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7 Awesome visual storytelling Tips for Animaker

As ideas evolved over time so did the art of storytelling. Now we are heading towards a future where visual storytelling is the only way forward.
But the problem is, with so much visual content being shared daily, people won’t bother having a second look if your visual story doesn’t make a mental impact.
So it’s very important to ensure that every second of your Animaker video makes an impact. If one doesn’t do that, people won’t even blink twice before moving on to the next piece of online content. Below are 7 super creative visual storytelling tips to up your Animation game and get your message across with a bang.  
1. Let your visuals speak for you!
It’s never a great idea to have your character narrate the story verbally when you have access to features that can help you create visual awesomeness.
So, why stick to the verbal narration when your visuals can speak for you?
Instead of narrating the story verbally, use animations that can give life to your storytelling.
Having a character just blabbering on and on about his experience can be a really boring experience.  
Animaker man talking
After a while your audience might even go to sleep! Make your visuals speak for you.
Animaker man scared
See how scared this guy is! This is how you effectively convey the gravity of the situation.  
2. Don’t let your characters get lost in wilderness
A story usually revolves around the main characters. If you don’t want your main characters to be lost in the crowd you should make sure that your character gets all the focus and attention.
You can achieve this by keeping your character in the spotlight. Try not to have a situation where your audience has to search for the main character. Show them, who is the hero.
Animaker characters dancing
How does that look? Hmmm. Not that great!
It is because you are making your audience search for the main character in a crowded room.
Animaker character dancing spotlight
Now that’s how you can make your character stand out.  
3. Set the mood right!
Even the best of scripts can become visual disasters if you don’t set the mood right. Cool animations, relevant backgrounds, and apt music are a critical part of any great video.
It helps your audience understand the context of a particular scene.
Animaker boy scared
In this scene the sky is clear, the weather is good but the boy is scared! So why the hell does he look scared?
There is a good chance that your audience may think that the kid is just goofing around or worse they may not even understand the context of the scene.
Animaker spooky place
The second scene, with its bats and graveyard ambiance makes the audience feel the jitters along with the children. Having such eye for detail while building scenes can make your visual storytelling more impactful.  
4. Go for Anthropomorphism!
Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities like animals or objects.
In conventional storytelling methods, you can only use humans and animals showcasing their natural behaviour. But in the animation world, the rules of conventional storytelling don't apply anymore. You can humanise the animal characters on Animaker with their actions and expressions.
Animaker lion chasing
This scene doesn’t grab immediate attention as it only shows animals doing regular animal things
Animaker bear working
But in this scene, the situation changes completely. The viewer instantly gets glued to the scene. This is one of the reasons why movies like Zootopia and Madagascar went on to become instant hits.  
5. Declutter with Focus
As I have mentioned above, you can focus on your character by keeping him in the spotlight. But what if there are so many things that require a spotlight?
The pro tip I would like to give here is, don’t clutter one scene with lots of details. Even if you want to add other details, try to focus on the important part of the scenes.
Animaker crowded road
There are so many things in this scene that you cannot figure out what is happening.
Animaker crowded road
But see this scene, how simple it is now to focus on the characters of a scene as compared to one in which there were lots of details.
By focusing on the right part of the scene you are making it easier for the audience to understand. Have mercy on your audience, they are also humans. Don’t confuse your audience by throwing everything the same time. Lots of detail means loss of attention.  
6. Make smooth transitions
Transition refers to how one scene of a story ends and the next begins. Transitions animate the entry and exit of your scene. Adding transitions can act like icing on the cake for your visual story. For doing this you can add animations like fade effect, blur effect when you go from one scene to other.
Animaker no transition
See this scene. Doesn't it look so bland?
Animaker with transition effect
Now have a look at this! Isn't it more lively? This is how with transition effect you can make a boring scene interesting  
7. Use special effects to spice up your visual story
Many people start off with a great script but sometimes they fail to make an impact because their storytelling lacks the spices needed for success.
Wow your audience with the help of special effects. When you are making an explainer video, every second has to be impactful. If you are introducing a new character, then the entry of that character should be enthralling. For instance, a character can just enter the room or blow away everyone's mind with the tornado effect.
Animaker no special effect
Animaker with special effects
By adding simple special effects like the tornado effect, the scene turned into something that is way more striking than the original.  
90% of all information transmitted to our brains is visual. Moreover, People remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. So why not give your audience what they can remember easily for a long time. Strike their mind with a video made on Animaker and mesmerize them with your visual story.


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