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Launching 20 New Templates to Create Intro videos in less than 5 minutes!

Since the beginning, we've seen many of our users creating 2D intros using Animaker. Last year, we even got tons of requests to add intro templates!

So we decided to start 2018 with a bang - by giving all our users 20 free Intro Video Templates that can be edited in less than 5 minutes.

Just upload your logo, use your brand colors, change the text and export. It's that simple!

Now, this doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself to these templates.

Using the powerful animation features inside Animaker, you can even build on top of the templates to make it truly unique and special!

Why is everyone after a cool intro video?

Intro Videos are like the curtain raisers of your video and are extremely necessary for branding. It is considered amateur when you abruptly start or end your video without any personal branding.

As a matter of fact, 85% of marketers say the primary reason for creating content is to build the brand and positive perceptions of the company. (source)

While you can always build an intro video from scratch using Animaker, these templates will help you create one in less than five minutes!

Intro Video Templates.

1. Logo & URL Liquid effect Intro Video Template

The first in our long list is the liquid logo reveal effect. The logo and URL are revealed after the screen gets flooded with different colors. We have used a tinge of violet and orange as they are part of our Mascot. You can always change these colors to suit your brand!

2. Logo Focus Intro Video Template

This template is for those who want to introduce their brand logo in a subtle yet elegant way. According to one of our users, the snowflakes give it a magical feel. Use a contrasting background color to make your logo stand out.

3. Unveiling Logo & URL Intro Video Template

Unveil your brand logo like flipping a book open! This template was designed for minimalists. We have used two close colors like peach and orange to bring more emphasis to the veil effect.

4. Logo Sketch Intro Video Template

This intro video was specially created for brands in the creative field. The introduction of a human hand gives a personal touch to the video while the paintbrush gives a stroke of creativity!

5. Transition Intro Video Template

Reveal your brand in the coolest way possible using this colorful logo opener template. We have transited the effect through multiple shapes to hook the audience till the time the logo is introduced.

6. Web Search Intro Video Template

Introduce your brand after a web search animation to give it a modern day digital touch. You can even combine this effect with ASMR typing sounds to hook your viewers!

7. Logo Art Intro Video Template

Here is a unique logo art created using mix and match styles. Reveal your logo in grand celebration! Make sure that you change the shape of the elements according to your logo style.

8.Load To Reveal Intro Video Template

This minimalistic logo reveal template is one of our most used templates. The logo reveals in a typical loading style. It is important that you choose complementary colors for the background and the circle and blend it with the logo.

9.Reveal Logo Intro Video Template

How about revealing your logo full of life and colors? Colors evoke emotions and that’s why brands choose their logo colors carefully. Excite your audience with this colorful template and portray yourself as a fun brand!

10. Circular Logo Reveal Intro Video Template

This intruiging intro template reveals your logo in a series of endless circles. The logo and the URL are revealed on a white screen after a quick transition. You can use this template to establish a playful image for your brand.

11. Reveal Website URL Intro Video Template

How about revealing your logo through a flying disk? You can change the disk color to suit your needs. It’s a really wacky way to introduce your logo!

12.Search Box CTA Intro Video Template

This template can subconsciously prompt your viewers to search for your website! To emphasize the effect, you can use the most dominant color of your logo as the screen where the search box appears.

13. Reveal Brand Tagline Intro Video Template

Reveal your logo, tagline as well as website URL along with some circular effects. Make sure you blend the circles with the logo by using some of your brand colors like we have done.

14. Tetris Effect Intro Video Template

This intro template is both trendy as well as minimalistic. You can place the logo either on a white screen or a dark colored screen to emphasize on the Tetris effect. Both styles have a completely different feel to it!

15. Logo Reveal Intro Video Template

If you want to reveal your logo in a stylish and hip way, use this uber cool template to introduce your brand's logo. You could freeze your logo in the black rhombus as it complements most of the colors.

16. Website URL Intro Video Template

Hook your viewer with this illusionary intro template. You can freeze the screen where the logo appears with a slightly darker hue of the dominant color of your logo for a magical effect.


17. Social Outro Video Template

Outros inspire people to take action. Use this minimalistic template to show your social media presence. You can freeze the screen on a white or a dark screen that equally compliments the color of all the social media logos.

18. Thank You Outro Video Template

This is a minimalistic outro to thank the viewers who watched your video. You can add more social media icons if necessary.

19. Multiple CTAs Outro Video Template

This is another sizzling outro video template complete with multiple calls to actions. Adding the more dominant colors of the video on the Tetris will add continuity in the video in case you want to add more CTAs.

20. Follow Us CTA Outro Video Template

This template takes a creative approach to show your social media presence. One of our users summed it up by calling it - Neat, Minimalistic and Unpredictable!

These 20+ intro templates are designed for super cool branding. You can easily build a good first impression with one of these videos!

Feel free to suggest more new ideas for making intro videos. We’d love to add them in our future releases!

So what are you waiting for? Create your own intro video now!


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