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Achievement Unlocked: Picmaker hits 100k users!

After all the hard work and tons of support from our users, we finally did it!
We are so thrilled to announce that Picmaker has reached 100k users.
We don’t see this number as just a count of users. We see it as a community of people who are part of our huge Picmaker family. Today, Picmaker is a community of video makers and YouTubers who have been an important part of Picmaker’s journey over the last year and a half.
And today, we want to take a moment to thank all of the users who have been with us throughout our journey.
The journey
We launched Picmaker in August 2018 as the World’s 1st and exclusive YouTube thumbnail maker and we haven’t looked back since then. :)
The first few months demanded a lot of hard work and sweat. Acquiring the first 100 users, getting feedback, resolving issues and continuously improving the app; we were on an endless product enhancement loop.
But the support of our users and words of encouragement kept us moving. :)
And today, we hit the 100k users mark.
This is what Picmaker’s 1 to 100K user growth journey looks like.
And here are some interesting numbers that show how Picmaker has been used so far by our users.

What’s does the future hold for Picmaker?

The biggest concern Picmaker users had was that it’s built on Adobe Flash.
And as most of you already know, Google is planning to completely stop supporting Flash by the end of 2020.
So, what will happen to Picmaker? Will it die!?
Of course not!
We are already working on the newest version of Picmaker which is built on HTML5.
The new Picmaker will be way faster, super easy to use and will have tons of new features!
Now our next journey is towards the 1 Million users mark and we will need all your support and love to achieve it.
Stay tuned for more updates about Picmaker. We have some really exciting things coming for you this year.
In the meantime, please fill this survey and let us know how Picmaker should evolve in the future. Your insights will really help us improve the product as a whole.
If you wish to see any new features introduced in the new Picmaker, please write to us at Our product team reads every email you send us! ;)


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