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Speech bubbles and their meaning in animated videos

Speech bubbles are used as text holders and there are a variety of them. The context in which they are used differ according to the type of the speech bubble

Dialogue delivery: speech bubble

when a video is conversational, these speech bubbles are used to contain text (dialogues). A speech bubble can be divided into two parts- The bubble and the tail. Where the bubble holds text, the tail indicates the source of the speech. So the tail is always kept closer to the character’s mouth indicating the source of speech. Keeping the bubble elsewhere on the scene may confuse the onlooker.


angry speech bubble This style of speech bubble which is spiky with jagged edges and has a long tail is used to indicate someone screaming or shouting. The tail may not necessarily reach the source’s mouth but may simply point at the character from the top or from the side.


secret speech bubble When you want to make your character convey a secret or just whisper some words, this speech bubble with dotted line could be the best option.


speech bubble comic These are used when your video is comic like. These text containers flash whenever there has to be a sound introduced in the video- when something falls (thud), when a plane flies (whoom, zoom), Start a bike (vroom), when you fire a shot (bang), when someone slaps the other (ouch)

Thought bubbles:

thought bubble Thought bubbles are commonly used when someone is thinking or to represent an idea. Imaginations can also be portrayed creatively using a thought bubble.


wavy speech bubble This speech bubble looks wavy and hence denotes that the speaker is very weak and feign while he is delivering the message.


speech bubble broadcast This speech bubble has a tail which looks like a lightening. This is used when someone is on the other side of a phone (usually the tails points the phone). This can be used for television or even robots. Now that you know how to and where to use speech bubbles, it’s time to get started.Try using speech bubbles in your next video, created using Animaker. Sign up now!


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