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How HRC School of Law used Animaker to create studio-quality explainer videos within budget?

The Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law at Swansea University is located in the coastal city of Swansea on the south coast of Wales. The School is at the forefront of development in law and criminology with award-winning academics and a vibrant student community.

Sally Thomas, is the marketing manager of the School of Law at Swansea University. She is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating the marketing plan for the School.

Sally wanted to create explainer videos to promote the courses offered by the school to the UK and international students in both English and Welsh languages. She knew that animation videos would work well with the students.

We wanted to create simple explainer videos to give the UK and international students an idea of the courses we offer. We wanted to use animated videos as they look visually appealing and break down complex information in an easy fashion.

She had two options to pick from to create these explainer videos: She had to either outsource the video production or use the in-house team to create it. But she knew both these options had their own pros and cons.

The cost of hiring a video/design company to make these would have been sky high. Members of the team here can use programmes such as Premiere Pro and After Effects, but we found this process to be very time-consuming. Often, we need to make a video straight away, so we didn’t have the time to look for a freelancer.

Discovering the third option

If someone else was there in Sally’s shoes they would have opted to go for either of the two available options, but Sally had other ideas.

She went on Google to find out an alternate option to create the animation videos and that’s when she came across DIY tools. The very thought of being able to create animated videos all by herself intrigued her.

She explored further and shortlisted a few platforms which met her criteria. After testing out all the platforms she decided Animaker would suit her needs the best.

We searched Google for alternative options to create animation videos and found DIY tools to our liking. We tried a few platforms and Animaker was the best and easiest to use!

With no prior experience in creating animations, Sally & her marketing colleagues were able to create pro-level animation videos from the comfort of their web browsers using Animaker.

Animaker is incredibly easy to use and helps you create really slick videos. There are enough elements to choose from to enable you to create a fantastic video.

Finding outstanding value for money

Sally and her team were on a tight schedule, they had to create a lot of videos in a short period of time. But thanks to Animaker, they were not only able to save a lot of time, they were also able to create bilingual versions of the same video effortlessly.

Animaker has saved us so much time! Working bilingually is effortless, we just create the English version of a video and then simply alter the text and resave it.

Sally was also on a tight budget and here’s how Animaker’s pricing proved beneficial compared to that of a video production house.

The value for money is outstanding. To give a price comparison, a basic explainer video outsourced would be around £250 whereas we are paying half that price for our entire year's subscription!

The Animaker Effect

In addition to uploading the videos to Youtube, Sally also embedded the videos to the corresponding course pages on their website and here’s what she observed.

Ever since we embedded the videos on our course pages, we found that the pages are much more engaging for prospective students. Colleagues in other departments have enquired about using these videos too as they are so impressed with it.

She also felt proud of herself for being involved in the growth of Animaker.

Animaker's customer service team are awesome! They have been great at taking feedback. So, we really like the feeling of being involved in the development of the platform.

Sally’s story is solid proof that powering your website with Animation videos can truly boost visitor engagement on any page.

Have you also added an animated explainer video to your website? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments below!


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