Importance of Education Technology in teaching and learning!
Importance of Education Technology for teaching and learning

Education has only one purpose. Equip the young for tomorrow. Ten thousand years ago, this meant hunting or farming. But in today’s concrete jungle, things have changed. There is only one variable that can solve the problems of tomorrow. Creativity. [Source: Bryan M Mathers] In today’s world, unpredictability is the only thing which doesn’t change.Things […]


7 creative strategies to techify your classroom
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“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”-John Dewey Education is at a turning point. Teachers are taking efforts to reform education by integrating technology into it. A 21st-century educator requires the students to engage, recognize their interests and create a self-learner attitude in their students. While most of […]


Beginner’s Guide To use Animated Videos for School
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21st century students (millennials) no longer feel yesteryear’s blackboard learning interesting. Why? because technology has shifted to a far more advanced level that could make learning more “qualitative and interactive” than the traditional teaching methods. Gen Z is fast paced with competitive benefits, and it’s now necessary to tune in students to suit today’s global […]



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