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Take a Selfie and Nail It Like a Pro! - Perfect Selfies Made Easy

MirrorSelfieBy now, we are all guilty of trying to take a selfie at-least once, even if we have not uploaded it anywhere. We would say, taking a selfie is indeed one of the most difficult multitasking jobs as you ought to play a dual role of a photographer and the model at the same time.Yes, you should be present both at the front and back of the camera. Though selfies are by definition not taken by professionals and has to look casual, we cannot escape the fact that a good selfie involves a lot of effort. CrownSelfie A selfie can be defined as an informal self portrait photograph, typically taken by amateurs with a hand-held digital camera (mostly a mobile phone) and are often shared on social media platforms. The term, “selfie” has effortlessly acquired itself a seat in the "top 10 buzzwords" of 2012. It is announced as the "word of the year" by the Oxford English Dictionary (2013). This way, selfie has gained wide admiration and its popularity among social media users is quite astounding. We know, you are all beating your brains out to get that enviable, likable, attention-grabbing selfie that you always wanted. Some smart tricks can make your clicks look perfect. Magical selfies are just a few steps away.

Get a good device

ManSelfie While taking a selfie, the quality of the device is of prime importance. Ascertain on the type of camera- a Single Lens Reflex camera (SLR) or a viewfinder camera. Mobile phone camera is used predominantly for capturing selfies. It is comfortable to take pictures with the front camera but it is always recommended to use the back camera to get high resolution pictures. The front camera can be a distraction since you tend to concentrate a lot on bringing yourself into the frame. Keep your camera farther from you to get a better focus.

It’s okay to be ‘younique’

Selfies allow you to enjoy the luxury of being obsessed about yourself. You can show the world how special you are. Choose that one best aspect in you and focus differently that unique factor in every picture you post.

Choose the angle wisely

All these years we all have spent hours together in front of the mirror staring and criticising our tweaky eyes,curly hair,pig-nose and so on.Who else can be the best judge of your features- you know the worst and the best. Turn your face/body a few degrees to right, to the left or look straight ahead to bring out the best in you. To generalize, keep your camera above your face- this always works. If you are confident that other angles works best for you, try them out- there are no rules for angles.

Capture many eyeballs

After all we take selfies to get appreciated . Perceive your audience before you set up to take a picture. Plan on how you can make your picture stand out from the crowd. Show a different you; which people have not seen before- in all your pictures.

Right makeup at right time

MakeUpSelfie A selfie can be of various types- Just the face or a full length picture, Individual or group or it can just focus on something you are wearing (like a watch, tie or a earring) . If its a closeup of your face, glam up the best feature that you are especially pleased with. For instance, if you have attractive eyes, highlight it with an appropriate eye makeup. Similarly, if you have a charming smile, adorn your lips with a gorgeous lipstick. In both cases keep other facial features fairly natural and downplay them.

Expressions- don’t fake them

You can't go wrong with smiling! You can enliven your picture by trying different smiles. No matter what, a smile is the most appreciable expression you can wear. To make your expressions look genuine, capture yourself when you're actually feeling an emotion. Add a little drama to make your personality stand out from others and that's what you have always wanted. If you are not satisfied with your expression, drop the idea of posting it and wait till you get that right moment. Surprise or laughter-don’t fake them. If you have nothing to laugh about show yourself, it is a good idea to look calm and composed.

Share your best moment

NecklaceSelfie Grab the beautiful moment of your life in your pictures before you lose them- the minutes that you would like to cherish for the rest of your life. You can proudly show off your new acquisitions on your selfie; that watch which looks amazing on your wrist, the new necklace you had gifted yourself on your birthday, your great outfit, a little eye make up- showcase all of it through your selfie.

Look Natural

Selfies are supposed to be cool. Be yourself and let loose. Click a pose as if you happened to decide to take a pic just seconds before and you did not plan for it intentionally. Selfies should look as spontaneous as possible. Remember, selfies need not be too perfect.

Make it Scenic

An open space is a smart option for an awesome selfie. You can also add appeal by matching your expression with the background. For a beach backdrop, try the energetic and playful look.A sunny background can enhance your cheery smile. If you are taking a selfie indoors, choose solid coloured walls and textured curtains which are not distracting. Try avoiding places like bathrooms, Cars, Mirrors which are less spacious.

Liven Up with Lighting

Natural sunlight helps enliven your picture. Try a click by keeping the sun or any light source in front of the camera just a bit above the eye-level. Early mornings and late afternoons are the best timings for perfect lighting. Render a classy touch, diffuse light through a thin curtain. Make sure that you get the best lighting so that you do not get shadows across your face.

Be home with it

The more comfortable you are the better your pictures will turn out. Now, steady those wobbly arms, straighten the slouched shoulders, calm yourself, give your most charming smile and there you go! A perfect selfie that you can be proud of.

Take care before you share

You can always rectify your mistakes and upgrade to the professional version of your picture by using those umpteen number of photo-editing tools like Pixlr, fotor and Picmonkey. You can now,
  • Utilise filters.
  • Create an appropriate property like a mask to add humour.
  • Crop out unwanted elements in the picture.
  • Give a glow to your face and blur out blemishes.
  • Go black and white to add an interesting effect.
Now that your perfect selfie is ready, you can upload it on Instagram or vine or any other social media site and watch your likes soar up. Share with us, your latest selfies and the appreciation you got from your friends.


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