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How to make a Computer Generated Voice? [The Easiest way]

Are you a business owner or a creator looking for a perfect computer generated voice for your video footage?
Are you someone who's looking to help people with learning issues like dyslexia and ADHD etc., with a human-like computer-generated voice?
Are you someone who just wants to create a computer-generated voice for fun?
Well, be it a serious requirement or a leisurely experiment, Animaker’s Voice Generator is the easiest tool to help you do what you want!
As an added bonus, Animaker’s voice generator also comes with a Free plan. Now you can easily convert all your text to speech in a matter of seconds all without ripping any holes in your pockets.
Gif Now are you interested in learning how to use this super easy tool to create a computer generated voice quickly?
Follow this article to learn how to make a computer generated voice in 3 easy steps, Before jumping into the steps, let's first, head over to the Animaker’s Voice Generator Webpage.
Voice Generator Webpage
Click on the Sign Up button to create a new account with Animaker. If you already have an account, log in using your credentials. You will be redirected to the Animaker dashboard.
On the dashboard of the Animaker application, you will find options to create multiple types of projects like videos, presentation slides and voiceover/TTS.
For our project, we have to select the Voiceover/TTS option in the Create project section of the Dashboard
Animaker Dashboard
A new voice generator project will appear once you click on the voice/tts option.
new voice generator project screen view
What you see above is the interface of Animaker's Voice Generator application. Before starting with the steps to create a computer generated voice, let us get you acquainted with the different sections of the Animaker’s Voice Generator application.
It consists of three sections: the Menu bar, Text Input Field, and Voice Settings.
Menu Bar - On the left hand side of the bar, you will see the Animaker Voice icon with a drop down arrow. Clicking on the drop down arrow will show you the options directing you to Dashboard, Feedback, Tutorials, Help, and Create new audio.
On the right side of the Menu bar, you will find options to Save, Share and Download files.
    • Save - you can save your project and come back to edit it at a later time as well
    • Share - you can share the voice project to your fellow acquaintances by entering their respective mail addresses
    • Download - you can directly download the created voice as mp3 audio file, using the Download option
Text Input Field - The central blank space is the Text Input field. This is where the text has to be entered. You can straightway type in the text or even copy and paste the text/script in the text input field. The text input has a character limit of 2500 characters.
Voice Settings - On the right hand side of the text input field, you will find a floating window called the Voice settings. With this, you get complete control over the voice you want to use in your computer generated voice. Following are the different voice editing options available,
    • Gender - Under the Gender option, you can choose between Male and Female voice
    • Language - Under the Language option, you can choose the language for the voice. Animaker’s Voice Generator Application is packed with 50 different global languages
    • Voice - Under the Voice option, you can choose from different voices available based on the Gender and Language that you have chosen. In total, the Animaker’s Voice Generator Application is packed with over 200 different computer generated voices.
    • Auto Enhance - The Auto Enhance option is an AI based neural-voice enhancer that allows you to automatically enhance the voice output without manually optimizing other additional options like breath effect, speed, pitch etc; to the selected voice.
Now that you have a clear understanding of the interface, let's move on to the steps in creating the perfect computer-generated voice.
Using the three steps I will show you how to convert the below text into a computer generated voice like this
“Hey there! This is Mathew here. How are you doing?”

Step 1: Type in the Text

Enter the text you want to convert into a voice in the blank text input field. You can also copy and paste the text/ your video script directly into the text input field.
In this instance, “Hey there! This is Mathew here. How are you doing?” is the sample text we are going to be using to convert into a computer generated voice.
convert text into a computer generated voice
Note: A single voice project can accommodate up to 2500 characters. If the text file you are trying to convert into a computer generated voice exceeds 2500 characters, we suggest you split the text into two separate projects and then download the voices. You can always merge them together later.

Step 2: Customize the Voice

Now that the text has been entered, it’s time to customize the voice to meet your needs. Animaker’s voice application lets you do that in two minor steps
A. Pick the voice
B. Customize the voice effects

A. Pick the voice

To pick a voice, move on to the voice settings on the right hand side of the interface. Select the Gender for the voice between Male and Female options. Voice customize option
After selecting the Gender for the voice, you can proceed to choose the language. The Animaker Voice Generator application provides you with 50 different global languages to choose from. In this instance, we are choosing English US. Similarly, you can select a suitable language for your voiceover.
select a suitable language for your voiceover
Based on the Gender and the Language you have selected, you get numerous computer generated voices to pick from. computer generated voice varieties
The voice settings window also comes with a Preview option. You can use the Preview option to check how each computer generated voice will sound. Preview option to check the computer generated voice sound
This allows you to go back to the voice options and try different voices. If you are not satisfied with the current one, keep trying different options until you feel convinced with the selected voice.
different voices to select the right one
The Animaker Voice Generator Application also comes with other helpful editing features. For example, the auto enhance feature helps to improve the selected voice automatically and make it sound more human-like. Enable this feature by clicking the Auto Enhance check box. Auto Enhance check box feature
Here a sample Voiceover with and without the Auto enhance feature turned on
Voice without Auto Enhance feature
Voice with Auto Enhance feature
For selective voices, you will also get an option to make it sound like a Newscaster.
option to make it sound like a Newscaster
Now that’s cool isn’t it?
Now let’s talk about how you can customize even further with voice effects

B. Customize the Voice Effects

Animaker’s Voice also provides you with editing options to fine-tune the voice manually by adjusting the speed and pitch of the voice, introducing a break in between words, and introducing breath after the pronunciation of a word. Speed - Control how fast the voice pronounces the text
Customize the Voice Effects
Let’s see how the voice sounds with the Speed option set to the high settings
Pitch - Control the pitch of the voice from low to high
You can also adjust the Pitch option to high settings to add more finesse to the voice
adjust the Pitch option
Whisper - You can make the voice sound even cooler with the Whisper option here. Click on the Whisper check box to enable it.
Whisper option
Reset - Also, you can use the Reset button to undo all the changes made to the voice
Reset button to undo all the changes
Breath - Animaker’s Voice Generator pushes the voice editing prowess to the next level by allowing you to add real-life breathing effects in between the words with adjustable volume and duration for the breath in the voice
real-life breathing effects
Break - You can even introduce pauses in between two words with the Break feature
Break feature
Try out these additional editing options to the voice and you can fine-tune it according to your preferences.

Step 3 : Download the Voice

Download - Once all the editing and customizations to the voice has been done, you can proceed to the Download option at the Menu bar on the right hand side of the interface.
Download the Voice Project
The edited voice will be downloaded as an Audio file in mp3 format.
edited voice will be downloaded as an Audio file in mp3 format
Share - The Animaker’s Voice Generator Application also allows you to share the project. Use the Share option at the Menu bar and enter the email address to share the project.

enter the email address to share the project

This way, your acquaintances/team members can collaborate on the project
collaborate gif
Kudos! You have successfully learnt to create the perfect computer-generated voice in a simple 3 step process. Unleash your creativity now and do wonders with the help of Animaker’s Voice Generator Application right away!


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