects to choose from!

Key Point: It is always best to use either the Text effect or Transition effect in one scene. Using both together can spoil your video unless you find a creative way to fit it in.

3. Special Effects:

These are 2D animation effects that can give that oomph factor everyone looks for!

You can choose special effects in the library by clicking on the Rectangle icon containing three stars:

Special Effects

There are two types of special effects:

  • Screen Effects: These are effects that fill the whole screen
  • Prop Effects: These are effects that occupy a certain space in the workspace like other 2D props

Apart from the abstract effects, you can use anything from a burning screen to a tornado or even a dropping missile to spice up your lyric video!

4. Motion Effects:

These are effects that allow you to move your lyrics within the screen.

You can use multimove for streamlined motion and the curve tool for curved motion:

Motion Effects

Using these tools, you get all the freedom to bring any kind of motion imaginable to your lyric video!

Pro Tips to create World Class lyric videos

These are special tutorials we will be updating every week!

Using these pro tips, you can create lyric videos that are of world class quality!

Highlight Effect

Highlights Effect

Step 1: Add Text from the Library.

Make sure you choose a font that fits your style. White color is preferred.

Highlight Effect Step 1

Step 2: Duplicate Text and customize it's color

This can be done by pressing:

  • (Ctrl+c) & (Ctrl+v) in Windows
  • (Command+c) & (Command+v) in Mac

The duplicated text basically acts as a layer above the first text.

Use a bright color that is contrasting with the background color.

Highlight Effect Step 2

Step 3: Give Wipe Enter Effect

You can choose, wipe effect from the “enter” effect list. Make sure it wipes from left.

Highlight Effect Step 3

Time the duration of the "Enter" effect according to the pace of your song

Heart In Effect

Heart In Effect

Step 1: Take the heart icon from the Infographics Library

Heart In Effect 1

Step 2: Make the heart icon really big.

Heart In Effect 2

Reduce the workspace size so that you can make the heart icon fill the whole screen space!

Step 3: Use multimove to bring a shrinking animation

Heart In Effect 3

Make sure it shrinks only at the end of the scene.

Step 4: Add text over the heart

Heart In Effect 4

Add text that keeps on changing at a good pace. Make sure the text lies comfortably within the smaller heart

Heart Beat Effect

Heart Beat Effect

Step 1: Add three beating hearts

The heart icon has a beating-version which can be chosen inside the 'Property settings'. Add three hearts of increasing size, on top of each other.

Heart Beat Effect 1

Step 2: Add text inside the smallest heart

Heart Beat 2

Make the text appear along with your lyrics. Use different fonts and be creative!

Step 3: Add a zoom-in effect

Heart Beat Effect 3

The Camera-In effect can be chosen just above the timeline. It is the first icon on the top left corner. Once chosen you can adjust the amount of zoom-in you want to give and also the duration of zoom in the Camera Timeline.

Many of our users say that using Animaker can be really good fun! Share this blog to all your musician friends so that they can create really cool lyric videos for their brands!


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