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What is Animaker? First Look of Do-It-Yourself Animated Video Making App

We are so excited to talk about this new app, which has a strong mission, “Help Everyone to create a video of studio standard". Animaker is a simple animated video making app which helps a wide range of users to craft videos of studio standard without much training or external guidance. Everything starts with just a simple drag and drop.
Its true, setting a vision is easy but crafting it for more than 2 years is a tough job. Thanks to our super humans and dedicated experts. Now we are proud to launch Animaker for limited users to get the sense of blood and bone of this app.

What is Animaker?

Animaker is a cloud based Do-it-Yourself animated video making app, with in-built features to address the growing demand of animated video making. This app helps everyone to create an animated video with high quality, focusing heavily on Studio standards.

What problem are we solving?

In explainer video industry, the demand for quality video is huge. Every business owner has a need to explain their product to several stakeholders, Venture Capitalists (VCs), keen investors, future clients, their own employees and even to government’s nodal agencies. If ideas are not portrayed right, they are more likely to be shot down. They need a digital vehicle which can explain their business instantly and engagingly like an elevator pitch.
To produce animated explainer videos, there are two options for obtaining high quality videos, business owners approach big studios, spending lot of time, money and energy in several intricate studio processes like scripting, visualizing, illustrating, rigging, animating, sound recording, compositing, etc, to deliver what they might have envisaged.
Alternatively, they can use the economical option of utilizing template-driven apps, which are cheaper, but deliver very low quality videos. To save time and money, without compromising on quality of output, we address the growing demand of animated video making. Since this app supports them to explain their ideas better, entrepreneurs will be able to add wings to their ideas effectively and economically by transforming their idea into marketable solutions.

Why we named our app as "Animaker"?

By word: “Shockingly simple Video Making Tool".
2 years before, we had a plan to craft an app, which addresses the growing demand of video making in a large scale. we came up with one single word “Animaker” without much explanation and which perfectly explains what we do? Also our team strongly believes the word “Animaker” will be short, simple and yet powerful enough to do a big task.
Animaker = Animation + Maker (Wow! it is simple to remember right?). But getting such a simple word is not easy (lot of cost involved). Well, we will cover those stories in the upcoming articles. This same rule holds good for the whole app, it looks simple but powerful enough to create a great video.

Why Animaker is for limited users?

Since we are in alpha version, we need to understand the exact demand for this app, resources utilized and things to be improved. So far, we had a very good response from our limited users, we are so excited to launch it as soon as possible. For early adopters & Curious Guys: Do Subscribe, we will reach out to you shortly.


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