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The rise of ASMR Videos and why they matter?

“Shhhhh! I am hearing someone whisper….. it‘s a very soft voice.... can’t figure out who that is… it’s dark in here... I can also hear a light tapping and crackling sounds...not able to see who is there... but….. hmmm…. I’m feeling something strange…. on my scalp... my spine... and ...on my limbs too….... wow!”

Confused about what’s happening here? Well, this is a typical response of an average viewer/listener to an ASMR video/audio.

Over the years, the internet has introduced us to numerous global phenomenon and hidden online treasures. Ex: The Ice bucket challenge, Harlem Shake, PPAP, Mannequin challenge to name a few. Now here’s an internet phenomenon you have barely heard about! ASMR!

ASMR(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is basically the tingling and sedative sensation some people get on their shoulders and the back of their heads in response to a stimulus. Also known by the name ‘Brain Massage’, this the sensation is triggered by placid sounds and visuals.

Whispering and crisp sounds such as tapping and crackling are known to induce this feeling in a person’s body. This phenomenon is known to get heightened when listened to using a good quality headphone.

Here’s a video for you to experience it yourself

Did you feel that warm tingling sensation behind your head and on your shoulders? Great. You just had your first online ASMR experience.

Didn’t feel anything? No worries. Not everyone can experience ASMR. Since ASMR is a very new scientific concept, only little to no research has been conducted by the scientific community on that topic.

But here’s proof that shows that ASMR is very real and people’s interest in it is growing slowly over time.

ASMR Google Trends Data (2009-2016)

The Google Trends data from 2009 to 2016 clearly shows that, from literally being something unheard of, ASMR today has risen to become the YouTube trend you have never heard about.

Here’s a look at the number of subscribers that ASMR based YouTube channels have

ASMR YouTube Channels description and subscribers

Fact: ASMR YouTuber ‘GentleWhispering’ aka ‘Maria’ has accumulated 195M+ views on YouTube since 2011.

The standard pitch that these channel owners make in their channel description is that they offer relaxation. In fact, in the online study conducted by Emma L. Barratt and Nick J. Davis, 98% of the participants in the research agreed that they sought to ASMR for relaxation purposes. 82% agreed that the ASMR videos helped them fall asleep and 70% agreed to use ASMR to deal with stress.

But, why should Brands and Entrepreneurs care about ASMR?

All the data and information above is proof that ASMR is more than real and it is here to stay. The way that the YouTube channels have shown success indicates that these videos have the ability to influence people at a subconscious level. Few global brands such as KFC and Pepsi have noticed this phenomenon and have started incorporating it into their promotional campaigns.

Incorporating ASMR into the videos gives a more immersive experience for the viewer and helps you deliver the message across more effectively.

Yes, sometimes from the marketing perspective, it wouldn’t make sense for the brands to make pure ASMR based video campaigns for the mainstream audience. But brands can also provide an ASMR + General Video hybrid to pull the audience into their net. This is exactly what Pepsi has achieved with the video below.

I know what you are thinking now. You are wondering if you would be able to afford ASMR, considering the budget constraints that this could cause. Well, there is a solution for that too.

If you haven’t thought about incorporating a well-crafted animated video along with the ASMR VO recording yet, you should do it now. There has never been a better time than now to leverage the visual awesomeness of Animated Videos and the engaging immersive experience of ASMR recordings. With DIY animation tools such as Animaker, a high quality animated video is just a few clicks and drags away. As for the audio, we have some tips lined up for you below.

Tips and questions about ASMR Audio

Let’s have a look at the top 10 sound based activities to add to an ASMR video.

  1. Whispering that is inaudible
  2. Scratching using nail on a surface
  3. Tapping rhythmically on a table
  4. Turning pages from a book
  5. Writing using a fountain pen on cardboard
  6. Writing on a chalkboard using a chalk
  7. Typing using a typewriter from the 60s
  8. Ticking clock
  9. Opening a soda can
  10. Water droplets on a smooth surface

This list is based on the research conducted by Emma L. Barratt and Nick J Davis. Adding similar sounds to your ASMR video can potentially increase the effectiveness of the ASMR experience.

How important is sound quality in an ASMR video?

Extremely important. You may start off with a built in microphone on a point and shoot camera. As you keep creating more and more ASMR videos, you must upgrade to a high quality branded microphone so that you can deliver quality content to your audience and also stay ahead of the competition.

How to record high-quality audio for ASMR videos?

Try, for instance, a high-quality Binaural microphone. Say, a d:screet™ 4060 Omnidirectional Miniature Microphone. Place the two ends of this microphone at each ear entrance. You walk around with this microphone and create a binaural stereo recording with stunning three-dimensional realism.

Additionally, you can do your own research on what has worked well for the YouTube ASMR content creators and what has not. Doing a thorough analysis on content which went viral can give you more insights on how you can too develop an ASMR experience which is on par if not better than the competition in the ASMR space.

ASMR as a trend is at the highest level of growth right now. Creating content in that space is sure to get you the visibility you desire. You can start now by bundling it along with an appealing Animated Video and publishing it to the world.


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